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Go to thread Anonymous29392, Thursday 08/21/14 23:36:56 UTC

Follett Hires Experienced Leadership ( if your looking for experience in failure)

Sears/K-Mart loses 975 million in first half of year. www.nytimes.com/2014/08/22/business/sears-holdings-posts-first-half-loss-of-nearly-one-billion.html. Staples to close 140 stores this year. www.bloomberg.com/news/2014/08/20/staples-plans-to-shut-140-north-america-stores-this-year.html No wonder Follett has become DG and ML personal employment agency! Hard to believe the Follett board doesn't see what is happening right before thier eyes. Follett will be in bankruptcy this time next year!!
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Town Hall Meeting This Week.

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Go to thread Anonymous28617, Tuesday 08/19/14 13:53:18 UTC

Not surprising

For 2 long the home office would not listen to managers in the field. Never having enough text. GO awful.... sourcing department sucks.
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Go to thread Anonymous28613, Tuesday 08/19/14 13:50:28 UTC

Really bad.

Sales are down. Really bad situation.
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Go to thread Anonymous28577, Tuesday 08/19/14 03:42:36 UTC

Purge continues

Two employees with combined experience of 40 years no longer with the company. Slowly but surely they will drive out the tenured employees. GT has thoroughly screwed up wholesale and profits will suffer.
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Go to thread Anonymous28390, Monday 08/18/14 12:09:29 UTC

Follett will never catch up

Missed the boat a long time ago. With all the creative competition out there we are done. For to long they knew best.
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Go to thread MD RESEARCH, Saturday 08/16/14 16:13:00 UTC

UA signs Notre Dame

What is the impact on bookstore sales as Universities sign exclusive deals with UA and other apparel/shoe companies? http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10328133/notre-dame-fighting-irish-armour-agree-most-valuable-apparel-contract-ncaa-history
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Go to thread Anonymous28143, Saturday 08/16/14 14:10:12 UTC

Mobile POS

How come my store was instructed to not use the mobile POS? Would have been a huge help for us line busting.
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Go to thread Anonymous27496 (The trenches), Wednesday 08/13/14 19:02:33 UTC

Another nail in the coffin. I would not want to be the Purdue manager this rush.

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Go to thread BUYS TEXTBOOKS HERE! (Independent buyer), Monday 08/11/14 18:21:50 UTC

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a buyer for 14 years and will pay you the Follett Bluebook rate, plus 25% commission. I WILL NOT allow myself to get in trouble with Follett, so be prepared to demonstrate you are not a Follett investigator when we communicate (and be prepared to demonstrate you're not illegally selling anything!). My email is nalleyhardagree@hotmail.com and you can contact me with TOTAL and complete privacy and secrecy.
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Go to thread Glass half full or half empty (Store Level), Sunday 08/10/14 04:07:12 UTC

An open letter to the leadership

An open letter to the new leadership regarding the retail store level (I know you read this site every day) as well as store personnel: So it's been a few months now since your new regime took over and while there are many positives there are still a lot of negatives out there that need to be fixed. This letter isn't intended to be another bashing session but hopefully will provide some insight into what many of us see and will never say if you step into our stores out of fear and intimidation.. What has made business sense: The layoffs as difficult as they were on a personal side as well as day to day operationally actually make sense now that I look back at it from a business end. The company was to heavy on full timers to continue to succeed. I cried seeing the person at my store go but we were at a point with sales down that the business was bleeding money. As a company we had maxed out that credit card with the former leadership and the good times had to end. The former leadership wanted to reduce full timers for a long time and change the bonus plan but were to scared to do it. This new group came in and actually did the ugly job and I realize that you basically hung yourself as the bad guy and created a lot of ill will cleaning up the former leadership’s mess. More of a retail approach. This nonsense of ignorant reports given out by regional managers and folks at home office to justify their job that made managers sit in their offices for their entire shift needed to end. While we must never lose sight that we are a retailer that services students on a college campus the key word here is retailer. We do what we do to make money for Follett and to pay a commission to the college and that requires the store leadership to be out on the floor where the sales happen. For the store level: go into any grocery and it's rare not to see a manager or assistant on the sales floor doing something! Lead by example and you get the most from your people. If you don't like the business end of what we do our experience transfers well over to the campus business office as well as student services. It's not as heavily focused on financials there and a job on that end would allow those of us that enjoy working with students to do that without worrying about making money. Not wasting the whole day arguing about 1 or 2 more books on the shelves or "controllable investment" restrictions. The regional manager and GVP bonuses were built so much on that, that it was pretty ridiculous how much time had to be spent on tasks to appease their bonus needs. How many of us had our regionals flipping out on us because we couldn't find 1000 dollars more to return??? The new bonus plan is realistic for the retail field. The old one pitted the managers against each other in many ways. Now everyone is on a level playing field. How many people actually got above 20% anyway on the old plan? We had a better chance of hitting a progressive in Atlantic City than getting a 50% bonus. This new plan unites the management to a goal of making the store profitable. I know at least at my store the complaining has stopped over supply purchases and other areas and everyone is more conservative than before. While there is a lot of silly stuff right now like pallets of binders or another box of over priced clothing arriving at the stores I'd rather have the stuff than not have it. Can't sell what you don't have and it was a struggle with the last regime to have enough product. This area has improved greatly as DC shipments are arriving almost weekly now instead of once per month. How long have many of us been complaining that the damn notebook prices were to expensive? The .99 cent notebooks are a great value and a traffic driver. Having books on the shelves earlier than ever before. We cater to students, the most impulse buying group out there. If you can't put it in their hands right now they will just go to amazon or chegg to get it. Sorry, but if I go to a brick and mortar and took my time to visit as well as spend gas and an associate tries to send me to their website for not having the product I go out of my way to not shop with you for a while. (Walmart, Kohls etc) Getting rid of OMS during the critical rush period. Thank you for letting me keep my books on my shelves for my students and for my sales. Everyone remembers Fred P. flipping out on the calls to execute as designed. Well guess what? We were complaining because the design didn’t work! It’s so much more efficient when I don't have to worry about looking up the class section or shipping out an insane amount of books to some remote college in a city I've never heard of for no benefit directly to me during my busy time. My rush is slowing down and someone needs a used copy I couldn't move? I'll gladly send it then as it's $3 bucks on Fedex to send it down the road and keep a sale in the company vs. $5 bucks to send it from Chicago etc. Plus it might even benefit the bonus side on the company end. I had to ship so much more than I received that I was always on the negative side of the shipping charges and that was horrible. This allows that to balance out. It's more time that no one needs to be in the sr area and instead are out on the floor. Also, it is less time that the CMM have to be re-ordering books, printing pull tickets and so forth. Save the sale was stupid. Always in stock isn't. What has made no business sense: Hiring VP after VP? I get that a strong business must have a strong leadership base but how much money have we wasted on all these new/replaced positions. It's demoralizing to see a new VP being welcomed on the quad over and over while the payroll allocation to the stores keeps going down. You are asking us to tighten the belt at the store and do more and so should you. I read the postings and I don't even understand what half of these people do! The regional managers are still not acting like what they really are in a retail store environment: Support and leaders for their stores. We all have had our email and overall back office loads cut down so why are the regionals still not in their stores helping to improve the operation, lending a hand and pushing the sales? You need a place to save payroll? Get rid of some of these laptop dwelling dinosaurs and get some young blood in there that is willing to work. The directive was to cut down email so why the hell is my regional bombarding my email box with .99 cent notebook sell through reports and copying the same email I just got from corporate. Find something better to do with your time! If I have to be at work well before the sun has even has begun to cross the Atlantic ocean and am willing to do it to see my store succeed why do you get to remain at home in your bed? Time to get out from behind the laptops, your cushy home offices and get into the stores and do some real work like they do at regular retailers! You continue to slash away at the stores that depend on the minimum wage employees to succeed. These students need the work and we need their labor! Not only are we giving these students valuable experiences but often times they are spending their pay checks right back in our stores. In addition, it isn't good outreach to the campuses when we can't hire the students that desperately need these jobs. As any other retailer I want to keep my register lines moving. Stop being Walmart and give us enough payroll to stock the shelves and run the registers. I have no problem doing the receiving and stocking the shelves as a manager but my cloning machine to do both jobs at once still has it's patent pending. I'm also the most expensive cashier in the store and profit killing if I have to spend more than 30 minutes per day on it. Run the numbers I have.. The salaried staff is being killed right now with the rush prep loads. Many are working ridiculous hours since July due to the payroll cuts and we haven't even hit rush yet. Negative 11 hours of payroll? How does Paul D even still have a job sending this crap out? It's great that you want to spend huge percentages of the payroll dollars on rush week but we are in a business that requires major preparation time before the sales actually happen! I know that part of the Project Blue extended plan is to get as many as possible to quit. You can replace us with a much cheaper employee without having to pay out severance or unemployment. I get that but you must also realize that we are in a unique business that requires special relationships on campus. No other retail manager has to deal with the political nonsense we deal with on a college campus. The store count has dropped significantly in a short amount of time. It was nearly to 1000 which would have been a huge mile stone. Now its in the 800's. This is concerning: Are we not competitive in keeping our contracts? Save the sale? How about save the contracts! The CMM's are having to run way to many reports still. This needs to be addressed. Why are we running all these excel reports when we have a million dollar course materials management system? Utilize our investment and get the CMM's on the sales floor to sell the books! No one knows that product better than them! The ACMS also need to get it together with how much they are emailing the stores still but I guess they have to justify their jobs somehow. I heard the President and his team are touring stores without warning. I appreciate that you want to see the stores in their true environment but we are also in a very stressful time of year without proper resources trying to get the stores ready. We don't need one more thing on our plate because what you see and tell our GVP about will create another report we have to respond to. It’s probably something we were working on already that would have been fixed before the first day of class anyway. We have done this long enough to be ready: It's what you pay us for, at least those of us with experience! All we can hope for is the President sees that many stores are struggling without proper payroll and he will fix this moving forward. You have to spend money to make money.
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Go to thread Anonymous26722, Saturday 08/09/14 01:06:47 UTC

What does One Follett Mean? Obviously just talk.

And yet another ML joke. One Follett is a bunch of bs. They just hired another new CFO at FHEG. One IT, Accounting and HR = sheesh. There can be no savings at Follett overall as they have replaced every senior staff member who left. The only people that were actually laid off were the lower level employees...the ones that did the work. Remember it was said here first, results for Fall rush will be very poor. This senior team has not delivered on any strategies that have been repeated over and over and over.
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Go to thread Anonymous26509, Friday 08/08/14 13:46:33 UTC

Cal's associated students didn't renew lease (last fall!)

While Rome was burning, Nero fiddled. That's how it looks at UC Berkeley. While Follett's management was plotting to end 600+ careers, they lost the lease of the ASUC Student store at Cal's student center. The students decided they didn't want Follett. They didn't know who will replace Follett (that's a heck of an endorsement). Between taking the salary and benefits of 600 employees, and losing Cal, Follett's collective brain trust still gathered at a lavish party before the "Big Game" between Cal and Stanford (played at Stanford). Goody bags where handed out to execs, prospects and clients at the catered lunch complete with beverages of all kinds. http://www.dailycal.org/2014/07/31/cal-student-store-move-location-change-vendors/
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Go to thread Anonymous26381, Friday 08/08/14 00:35:15 UTC


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Go to thread Anonymous26150, Thursday 08/07/14 04:29:47 UTC

Welcome to kmart

At least at kmart the gm prices are lower. Nothing but a bunch of over priced jink. Nothing is changing for the better
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Go to thread Anonymous26146, Thursday 08/07/14 03:47:59 UTC

Trust no one

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Go to thread 670ex'd, Wednesday 08/06/14 20:14:09 UTC

What a long strange trip it's been

It's been 15 years since Follett took control of the Stanford Bookstore. When Follett took over, it solved many problems for the university. Today, it is a problem for the university, staff, faculty and the few remaining employees. The past 15 years have been tumultuous. At various times Follett has put great people in charge of this once great store. It has put some spectacular AHs in charge, too. The last two directors are a great snap shot of both paradigm. David was smart, fun, engaging, dynamic and well loved by his teams. He was so good that by the time he had to leave us to fight cancer, we were able to run without a director for over a year. We hit financial objectives. The store ran well. We were a high achieving team machine. When he died, they brought in a new director. He made sure we knew he didn't think much of us. He abused us. He drove out all but one of his senior managers from the store. He replaced them with stooges lacking any university bookstore experience. He drove out an excellent text book manager and replaced him with a person without text experience. If you were in management, female and had at least 15 years at the bookstore, you were targeted for abuse until you either resigned or until he could manufacture cause to fire you. The store hasn't met objectives the past two years. The failure is now gone. So are experience, passion, institutional memory, appreciation of the university or any legacy of the unique, successful bookstore that Follett took over 15 years ago. For 15 years Follett has run the Stanford Bookstore. In the best of times they simply left us alone. When they've gotten involved, we've been hurt. I do wish the company would simply implode. With the leases vacated perhaps we could be great again.
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Go to thread Anonymous25567, Tuesday 08/05/14 10:51:40 UTC

Compete and Serve the Customer

I am no longer with the company as of last November but I still like following this board. Follett will learn the hard way if they don't change. Successful retailers focus on what is good for the customer, the top/bottom lines will take care of themselves. Adding extras fees to book prices at campus stores where students are semi locked in, removing ISBN's so students can't shop elsewhere (easily), locking in schools to your interfaces are all forms of focusing on profits, and not the customer. Bestbuy is a great example. They used to try to prevent show rooming (comparison pricing) then realized it was turning customers off and their financial results showed it. Two years ago they brought in new leadership who decided to compete based on what is best for the customer. Sales and profits are up and so is store visits. They now price match, became more efficient and put the customer first. No retailer succeeds at putting their own interests ahead of the customer.
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Go to thread Bob (Ops), Monday 08/04/14 21:06:46 UTC

What kind of rat are you.

There are two kinda of rats on a sinking ship. Those smart enough to know the ship is sinking so they jump off and those too scared or dumb to jump off and end of drowning. So what kind are you? So if you are just waiting to drown, then you are obviously using your valuable time to complain on websites versus looking for another job so you can jump ship.D238834184
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Go to thread Earnest (Text), Monday 08/04/14 19:27:41 UTC

Missing ISBNs

As a grandparent looking to help my granddaughters, as a friend trying to help a friend and as a neighbor trying to help a neighbor buy books (all from three different Follett stores), I was shocked to find that ISBN are not included on their websites. Hope that "Big Brother" is listening because I'm mad. Will be contacting local state-wide newspaper so that others will know about this blatant attempt to ............the students and I hope, within the next two weeks it will go national.
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Go to thread Earnest (Text), Sunday 08/03/14 20:32:40 UTC

Former Textbook Manager When did they stop posting ISBNs on the store websites (Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008)

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Go to thread Anonymous24994, Saturday 08/02/14 23:48:06 UTC

Each and Every Associate

“Software development” Anonymous Employee (Current Employee) McHenry, IL Pros – Location means reasonable commute time. Work from home policy helps with the work/life balance. Flexible hours. Cons – Morale is down the toilet along with bonus, benefits and profit sharing. Constant reduction in benefits with no end in sight. Periodic layoffs leave you constantly wondering if you will be next. The Follett family's new values revolve around increasing their shareholder value. Being profitable isn't enough. Record profits aren't enough. They want more. Advice to Senior Management – Quite telling me you value "each and every associate" while you continue to cut benefits. You've destroyed morale. Merging the various companies into a single entity has created chaos. Outsourcing jobs may cut the hour!y cost but you are not looking at the total cost of a project due to higher defect rates and lower efficiency. It isn't cheaper if it takes more people longer with more errors. No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company
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Go to thread Anonymous24901, Saturday 08/02/14 11:06:24 UTC

M i s s i o n A c c o m p l i s h e d!

The new POS has been launched - on time and on budget and will provide a boost to sales and efficiencies to stores for fall rush. Another success story for the new leadership. Two major system launches in a single year.
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Go to thread Anonymous24631, Friday 08/01/14 18:49:20 UTC

what's with all the IT promotions?

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Go to thread Anonymous23338 (Store manager), Tuesday 07/29/14 01:22:14 UTC

Still plugging along

Who else is Jonesing to quit before rush?
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Go to thread Anonymous23322, Monday 07/28/14 23:44:33 UTC

consultant mentality

After a year of working with consultants, I've learned that they are all about getting "stuff" done quickly. All they care about is completing "things" in record time. It doesn't matter how well it is done. It doesn't matter if it is what is wanted or needed. All that matters is that they did lots of 'somethings' very quickly. Since they are being judged on the quantity of "stuff" they complete, this works well for them. By the time it becomes apparent that the "stuff" they did isn't very good, they have been paid and moved on to their next job.
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Go to thread Dennis (Retired), Monday 07/28/14 15:10:53 UTC


Until the criteria for sr mangt bonus is changed, don't expect change. I remember when we used to total are own bonus payout and turned it in to finance and we got a check that we basically created unchallenged. That was the good old days.
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Go to thread Anonymous22833, Friday 07/25/14 15:19:21 UTC

Goodbye brick and mortar stores

WESTCHESTER, Ill., July 21, 2014—Follett today announced the launch of Follett Virtual Campus (FVC), a pure ecommerce solution for higher education and PreK-12 institutions that provides quick access to needed materials such as textbooks, supplies, technology, gifts and apparel without the footprint of a local store.
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Go to thread Anonymous22528, Thursday 07/24/14 00:36:41 UTC

Hard enough to compete with Amazon and Chegg, and now you are raising my stores retail prices

Why is the home office adding on copar and lcf to my stores already high retail textbook prices. A little extra margin is not worth the lost sales and bad publicity from customers. This is a questionable practice that caused problems at other stores in the past.
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Go to thread Anonymous22368, Wednesday 07/23/14 01:18:57 UTC

No surprise

I've heard they've already started working on selecting people for the field after Rush layoff and store managers my be targeted. Anyone else heard this?
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Go to thread Anonymous21466, Friday 07/18/14 23:31:08 UTC

Purge continues

The purge continues, several removed from the home office ranks
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Go to thread Anonymous21449, Friday 07/18/14 21:58:59 UTC


Mary Lee I want my damn Gibson's!!!!!!!
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Go to thread Anonymous21344, Friday 07/18/14 01:45:15 UTC

Follett is making all of its hires from 2 of the top ten.

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Go to thread Anonymous21189, Thursday 07/17/14 12:41:45 UTC


The ofarts are now giving the kfarts a run for the money. Who from leadership worked at omax? Wait...didn't kmart own omax at one time?
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Go to thread Anonymous21151 (FSS), Thursday 07/17/14 02:24:44 UTC

Ask Tom - I'd rather not give my name so I will ask you here

I'd like to know what the goals are for FSS this year. Are we being set up to fail? How do this year's goals compare to last year's? I heard that FHEG is doing worse than last year. Is that true?
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Go to thread Anonymous21061, Wednesday 07/16/14 18:44:11 UTC

Who else became suddenly stupid. According to my director, I did. Tell us your story.

For over 20 years I was promotable, well reviewed, well respected, often asked to be on transition teams. I was more than competent. Suddenly, I was stupid. My boss badgered and belittled me while refusing to document anything. Finally, I snapped. Does this sound like you? Tell us about it. I think there is a pattern of abuse that we can take to a lawyer. Please participate. Management fears this talk above all else (cause they're too lame to fear their own incompetence).
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Go to thread Anonymous20670, Monday 07/14/14 14:50:58 UTC

Was November's Layoff nothing more than employment terrorism?

November's layoff accomplished many things; reduced payroll and eliminated benefits to most employees who work with customers, ended many cherished careers, struck terror into the hearts of the remaining employees and finally, it provided a platform for management to advise employees to find jobs elsewhere because access to stingy severance was difficult, cumbersome and limiting. While there was a terrible business result, it also caused well paid employees (who were not laid off) to look for work elsewhere. It works better than laying folks off; no severance. The destruction is overwhelming and emotionally crushing.
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Go to thread Anonymous20558, Sunday 07/13/14 14:05:13 UTC

Part time and no benefits

Alta Gracia is a great concept, living wage and benefits for workers. Too bad Follett did just the opposite by moving my stores full time employees to part time to limit pay and eliminate benefits. Hypocrites.
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Go to thread Anonymous20525, Sunday 07/13/14 02:12:09 UTC

looking for employment

and I hope I find a new job the day before rush.
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Go to thread Anonymous20237, Friday 07/11/14 11:51:29 UTC

Next Wave

Get ready IT, the next tsunami is coming.
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