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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL

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Go to thread Anonymous73731, Thursday 03/05/15 03:50:11 UTC

Who watches the watchmen?

Are there still auditors around? I ve been gone for awhile. Back in the day they used to check the expiration dates on medicine. There were some dicks in that group...where are they now? When was your last surprise audit? I remember stories about managers just walking out when they heard an auditor was in the area.
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Go to thread Buh bye, follett, Thursday 03/05/15 03:45:11 UTC

Amazon moving in....what's a store manager to do?

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Go to thread Anonymous72729, Tuesday 03/03/15 20:23:39 UTC

Everythings going our way!. http://fortune.com/2015/02/26/barnes-noble-college-prospects/

Barnes & Noble estimated in a filing that the 714-store college business is worth $774 million dollars, describing its untapped potential for growth given that 53% of college campuses still own their own stores. Barnes & Noble College is the second largest campus bookstore chain after Follett which has 940 campus stores. Barnes & Noble College said in its regulatory filing that it will try to grow through acquisitions or mergers and seek to raise capital and form strategic alliances.
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Go to thread Anonymous72464, Monday 03/02/15 22:14:55 UTC

As much as I love rumors, this is starting to get ridiculous...!

There is an earlier string with this topic. Read it. Read the end of it. It is clear that follett management has transitioned from being an enterprise to being a criminal enterprise. It's leadership has conspired to execute plans to harm their employees. They have conspired to cover up the criminal conspiracy. They pay lawyers for hire to strong arm victims into acquiescence and thereby completing the humiliation. The above is my opinion gleaned from personal experience. There is no documentation I can share, but the results are undeniable.
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Go to thread Anonymous72171, Sunday 03/01/15 14:03:22 UTC

No mass layoffs, it is now force outs

Leadership has learned. Avoid the high publicity mass layoffs. Force out the employees through high stress attrition, retirement etc. Look at the number of employees that left on their own. So many talented employees.
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Go to thread fred (i.T.), Saturday 02/28/15 15:58:26 UTC

do we just have a below average marketing team?

So why is Barnes selling 3 stores for every 1 that Follett sales and Barnes loses 1 store for every 3 that Follett loses.. Please give me the reasons.
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Go to thread Anonymous70355, Tuesday 02/24/15 13:34:57 UTC

CIO (Sanjeev Singh) should be ousted

He has mandated using InfoSys for developer consulting here at FHEG to "save costs". The developers at InfoSys are completely incompetent (they lack basic understanding of general tools developers use). I'm afraid of the future if they stay on for much longer.
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Go to thread Anonymous70345, Tuesday 02/24/15 12:28:57 UTC

Goodbye Tracy D

There goes another one.
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Go to thread Anonymous70343, Tuesday 02/24/15 11:55:57 UTC

And yet another threat to Follett. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/23/purdue-plans-to-expand-open-source-online-coursewo/

This will move to other universities and community colleges. Open source/curriculum is a serious threat to college bookstore lock in.
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Go to thread Anonymous69842, Saturday 02/21/15 19:23:36 UTC

CAMEX losers unite

Sure is fun walking around CAMEX seeing all these losers dressed in their jeans and t shirts acting liking they know what is going on. Bookstore managers--wake up, you are being replaced and outsourced at an alarming rate and you deserve it. B&N and others are just waiting to get your jobs. Enjoy CAMEX.
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Go to thread Anonymous69514, Friday 02/20/15 19:13:53 UTC

Praying for you guys

I really feel sorry for those of you left at Follett. Between HR and Follett Leadership, the company looks like complete idiots who lack competence, organization and preparedness skills. Paying attention to detail is out of the question. Furthermore, the ability to give direction is questionable when the ability to follow directions non-existent. Abuse of power will continue to hurt this organization, especially if they keep putting people in leadership positions who lack the necessary skills to adequately represent the company.
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Go to thread Anonymous69423, Friday 02/20/15 14:31:02 UTC


Follett leadership's comment to the Wall Street journal about Amazon is DUMB! and noone believes them. Exact quote "Follett, naturally, says it welcomes the competition from Amazon, particularly if it results in lower costs to students" (without saying why it doesn't cut costs for them already), yet this is an area where Amazon can excel and grow.
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Go to thread Anonymous69395, Friday 02/20/15 11:42:41 UTC


How do you make money with these terms from the school newspapers. 15% rent and more. Follett can't cut prices of textbooks. - Under the new bookstore proposal, Cerritos College and relatedly, the ASCC wil recieve an annual increase in commission revenues of approximately $180,000 - The commission on sales is 15 percent on sales under $3 million and 16 percent on sales above $3 million. - The commission guarantee increased from $350,000 to $400,000 and an allocation of $30,000 toward the Cerritos College Library and $50,000, to the Facilities Department. - Increased annual Textbook scholarships of $2,500, totaling to $5,000 plus an additional discount of 25 percent on each textbook purchased. - A one-time commission payment of $112,000 for 2014 fall rush sales. - Potential store improvements, which include the installation of facilitates and/or equipment for the purpose of selling coffee or other food or drink products. - An improved clause giving Cerritos CCD exclusive rights to sell athletic apparel or gear containing Cerritos colors and/or logos. - See more at: http://www.talonmarks.com/news/2015/02/03/bookstore-contract-raises-new-debate/#sthash.Ws1Rk2V6.dpuf
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Go to thread Anonymous69245, Friday 02/20/15 00:14:12 UTC

GM layoff?

Here some director guy in GM is gone, who is that?
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Go to thread Susan (used to be finance), Wednesday 02/18/15 16:37:42 UTC

advice for a top heavy leader

Mary Lee, CEOs live on the image they project. When you see a leader who smokes or is overweight, those being led by that individual feels the person lacks basic discipline. Do yourself a favor and hire an image enhancer who will help you which in turn will pay benefits in many ways. And take Caroll with you.
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Go to thread Anonymous68660, Wednesday 02/18/15 10:23:33 UTC

W2 Nightmare

Thought I was through with Follett after resigning one year ago but never imagined the endless hassle involved in getting W2 info after moving twice in the last year. Can't access Lawson, can't get a payroll dept person to return half a dozen phone calls with detailed messages, phone receptionists not allowed to give you any other options. I think today I will begin calling and recalling every time I am dumped to payroll voice mailboxes. Will also leave voicemails with superiors of payroll folks who won't return calls. The switchboard is going to have a really interesting day with me.
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Go to thread Blue, Tuesday 02/17/15 19:57:54 UTC

Part Time II elimination/consolidation with Part Time I

For those who are Part Time II, the Home Office is blaming Obamacare initative (yes, HR stated this) for the steps they have initiated today. Starting in March, all Part Time II associates will be reclassified, and, along with part time I be rolled in to a position simply labeled 'part time.' Part Time II employees will lose accumulated personal/vacation time in the future and must take existing vacation/personal time by the end of the fiscal year. Holiday pay is also to be eliminated. "Much like most retailers, we're simply adjusting to the time, it's about protecting ourselves from unnecessary penalty." Bottom line, there will be resources and documentation sent to field managers in FHEG, but this conversation WILL be coming. Managers, expect Instructions for discussion and associate statements, one on one converseation scripts, FAQs, HRBP & EAP Contact information.
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Go to thread Anonymous67825, Sunday 02/15/15 14:44:20 UTC

Bonus Time.....

Great town hall.....bonus time!
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Go to thread BillBob (none), Saturday 02/14/15 02:06:31 UTC

Follett has become... "Creepy."

1. "We're not allowed to give you the extension number of so-and-so." (Even though any dumbass can call after-hours, press "9" and get all the phone extensions of anyone you want.) 2. Cloak-and-daggar. You can't get a straight answer. Lots of "Well...." and shit like that. After talking to a Follett Employee, I always feel like I need to go take a good shower. 3. Any suggestion, no matter how good, is ignored. 4. "Transition period?" WTF! Been going on for years now! They blame everything on the "transition period." 5. I'm confused about what Follett is about. I used to think they were a Book Company. Methinks they are not in the book business any more. 6. Why have ALL the people left? At first, I respected the few that remained "Oh, they are real troopers." Now, I spit on them. They're part of something really big, and really creepy. 7. I could be wrong about all the above. But I think they're hiding something. I wonder what it is.
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Go to thread Anonymous67112, Thursday 02/12/15 15:05:50 UTC

The Follett culture and/or values never existed, not among the leadership.

The Follett culture as described in the "values" never existed, especially at the management level. The values were simply in place as a means to control lower, non-management employees. The values became something for leadership to hide behind when necessary, they weren't anything the leadership exhibited.
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Go to thread Anonymous67078, Thursday 02/12/15 12:38:11 UTC

More trips to India for senior staff

How many times does senior staff need to visit India? Difficult cost cutting followed by unnecessary trips.
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Go to thread Anonymous67068, Thursday 02/12/15 12:17:31 UTC


I'm one of the developers that worked on the Brytewave reader. It is frustrating to read reviews that reflect how poorly the reader behaves. I wanted to produce a great quality reader but I couldn't. Not because I don't know how. It was because of our product managers (MG and the other guy) demanded speed over quality. They are the ones that made decisions about what to fix and what bugs to leave in. They are the ones that chose a poor user experience. The developers had to go with it even if we pushed back. They told us they knew the customer better than we do. It isn't our fault it is such a crappy reader. Maybe we could have said No. But then we'd be without a job and someone else would be posting this instead. True change will only happen if the current middle management is replaced with people who care about the people that matter... the customers.
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Go to thread Anonymous65967, Monday 02/09/15 13:03:02 UTC

As much as I love rumors, this is starting to get ridiculous!

It seems that just about everyone on here throws out accusations of mismanagement and points fingers at MLS and her "group". No examples of actual bad deeds are ever given. Is there a problem at Follett? Yes. Can we do better? Yes. But pointing fingers and making claims without any facts is unproductive. If you're going to post something on here, don't be vague about it! Post something concrete. Post something that we can all get behind and can take action on.
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Go to thread Anonymous65825, Sunday 02/08/15 15:06:38 UTC

store count 890 and dropping!! Peak 930 that's great moving in the right direction. B&N plan to increase store count by 300 by the end of 2015

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Go to thread Anonymous65675, Saturday 02/07/15 17:04:54 UTC

A Note from "The Family"

Dear Whiners, This company is our birthright. It's income is ours. We choose what to share with our employees. That's right, our employees. We own your sorry butts. Let's get this straight, you work for us and we pay you what we want to pay you and you work here at our pleasure. Here's an uncomfortable reality for you: we demand a certain return on our great, great grandparents' investment. If "One" Follett isn't delivering that return, we can sell it and invest all of our money somewhere else. In order to meet that criteria, we have been taking more of your money through pay cuts, personnel cuts, taking benefits, cutting careers "short", etc. You see we put that money in our bottomless pockets. If you'd work harder and be more innovative, our company would earn us more money so we could leave you alone. So you see, it's your fault. So, quit whining and get back to work. You don't need to work 60 hours 7 days a week (while getting paid for 30 hours), but try to work 65 hours in 6.5 days. Work harder and smarter. Make us proud. By proud we mean rich. By rich, we mean richer. Breaks over losers! Signed Folletts, Litzingers and all the rest of the entitled few.
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Go to thread Anonymoous (HR), Friday 02/06/15 20:33:13 UTC

Follett, an unjust and unethical company that cannot maintain excellent talent or provide leadership that you can respect, Director level and up

I have never worked for such an unjust and unethical HR department. Especially under the previous leadership of Sr. V.P. of HR. She exhibited characteristics of a power hungry, sexist and deceitful person. Evil doesn't even begin to explain management. I will never forget my experiences there. My peers were wonderful but afraid to confront the unethical decisions being made and lies being told. The department had no problem stating that they don't mind if you burn out and fade away.
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Go to thread Anonymous65369, Friday 02/06/15 14:56:36 UTC

First no severence, then no unemployment, but there's more...

I had an offer pending, recruiter working out details... offer disappears. Company won't even respond to my email or take my call. Recruiter not taking calls either (recently discovered Follett is a client of the recruitig firm - and also works closesly with Sears). Maybe this isn't happening to everyone who got pushed out, but in my case, that's exactly what happened. over 14 years at Follett, many accomplishments, wonderful team, excellent reviews, and now they are interfering with me working anywhere else. Thanks Teflon.
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Go to thread Anonymous65346, Friday 02/06/15 13:50:27 UTC

Flash Sales! "Job security" how long can it save my job????

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Go to thread Anonymous65329, Friday 02/06/15 12:42:45 UTC

Follett invests in digital learning tool Vocabulary.com

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Go to thread Anonymous65094, Thursday 02/05/15 23:46:58 UTC

Amazon at Purdue!

Amazon opens first brick n mortar store at Purdue...plans many more...http://www.indystar.com/story/money/2015/02/03/amazon-store-opens-purdue-university/22815271/
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Go to thread Anonymous64523, Thursday 02/05/15 04:00:38 UTC

MLS, DG & LP Suck! I'll get my bonus this year one way or another you can count on it!! Can you say buy-back!! Catch me if you can ha ha

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Go to thread Anonymous64436, Thursday 02/05/15 00:44:28 UTC


Growth, nuh huh. Transformation, yeah sure. Empty words. All talk no action.
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Go to thread Anonymous63700, Tuesday 02/03/15 18:34:50 UTC

Big changes at FSS?

I keep hearing that big changes are coming to FSS this year. Does anyone have any clues as to what is happening?
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Go to thread Anonymous63536, Tuesday 02/03/15 12:01:31 UTC

Fast Company article on Amazon/UMass Amherst

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Go to thread Anonymous63535, Tuesday 02/03/15 12:01:29 UTC

Fast Company article on Amazon/UMass Amherst

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Go to thread Anonymous63445, Tuesday 02/03/15 04:55:26 UTC

Is this sales forecast a joke? "Follett Higher Education Group readies for the back-to-campus rush with Manhattan's Planning solutions"

To ensure merchandise hits shelves in time for two big back-to-campus selling seasons, Follett needed more efficient methods to plan, order and place merchandise across 890 bookstores. After implementing Manhattan's Planning solutions, Follett was able to reduce product planning and placement time by six weeks and projects a 1% increase in sales and a 2% decrease in inventory.
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Go to thread Anonymous63398, Tuesday 02/03/15 03:06:56 UTC

Hey "leaders"....

Take your personal vendettas and stick them up your ass. So much wasted energy and resources on personal satisfaction. Shows how much of a professional with misplaced priorities you really are.
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Go to thread Anonymous63338, Tuesday 02/03/15 01:46:48 UTC

New POS is now the Old POS

A contact at the home office told me that new POS was discontinued by Oracle. It is a dead end product. Not sure if it is true.
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Go to thread Anonymous62406, Saturday 01/31/15 01:15:51 UTC

bonus/profit sharing

has anyone heard whether there is going to be a payout?
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Go to thread retired from Follett (home office), Friday 01/30/15 22:22:20 UTC

wake up Follett Board Members

Hewitt did a study years ago on why people leave a company and seek opportunities elsewhere. Money wasn't in the top 3 reasons. People leave because they no longer believe that their boss or leadership has confidence in them. And they also leave because they lack confidence in their leader. Leadership is an art form that must be developed and shaped over years of experience in leading people. Giving a person the title of Sr. VP doesn't necessarily guarantee that decision making will results in good outcomes. In fact- empowering stupid people guarantees stupid outcomes. Follett is in need of solid and proven leadership and unfortunately such leadership is needed immediately. I have left Follett many years ago and every day of my career I was proud to carry the label of being an employee of that great organization. Therefore my heart bleeds for those who under this current weak leadership that is only consistent in their hiring of old friends and buddies from years past. My message to the Follett Board is simple--wake up and act like a Board Member and begin to ask the tough questions and only accept answers that are honest or---act like the so many Board positions who stick their head in the sand and have no desire to voice opinions. Here's my prediction--unless a new CEO takes over in the next 12-18 months, Follett will no longer exist in 2020. So sad.
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