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Go to thread Ding Dong, Thursday 08/28/14 13:55:21 UTC

Has it started yet?

Layoffs today ro what?
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Go to thread Ben (CSW), Thursday 08/28/14 03:01:19 UTC


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEgSFmdpDTo copy/paste how management feels when they let you know they have been "thinking" about layoffs... enjoy. This one's for YOU, L-3 employees!! Happy anniversary!(layoff) :)
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Go to thread Billy Bob (CSW), Thursday 08/28/14 02:57:14 UTC

Milking the Worker

Here's how the next layoff will feel to your manager: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rtUvlR1pZE copy and paste. :)
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Go to thread Alan Parsons (CSW (not) ), Thursday 08/28/14 02:46:13 UTC

Don't think, sorry is easily said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBQalkIeE7s I feel every one of us is an instrument of nature and this is for my art! The art is the union between the material and the spiritual, the human in the divine, that is why we take the universe and man and transformed it into art, through the music of Alan Parsons Project.
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Go to thread Management (CSW), Thursday 08/28/14 02:42:10 UTC

What in the butt time, again CSW workers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU <I won't bite!!! What what in the butt, time!!
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Go to thread Grlwonder, Wednesday 08/27/14 16:43:06 UTC

L3 Communications Westwood Tulsa, Oklahoma

L3 comm. westwood branch about to go under. We already depleted over half the employees, there's more management than there are actual workers here, LOL Just had a meeting with the shop manager we'll call him Oscar, yesterday he was everything but on his knees kissing our butts begging us to pick up production. What these idiots don't realize is no one here cares if the doors shut, it's their own doing. Under bidding on jobs, low wages for everyone except management, I'm sure that 7 million dollar lawsuit they lost didn't hurt them any, but now upper management is scrambling to save their jobs....shut the doors and set us free, until then we will just keep showing up and taking free money, because after all we don't work for them anymore!!!
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Go to thread Mr. Manager (CSW), Wednesday 08/27/14 16:30:28 UTC

The Ride

Lot of pressure. You've gotta rise above it. You've got to harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness... energy... block... bad. Feel the flow, feel it. It's circular. Its like a carousel-- you pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around. Circular... circle. With the music, the flow. All good things.
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Go to thread Anonymous30481, Tuesday 08/26/14 06:11:22 UTC

Dyncorp dismisses recently appointed CEO

Nice and juicy - welcome to my world mr. CEO
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Go to thread Anonymous30426, Tuesday 08/26/14 03:38:03 UTC

Simple Question for CSW

It's no secret that our awesome management has been rating and rerating all of us for months now, my question is a simple one; who is evaluating the judges? If our lives our going to be turned upside down based off of what you think our skills our then let me ask you what wonderful skills you possess? I would like to see just ONE manager at any level use Teamcenter or SAP or even know how to do a simple proposal or even build a cable. They would not be able to do the simplest of required L-3 tasks at this point, they have not had to any real work in years, they are all has-beens. They think they got where they are because they are bright shiny stars, I got some bad news for you - you are not bright or shiny. Some of you should do the honorable thing and take yourselfs out - ha - fat chance of that happening. I just hope one of you wonderful people think about this and how CSW got where it is come layoff day.
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Go to thread Anonymous30106, Monday 08/25/14 17:11:41 UTC

CSW- what's the word, Thursday 8/28 or Thursday 9/4??

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Go to thread Anonymous29373, Thursday 08/21/14 21:17:10 UTC

Lots of people walking around CSW today with VSO paperwork. Anybody have numbers of how many took the VSO?

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Go to thread Anonymous28819, Wednesday 08/20/14 14:11:19 UTC

The reasons you should quit (L-3 CSW)

- The nepotism is rampant. If your name isn’t Deneris, Bernhisel, Gibson, etc., don’t expect to get promoted. - The cronyism is worse. If you didn’t get your MBA from U of Phoenix or from the U of U’s Executive MBA program (the same one that suzy took), don’t expect to get promoted. - The back-biting is exhausting. Unless you’re a reticulated python, the notion of slowly constricting your prey before swallowing them whole, doesn’t appeal to you. Unfortunately, it appeals to most people at CSW. - The brain-washing is laughable. Look no further than CADRE. Had any kool-aid lately (to go with that blue shirt)? - Every time a program office loses millions of dollars or an “accounting irregularity” occurs, expect lay-offs. Every time the stock price starts to rise, expect lay-offs. Every time a mouse farts, expect lay-offs. - CSW doesn’t care about the warfighter. They rather see a good CPI than a capable soldier. Next time you’re thinking about it, count how many executives (yes, executives only) served in the military. The leadership is not service-oriented. They care about the grunts only when they give them a paycheck. CSW’s service-mindset stops there.
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Go to thread Anonymous28728, Wednesday 08/20/14 01:06:25 UTC

L3 Waco Layoffs

So, anyone heard how many and who for Waco is getting layoff?
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Go to thread Anonymous28437, Monday 08/18/14 16:36:43 UTC

Happy Monday - so, what's new today?

It's pretty quiet here (Corpus Christi, TX)... Happy Monday...
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Go to thread Anonymous27981, Friday 08/15/14 16:53:54 UTC

What happened to offering early retirement to those who are eligible and still around CSW?

The VSO is a slap in the face to those who have been with L3 for so long. They offered an early retirement early last year. What has changed?
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Go to thread Anonymous27774, Thursday 08/14/14 18:49:02 UTC

Waco engineering layoff

Starting tomorrow probably. Aug 15th
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Go to thread Anonymous27528, Wednesday 08/13/14 20:18:05 UTC

Is it true transfers are on hold at csw?

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Go to thread Anonymous27235 (CSW Engineering), Tuesday 08/12/14 15:47:57 UTC

Did some math

VSO sent to engineering on 8/11/14. Based on the patterns of the previous layoffs, this one could be Aug 28 or Sept 4. Anybody have any insight?
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Go to thread Anonymous27227 (Waco), Tuesday 08/12/14 14:58:07 UTC

Waco getting hit, again

Friday, August 15th. At least 50.
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Go to thread John Gault (csw), Tuesday 08/12/14 14:51:36 UTC

Oh no, here we go.

I'm hearing rumors of a voluntary reduction for September. I hear that it's going to be announced this week.
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Go to thread Joe Smith (Engineering Ward), Sunday 08/10/14 15:07:31 UTC


This place is an LDS d!@*head club. If you aren't LDS or you don't kiss a$$ religiously (that's your tithing here), forget about it.
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Go to thread Anonymous26695, Friday 08/08/14 23:42:16 UTC

a little justice

DynCorp Dismisses Recently Appointed CEO Gordon Walsh Came From L-3 Communications, Which Last Week Disclosed Accounting Irregularities
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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Friday 08/08/14 20:57:04 UTC


We do not relish the conception of composing thoughts received by some as aspersions. Despite your misjudgment Guy Fawkes is the culmination of an eclectic body encompassing the cognitive judgment and reasoning of those which has sacrificed to serve them in places of authority. You ponder the distinctiveness of Guy Fawkes. However, each one of you is Guy Fawkes. They are the silent ones, Le Penseur, the brash, the modest, the indecisive, and the impetuous. Videlicet, Guy Fawkes is you and me, an embodiment of everything we observe and ponder; the voice of collective consciousness, perception, and logic. We the people distinguish first-hand the callous indifferences afforded the worker(s) being cast aside whenever you’ve determined their time has expired, and the illuminati pronounce judgment sending another victim into the jaws of the lion’s den. Without warning, without regard to the many years of service, the executioner wields the hatchet of injustice sending yet another victim plunging hastily, without remorse, into obscurity. Without regard to employee service or loyalty; without compassion, persons are cast aside like rubbish. Case in point, how unprofessional and unprepared was the HR department when the axe was poised in judgment, but the jesters failed to realize that their victim’s shift had already ended. Was this a minor oversight? Consider another victim who was shocked when without warning was told to gather their personal belongings and to their dismay HR had not yet notified the individual they were being laid off. This is but a microcosm symbolic of leaderships inept mishandling of a crisis in a very maladroit way. What in the hell are these people doing? As one cynic remarked, ‘May God have mercy upon your soul.’ I riposte ‘May God have mercy upon all our souls.’ Do not forget that you too are simply a number and will someday be called; you were marginally so close, yet unaware. Gibberish, incoherent, nonsensical, and insanely idiotic not even close to rational thought and everyone in the room is dumber for having listened to it. Did you mean to say, for having read it? Are you a member of the IT (Ivory Tower) group or a want to be? We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter, and a common discriminator. But once we realize that we have a nemesis common to all, we then can become completely united on the basis of what we have in common. Unite collectively that our voices may be heard as productive workers and shareholders who have a distinct desire to see our company prosper despite incompetent leadership. Definitizing productivity is not the utilization of a kindergarten cop doing more laps around the premises than Jeff Gordon does at NASCAR. Whatever happened to the highly esteemed, exceptionally talented, globally connected salesman that was hired because of their expertise and marketing ability? These ‘so-called’ seasoned experts come to town; produce little, while milking the cash cow. Where do they go? Do they simply propagate the medium supposed by the ancients to fill the upper regions of space? You signify the cowardice of Guy Fawkes while your hound dogs position themselves ready to pounce upon anyone that dares to disagree, or attempts to express a difference of opinion. We cannot count the number of times we’ve had to sit quietly and bite our lip knowing full-well that if we were to express a contrary opinion that our names would be added to ‘the downsizing list. My fellow peers, am I being fallacious? Do you have the intestinal fortitude to concur? Have we not left meetings shaking our heads because the demands of our superiors have laid upon us burdensome and nearly impossible tasks? Here lies an oxymoron: The IT (Ivory Tower) demands no IT (Idle Time) produces no IT (Innovative Technology) and yet continues to employ IT (ineffective talent). We hope for a future yet despair, we yearn for productivity yet remain idle, and we desire leadership yet receive ‘Nothing new to Report.’ As long as individuals are compelled to rent themselves on the market to those who are willing to hire them, as long as their role in production is simply that of ancillary tools, then there are striking elements of coercion and oppression that make talk of democracy very limited, if even meaningful….Guy Fawkes
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Go to thread Mike Mann (Retired), Wednesday 08/06/14 01:55:15 UTC

Bev Mann

For those that knew Bev, she passed away 7-30 from colon cancer after a 3 year fight. A gathering will be held August 6, 5-7 pm at Valley View Funeral home, 4335W 4100S West Valley City. Causual dress
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Go to thread Anonymous25309, Monday 08/04/14 14:08:04 UTC

L-3 ethics

L-3s answer will be to make us employees go thru yet another round of irrelevant ethics training. Un-ethical, criminal behavior must be a part of the job description to be at the level where bonuses are given.
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Go to thread Anonymous25255, Monday 08/04/14 03:13:06 UTC

Fraudulent Accounting

Now that wall street knows L-3 has been cooking the books, investigators may look into fraudulent engineering.
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Go to thread Anonymous24589, Friday 08/01/14 17:46:39 UTC

Bump in the road

3 months from now, we will look at yesterday as bump in the road and a missed buying opportunity. A few complainers on here, but still a well run company.
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Go to thread Anonymous24535, Friday 08/01/14 15:42:14 UTC


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Go to thread Anonymous24461, Friday 08/01/14 14:07:25 UTC

Not so quiet on the Western Front.... (or any front, for that matter, at L-3)

"L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. on Thursday disclosed accounting irregularities linked to an aerospace logistics support contract, signaling it would take an initial $84 million pretax charge as it cut its full-year profit guidance." Still think the layoffs are over?
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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Thursday 07/31/14 02:12:13 UTC

And yet another Last Supper

L3 continues spiraling downward as history continues to recapitulate itself even though another milestone was reached; another achievement attained; and another ‘Last Supper’ given, only to reach the antithesis of yet another layoff in the manufacturing sector. When will it end? Shall additional layoffs recur in the 3rd quarter while the Arts & Entertainment building continues to hire more non-productive drones who take from the poor to endow the exclusive? We are driving out product at an unprecedented rate only to find that in the end the wheels of assembly lay idle, skilled workers are reduced to menial tasks, and managers scramble to keep workers off idle time for fear that the czar will chop off their heads. Did it ever occur to anyone that Operations has proven itself time and time again, and perhaps the problem lies with the people who pilot the ship from the ivory tower? Is this driven sales madness an end result to satisfy projected earnings? Or perhaps to help in offsetting the $1-2M expenses of the new project ‘Focus Selling,’ which has thus far failed miserably! Shall we indeed be a $500M business by the end of 2015? Would you bet your job on it, Kiss? The Mover and Shaker has pretentiously spun a capacious yarn, sprinkled with a few ‘Kiss’ albums; and voila it was bought hook, line, and sinker. Wasn’t this the same fellow that sold igloos to Eskimos? A Harvard man would have asked Mr. Focus Seller to put your money where your mouth is, by example, and then you’ll get paid. He must’ve been a real car salesman to out maneuver ‘The Car Salesman.’ What a contrast of two mutually exclusive, opposed; contradictory groups between the greatest pioneer in American electronics founded in 1919; and the current crumbling empire that must be causing both Sarnoff and Lanza to roll over in their graves. Our leadership has no compunction regarding the backbone of manufacturing that has fortified one of the greatest pioneers in American electronics. We understand the playing field has changed. However, what have we done to stay competitive? Many high volume products have died on the vine because the grand pooh-bah doesn’t have a vision for the future, except for Depot. Not so with our competitors. We seem to focus more on ethics in the workplace, while everyone plainly sees the unethical maneuvering that continues throughout the company. L-3 hires, promotes, and keeps many unqualified pets in leadership positions. Is it any wonder why our company is failing? Duplicity in creating positions in order to keep non-represented individuals from being laid-off. Work is fading, but we create positions like Bean-counters, Export-professionals, multiple positions of material control even though we have very little incoming product; ESD experts (We have an ESD certified trainer, AND an ESD expert making $100K+ per year). Now this is real duplication. Programs are coming to an end and the future we read is, ‘Nothing new to report,’ and a leader who is suspicious of losing another program. Since when does the president of a company approve suspicions and possibilities for publication? Haven’t you learned to never put your personal suspicions into print, unless you plan to apply at a ‘rag’ magazine! If we’ve lost that future program, just say so. If it takes $2.5M to secure a future with the potential of 10-15 years of business, then ‘just do it,’ what are you waiting for? You have no problem handing over a million plus dollars for FOCUS (Flake off Cuz U’z Stupid), but you balk on 10-15 years of work which will adversely affect our base. You really need to take ‘Focus Selling 101’ over again coupled with ‘Common Sense 101’). Take a look at what almost 100 years has brought us: A car salesman, HR’s 3 Stooges, Clairvoyant Alice in Wonderland, the Tin-man, Touchy Feely, and an Extra Heavy Stomach Windbag. ‘Lots of people want to ride in the limo, but what you need is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.’ All you zombies hide your faces All you people in the street All you sittin' in high places The pieces gonna fall on you Where have all your children gone Sitting in the dark, living all by them-selves You don't have to hide anymore All you zombies show your faces...we know who you are. A word to the wise Ain’t necessary. It’s the stupid ones that need advice.
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Go to thread Anonymous21196, Thursday 07/17/14 14:23:35 UTC

All quiet on the CS-WESTERN Front

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Go to thread Rollo Tomassi, Tuesday 07/15/14 23:46:05 UTC

For whom the bell tolls….

" There's going to be a Layoff, and it's going to hurt " - CSE VP Gene Tyranny….more than you think. John Mega arrives wednesday for a visit. When Lockheed yanks that JSF contract ? who goes first ? Micha or Tierney ?
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Go to thread Anonymous20867, Tuesday 07/15/14 18:03:12 UTC

everything is fine. no more rifs.

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Go to thread Anonymous20719, Monday 07/14/14 20:29:57 UTC

Any News on Layoffs at CSW July 17? Departments or Numbers?

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Go to thread Abu Bakr Al-Kamdeni (CS-E), Wednesday 07/09/14 23:12:11 UTC

One more time

Four or five people let go this week. Seems like a stopgap measure. Best wishes to those affected, good luck finding something out there.
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Go to thread Anonymous19805, Wednesday 07/09/14 22:18:42 UTC

The Exodus

For those who haven't noticed, the "exodus" is underway here at L-3. The talented are leaving in droves. Once the exodus is complete, all that will remain is.....(your thoughts here)
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Go to thread Anonymous18063, Friday 07/04/14 15:13:53 UTC

Happy Independence Day

Nice to have a 4 day weekend. Good luck when you return.
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Go to thread Anonymous18043 (vertex / asd), Friday 07/04/14 11:09:29 UTC

no highschool diploma, no ged required for management positions

this is how well this company operates, not requiring any formal education or on -going learning for jobs at NASA dryden at edwards afb, calif. Not surprising that they only keep & hire their buddies regardless of performance and capability. mgmt just write out a job description to fit each person. no quality control no questions asked. Bull shit company.
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Go to thread Anonymous16448, Tuesday 07/01/14 01:10:28 UTC

All is well

They are saying all is good. No more rifs.
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Go to thread Anonymous14077, Tuesday 06/24/14 01:10:37 UTC

Did anything happen last Friday

I left last year, heard rumors about last Friday
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