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Posts regarding layoffs at Cabela's Inc.

(Wed 01/21/15 01:14:04 UTC)

I hope Dick is watching what's happening from above to his creation...

Dick must be turning in his grave. This company has gone off the deep end... Might as well rename the company The clothing and shoe warehouse.


(Sun 09/28/14 05:25:20 UTC)

Sorry, Dick. Wish you coulda stayed around a bit longer.

I recently left a Cabela's store due to many things that I'm seeing here. We were understaffed, to the point where we had fewer cashiers than registers and there weren't enough floor workers to assist. On top of that, some of the managers refused to hop on to help, instead choosing to stand up in ... read more


(Fri 09/12/14 14:37:39 UTC)

Not Fun

It's not fun working there anymore. Not staffed properly. Long lines at check out. What ever happened that the Managers don't jump on a cash lane to help? Time to get out. Dick is probably spinning like a turbine seeing what his company turned into.


(Fri 09/12/14 14:37:38 UTC)

Not Fun

It's not fun working there anymore. Not staffed properly. Long lines at check out. What ever happened that the Managers don't jump on a cash lane to help? Time to get out. Dick is probably spinning like a turbine seeing what his company turned into.


(Thu 08/28/14 06:35:35 UTC)

cabelas nature

i work at the dc in canada they are laying off all 300 of us in dec thru march. they have out sourced the distrabution to the stores to a company in calgary named thats big bussiness for you. thats cabelas nature.they lost the concept of what dick and jim were doing.

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(Wed 08/20/14 02:17:45 UTC)

Understaffed Hamburg

Yeah, this store is so understaffed that customers are walking out or not waiting to check out because of ridiculous lines and not enough front end help. Peel and Goad must be on Pinterest instead of working on staffing the store. What a waste!!! Szlegia needs to learn how to schedule properly and ... read more

One of Hamburg Sales Staff With Brains

(Sat 08/02/14 04:45:49 UTC)

It gets worse.

The senior managers now give us veiled threats about firing us if we don't meet our club card goals. They do this at every meeting. They keep telling us that we got such and such number this time last year. Yeah, we did, then the company "restructured" and we're running a skeleton crew. A very ... read more

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(Wed 06/18/14 20:13:31 UTC)

It's been a couple months....better off now.

Now that's it's been a couple months since I got restructured, I realize, it's the best thing that happened. I am less stressed, have my nights and weekends off and am enjoying life more. No rude customers or lazy co workers to deal with. Anyone else feel the same way???


(Sat 05/31/14 00:54:04 UTC)

What a Joke

Anyone get the email they're now building a new corporate building?! How convenient, cut tons of jobs and then build a nice new building for yourselves. They really ARE clueless. I'm sure that won't make anyone in the "field"upset. What a slap in the face!

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(Mon 04/28/14 16:44:04 UTC)

Looks like it's starting again! - Hamburg

Now the deli hours are cut back. Guess soon they will do away with that whole department to cut more. Part timers are also leaving in alot of departments due to lack of hours. Good job management team!!!!!! Maybe you need to figure out how to increase sales. Management in this store is extremely ... read more

The Goner
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(Thu 04/10/14 00:35:39 UTC)

Richfield WI

What a joke this company has become. Seeing your friends get let go after busting their ass for 7 years. Seeing your friends get cut to 20 hours a week. How are they suppose to feed their family? Pay their medical bills? Pay their rent? Save for a house? Save for their child who is on the way? Save ... read more

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(Tue 04/08/14 15:01:00 UTC)

East Grand Forks, MN

We have a smaller store, but still almost 20 people were let go. Almost all of whom were either there since the store opened in 1999 or the hardest workers. I didn't get let go in Firearms but I would of definitely let one of those guys have my job or gone part time so they could stay. I was ... read more


(Fri 03/28/14 10:12:25 UTC)

Really People

Let's be real here. Do you really think that a few posts here matter? They do not. Tell your "Friends and Family" and ask them to tell their "Friends and Family" to Boycott Cabelas. Management, Shareholders and Company Officers are laughing at you if this is the best you can do. You were a nobody ... read more

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(Thu 03/27/14 13:02:57 UTC)


Let's fire the good full time workers, then a few weeks later post several seasonal openings!!! What a bunch of jerks.


(Thu 03/27/14 01:24:38 UTC)

Cabela's.. World's Foremost BS'ers!!

Anyone who believes this is still the Company that Dick & Jim founded is not really paying much attention. The current management uses the reputation that the Cabela brothers built to mask the true nature of the company today... run by a bunch of Walmart, Revco, Home Depot Retailers, the focus is ... read more


(Wed 03/19/14 11:56:57 UTC)

Rumor or truth?

Anyone else hear that after the spring rush they are going to start the "restructure" again? In my store there were a lot of depts not effected...such as fishing and camping (ya know the spring time depts). It's been about a month since all of this happened and there is still tons of bitterness ... read more

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(Sun 03/16/14 14:05:52 UTC)

Uninformed upper management

The jokers in upper management must have gotten their "business" degrees from a Cracker Jack box. Does anyone else at their store have a ton of discontinued merchandise after the newest role?! What's really rich is they don't know what to do with it! They had a phone meeting on what they think ... read more

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(Sat 03/08/14 04:04:02 UTC)


It is so unfortunate that so many had to pay such a heavy price for the poor decisions of a few hogs - what was once the darling of the outdoor industry is now looked upon as a joke - what was once a company founded on active participation in the outdoors via employees and management is now a big ... read more

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(Tue 03/04/14 23:14:15 UTC)

It's in their Nature

Close to one of the people laid off, not a new person at Cabela’s so the last in first out is incorrect. This person also had one of the highest customer feedbacks in the store. Well like by returning customers. Went from Full time to "Seasonal" with leave starting immediately. Today the ... read more

2 weeks later
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(Fri 02/28/14 19:22:43 UTC)

Started with X-mas bonus

Corporate said they will no longer give X-mas to employees, stated the majority does not get them. Yet the department managers on up through management still receive a bonus each year, majority does not rule here! 1/31/14 deadline to sign Arbitration agreement so they would not get sued, 60 plus ... read more

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(Fri 02/28/14 13:01:56 UTC)

Cabelas does not need so many employees any more...

Cabela's has learned they don't need to provide customer service like they used to, customers will still buy what they came for because they drove 200 miles to get to a Cabela's store, and after receiving little or no customer service they will still wait in long lines to check out. Cabela's ... read more

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(Thu 02/27/14 02:05:29 UTC)

Screwed in Hamburg

Having the company ask us to sign an arbitration agreement is one of the sleeziest things I gave encountered in my working career. This was all planned out to screw the bottom employees so the could add district managers and justify it. HR at this store is also a waste and non-sympathetic.

Hamburg Ex
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(Tue 02/25/14 07:30:19 UTC)

Not cool, not cool

Richard passed away and now Cabela’s is trying to quietly lay off employee’s around the country only a few days after his death. Cabela’s has not issued a press release or talked to any media about of this story. The new management is horrible.

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(Mon 02/24/14 03:02:32 UTC)

After 72 hours...

Has anyone heard of Cabela's contacting the recently laid-off employees about coming back part-time? I know it wouldn't include enough hours for most, and the loss of medical benefits is a big issue, but I'd hope the stores would seek a continued relationship with these folks. Wednesday was such a ... read more

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(Mon 02/24/14 02:49:54 UTC)

I heard something about a document folks were asked to sign.

I was up buying some stuff the other day and someone asked me if I had "signed the form"? He said it was an agreement not to sue. Sue who I have no idea and he didn't have time to talk. I don't go back to work for a while and would like to hear any scoop. Thanks

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(Mon 02/24/14 00:52:26 UTC)

Corporate Must Be Porn Stars Because They're Good At Fn People

In our store we were told last one in first one out. Yet some departments weren't even touched, you know the high dollar performing ones like Fly Shop and Camping NOT! They run on nothing but full-timers, have bout 6 combined and none went, yet they let the #1 performer in the ENTIRE company go for ... read more

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(Mon 02/24/14 00:50:09 UTC)

Layoffs KS

Cabelas lost a lot of good knowledgeable people with a lot of time in the company....bottom line is they don't care about employees or customers anymore...

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(Sun 02/23/14 13:50:06 UTC)

Cabelas culture....

The job eliminations were not about last in the door, take a look around, who's missing? Highest paid hourly, most have been around since the store opened.... Most are full time who take cabelas medical benefits. District meetings were all about preserving cabelas "culture"....way to go Tommy ... read more


(Sun 02/23/14 13:06:26 UTC)

Ripped a famy apart

Managers were blind sided along with the effected employees. Many good hard working people gone, while slackers remain. Was never about performance, we were only a number. Funny how a couple weeks ago all employees were asked to sign abitration papers. Hamburg pa store will never be the same.


(Sun 02/23/14 03:45:16 UTC)

I guess it's " In Their Nature " to screw people over.


(Sat 02/22/14 21:38:47 UTC)

Who made decision on which employees to let go?

Does anyone know at what level of management the decision was made on who to keep and who to let go? Some have said on other forums that their own manager did not know they were going to be let go. Cabela's is also getting ripped on other forums and on their own Facebook page for some idiot at some ... read more


(Sat 02/22/14 18:28:35 UTC)

My store GM told me it was based on seniority as in the last employee to be hired.

I told him that I had been in the department since the store opening and actually the only remaining fulltime person trained by store opening merchandise team. He then had this look of shock in his eyes as he realized that what he was understanding was apparently not the case. I guess it was done ... read more

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(Sat 02/22/14 02:14:37 UTC)

Cabela's Allen, Texas layoffs

According to press reports from Cabela's they fired full time employees according to seniority. But at the Allen store there were exceptions to that, they fired some good sales employees who had been there since that store opened, yet kept some butt kissers and deadwood who hadn't been there as ... read more

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(Sat 02/22/14 01:04:08 UTC)

Our store laid off 20ish people this week.

Well it was a rough week in Richfield. Watching friends and what I would consider family get walked out the door! The way they picked the people was wrong and nust immoral. Keep the garbage employees and fire the good ones! Makes no sense to me! It is funny how 2 days after the founder Dick Cabela ... read more


(Sat 02/22/14 00:55:19 UTC)

The REAL "Cabela's Culture"...

The real Cabela's culture from an employee's standpoint is to push their Club Card credit cards above all other priorities, followed by pushing add-on extended service plan (as in ripoff), and for the cashiers it is also pestering each and every customer for "round up" contributions and pestering ... read more


(Fri 02/21/14 21:47:40 UTC)

X Employee?

There has not been any Cabelas Culture for years. It's all about management trying to increase the ever shrinking bonuses and corporate focusing solely on stock pricing. Every decision made right or wrong involves one of those two things. Employees are like t-shirts, get rid of a bunch and get some ... read more


(Fri 02/21/14 21:46:41 UTC)

I think the reason is...

Because they are opening way too many stores way too fast given this economy, and also a major strategic screw-up in getting into tractor sales. They spent millions on those tractors and adding sales and support for that and those tractors are just sitting there and not selling and killing Cabela's ... read more


(Fri 02/21/14 21:13:49 UTC)

Layoffs at Allen, TX store

About 30 layoffs at Allen, TX store. Mostly full time. Many good sales people were lost. Pattern seemed to be to get rid of full time staff that had expensive insurance/benefits, replace with part time positions that receive no benefits. There has been terrible morale problems at this store for a ... read more


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