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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL

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Go to thread Anonymous62406, Saturday 01/31/15 01:15:51 UTC

bonus/profit sharing

has anyone heard whether there is going to be a payout?
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Go to thread retired from Follett (home office), Friday 01/30/15 22:22:20 UTC

wake up Follett Board Members

Hewitt did a study years ago on why people leave a company and seek opportunities elsewhere. Money wasn't in the top 3 reasons. People leave because they no longer believe that their boss or leadership has confidence in them. And they also leave because they lack confidence in their leader. Leadership is an art form that must be developed and shaped over years of experience in leading people. Giving a person the title of Sr. VP doesn't necessarily guarantee that decision making will results in good outcomes. In fact- empowering stupid people guarantees stupid outcomes. Follett is in need of solid and proven leadership and unfortunately such leadership is needed immediately. I have left Follett many years ago and every day of my career I was proud to carry the label of being an employee of that great organization. Therefore my heart bleeds for those who under this current weak leadership that is only consistent in their hiring of old friends and buddies from years past. My message to the Follett Board is simple--wake up and act like a Board Member and begin to ask the tough questions and only accept answers that are honest or---act like the so many Board positions who stick their head in the sand and have no desire to voice opinions. Here's my prediction--unless a new CEO takes over in the next 12-18 months, Follett will no longer exist in 2020. So sad.
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Go to thread Anonymous62245, Friday 01/30/15 19:57:20 UTC

Jumping Ship

So many great people are leaving Follett. It's a shame really. This whole One Follett idea is a complete disaster.
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Go to thread Anonymous62117, Friday 01/30/15 15:34:29 UTC

FVC 'Realignment'

To those involved in Follett Virtual Campus; curious to know what the human capital butchers' bill is going to be for this realignment. Anyone being forced out by a teleconference firing? continuation of the existing culling? Intereted to hear what is actually occurring beyond Bloody Mary's recent proclamation.
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Go to thread FFE, Friday 01/30/15 15:11:56 UTC

What company will be next?

First you had Sears/Kmart, then Office Max and now Acco Brands. When will the madness stop? What is senior leadership doing? How can they be so far out of the loop they have no idea how stupid they look?
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Go to thread Anonymous62074, Friday 01/30/15 13:22:11 UTC

RM nowhere to be found, College President & VP Chief Fiin. Officer "NOT HAPPY" with you. Thanks RM & Follett, I'll start looking for a new job!!

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Go to thread Anonymous62020 (CM), Friday 01/30/15 04:50:17 UTC

Bring back the good leaders

Not all the outsiders have been bad for Follett. There was a guy in HR at the main office (Chris something) who was really really good. Problem is that he didn't stick around. He was making a BIG difference but must have seen the writing on the wall... because he was gone in less than 6 mos. Bring those kind of people in... but figure out how to keep them. Trust is earned--can't be bought and sold like txtbooks!
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Go to thread Disappointed (Homemoffice), Thursday 01/29/15 02:59:12 UTC

I thought our chairman being family would get involved in some of the decisions being made but wow-- he's nothing more than an empty suit

For the love of God---do something.
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Go to thread Anonymous61173, Wednesday 01/28/15 14:49:35 UTC


Chegg Has A Bright Future Ahead. Chegg has remained a top performer in the industry since a long time: the company's revenue growth has averaged 19.7% over the past three years, while its peers have seen their top line decrease at a rate of 5.4%. Chegg has partnered with Fanatics to deliver a broad assortment of college gear to students and recent grads. Fanatics is already a leader in online retail; through the partnership, officially licensed school-branded apparel from Fanatics will be available for sale through Chegg. Chegg has zero debt.
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Go to thread Anonymous60910, Tuesday 01/27/15 16:40:41 UTC

U-Mass Boston Bookstore pack your bags, the Univ. is about to make a change!!

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Go to thread Anonymous60907, Tuesday 01/27/15 16:31:58 UTC

Is that asshole VP Bob S. still working for F-Mart? You look like a real DICK!!!

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Go to thread Anonymous60499, Sunday 01/25/15 19:01:08 UTC


So how much are the execs panicking over the lost of sales that will be experienced by the upcoming blizzard?
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Go to thread Anonymous60431, Sunday 01/25/15 03:14:23 UTC

And the award for the most post on the layoff board goes to.....

Follett Corporation! Congrats, the company is exceeding at something.
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Go to thread Anonymous59729, Thursday 01/22/15 17:21:59 UTC

Reviews of follett.com

See link for ratings, poor customer service, high prices, bait and switch, etc. http://www.resellerratings.com/store/efollett
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Go to thread A guy with a keyboard, Thursday 01/22/15 14:43:23 UTC

I have an idea

Maybe Follett can do what it always does and just add some freight charges and some COPAR to everything. For years, that worked, right? Instead of COPAR, you guys could charge COBTSUAAC = Cost of being totally screwed up as a company.
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Go to thread Anonymous59623, Thursday 01/22/15 06:03:30 UTC

Is efollett "leadership" doing their jobs?

www.follett.com is NOT mobile friendly. WTF Ro!? Why is A Sevilla in a leadership role? I thought that she was the mobile expert?
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Go to thread Anonymous59377, Wednesday 01/21/15 11:29:56 UTC

Follett chooses it strategic partners based on similar ethics. Involuntary attrition of experienced employees

Media reports had suggested in the second week of December that around 25000 of TCS’s senior level employees would be affected. The following week saw employees of 10-15 years of experience being indiscriminately sacked on a massive scale in the name of ‘restructuring’. When asked for an explanation, the organization offered no special importance to the terminations and maintained that the move was part of ‘workforce restructuring’ and is ‘nothing out of the ordinary’. They had termed it as ‘involuntary attrition’.
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Go to thread Anonymous58868, Monday 01/19/15 22:34:37 UTC

Is MLK day a working day for Follett?

Is today a working day?
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Go to thread Northeast is getting killed without a sa (Operations), Monday 01/19/15 22:29:46 UTC

Come on Mary Lee and give us support

We are dying in the northeast by having our territory served out of Chicago instead of having a sales person living here like the other territories. I remember when we hired Mike McEneany, he was suppose to move to the northeast to replace the guy who retired and then after getting the job, he refused to move. I need a person living amongst my customers and future customers. We are at a major disadvantage when B&N has their person living in the territory and ours isn't. Mikes boss needs to grow a pair and insist that the person invested in our territory needs to make a personal investment and move here. If Mike refused to move, then find him a job in Chicago and hire us a new person to partner with here in the Northeast. I'm tired us watching us lose new potential customers as well as establish customers because our person taking the lead doesn't know anyone since he leaves Chicago on Monday and travels to our region and then works Friday's out of his home in Chicago. Come on Mary Lee, help us out.
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Go to thread Anonymous58546, Sunday 01/18/15 03:22:55 UTC

USA Today article, occupythebookstore

Here it is. http://college.usatoday.com/2015/01/15/new-app-makes-finding-buying-cheap-textbooks-easy/
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Go to thread Anonymous58524, Saturday 01/17/15 23:30:25 UTC

How is rush going?

Sales are hanging tight at our store.
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Go to thread Anonymous58514, Saturday 01/17/15 22:23:45 UTC


How is the outsourcing of the bookstore website going?
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Go to thread Anonymous58470, Saturday 01/17/15 15:22:37 UTC

Follett sends legal threats against texts.com

"OccupyTheBookstore is a Chrome extension that allows users to find better prices on textbooks while browsing bookstore websites. Follett doesn't like this because the extension draws sales away from the stores it supplies. It sent a cease-and-desist request to the team behind the extension, asking (nicely, at this point) to knock it off or it will be "forced" to involve its legal team. "https://www.techdirt.com/blog/?company=texts.com
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Go to thread Anonymous57788, Thursday 01/15/15 04:24:07 UTC

#1 efollett specialist?

TE is the shiznit!
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Go to thread Anonymous57738, Thursday 01/15/15 02:21:56 UTC

Doesn't this sound like connectonce/betterknow?

Amazon will also work with faculty to collect information on textbooks and course materials each semester, according to the release. It will also provide faculty with an online tool to find, compare and select course materials, and will work with the UMass Libraries and the Online Web-Based Learning program to ensure that professors and students can access free or low-cost course materials on campus.
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Go to thread Anonymous57582, Wednesday 01/14/15 10:42:58 UTC

Amazon takes over UMass Amherst Bookstore

And so it begins, Follett out at Umass Amherst Bookstore http://dailycollegian.com/2015/01/13/umass-to-replace-university-stores-textbook-annex-with-virtual-amazon-bookstore/
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Go to thread Da Troof, Monday 01/12/15 14:12:29 UTC

What a joke

Seriously, remember when Follett was the industry leader?
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Go to thread Anonymous57105, Monday 01/12/15 04:14:09 UTC

No research being done in the Follett Bluebook database?

It is pretty obvious that anyone who knew the book business has been let go. Good luck selling the old editions. I feel sorry for stores using the BB database for ordering college textbooks and attempting to manage college bookstore inventory using the database. The publisher substitutions are pretty alarming. Clueless home office. Clueless research team. Winning!
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Go to thread Anonymous56993 ((BUYS TEXTBOOKS HERE! (Independent buyer)), Sunday 01/11/15 12:33:26 UTC

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission! I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a buyer for 14 years and will pay you the Follett Bluebook rate, plus 25% commission. I WILL NOT allow myself to get in trouble with Follett, so be prepared to demonstrate you are not a Follett investigator when we communicate (and be prepared to demonstrate you're not illegally selling anything!). My email is nalleyhardagre@hotmail.com and you can contact me with TOTAL and complete privacy and secrecy.
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Go to thread Anonymous56806, Sunday 01/11/15 02:06:49 UTC


How many stores are using the new POS? How is it working out for you? Is it driving sales increases and lowering in store costs?
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Go to thread Anonymous56610, Friday 01/09/15 16:19:13 UTC


Delivered a well thought out and educated post. Get out of your emotions people, not only does the business not care about your emotions, it is making you say and do things that question your level of intelligence and sanity. My assumption is most of you use this board to relay confidential info to inform and protect, others express some deep, inner thoughts, some of which are highly disturbing.
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Go to thread Anonymous56603, Friday 01/09/15 14:44:14 UTC

To 56585

Well stated.
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Go to thread Anonymous56585, Friday 01/09/15 12:44:52 UTC

To Anonymous56517 on the Bonus thread.

I have been following this board since last November when I was laid off from IT after more than 10 years. Although I found a good, better paying job, Follett was a great place to work and I am still interested in what is happening at Follett. I don’t recall any specific negative comments about Indians in the past year. The comments have always been very clear that the OUTSOURCING efficiency and OUTSOURCING quality was the problem, regardless of where the destination for outsourcing - be it India, China or Ukraine. Follett IT has ALWAYS been a melting pot with many different cultures working tougher as a team building quality cross functional applications with great success. It is obvious the poster below is a new employee in IT that does not know the history. The evaluation of whether outsourcing at Follett is a success or failure is still to come, but destroying a dedicated team of employees (not only IT but throughout the company) was NOT a good decision period. At the beginning, there was much publicity on the IT spend at Follett, have there been any updates published on IT spend today versus 2 years ago.
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Go to thread Anonymous56120, Tuesday 01/06/15 23:29:00 UTC

56025 Actually you can have posts deleted if you requested it

Some people were writing some very specific things about a specific person in such a way as it was obvious who they were talking about. A few hours ago those deleted posts were still cached on Google if you searched for her name. They're probably gone by now (re-indexed) but please don't try to cover your request by claiming everyone else is crazy and that the deletions never happened. That is how you practically guarantee that you will once again be the subject of more ridicule on this board. Your name has been removed, now just let it go.
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Go to thread Lucky Me (sr. mangt), Tuesday 01/06/15 19:57:16 UTC

Looking for ways to spend that bonus

cant wait for another year of playing the grim reaper and acting like what I'm doing is best for the company but the reality is-- I do what I do to get my bonus, which last year was the max. all aboard.
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Go to thread Anonymous56025, Tuesday 01/06/15 15:16:16 UTC

Posts deleted

Posts are not being deleted. Remember all the posts about lies, sexual harassment, unethical behavior, drugs, nepotism--those posts were not deleted. Why would anything else be?
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Go to thread Anonymous55999, Tuesday 01/06/15 12:31:26 UTC

Follett for sale? Promising New Chapter for Barnes & Noble. B&N might even buy its larger college bookstore rival, Follett.

http://online.barrons.com/articles/promising-new-chapter-for-barnes-noble-1420261834Promising New Chapter for Barnes & Noble
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Go to thread Anonymous55998, Tuesday 01/06/15 12:23:43 UTC

Professors confused by book prices

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Go to thread Anonymous55995, Tuesday 01/06/15 12:19:45 UTC

Price Comparison Tool Faces Resistance

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Go to thread Anonymous55981, Tuesday 01/06/15 06:25:46 UTC

Don Stallone? (((ADRIANNE)))

Is it just me, or does Don Germano resemble Sylvester Stallone?
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