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Go to thread AL LIANCE (Mfg), Friday 02/27/15 19:22:11 UTC

A Loud Sucking Sound From the East

L-3 publishes a lot of HR babble speak about how they care about their employees. Trust, loyalty and commitment are words often abused and misused. To understand L-3 management values, look at what they actually do. L-3s corporate management team demonstrates a fierce commitment to nepotism, cronyism and the allowing of former U-2 pilots to run wild. Other than that, all the other slogans, mission statements, proclamations are a pile of crap. CSW continues to suffer form the misfits that remain “in charge”. You can almost hear the decisions being made back in Neew Yawk. “Oh, you can’t make any changes with him, he’s Fred’s boy, after all he has permanent immunity” or “Sure he has no idea of what a strategy is, but he’s been at it so long, he actually thinks he’s doing something” and “Yes, yes I know she’s been terrorizing people and driving away customers like crazy, but they’re Sues best cronies”. And why is Val dropping in on rare occasions. Is it casual dress down day forever for him? I mean come on, even when they get rid of someone they don’t get rid of them. “Think of how taking any real action would drive fear up and down the executive ranks.” The L-3 Communications version of ‘family, cronies and friends plan’ would be exposed. The whole executive staff would be shaken to it’s very core, and what would the do nothing (other than collecting obscene fees) L-3 Board of Directors think? It would scare the living crap out of them. The idea of attempting to attract actual corporate management talent would put them all at grave risk. It would expose this firm is run by a bunch of self-serving, money grubbing unmanaged fools. (Strianese in charge of ethics? What a joke! His only observable action taken is to grab as much pay, bonus, stock options, perks etc. as possible and not get caught committing any wrongdoings! That’s a strange definition of ethics, but then again, he’s from Neew Yawk, so maybe given the regional context, its accurate.) From all appearances these guys are grabbing as much as they can for themselves before the ship goes down. At the top, they are annually raking in more than most employees will make in a career. And for what? They suck big time. The whole bunch of them lack vision, heart, professionalism, a meaningful will to compete for or to grow the business and seriously, they lack testicles. (Hope I didn’t offend anyone, but you know what I mean, they clearly behave much more like a bunch of scrotum sacks than having the balls to compete in business) They lack courage, they cower at risk, they don’t do shit, they are unwilling to put any skin in the game, or to invest; all they do is suck the life out of a once promising organization.
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Go to thread Anonymous70369, Tuesday 02/24/15 15:16:31 UTC

L3 Waco

Groups of 15 being marched to HR.
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Go to thread Anonymous70134, Monday 02/23/15 17:14:22 UTC

CSE Camden, NJ profitable or close to Break Even

I left the company years ago. Is Coast Guard DeepWater contract still sustainable to CSE? The job was over OPs Building years ago maybe still there? I heard SAIC was giving Camden, NJ work? I am surprised to learn about this. Good for the site. I was under the impression that decision making there was done by 'heads up but committee' and outlook was bleak in Camden.
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Go to thread HR Mole, Friday 02/20/15 00:50:10 UTC

HR is watching (CSW)

HR is closely monitoring the time you spend away from your desk, comparing all L-3 CSW employees' activities to their time cards. They are pulling video from all buildings and auditing employee entrance and exit times, as well. If you're planning to go off campus for errands, lunch, or (hopefully) other job interviews, be very careful. Rumor has it that HR is looking to make its next round of cuts based on time card productivity. Time to strap into your cubicle for all 10 hours, and pray for the best.
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Go to thread Anonymous68337, Tuesday 02/17/15 15:26:41 UTC

CSE L-3 Camden NJ Questions

How many L-3 heads (in number est.) at that division today? What is the new target number in near future? Estimated guess when the layoffs could begin please?
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Go to thread Toad McDirtmouth (Long Gone), Tuesday 02/17/15 03:59:13 UTC

More Productive

I left L3 and now panhandle for coins near Temple Square. All I can say is I feel so much more productive and get treated so much better.
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Go to thread Hard Worker (CSW), Friday 02/13/15 04:21:20 UTC

It's Time for the Truth!!!!!!!

What L-3 management WANTS you to believe: http://www.dose.com/lists/2968/25-Famous-Paintings-Photobombed-By-A-Fat-Cat-WARNING-4-Can-t-Be-Unseen What L-3 management expects you to accept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU You can discern a good tree from a bad tree by its fruit.
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Go to thread Michael Clayton (The Lawsuit Dept.), Tuesday 02/10/15 21:23:57 UTC


Another " FOCU$ $ELLING " off site meeting ? Management only ? guess the first meeting didn't work. not everyone turned off their "buzzers and zappers". Doc McGhee and the Tin Man will have to justify hiring more retired ex-military lobbyists. Quite a few couriers showing up with lawsuit papers. HR can handle it...or not. So who is in more dire straits ? CSW or CSE ? ps: Michael Greene, if you decide to respond to this post, please use some 1980s dated babble so we'll know it's you.
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Go to thread Anonymous65867, Sunday 02/08/15 21:22:41 UTC

L-3 CSE Camden, NJ Question........ (Valentine Red or Pink) slips this Thursday and before scary Friday the 13th

Why is Camden, NJ still open??? 4+ years ago I think Lockheed Martin Moorestown, NJ sold off/diluted it's GES Division Govt Elec Section. They knew it was time....CSE is barely breaking even and is relying on subing rental space. Layoffs still occur and morale blows Donkey ****.
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Go to thread Anonymous65385, Friday 02/06/15 15:36:28 UTC

Here is what I am angry about......

CSW has been going through layoffs for two years. In that time, not one executive has been laid off. Not one. There has been zero executive accountability. Zero. All of the "we are family" and "we take care of our own" bullshit that we have heard over the years turns out to be just that. Bullshit. It's just corporate america playing out in Salt Lake City.
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Go to thread Anonymous65366, Friday 02/06/15 14:52:02 UTC


From today's Wall Street Journal: Harris Corp. on Friday said it agreed to buy Exelis Inc. for about $4.4 billion in a move that could trigger further consolidation among midtier U.S. defense contractors. Exelis has about $8 billion in sales. L-3 has about $10 billion. It may be that L-3 is going through a period of putting on lipstick and a party dress.
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Go to thread Karl Hayek, Friday 02/06/15 13:11:58 UTC

The Lie is Confirmed

The self-indulgence of the L-3 leadership circle was confirmed yesterday. The lie that CSW is abstaining from layoffs to enhance the morale of its employees was also confirmed. Our CSW leaders made it clear that their sole interest is the accrual of personal materialistic wealth. The menace of their actions is entirely disheartening. Think about it. They offered us a sense of optimism ("no more layoffs") to carry on with our daily activities. By preserving the euphoric day-to-day optimism, they, in turn, gave us the appearance of a tenuous security. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no security like the one we build ourselves. We must ignore their moral pronouncements, we must elucidate their smoke screens, we must hold them accountable before none of us are left. The "Haves" are slowly laying off the "Have Nots". The weak-minded are preying on the strong. They fear our minds. They fear our skills. It is time for mass organization. We owe the warfighter better. Our quality wanes because our leadership does. Let us lead instead!
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Go to thread Anonymous65253, Friday 02/06/15 04:51:15 UTC

Now that CSW has had their layoff is CSE next?

People are wondering here if the next layoff will occur on 2/12 as rumors are flying fast and furious around here. However, the motivation of the pay reductions and the expensive furniture in the presidents office has motivated us to excel doing our usual work - making several trips a day to the cafeteria to buy overpriced and mediocre coffee, sharpening our wits by working on several Sudoku puzzles a day, surfing the web, trying to have a good BM in the afternoon and maybe slipping in a bit of work here and there.
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Go to thread Anonymous65110, Friday 02/06/15 00:00:54 UTC

Another round.....

....and yet, Lori, Dave, and Al all remain......it's a complete mystery to us.....
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Go to thread Anonymous65006, Thursday 02/05/15 20:36:58 UTC

CSW- Confirmed. Was predicted in post on 9/3/14. some inof actually exists in between all the B&M30

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Go to thread John Galt (CSW), Thursday 02/05/15 14:16:10 UTC

Layoffs today.

I'm hearing rumors of layoffs occurring today.I wonder who it will be.
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Go to thread Al Liance (Mfg), Monday 02/02/15 23:08:04 UTC

Reorganize this mess

Wake up Corporate management! The current disorganization structure from 1951 no longer fits the business, and hasn’t for decades. CSW business with its' high complexity, low volume product mix can not function with the current organizational structure. The misfits you’ve had running the place have/had no idea that that is the case and will do all they can to hold on to their empires if they remain. Power hungry incompetents have no vision for running a business. They only concern themselves with power, and my, how it corrupts. They are blind to their folly. The question for L-3 Corporate is, how many hundreds of millions are you willing to lose before a better organizational structure is employed? Or, are you going to let the business decrease to the point that the old outdated organization will fit a business that is 10% of last years’ revenue? Having huge engineering and operations organizations with small business organizations (led by incompetent boobs) does not work and will not work with the product mix. Extremely large organizations take on independent lives governed by their corrupt internal politics. Organization members know that pleasing whoever is up the chain of command will get them greater rewards than focusing on the product, service and/or customer. Authority easily corrupts supervisors and managers, directors, VP's and Presidents and attention to producing quality products and services take a distant back seat to they corporate ladder climb. And as a result customers suffer disappointment and are motivated to either find a new supplier or bring their communications work internal to their firms. Thus the layoffs. While at the same time, the internal politics grow more important than customer satisfaction, especially as business decreases. It has become a madhouse. The current org structure works to produce a state of frenzied chaos, conflicting personnel, dirty politics, empire building, power mongering, abuse of power, subservient behavior and a constant state of fear. The values of the organization have been severely corrupted. It’s sick. Wearing a blue shirt, or a suit and shiny shoes is seen as more important than performance. Reorganize into a small number of Business Units. Structure the organization around groups of products and customers. Make them profit centers and measure their customer satisfaction and profitability. Distribute the engineers and much of the operations departments. Distribute the marketing, contracts and program accounting personnel too. Certain non-contract specific functions should stay where they are, like pay role, common production centers (CCA build and metal fab, and on) facilities, etc where efficiencies can be achieved. But all personnel dedicated to the business units need to be distributed. Think of it as businesses within the business. Be prepared for the corrupted power mongers will resist and do all they can to undermine the effort. Sharpen your cleavers boys. As recent events have clearly shown, it is impossible for a set of a dozen or so, “executives” to run such a complex division as CSW. They are feeble and incompetent and too arrogant to see the foolishness of their situation. They have made many, many poor decisions. They valued posing as “executive material” more than finding a better way to organize the business. As political animals, all decisions are based on how it would make them look good with a bonus if they could make other competing executives look bad. With the complexity of the products, the contracts, and the customer circumstance, the vendors, and so many parts, and so many problems, the complexity of managing that overwhelmed them. The issues were too complex for them to fully understand, they over simplified things, they missed to nuance, applied favoritism, and simply guessed at what to do. The financial results speak for themselves. It’s a tragic story of business failure. But lessons can be learned from failure. Don’t try the same thing again and expect different results. Seriously, organize into functioning business units, not the BS disorganized mess that has destroyed this division. PS: There should be a separate R&D department working on next generation offerings that are better than the competitions. IRAD should do more than design the things left out of proposals. If you want to be a world-class organization you need to invest in technology. Isn't that an interesting concept?
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Go to thread Anonymous62846, Sunday 02/01/15 14:49:07 UTC

L-3 CSE Camden, NJ - Valentine Day's surprise

Will it happen? Flowers, candy, dinner or layoffs.
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Go to thread Anonymous61946, Friday 01/30/15 01:43:59 UTC

We're Number One!

Based on an entirely unscientific survey of several other defense contractor pages on thelayoff.com, we have the most active site with the most prolific philosophers, pundits, poets, and piss-and-moaners. Keep it up! Frank would be proud.
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Go to thread Gerhardt Gefuwkt (Corporate Promotion), Wednesday 01/28/15 02:39:22 UTC

2015: Off and Running!

2015 is here and the Communication Systems Group is off and running! There are indeed Opportunities out there. Granted, it is one thing to have an opportunity on your business plan and quite another to have a contract awarded, but it looks like we are relatively well positioned to get some business this year. The challenge is not so much growing our business share, but defending it against the Big Primes who are trying to grow theirs. So let's all pull together for the Big Win! We have nothing to fear but fear itself... and maybe getting canned... or forced into early retirement.
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Go to thread Karl Hayek, Saturday 01/24/15 21:51:32 UTC

L-3 CSW is NO Meritocracy!

A ghost is haunting L-3 CSW. It is the ghost of American ingenuity and hard work that, for hundreds of years had penetrated the so-called "elite" through talent, perseverance, and gumption. L-3 CSW is a reflection of our nation at this point in time, a weak artificial aristocracy run by nepotists, cronies, and timid, risk-averse leaders. L-3 CSW has become a "union" of interconnected family-members, friends, and ideologues. No where has an emphasis been placed on serving the warriors who serve us. No where has an emphasis been placed on creating wealth for our shareholders through old-fashioned sweat and toil. This is a company in the throws of its demise. The people who lead it do so from an ivory tower in Manhattan, with little to no understanding of the people they have appointed to run CSW, and with a growing indifference to their lack of talent and their tepid results. L-3 CSW has become a languid jelly-fish, poisonous to those who touch it, slow to move. The self-perpetuation of CSW's leadership circle, its mistrust of talented young managers, and its blatant nepotism is polluting the oceans of America's defense infrastructure. As taxpayers, we should demand better from L-3 CSW. As employees, we should demand better from its leaders. It is time to stop blindly accepting their orders, and introduce a true meritocracy to its ranks. Let us fire the nepotists, let us shed ourselves of the floundering deadwood! To the Board of Directors: fire the CEO, fire his staff, and fire every CSW nepotist and his/her child/husband/wife/brother/son/daughter who is standing in the way of greatness. We serve those who serve others. Let us serve them better!
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Go to thread Anonymous60034, Friday 01/23/15 14:21:42 UTC

Does L-3 Camden, NJ (CSE) still filter in/report to CSW? When I was at CSE years ago that was the setup?

Other Qs: 1. When are CSE layoffs likely to happen...end of 1Q? (guess or per rumors) 2.If CSE still makes some profit??? (since it's doors a still open) - why does not Lockheed Martin purge CSE and get their work to continue growth? or is it not sustainable work? 3. Who now at CSE owns/has the title VP of Strategy? I remember Boziack and another VP of Engineering with Ph D having the title has a subtle hint that you are out the door soon.
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Go to thread Anonymous59855 (waco PID P3), Thursday 01/22/15 22:02:39 UTC

Layoffs at L3 Waco

My understanding is that layoffs are starting this week....about 250 which is about 20%..... What have you heard or know?
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Go to thread AL LIANCE (Mfg), Thursday 01/22/15 19:58:29 UTC

The CSW Debacle, Lessons and Recommendations

It’s the leadership, the outdated, ineffective organization structure and that CSW has had no strategy for years that is at the root of the divisions failure. (Note: Letting your BD staff and business area VPs travel the world is not a strategy, that’s called a paid vacation). (more on strategy later) Dear corporate management, please, please deal with CSWs incompetent leadership. The governance has been just plain hideous, you know that, you don’t like it, you don’t want to admit you’ve made mistakes, but you must take action. Put your big boy pants on and let’s get going. Arrogant and incompetent leadership has proven to kill the business. Please learn a lesson here, really, PLEASE. Now is the time to Clean House! Boot the VPs who got their positions by being brother in laws, former executives sons, former military pilots, the good buddies of former executives, and those who got to their current positions by means other than earning them. Why would you think a pilot could run a business area? That’s just weird. Hiring pilots to run business areas is so arbitrary, why not hire a botanist, a journalist or a nurse to do the job? They’re smart people and probably more caring, and at least most of them are from the commercial sector where they understand that a profit motive is a rational pursuit. Pilots know how to fly planes, but from what has been clearly demonstrated for the most part, they know nothing about engineering, manufacturing, leadership or finance. Letting them run programs is like giving the your car keys to a wild 12 year old. They may be able to reach the pedal, but my god, you know death and destruction is not far away. Furthermore, former executives sons and their entitled attitudes, strut around, travel needlessly and demoralize their staffs. Then there are the brother in laws. I thought the company had a policy against nepotism. It appears that policies are again, only for the little people. Policies and procedures are used as senior management tools to punish people with. It’s another awful, in your face reminder of how the elitist at the top could give a crap about rules and ethics. It is demoralizing to the employees and demonstrates how poorly the group is governed. Then there are the friends of former leaders. They were put in place to insulate and protect the ‘boss”. They are impostors, They can longer serve that purpose, so let them free to find new opportunities. The “senior staff” are (for the most part) misfits and not only provide damaging leadership, they demoralize the entire working population at CSW with their very presence. Their high salaries, bonuses and perks deeply offend the dedicated workers who earn their wages and want to serve their employer and country and keep their futures and families secure; especially in light of the unending series of major management screw ups. Sharpen the metaphorical guillotine and get to it, the sooner the better. Replace them with one of their staff to work as an “acting” VP. Pick someone who is nearing retirement, demonstrate reasonable competence and then, put on a serious search for someone who knows the intricacies of the business, the marketplace and knows how to collaborate with customers. Find people that are equipped with the education, experience, wisdom and respect to lead. The incompetence, the hubris, the lack of experience, the bullying of customers, the inability to listen, the arrogance, the poor, slow, error filled engineering practices, the inability to manufacture efficiently, the degradation of quality, the lack of wisdom, the misguided values, the SAP transition debacle, the ceaseless uncooperative infighting within the executive staff, the horrible decision making, the hatred, the venom, the thinking that CSW was so superior, the cronyism the nepotism, the passive aggressive behavior, the inability to collaborate, the inability to satisfy customers and the ever present bleakness and fear needs to end. Find a better group to run this business. Provide some leadership.
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Go to thread Anonymous58760, Monday 01/19/15 13:43:11 UTC

Job Posting for VP of Business Development

CSW has posted a job in SLC for VP of Business Development and Strategy. Rumor has it that L-3 leadership has no faith in the current CSW business development staff, and that business is definitely drying up (an early indication of layoffs to come). Realizing the previous hires for this role (Claude comes to mind), is it smart to plow more money into yet another VP when the issue may be the lack of decent products to sell, not which VP's name tag hangs outside a vacant office while he commutes back and forth (at L-3 expense) from San Diego. Smart? I'll let you decide...
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Go to thread SufferingCSE_Employee (Engineering), Saturday 01/17/15 17:15:57 UTC

CSE is doomed ..

We have done a good job of selling parts of the two buildings here in Camden but there is no long-term plan for this division. Morale is terrible, 10% pay cuts for non-represented employees are common and layoffs are a reoccurring event. Almost no new business is coming in and management just wants to milk the remaining current projects for as long as they can until this division is inevitably shut down.
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Go to thread Anonymous58392, Saturday 01/17/15 00:52:39 UTC

Poodles aka curly is gone

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Go to thread Anonymous57034 (Planners ), Sunday 01/11/15 19:09:04 UTC


SL planners received a bonus, I got $7000.00
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Go to thread Anonymous56344, Thursday 01/08/15 03:15:49 UTC

I miss Val

He made me laugh
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Go to thread Alliance (Mfg), Tuesday 01/06/15 19:37:13 UTC

Desperate in Salt Lake City

Recent, predominant CSW “senior level” managerial behaviors include mentally tormenting and humiliating lower level employees (many examples jump out here) “scape goating”, exacting revenge, long, excessively eerie periods of silence, ridiculing, back stabbing, verbal lashings of other organizations (LE’s career building tool), an inability to articulate what needs to be done, useless excessive data gathering and reporting, holding long multi function meetings to comb through meaningless calculations of non value added data for the purpose of attempting to appear to know something, (tea leaves, taro cards, palm reading, numerology, etc.) that does not make any sense whatsoever while tying up a myriad of workers to do so, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of the facts, arbitrary misdirected decisions which are then used to implicate the once innocent and obfuscate the facts, and lots of involuntary twitching. And the corporate folks jump aboard; encourage the behavior, wasting time, resources and money. What a sorry mess. Can’t blame them for the twitching though. Gone is the sense of loyalty, a dedication to mission, and a commitment to support our military customers. We deserve better. L-3 is in desperate need of leader who has earned authority, a leader who can set a positive tone and direction for the organization. Someone who can develop a vision based on knowledge and experience, and develops a direction and a purpose for the firm. More than financial gain and self-promotion motivates a genuine leader; they embrace competition, love technology and possess an ability to inspire people. They lead to win. They win trust, loyalty and contracts. Tragically in recent history, the only three requirements for being “the chosen one” at L-3 CSW has been 1) hold an electrical engineering degree from a low end engineering school, and 2) the ability to play “up ladder” internal politics and finally 3) have no significant accomplishments on their resume. There must be an assumption that knowing Ohm’s law and kissing @$$ while not having done much of anything somehow translates into that person having the ability to navigate and prosper within our market. How crazy is that? L-3 CSW once possessed in abundance a sense of loyalty, a dedication to mission, and a commitment to solve difficult problems, no matter what. Those unwavering qualities grew the company. Customers would marvel at how hard L-3 personnel worked as compared to other firms. There was respect. And from that position of respect, loyalty increased, the reputation spread and the business grew. Back in the day, when a customer selected L-3 to provide a communication system, they were absolutely sure that it would work and work well. That binding strength showed up in financial statements. It’s something an external auditor would likely miss. Loyalty, dedication and commitment can’t be accurately measured or quantified and as such is not talked about much or valued by outsiders. It’s hard to explain to someone not intimately involved. But you know it when you’ve got it. Cynics will scoff and dismiss this as some sort of touchy feeling nonsense. But it’s real. And that strength that once was the backbone of the firm has been drastically weakened. It was weakened by a belief that senior management was important and little worker bees are not. To them, the little people are easily replaced. It was weakened by the arrogant and incompetent. The senior managers running the firm convinced themselves they were worth what they were being paid. After all the proof was in the paycheck and bonuses, why else would they be rewarded so well? When in reality, they inherited a strong enterprise and drove it off a cliff. The only play for them now is to hang on and/or jump to a customer or competitor quickly. CSW has never had a genius leader/inventor like Jobs, a Bell or an Edison. The intellectual power that built CSW turns out to be the “little people”. And it’s obvious L-3 does not have to foggiest notion how to manage that.
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Go to thread The Ghost of Steve Hall, Monday 01/05/15 22:26:01 UTC

Write 5 "Thank you" Notes this week

Urgghhh....this is the Ghost of Steve Hall.... As I mandated for all my CADRE members (including the debonair Devvin Allen), you will write 5 thank you notes every week. Consider this your call to action to write 5 thank you notes to the people most responsible for L-3 CSW's demise. Example: "Thank you, Mr. Hall, for indoctrinating the young minds of CSW with your Malcom Gladwell managerial diatribe pulp, convincing them that, through hand-written glib and Blue Shirt Tuesdays, that they will somehow be more promotable. Like I really need a flow chart to describe how to choose a mentor (when you're going to choose one for me, anyway)?"
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Go to thread Anonymous55679, Saturday 01/03/15 18:26:13 UTC

Not Motivated other than Long Lunch Times

I know L-3 CSE Camden. NJ STILL has a lot of over priced FULL but really part time workers in Finance/Contracts, ADM and BUS DEVELOPMT. Not sure why this is allowed to continue. I had heard that current heads are at 700 with 500 likely in near future. Insiders still there say so. I left 7 years ago. Thank Moroni or Brent or the midget.
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Go to thread The Sleeping Prophet (Scrying Premonitions Dept), Friday 01/02/15 16:39:44 UTC

CSE 2015

I see more FOM (Friends Of Micha) being hired…the new admin secretary is friend of Rev Rory. Alison only knew how to bust unions and close facilities. ( SERO is age 55 or older). Since I know Corporate in NY reads this site, Michael Strianese…is CSE low hanging fruit ? Are we just the Division of Misfit Management ? Even Jack Welch would show up in person to COMMUNICATE with the workers.
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Go to thread Anonymous55502, Thursday 01/01/15 15:18:18 UTC

Explains it well

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Go to thread Anonymous55441, Wednesday 12/31/14 16:49:59 UTC

Joseph Smith and CSW takeith CSE (L-3 Camden) and now giveith away

Look for private equity firm to purchase L-3 Camden soon and slice and dice and burn and churn goodbye. Mormon scripture The Angel has blown his bugle
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Go to thread Joe Biden (CS-E Delaware Ops), Tuesday 12/30/14 03:07:53 UTC

Val Snyder update?

Any update on the current status of the great Valjean Snyder? Still at CS-West? Kicked upstairs? Given some lofty title at Corporate?
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Go to thread Anonymous55041, Saturday 12/27/14 01:11:52 UTC

January 2015

salary reductions..more layoffs in Jan 2015..the CSE footprint gets smaller and smaller. Private Billionaire Investor now owns both A&E and Ops Buildings. is it coincidence that associates of the Rev Rory Clark get hired at CSE and Alison is "asked to leave" ? doesn't take a Mensa member to figure that out. John Mega questioned the business sense of "Focus Selling". "Where's the Beef" indeed.
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WHERE’S THE BEEF? What a great caricature of commerce from the annals of time: “It certainly is a big bun-a fluffy bun.” ‘Where’s the beef?’ Some hamburger places give you a lot less beef & a lot of bun. You want something better? Most assuredly we’ve been sold a large fluffy bun, an $800K fluffy bun called ‘Hocus Pocus Focus $elling,’ But where’s the beef? It’s been months AND NO NEW ORDERS! We don’t want repeat orders, ‘WE WANT SOMETHING BETTER!’ The only NEW orders we’ve received are ‘Marching Orders.’ So, where’s the beef? However, before proceeding, congratulations to Elmer Gantry who was recently married and managed to find the time while honeymooning in Hawaii to do an interview with Mike Shereck (from Accomplishment Coaching) on WSRadio. Com What a cooperative, mutually tolerant bride. When she said, focus dear, the only thing going through Gantry’s mind was Hocus Pocus Focus Selling. It’s okay though, I’m sure you’re enjoying the honeymoon while disbursing $800K! Yes, our residence is in a new and uncertain world; a world of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. Countless choices enumerate our fate: each choice, each moment, a moment in the ripple of time. Enough ripple, and you change the tide... for the future is never truly set. Are we destined down this path, an uncertain path destined to destroy ourselves like so many before us? Do our leaders know their own restrictive weaknesses? What are the tools for success? Has Gantry’s Hocus Pocus Focus taught them well? Before we focus on hocus pocus we ponder whether or not competent leadership is in place to exert the propelling force to implement the program. Leaders Must Be Given The Tools For Success –“When soldiers were sent to Viet Nam without the necessary weapons, leaders underestimated the enemy” and it cost 50,000 lives. Has our leadership the capability of executing a strategy for success? 1.Leaders Seek To Serve Rather Than Be Served – The best leaders are committed to the success of those they serve. Our leader is in it for HIM! 2.Leaders Cast A Big Vision – Great leaders give others a great vision for their lives. Great leaders would not cast a future vision by “Shooting the Dog” of the past. 3.Leaders Find A Way – Leaders are resilient and cautiously, not recklessly, press forward. Our leader aims for nothing and hits it every time! Where’s the beef? 4.Leaders Bring People Together By Creating Common Ground – What common ground do we share? We generate profits from the box business that you want to eliminate so you can draw your fat salaries and bonuses. The BOX business has served you well! 5.Leaders Can Become Dangerously Misguided – “Never before has there been a cause to unite us.” There are many great causes to unite people. However, the destruction of our past history will never be one of them. 6.Failure Is Not Final – Leaders are people of second chances and extend grace to those who need it. TIN MAN, YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS. “Just because someone stumbles doesn’t mean they lost their way.” 7.Leaders Are Dealers In Hope – “The greatest gift we have is to bear their pain without breaking and it comes from your most human part – hope;” and not by brow-beating your subordinates because you’re afraid to fail. 8.It Often Takes A Leader To Talk To A Leader – Because of the commonality of their journeys, it often takes one leader to encourage another. Other leaders have credibility because they understand the struggles which come with leadership. Some of you leaders need to have a heart-to-heart with the car salesman to tell him that Focus Selling is Hocus Pocus is not what it’s cracked up to be. 9.Leaders Are Bridge Builders – “Humanity has always feared what is different.” While this may be true, successful leaders are inclusive and continually building bridges. Leaders find ways to bring people together. HELLO! 10.Leaders Have A Responsibility To Understand The Impact Of Their Decisions – Leaders make decisions and decisions make leaders. The most successful leaders have developed a quality grid for decision-making. “Countless choices define our fate…Enough ripples and you change the tide. For the future is never set.” 11.Honor The Past – Plain English, don’t Shoot the Dog! Leaders understand that you cannot move people into their future without first touching their past. You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. This is not logical, but it is often true." Let’s look at Rory’s own words: •Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. •In critical moments men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see. •Rory said, the average executive wastes 80 days a year. Give us 30 of those days, you’re going to see a dramatic change in performance and an amazing change in your people. •After Hocus Pocus Selling, people will be so confident they’ll be able to win every opportunity they want to win every single time! •Wouldn't you rather deal with a salesperson who is trying to sell you the best product or service for your needs than the one that they can make the most money on? They are your words Rory: It’s certainly been more than 30 days. So where’s the beef? John S. Mega—you are obviously an intelligent Mensa member. I have to assume you are giving the car salesman enough chain to run into the street. Did you actually approve an $800K plan pawned by Elmer Gantry when a couple of books selling for less than $20 would have done the trick? In the book, Streetwise Customer-Focused Selling (Nancy J. Stephens) first & foremost everyone agrees the objectives agreed-upon must be realistic and measurable. Once these goals are set, it is up to you to manage your customers' expectations and teach them how to attain their objectives. The key here is to listen to your customer and make sure your customer knows how to use your product or service properly. Test for value to ensure that your offer provides what you said it would. We could’ve purchased this book, used on Amazon, for less than 10 cents. There are lots of immediate takeaways from this book and it’s not just a pumping motivational type of sales book. Used with Jeffrey Gitomer’s ‘Sales Bible,’ the company could’ve saved about $800K. We don’t like the word, ‘sales.’ We like customer needs. What’s your need? The need is 10% EBIT…to get EBIT, we need orders and orders are procured for SALES (there’s that nasty word again). We can sum this up by asking: Where’s the beef? WHERE ARE NEW ORDERS? Focus Selling is rapidly becoming known as FOCUS FAILURE! I mentioned in an earlier publication that the reasonable thing to do was to let Elmer Gantry land the first big job proving his program. His remuneration would have been subsequent to fleshing out his message. Considering the fact he’s never sold his program to any major defense contractor or aerospace company, we are merely a pilot program that if successful will pave the way for his future. I am certain we’re hoping that Captain Rich Kitchen’s can work some magic. And NO, he’s not the proprietor of Captain Kitchen’s Seafood on Baker Street Plant City, Florida (look it up). Yes, he was gracious in touring production crews and cast members around Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for the production of the action movie Battleship. Oddly enough, most of Gantry’s accomplishments shadow on the kinds of business RCA did during the 1980’s, and defined by the car-salesman as ‘the past.’ So why did we hire this guy? The two books mentioned previously could have saved Camden jobs! Let’s look at Gantry’s customers: Mentor Graphics---Oregon---IC design/mfg; PCB Mfg.—Not Camden, try Salt Lake Altera—Silicon Valley—Programmable Logic Devices---Not Camden, try Ultra Electronics 3eTi Memc---Missouri---Silicon Wafers for semiconductors---Not Camden—Try California or Dallas Jabil---Designing the look and feel of plastic & metal enclosures housing PCB’s---Back in 80’s. Hot---Is that Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide? Huh? I think there once was an escort service. Foster & Wager-small electronics parts & equipment—20 people---They probably sell to us…LOL It’s back to the future! So, where’s the Beef? Looks somewhat like box business to me. Lest we forget, join with me in bidding adieu to Alice in Wonderland. How did that Hocus Pocus Focus work out for you? Epilogue: You can't chip away at the defenses one objective at a time; it's usually an all or nothing gambit. The eponymously named-Guy Fawkes espies the web of deceit and nest of scorpions as the Pholcus phalangioides spread their venom while feeding upon each other in their quest of longevity.
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More Good News

Now we hear that certain non-represented folks have had their salaries reduced. Admins? Factory types? Management? Better than a 100% pay cut I suppose, but hardly a good sign.
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L-3 CSE Camden, NJ questions

I was laid off years ago and moved away and lost touch w/ folks. Can someone please answer some Q's? 1. How many people are at Camden facility now? 2. Will more layoffs occur 1st Q 2015? 3. Is Lockheed Martin leasing space from L-3 in Camden, NJ? 4. Any rumors on Lockheed buying CSE?
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