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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL

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Go to thread Anonymous50156, Sunday 11/23/14 02:44:20 UTC

Boom, bang and boink

How about the bumpy eFollett upgrade.
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SOMEONE FOR GOD SAKES TALK ABOUT THE BLUEBOOK! Most of this board's talk is about clothing, stores, and grumpy managers. BIG DEAL! FOLLETT is BUILT on their BLUEBOOK! I want SOMEBODY "IN-THE-KNOW" to go into details what is happening with the Bluebook. Is it outsourced? Indians working on it? WHY EVERY 2015 is "0.00" please explain! Follett is in the USED BOOK BUSINESS, we've lost sight of that. New books can be gotten from the publisher, STUDENTS WANT USED BOOKS for christsakes. WHY does it look like this whole concept has DISAPPEARED? I used to work at one of the LARGEST stores, but couldn't buyback anything. I have theories, maybe the BLUEBOOK is secondary, maybe NO profit in it? Maybe Follett's new model is to buy DIRECTLY from publishers as they NEED the books? Rather than stockpile every book under the sun? There's gotta be someone who used to know BT or RK or one of the S's to write a response to this.
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Go to thread Anonymous50073, Saturday 11/22/14 11:39:01 UTC

How many employees does Follett have today?

Not an employee, just courious
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Go to thread Anonymous50036, Saturday 11/22/14 00:30:04 UTC

they are messing with benefits again

I'd love to know the logic behind swapping holidays for personal days. Bet Follett has something sneaky planned.
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Go to thread Anonymous49893, Friday 11/21/14 14:50:37 UTC

Edeleman public relations firm shows how they work

Nice company you hired Follett. I guess this shows the new Follett values: http://grist.org/climate-energy/pipeline-builder-advised-to-gin-up-fake-grassroots-support/. Here's a quote from the article "The Energy East documents outline plans to create a “grassroots” advocacy campaign on behalf of TransCanada, recruit outside voices backing the company, and investigate environmental groups seen as threats to the project. Stewart said the documents show Edelman and TransCanada “systematically organizing what we’d call a dirty tricks campaign” typical in the U.S., but not in Canada. “We’re nice, we don’t do things like that,” Stewart said."
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Go to thread Anonymous49403, Wednesday 11/19/14 19:24:38 UTC

I left because....

I refuse, refuse to provide my talent to a company who treats people the way they started treating people a year ago. Signed; An ex VP
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Go to thread Anonymous49139, Tuesday 11/18/14 13:20:26 UTC

For all those who feel they are being targeted.

Document every conversation. Date and time. Protect yourselves. Use your phones to make video and record.
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Go to thread Anonymous48939, Monday 11/17/14 03:20:51 UTC

Follett sucks!!!

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Go to thread Anonymous48541, Friday 11/14/14 15:36:40 UTC

Rush numbers

Did we ever get any numbers for how rush went?
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Go to thread Anonymous48521, Friday 11/14/14 12:04:51 UTC

This company is becoming ruthless and is full of greed at the top including family

This company hired temporaries to fill full time positions and keeps them in that position for years without hiring them and this is just one of the ways this company violates it's own "Follett Values" which in itself is a joke. I retired because of this but the remaining people need to start thinking about forming a Union before it is to late. Do not think this company won't throw you under the bus.
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Go to thread Anonymous48476 (Anonymous44336 ((BUYS TEXTBOOKS HERE! (Independent buyer))),), Friday 11/14/14 02:47:11 UTC

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a buyer for 14 years and will pay you the Follett Bluebook rate, plus 25% commission. I WILL NOT allow myself to get in trouble with Follett, so be prepared to demonstrate you are not a Follett investigator when we communicate (and be prepared to demonstrate you're not illegally selling anything!). My email is nalleyhardagree@hotmail.com and you can contact me with TOTAL and complete privacy and secrecy.
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Go to thread Anonymous48305, Thursday 11/13/14 12:18:20 UTC

Massive text returns in November?

Whats up with that? Use that OMS application to move inventory around from store to store.
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Go to thread Anonymous48291 (23 year bookstore employee), Thursday 11/13/14 05:39:34 UTC

What a difference a year makes

I was one of the the 600 that was laid off last November 8th. It was a pretty rough time for me. I found employment a few months later making entry level wages. Slowly but surely I was able to crawl out of the whole and was reminded that I really had skills and value as an employee. I was then recruited by one of the departments on campus that understood what a good employee I had been all of those years at the bookstore. I am now working as a customer service manager, making a decent wage and love the team that I work with. It wasn't easy but there are so many opportunities out there and people who will treat you well and appreciate you. Don't sell yourself short. I am blessed to have so much to look forward to this holiday season instead of the fear that Follett was instilling in their employees when we were all working so hard to reach their impossible goals. Thinking of those who are still there and am here to say, there is a wonderful life after Follett.
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Go to thread Anonymous48273, Thursday 11/13/14 01:45:24 UTC

When proving your loyalty comes back to bite you.

Eventually double talking and back stabbing catches up folks.
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Go to thread Anonymous48163, Wednesday 11/12/14 11:42:23 UTC

The losses

So much our financial leadership has been laid off or left since last year. We have no number crunchers and finance to backup field operations which was critical to me performing my role. Recognize the value you have before it leaves, not after.
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Go to thread Anonymous48090, Tuesday 11/11/14 19:04:34 UTC

another town hall meeting

Looks like there are going to be Town Hall meetings this week for the privileged few. Those of you who were invited, the rest of us losers would appreciate any information you would share.
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Go to thread Anonymous47752, Sunday 11/09/14 15:40:15 UTC

Do the Right Thing

CEO of Starbucks stated that other companies need to understand this is not just about the bottom line anymore, it is about moving the country forward as well. Make decisions that positively impact the company and the country. Duty, honor, country.
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Go to thread Anonymous47703, Saturday 11/08/14 20:13:43 UTC

Surprise Labor bumps for spring rush/expectations that make you scratch your head

Many front line managers got a mass email with news about spring rush as only the robot at corporate PD can write. New directive states all stores will operate seven days a week in the lead up to rush (full staffing and hours) with a 'bonus' that triple the number of temps should be hired on average with at least half of them dedicated to eFollett orders. Shifts must be planned to include these staff members in order to fulfill efollett orders both before open and after close of business. Salaried employees are expected to work 50 hours a week, part time non-exempt 35 and temporary 32 hours. All temps are to receive 8 hours minimum training to be completed by December 20th. Oh, and those returns held off on are now expected to be completed within a week's time. Other than the fact that only 50 hours would be a blessing during rush, where did they get their stuff, and can we all have some? Stores with one employee being informed they need 17 staff members, stores larger than that being told they need 38 or more new staff members. We should be dancing in the streets, right?
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Go to thread Anonymous47658, Saturday 11/08/14 01:51:20 UTC

Whats with the mass exodus?

Whats with the mass exodus in accounting and finance. At least 7-8 people have/are leaving Follett. Pushed, shoved or just plain smart to get out now. Similar pattern, new leadership in, tenured employees out.
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Go to thread A1, Friday 11/07/14 16:20:36 UTC

Rate My Boss

Employees should visit this link to express their views on management. http://www.ratemyboss.com/reviews/102566/Boss-Mary-Lee-Schneider.html
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Go to thread Anonymous47580, Friday 11/07/14 11:13:07 UTC


Rumors of mid November layoffs at the home office. No more details yet.
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Go to thread Anonymous47508, Thursday 11/06/14 21:48:35 UTC

Follett losing contracts to Neebo Complete College Outfitter. The company provides rental kiosks throughout campuses for students’ convenience.

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Go to thread Anonymous47201, Wednesday 11/05/14 11:01:44 UTC

How come Follett does not attract top retail talent, only friends from failing retailers

Strange that the only new hires are from kmart, sears and office max - retailers that are nearing the end of their lives after poor management and decision making. Noone from a solid retailer like Dick's is joining Follett. Nepotism is alive and well.
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Go to thread Anonymous47037, Tuesday 11/04/14 02:54:12 UTC

Humor Dept

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Go to thread Anonymous46895, Monday 11/03/14 03:32:55 UTC

It could be worse. We could work at Staples. Has anyone seen their board lately? Disgusting!

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Go to thread Anonymous46859, Sunday 11/02/14 13:32:14 UTC

Hunger games

It does feel like the Hunger Games around here. Always looking around wondering who/what is next. Can't believe anything you are told because there are so many lies.
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Go to thread Anonymous46849, Sunday 11/02/14 12:24:48 UTC

Kmart/office max new hire

And the home office is growing again, hiring another VP from Kmart/office max.
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Go to thread FLR (Order Filling), Sunday 11/02/14 06:11:03 UTC

I've said enough already

Management in the warehouse treat employees like feces. Literally, walking into the building with their heads held down and if you so much as ask a question or challenge any decisions they are/have made, goodbye! I understand its a warehouse job with only a HS degree required (if that even!), but I'm not asking for a 6-figure/year job, just a little respect. Of course, my manager makes sitting back in his comfortable, Target-esque chair, eating a piece of fruit look difficult. Honestly, the turnover rate at this company is the worst I have ever seen in my employment. I know, I know, if I don't like it, go somewhere else, but the truth is, benefits are great, fellow co-workers are great, hours great, just management sucks. Plain. And. Simple. Don't take your irritation out on your employees, and don't treat us like one of your shi**y children. Especially when certain employees have evidence of personal-past mistakes, possible x-rated pics from online, and a variety of other things that blackmailing could benefit from. But, you work in a warehouse and couldn't afford the necessities to keep the art of buying my silence. So, good luck!
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Go to thread Anonymous46780, Saturday 11/01/14 01:30:28 UTC


the exorbitant price of textbooks is of particular concern because it has a disproportionate impact on students of lesser financial means. The average cost of textbooks and supplies has risen to about $1,200 per student per year, according to College Board. The only silver lining is the rising cost of textbooks has finally spurred new policy proposals and technological innovations to attack the issue. While I understand the practical realities of financing our educational system, the excesses of a bloated publishing industry have pushed the costs of textbooks into ridiculous territory. Thanks to their monopoly position, the big publishers bundle products with textbooks similar to the cable companies, creating ancillary items of questionable value on instructors and students — thereby driving up the costs. Congress, apparently, does not. Recently, we’ve seen both legislative chambers get into the business of textbook reform with two pieces of legislation – the Learning Opportunities With Creation of Open Source Textbooks (LOW COST) Act in the House of Representatives and the Affordable College Textbook Act in the Senate.
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Go to thread Anonymous46560, Friday 10/31/14 11:02:36 UTC

Experienced leaders

Experienced leaders should not promise what they can't deliver.
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Go to thread Anonymous46358, Thursday 10/30/14 11:38:57 UTC

Another one bites the dust at Westbrook IT

Here today, gone tomorrow. Was specifically working on an old system that was being implemented by the new IS offshore company. It has begun. This pattern will continue for the next couple of years
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Go to thread Anonymous46197, Wednesday 10/29/14 12:48:21 UTC


Follett College Stores?
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Go to thread Anonymous46183, Wednesday 10/29/14 10:41:07 UTC

Expect more layoffs / firing

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Go to thread Remember I told you first (ops), Tuesday 10/28/14 18:45:40 UTC

sr ops leader has resume on the street And interview next week arranged

my brother in law's neighbor is an executive recruiter and over a back yard B-B-Q, I discovered a bit of news that someone thought wouldn't leak out. Good luck buddy, your secret is safe with me.
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Go to thread Anonymous45989, Tuesday 10/28/14 00:58:11 UTC

Another one bites the dust

From FES
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Go to thread Anonymous45751, Sunday 10/26/14 13:11:26 UTC

Off Campus Stores

The one new initiative by new leadership was to open up 50 or more off campus stores. Anyone know how the 2 or 3 they opened are doing? They would need to open 47 stores in 6 months. Old leadership new off campus was a dead end.
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Go to thread Anonymous45695, Saturday 10/25/14 19:08:39 UTC


Purdue University students have the opportunity to save up to 30 percent - or $6 million - a year on textbooks thanks to a new and unique collaboration with Amazon.
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Go to thread Anonymous45674, Saturday 10/25/14 15:06:39 UTC

FOLLETT HAMMERS AMAZON? Tell that to Purdue manager where Follett is getting its clock cleaned and students are saving millions!!!

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Go to thread Anonymous45628, Saturday 10/25/14 01:23:36 UTC


The Future College Bookstore: Leave The Books, Take The Panini
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