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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL

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the exorbitant price of textbooks is of particular concern because it has a disproportionate impact on students of lesser financial means. The average cost of textbooks and supplies has risen to about $1,200 per student per year, according to College Board. The only silver lining is the rising cost of textbooks has finally spurred new policy proposals and technological innovations to attack the issue. While I understand the practical realities of financing our educational system, the excesses of a bloated publishing industry have pushed the costs of textbooks into ridiculous territory. Thanks to their monopoly position, the big publishers bundle products with textbooks similar to the cable companies, creating ancillary items of questionable value on instructors and students — thereby driving up the costs. Congress, apparently, does not. Recently, we’ve seen both legislative chambers get into the business of textbook reform with two pieces of legislation – the Learning Opportunities With Creation of Open Source Textbooks (LOW COST) Act in the House of Representatives and the Affordable College Textbook Act in the Senate.
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Experienced leaders

Experienced leaders should not promise what they can't deliver.
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Another one bites the dust at Westbrook IT

Here today, gone tomorrow. Was specifically working on an old system that was being implemented by the new IS offshore company. It has begun. This pattern will continue for the next couple of years
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Follett College Stores?
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Expect more layoffs / firing

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sr ops leader has resume on the street And interview next week arranged

my brother in law's neighbor is an executive recruiter and over a back yard B-B-Q, I discovered a bit of news that someone thought wouldn't leak out. Good luck buddy, your secret is safe with me.
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Another one bites the dust

From FES
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Off Campus Stores

The one new initiative by new leadership was to open up 50 or more off campus stores. Anyone know how the 2 or 3 they opened are doing? They would need to open 47 stores in 6 months. Old leadership new off campus was a dead end.
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Purdue University students have the opportunity to save up to 30 percent - or $6 million - a year on textbooks thanks to a new and unique collaboration with Amazon.
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FOLLETT HAMMERS AMAZON? Tell that to Purdue manager where Follett is getting its clock cleaned and students are saving millions!!!

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The Future College Bookstore: Leave The Books, Take The Panini
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Follett Hammers Amazon http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/financial-reporting/article/64498-big-losses-big-questions-for-

Within its media group, which includes all content sales, total revenue rose 4 percent, including a 5 percent increase in North America, the slowest growth rates in about 20 quarters, one analyst estimated during the conference call to discuss the results. Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak attributed the relatively slow growth in North America to more textbook rentals rather than sales and to a strong third quarter for book sales in last year's third quarter that was driving in part by heavy discounting.
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Sears/KM lead, Follett follows, more layoffs to come.

(Reuters) - Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD.O) is shuttering more than 100 stores and laying off at least 5,457 employees, investor website Seeking Alpha reported on Thursday, indicating the struggling retailer may be stepping up store closures.
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Can anyone share what's happening with FHEG?
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Let's go

As a long term contributor to the forum I am saddened we've been reduced to bowel based retaliation, those of us who warned of the layoffs and restructurings, etc. We use this to combat a disreputable business, now we've been reduced to their level. I think we're better than this, if you want to strike back report shorted hours, report a hostile work environment, don't fix their problems rather give them what they pay for. We try to keep you folks clued in, but we need to preserve the integrity of our process. Thank you for your time.
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Maybe this is why your company is outsourcing IT

They say perception is reality. If so, many in-house IT departments have reason to worry. InformationWeek's IT Perception Survey seeks to quantify how IT thinks it's doing versus how the business really views IT's performance in delivering services -- and, more important, powering innovation. 15% of non-IT respondents say their companies' business users are very or completely satisfied with quality, timeliness, and cost; 30% of IT pro respondents think satisfaction is that high.
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Does the 'Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act' not apply to Follett? Law applies to businesses with at least 75 full time

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Even Infosys employees stated Follett was not a leader

The terms Infosys used, "not leader", "not good", "IT not good, but not just IT", "lagger"
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Follett is #1 of what? A BS degree in BS, that I agree with.

Propaganda will not pay the lights bills, maybe your bonuses next year, have fun. Like the sun and the moon the truth always comes out.
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Follett is #1

Follett is #1 in posts to layoffs.com.
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Rush Results

DG "The numbers don't look good Mary Lee" ML"That's awful Don, what are we going to tell the board?" DG "Well, we sold a lot of the inventory that we marked down for no reason in the spring. We will tell them that we have better than expected margins because of our brilliant plan to sell dead inventory" ML "You are so smart Don, we can crow about that and none of the family members will realize we don't have a clue" DG "only half as smart as you Mary Lee, let's just hope nobody asks about the huge sales decline in textbook units" ML "Don't worry Don, we have bullied everyone into believing everything we say".
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two more gone experienced employees with greater than 10 years experience

Heard two more accountants are gone, not sure if they left on own, were forced out or laid off.
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Online or in-store: Where’s the better deal?

There has been some speculation among students as to whether the convenience of the campus eFollett bookstore justifies its climbing textbook prices—especially since students have been finding alternative methods of buying their books, such as the websites of Chegg and Amazon. Since students need many books for each semester, searching for alternative websites to purchase them helps keep the cost down. “I feel like we’re already spending a lot of money to be here and I’m paying my way through, so it’s really annoying that they’re charging us so much for books when they’re so much cheaper online,” said Brook Bignell, freshman, undecided major. Bignell needed 12 books this semester and saved around $250 by buying the majority of them through Amazon. “The cheaper it is, the more students are going to buy,” said Brittany Esser, freshman education major. “Not everyone has $400 a semester.” Esser needed eight books this semester. She purchased all of them through the campus bookstore for convenience and wishes she had gone to one of the fast-growing alternative vendors. The campus bookstore does have its benefits, most of which seem to involve its expansive selection of Muskie gear.
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I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a buyer for 14 years and will pay you the Follett Bluebook rate, plus 25% commission. I WILL NOT allow myself to get in trouble with Follett, so be prepared to demonstrate you are not a Follett investigator when we communicate (and be prepared to demonstrate you're not illegally selling anything!). My email is nalleyhardagree@hotmail.com and you can contact me with TOTAL and complete privacy and secrecy.
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Over the top propaganda "Follett is the leader"

Do your homework. Since the business deals with text books they should understand what homework means versus magical thinking.
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Follett is the leader

Follett is the leader in the college bookstore industry! Face the facts, the online competitors are failing fast and getting ready for bankruptcy. It is only B&N and Follett and there are many independent stores that will want to benefit from leased operations. It was tough the past two years with several entrants in the text rental market, but they have all collapsed and raised their prices this last rush.
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Infosys pays 34M fine for visa fraud

Great work Follett. Hire a company that is known to commit massive fraud. I'm sure that is the kind of reputation you want to be associated with. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/infosys-to-pay-34m-fine-to-settle-visa-fraud-charges-justice-dept-to-announce/. I especially love the 'American's are stupid' quote in this article. I guess we are if we hire people with that type of ethics.
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things seems to be much better with the new management

things truely are better. Less deal wood on the payroll. Productivity is up due to fear. Fewer customers to focus on. Mary Lee is The Man. Coffee better is the cafeteria I absolutely love being a FHEG Employee. Just love the new merchandise in our stores.
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Sound Familiar? Kmart/ Sears The Store without a heart

K,mart / Sears doesn't care about anybody. A store that's been permanently laying off long term 20, 30, 40 year term (a jail sentence by the way is shorter)employees for sometime now with the only excuse as a dissolved job only then to create a new one for a younger less expensive employee only cares about the money and whats going to keep them alive in the long hall.A store that used to be the heart and soul of the community, has become the place where you drop your kids off for a couple of hours babysitting and then go shop at Walmart and spend some real money. I know this for a fact as I know of an employee that got permanently laid off.In other words Kmart/Sears used up all you had to give now your 40, 50, 60 so now your gone. No partys no Sad Goodbyes.Insurance on the Cobra is now sky high and you can't afford it they say Sign this saying you won't talk about us and we'll let you retire peacefully.Good luck with a new job because statistics say once left go you have a 50/50 chance in 99 weeks of unemployment after that your window is dead. They might as well put you in the ground and cover you with dirt because in there eyes you are dead to the company and everyone else. So this is where they get my title as the store without a heart.
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First MLS is posting on the site, and now she hires henchman to spew her propaganda. Of course Follett has to hire a company in an attempt to re establish a half way decent reputation. This site must be cutting close to the bone. All the money in the world won't get Follett back the reputation it had previously earned.
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Trust - you fail

We believe that trust is an asset that enterprises must understand and properly manage in order to be successful in today’s complex operating environment. Unlike reputation, which is based on an aggregate of past experiences with a company or brand, trust is a forward facing metric of stakeholder expectation.". http://www.edelman.com/insights/intellectual-property/2014-edelman-trust-barometer/about-trust/
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The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.
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Which Follett Employee are You?

Engaged employees stay for what they give (they like their work); disengaged employees stay for what they get (favorable job conditions, growth opportunities, job security).
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Do the right thing

In commerce, many moral failures are due to narrow mindsets that preclude taking into account the moral dimensions of a decision or action. In turn, sometimes these mindsets are caused by failing to question managerial decisions from a moral point of view, because of a perceived authority of management.
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I wonder if this would ever happen at Follett.
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Engagement and the free riders

The key here is to turn the great majority of disengaged people into engaged ones and make the engaged people more motivated by drastically improving leadership practice, instead of dividing the workforce into two groups and treating them differently. Our experience shows that most – not all – disengaged people do not want to stay disengaged if conditions permit and they do want to be seen in a positive light by their bosses and colleagues and have a successful career. As disengaged people become engaged, those already engaged tend to get even more motivated, seeing that the number of free-riders is reduced and that good conduct is recognized and duly rewarded.
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Follett has hired a PR firm (Edelman)to conduct a survey to gauge their reputation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edelman_(firm). It's interesting to read the tactics they use.
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Home office

What's the atmosphere like these days? Anyone pass Mary Lee in the hallway?
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Home office

What's the atmosphere like these days? Anyone pass Mary Lee in the hallway?
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India - My Motherland, My Pride

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