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Go to thread Anonymous41603, Wednesday 10/01/14 15:51:34 UTC

A lot of people are bailing before csw reschedule

I have been hearing a lot of top levels are bailing right before the reschedule. Engineers and directors
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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Friday 09/26/14 02:52:17 UTC


Come on all of you L-3 men, Uncle Dave needs your help again He's got himself in a terrible jam, way down yonder in Cam-den Put down your books lay off someone, we're gonna have a whole lot of fun And it's one, two, three, what are we workin for Don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is layoff land, And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates Well--it Ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee, Camden’s bout to die Now, come on HR, don't be slow, The layoff’s comin-just go-go-go There's plenty good money to be made By supplying the Rhino’s with the tools of the trade, Just hope and pray that if they drop the ball, The Ops building doesn’t fall And it's one, two, three, What are we workin for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Cam-den And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well-- there ain't no time to wonder why Whoopee! We’re all gonna die. Now come on generals,let's move fast; Your big chance is here at last. Now go on out and get big jobs No box work, no small jobs And you’ll that when you’ve won When the Ops has come undone. And it's one, two, three, What are we workin for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Layoff Land; And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well-there ain't no time to wonder why Whoopee! we're all gonna die. Come on mothers throughout the land, Pack your boys off to Layoff Land Come on fathers, and don't hesitate To send your sons off before it's too late. You can be the first ones in your block To lose your job and your smock. And it's one, two, three What are we workin for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Layoff Land. And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well there ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee! we're all gonna die.
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Go to thread Professor Buzz Zapper, Thursday 09/25/14 23:08:18 UTC

CSE Layoff Oct 23rd

So FOCU$ $ELLING requires laying off 35-50 people for the greater greed.
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Go to thread Anonymous40298, Thursday 09/25/14 14:46:01 UTC

Looks like its becoming a CAR lot here.

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Go to thread Anonymous39501, Monday 09/22/14 14:44:57 UTC

The gales of November come early.

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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Saturday 09/20/14 03:01:03 UTC


With great presumption the assemblage filled the Susquehanna complex assuredly convinced that the opening act just might be Rock’s Legendary ‘Kiss.’ Others insisted that the group called, ‘Running Rhino’s’ was the hottest new craze and would precede the main attraction as anticipation filled the arena. However, something was awry as speaker Mike Green addressed the crowd with musical questions leaving the crowd to wonder if we were part of the game show ‘Name that Tune,’ as Bowie’s music played in the background. Chuckles rippled through the audience as Green asked everyone to turn off their ‘buzzers or zappers, or whatever you call those things.’ What? Buzzers or zappers, or tigers, and lions, and bears, oh my! I can’t wait to sign up for his class, can you? The anticipation continued to plummet as guest speaker Micha bounced onto stage as we awaited the absence of a drum roll. The anticipation was quickly diverted to the food and bar concession as we hoped for a quick glimpse of a lesser important person, such as Bruno Mars. These were desperate times! Things finally settled down as the great and powerful Oz traversed the multitude and a deafening hush fell over the crowd. As he spoke we suddenly realized we were aloft on a gigantic balloon departing from Camden, I mean Kansas, on our way to the Land of Oz. Suddenly the aggregate of the past 113 years flashed by as we were transported into the future to a land of magic sprinkled with pixie dust. Why are we here, Oh Great and Powerful Oz? Suddenly visions of the past flashed before our very eyes as we saw the ghosts of Elmer Engstrom, David Sarnoff, Frank Lanza, and Nipper! As we watched intently it seemed as though Nipper was trying to vocalize words indicating that the great accomplishments of the past had become apparitions of a bygone era and that the wicked witch of the west had succeeded in destroying the company we once knew and loved. Suddenly the Great and Powerful Oz waved his mighty hand and the multitude was silenced. His voice bellowed like a blaring trumpet admonishing those who had been part of a great era were no more; and those things which made us so successful were simply relics of the past. FOCUS, or get up, and leave now, if you are not part of the present ride that will take you to the promise land. Our focus was suddenly diverted with sounds of snorting, hissing, and squealing, as the running-or should I say standing-RHINO’s arose from the ground. Was their intention to gore and run over the naysayers? Were these the executioners known as Reduce Hundreds IN Op’S? Oz went on to say that our division had one of the highest earnings in the corporation and yet, future sales would flat line. What does that say for the rest of the corporation? If the idea of FOCUS SELLING is so well-accepted, has corporate mandated the idea across all divisions? Whether or not it proves successful it’ll be a win-win situation for you Dave as you move on to higher ground leaving Camden in a state of shambles. You spoke of a shrinking budget, flat sales, big money jobs, vertical innovation, COTS, government trends, and immediate change. You spoke of acquiring other businesses, and a future meeting with double the size of the present audience (let’s hope it doesn’t take another 26 years), increasing the front end of business, hiring ex-military, high ranking officials with contacts linked to the army, navy, air force, and marines, who will fall under commandant Hogan of ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’ Consider this; it takes 22+ years to become a Colonel in the army, and 25+ years to become a Brigadier General. Aren’t those high-ranking personnel people who were in the military when vacuum tubes and transistors were the predominant technology? Did you know Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? You intend to increase the front end of business and people, align by customer; not technology. You want to increase business development by 30%; and you’re going to do this how? Is this from the 10% profit margin we make? How much did corporate kick in? Will this come at the expense of layoffs in manufacturing and are those workers of the ‘old mentality’ you spoke of? Where do the current manufacturing employees fit in? Did you know Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? Those individuals of ‘old’ mentality from manufacturing are still cranking out box-products that enable your rear-end to survive, and has empowered you to claim why we are one of the highest earners in the corporation. Your illusions of grandeur won’t happen for several years-contraire to your original declaration that the size of business would double by year’s end. The obvious question relates to what does carry us until your vision becomes reality? Your plan to call customers telling them we are no longer going to invest in, or redesign new products, is like telling them to drop dead, which is exactly how they should respond to L-3. You’ve painted a rosy picture, but neglected to mention what it means for manufacturing. You failed to mention the impact our new tenants may have on L-3’s expansion of new business in manufacturing. Are you planning to move future operations to the A&E building with a select few? A future acquisition of additional companies means what? Is this a plan to decimate the union as cable/board work can be done at cheaper costs with only test and integration occurring in Camden? Your comments about being brutally honest are not honest. Did you know Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? I am fully aware that Pastor Rory Clark detests the word selling, declaring there’s a difference between sales training and Focus Selling. We’ve all heard the cliché’s about ‘tricks in the toolbox’ vs. ‘tools for winning,’ or facilitators to coddle people, vs. people builders.’ Call it what you will. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, by golly it’s a duck! It’s the same old propaganda that has been circling the globe for hundreds of years. It’s in use by Predictive Success, Symbiont Performance Group, Inc., et al. Change, discontent, research, comparison, fear, commitment, expectations, and satisfaction are nothing new; that is except to L-3. Why haven’t you learned this in the past? Talk about being brutally honest: L-3 employs many high salaried individuals on a sinking ship who couldn’t think outside the box, so you hire an outsider to help market new strategies that are really old strategies. So why are we paying exorbitant salaries to such an incompetent group of employees? How about no salary increases for your running rhino’s until after they’ve proven themselves? Now there’s a novel idea and an incentive for your 50+ well trained, overpaid under achievers. Talk about pushing the envelope. You need some new thinkers Dave. I’m for hire and my rate is much lower and my thoughts are much grander than you could even imagine. You brought up Admirals and Generals. They are needed, but it’s the privates, corporals, sergeants, and lieutenants in the trenches that fight the war and being at ground level they know first-hand what’s happening. It won’t be the Admirals, Generals, or Colonels building product-because, like you they are far removed from what really goes on. And let’s not forget that politics and budget constraints play a major role in the process. You are venturing into new areas and are now the new player in the game. I wouldn’t be so quick to get out of the box business as you’re now in a dog fight with those ‘big companies’ you spoke of and they are consistently winning ‘those big’ jobs we can only hope to get. Dave I want nothing less than for ALL to succeed, not simply a few. It would be behoove you to spend some cash on current products that will fill the gap until future ventures are solidified. There’s nothing new in the world. It’s simply been forgotten and repackaged years later. Henry Ford learned the principles of Focus selling years ago when he said: If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from his angle as well as from your own….Henry Ford. Guy Fawkes.
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Go to thread Nikola Tesla, Friday 09/19/14 11:41:04 UTC


So the "Focu$ $elling" all hands event is over. 700 people. Prior statement from our President said we can function as a facility with 500 workers. Now we're expanding our business development by 30%. We were told that from now on we'll go after the contracts in the $50-$100 million range. Correct me if i'm mistaken but didn't we lose a $100 million Boeing job that was terminated ? how's that for "going forward" ? Arnie Kravitz. Val Snyder. Susan Opp. They all get "kicked upstairs" and the common man gets laid off. ASPEP 241 & 103 better circle the wagons…the Tin Man is sharpening his axe for the Ops building.
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Go to thread HR mole, Thursday 09/18/14 12:01:30 UTC

More layoffs coming in February at CSW

The HR mole has become aware of additional layoffs planned for February of 2015. Layoffs will be deeper, and are being delayed until next year to avoid spooking the market. Get ready.
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Go to thread Anonymous37387, Wednesday 09/17/14 03:35:39 UTC

Sit down....shut up.....and keep making them 550 dollar toilet seats...

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Go to thread Anonymous37120, Tuesday 09/16/14 19:23:33 UTC

what? is 5 Presidents bad?

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Go to thread John Gault (CSW), Tuesday 09/16/14 15:14:57 UTC

Top heavy?

It seems like we are a little management top heavy at CSW.I don't know,could be my imagination. I wonder what the management to subordinate ratio is here and how it compares to other companies. I would hate to tip over.
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Go to thread Wheels on the bus go round a round, Monday 09/08/14 15:52:54 UTC

Are you going? (CSE)

Does anyone have any extra tickets to the KISS concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center next Wednesday? Herd the Tinman and the HR knuckle Heads are opening!
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Go to thread Camden Employee (engr), Saturday 09/06/14 19:43:01 UTC


Isn't it amazing that layoffs continue at Camden, no new contracts and yet, 6 FIGURE BONUSES FOR LOSING MONEY, still occur. I thought things would change after Roberts and Martin and Reilly got thrown out. It's worse, Mr John Tyranny and most of all, Mr. Micha have made it worse. You can't get a new pencil without a 10 page email. Why don't they do their jobs and get new business? No, they want to lease SPACE, to make up for their failure as executives.
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Go to thread Billy Bob (CSW), Saturday 09/06/14 02:46:52 UTC


At least that "what what in the butt" guy didn't post the entire lyrics for that song this time.. we get it.. everyone, not just those laid off, are getting a big fat seed or whatever...
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Go to thread Anonymous33659, Friday 09/05/14 16:34:23 UTC


SALT LAKE CITY — Another round of layoffs has been announced at defense contractor L-3 Communications. L-3 Communication Systems-West Thursday announced that the company would eliminate approximately 54 positions from its Utah workforce, with reductions primarily affecting hourly and salaried employees within the engineering segment of the business. "This difficult decision was made in order to align our employee levels with business demand for 2014 and 2015 and reflects the effects of the challenging defense budget environment," the company said in a prepared statement. "We remain committed to the Salt Lake City community and to our business here, which is strategically important to L-3." All affected employees will receive severance packages and outplacement assistance. Since July 2013, the company has cut approximately 400 jobs over various business segments. L-3 currently employs an estimated 3,300 people in Salt Lake City. — Jasen Lee
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Go to thread exL3, Friday 09/05/14 15:51:05 UTC

Sad days

This is very sad. Wish everyone lots of luck. Great people bad management.
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Go to thread Anonymous33504, Friday 09/05/14 00:58:19 UTC

Lost two of my friends today.

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Go to thread blah blah (toilet scrubbing), Thursday 09/04/14 21:53:37 UTC

Seriously management! Keep cutting the workers. Soon the house will crumble.

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Go to thread Anonymous33340, Thursday 09/04/14 17:39:13 UTC

54 people total, mostly from Engineering, according to internal email from Val

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Go to thread Anonymous33321 (CSW Engineering), Thursday 09/04/14 16:48:37 UTC

15 from Hardware Engineering.

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Go to thread Anonymous33309, Thursday 09/04/14 16:03:40 UTC

Dilbert for today seems appropriate.

Dilbert for today seems appropriate. http://www.dilbert.com/dyn/str_strip/000000000/00000000/0000000/200000/20000/8000/000/228072/228072.strip.gif Exit Interview Heh-heh. I am going to speak my mind and dump on everyone. Give me your ID and get out.  If anyone wanted your opinion I would have paid you enough to stay. So much for my victory lap. Your forgot your mug.  ZIP! (towards his head)
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Go to thread Anonymous33303, Thursday 09/04/14 15:36:05 UTC

confirmed. it has begun.

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Go to thread Raven (CSW), Thursday 09/04/14 13:58:46 UTC

Bloodbath starts in 2 minutes

Good luck!
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Go to thread Anonymous33124, Wednesday 09/03/14 21:29:38 UTC

CSW Layoffs

I spoke to someone who works at the Utah Department of Workforce Services. L-3 HR has been talking to them about the state of the company and future layoffs. Here is the information I received: about 140 from Engineering will be laid off tomorrow and the next round of layoffs is tentatively scheduled for February.
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Go to thread The Voyeur (CSW), Wednesday 09/03/14 20:06:50 UTC

all the conference rooms booked near the security doors for tomorrow?

Check if it was HR or your manager.. if it's your manager that's the one you get your paper check in.
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Go to thread Poor Soul (Engineering), Wednesday 09/03/14 15:46:22 UTC

The Dark Omen

I just tried several times to log in to remoteaccess using my computer from home. I got rejected every time. This has never happened before. Bad sign?
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Go to thread Anonymous32879, Wednesday 09/03/14 02:18:06 UTC

L3 Tulsa lawsuit

Anybody has more info?
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Go to thread The Seeker (CSW), Tuesday 09/02/14 14:26:23 UTC

Re-hire policy?

So what's the re-hire policy for those that get laid off? Is it never, 1 year wait, or some other wait time til rehire? I know, sounds crazy to want to get back but believe it or not the economy sucks and for me, at least, I could really use my old job back until something better comes along. Work is work, at L-3 you just grin and bear it.
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Go to thread Anonymous32377 (CSW Engineering), Sunday 08/31/14 15:09:00 UTC

This Thursday 9/4 or next 9/11? What do you think? Why?

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Go to thread The Sacrificial Lamb (CSW-Eng), Sunday 08/31/14 03:05:01 UTC

Goodbye, friends..

I am pretty sure I am on the cut list.. no need to explain why.. I will be happy to have you refer me as I have multiple job apps out there. please if they call help me get job.. Good luck to all that remain,..
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Go to thread Ding Dong, Thursday 08/28/14 13:55:21 UTC

Has it started yet?

Layoffs today ro what?
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Go to thread Ben (CSW), Thursday 08/28/14 03:01:19 UTC


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEgSFmdpDTo copy/paste how management feels when they let you know they have been "thinking" about layoffs... enjoy. This one's for YOU, L-3 employees!! Happy anniversary!(layoff) :)
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Go to thread Billy Bob (CSW), Thursday 08/28/14 02:57:14 UTC

Milking the Worker

Here's how the next layoff will feel to your manager: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rtUvlR1pZE copy and paste. :)
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Go to thread Alan Parsons (CSW (not) ), Thursday 08/28/14 02:46:13 UTC

Don't think, sorry is easily said...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBQalkIeE7s I feel every one of us is an instrument of nature and this is for my art! The art is the union between the material and the spiritual, the human in the divine, that is why we take the universe and man and transformed it into art, through the music of Alan Parsons Project.
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Go to thread Management (CSW), Thursday 08/28/14 02:42:10 UTC

What in the butt time, again CSW workers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU <I won't bite!!! What what in the butt, time!!
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Go to thread Grlwonder, Wednesday 08/27/14 16:43:06 UTC

L3 Communications Westwood Tulsa, Oklahoma

L3 comm. westwood branch about to go under. We already depleted over half the employees, there's more management than there are actual workers here, LOL Just had a meeting with the shop manager we'll call him Oscar, yesterday he was everything but on his knees kissing our butts begging us to pick up production. What these idiots don't realize is no one here cares if the doors shut, it's their own doing. Under bidding on jobs, low wages for everyone except management, I'm sure that 7 million dollar lawsuit they lost didn't hurt them any, but now upper management is scrambling to save their jobs....shut the doors and set us free, until then we will just keep showing up and taking free money, because after all we don't work for them anymore!!!
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Go to thread Mr. Manager (CSW), Wednesday 08/27/14 16:30:28 UTC

The Ride

Lot of pressure. You've gotta rise above it. You've got to harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness... energy... block... bad. Feel the flow, feel it. It's circular. Its like a carousel-- you pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around. Circular... circle. With the music, the flow. All good things.
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Go to thread Anonymous30481, Tuesday 08/26/14 06:11:22 UTC

Dyncorp dismisses recently appointed CEO

Nice and juicy - welcome to my world mr. CEO
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Go to thread Anonymous30426, Tuesday 08/26/14 03:38:03 UTC

Simple Question for CSW

It's no secret that our awesome management has been rating and rerating all of us for months now, my question is a simple one; who is evaluating the judges? If our lives our going to be turned upside down based off of what you think our skills our then let me ask you what wonderful skills you possess? I would like to see just ONE manager at any level use Teamcenter or SAP or even know how to do a simple proposal or even build a cable. They would not be able to do the simplest of required L-3 tasks at this point, they have not had to any real work in years, they are all has-beens. They think they got where they are because they are bright shiny stars, I got some bad news for you - you are not bright or shiny. Some of you should do the honorable thing and take yourselfs out - ha - fat chance of that happening. I just hope one of you wonderful people think about this and how CSW got where it is come layoff day.
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Go to thread Anonymous30106, Monday 08/25/14 17:11:41 UTC

CSW- what's the word, Thursday 8/28 or Thursday 9/4??

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