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Go to thread Ryan K. Hollingsworth, Thursday 11/20/14 23:09:48 UTC

Where are they now 1.5 years post 'Go-Live' or was it 'Go-Stop'?

Remember all of the PLM and SAP geniuses that, that, that were the smartest people in the room? Remember a Part is a Part? It is what it is. You just need to deal with Teamcenter. Yeah. Even the f&^%4#@ geniuses were smart enough to get out and avoid the collapse that they perpetrated on everyone. How many Encompass 'leaders' actually had business systems or even some software development experience? Well they have it now! And they got it from University of L3. Maybe next system they mess with they can refer to their 'lessons learned' database. Hmmmmmm, REQ_ID1=1: Performance SHALL be as good or better than legacy system performance, PRIORITY=HIGH. It's a shame that a handful of people writing VB code out performed a $200,000,000 cluster f^%$#@!. Tha', tha', thee, Tha', tha', thee, Tha', tha', that's all folks.
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Go to thread Anonymous49534, Thursday 11/20/14 06:03:05 UTC

Steve Hall for President 2016

I believe my unique qualifications as a leader in both military and industry outside of the political status quo are exactly what this great country needs in order to place it 'back on track'. Financially, I cannot compete with the current big money political incumbents. That said, I will be waging a true grass roots campaign, unlike any that has ever been done before. Specifically, I will be campaigning from the public restrooms of this great nation. My cadre of young loyalists will be placing election flyers around the restrooms of your facility in the future. I trust this will be tolerated by the V.P. Staff. It is the least you can do for me considering the manner in which I was dismissed.
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Go to thread Pilgrim (hungry department), Thursday 11/20/14 02:45:11 UTC

Where's my turkey?

didnt they used to give us turkeys at thansgiving? I swear they did, and switched to gift cards..I need a bump, that executive chef and his vittles are taking all of my liquid spending money, i see that they are offering thanksgiving lunch for an employee friendly 7.50 - hey emeril! lighten up on your costing, its a bunch of fakkin potatoes and stale bread with 4oz of turket breast that cost 1.49 per pound, jesus christ, who in the hell wants to pay 7.50 for a turkey lunch at work, yet another greta perk...those management cob slobberers probably had a series of meeting congratulating themselves on this opportunity to give back
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Go to thread Al Liance (Mfg), Wednesday 11/19/14 19:52:21 UTC

Seed Corn Buffet

Consider what outsourcing IT/IRM says about the downward spiraling division. The action presents yet another way to induce financial and career pain and suffering for the IT/IRM employees of L-3 CSW. Val can prove how he could care less about people, by choosing to layoff a hundred employees (maybe two hundred?). And he’s betting he’ll get rewarded for it. Doing so will prove to corporate management how cold and ruthless he is. After all bonus time is coming up! (Ebenezer Scrooge would be so proud) IT responsiveness will worsen. We all know too well the SAP disaster and it’s extraordinary impact on performance. The CSW “leadership” announced when they made the horrific mistake, with their gleeful arrogant incompetence that they would “burn the boats” with regard to the legacy system. “No going back” they boasted. Furthermore they spent $140,000,000 to $200,000,000 million (maybe more) and causing tremendous additional cost to producing their ”cost plus” products. It’s so convenient how the American taxpayer picks up the bill for their catastrophe. No one better say anything either; remember who can lay you off! Just think of what could have been invented, developed or improved if the funds were spent in a smart, strategic way to benefit all departments. CSW once had a unique reputation for being flexible and responsive to meet urgent customer needs. No more. The new company focus has turned to eating the seed corn, (goodbye IT!) protect the senior elite for as long as they can by making it appear like they’re controlling costs, when by the divesting of capability only accelerates the threat from emerging competitors. Although it would be interesting if employees could rate CSW upper management and the executive staff, this is not a democracy. This culture is now a dictatorial, paranoid mess. Regretfully, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, provided there is enough left once being fully gutted to resuscitate.
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Go to thread The Wizard (Emerald City, Oz), Wednesday 11/19/14 19:09:23 UTC


CSE gives Rev Ike $800,000 for his "Focus $elling" rehtoric. CSE laying off 35-50 employees this week..and also salary reductions. The Used Car Saleman letting the Tin Man swing his Axe. When the Flying Monkeys show up, the Axe will fall. In hindsight, I should have given the Tin Man a brain. Click your heels three times and you'll be in the unemployment line.
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Go to thread RateMe (CSW), Wednesday 11/19/14 06:30:56 UTC

2014 Successfactors

This year I think employees should be able to rate CSW upper management and the executive staff. Are their individual contributions assisting the business to succeed or fail? Are they meeting the goals of the business? Do they communicate effectively with the business areas and organizations? Do they demonstrate the leadership skills required to do their jobs? The decisions they make have a direct impact on everyone's professional career and family life. We are now two years into a failing business under constant threat of more layoffs and disappearing work. Many of our professional friends and co-workers have faced life-changing situations in loosing their jobs. Employee moral is low and stress levels are high and unhealthy. It's time to evaluate those responsible and recommend the adjustments needed to turn this business around. Perhaps it is time to have an open crucial conversation with our leaders, set employee expectations, and if necessary force change. If we don't, we can all see where we are ultimately headed.
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Go to thread Clark Kent (CSW), Monday 11/17/14 00:05:12 UTC

Are the CSW rumors listed below true?

1. CSW being kept out of future drone development by the DOD? If that is true we are screwed. 2. CSW converting to a program management house rather than an engineering and manufacturing house? This would explain why there has never been a cut to program management.
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Go to thread FlyOnTheWall (CSW), Saturday 11/15/14 07:53:55 UTC

Bad News for CSW

Next cycle of layoffs or CSW are underway. Currently scheduled for sometime the end of Jan or beginning of Feb. Targeting 150-180 for now (heavy engineering), but it's early and likely to change as we get closer. Serparation package will be considerably less, pending lawyer review and approval. Bids are out to outsouce IT/IRM.
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Go to thread aspiring manager (csw manaufacturing), Thursday 11/13/14 00:41:18 UTC

ot a bit but where...

can I get one of those management glamour shots made and uploaded to the csw directory, mine looks so boring?
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Go to thread Al Liance (Mfg), Wednesday 11/12/14 17:26:23 UTC

Management Belly Flop

The management at L-3 has devolved into an irrational, frightened and paranoid cluster. The division has never run more poorly, never. The P and VP's are substantially made up of those "connected" who have "kissed" their way up the ladder. No wonder the Communications Systems Group is laying off hundreds upon hundreds of employees. The frenzied paranoia is making the “leadership” jumpy, where they spend their days looking for ways to blame someone else for the divisions’ poor performance. There is no strategy other than the "senior leadership" covering the butts. Customers are fed up and are leaving the once well-respected firm. Customers are treated like they are the enemy and the problem. It is a wonder why Corp would have assigned such a flop as Val Snyder to manage CSW. Val is exceptionally able at destroying the division. How much longer will Corp allow the arrogant and incompetent to lead?
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Go to thread Anonymous48116, Wednesday 11/12/14 00:49:58 UTC

The CSE axe was dull. They're spending a few days grinding it to a sharp edge, the on Thursday, BAM! It falls.

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Go to thread Anonymous48003, Monday 11/10/14 22:20:37 UTC

Did the axe fall in Camden?

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Go to thread Anonymous47607, Friday 11/07/14 15:55:43 UTC

CSW- no more 4-10's. Make your arrangements for the new schedule.

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Go to thread Anonymous47495, Thursday 11/06/14 19:41:10 UTC

Does anyone at/from CSE (Camden,NJ) know how many heads are there at company. At around 2005, there may have been 1,000+. Just curious..

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Go to thread Anonymous47381, Thursday 11/06/14 01:08:28 UTC

OBOX Solutions is hiring a number of highly technical roles throughout the US!

OBOX Solutions is an IT staffing company with clients throughout the US. We have a number of exciting positions including architects, infrastructure engineers, Linux engineers and several roles for CEH certified people. Send your resume to Diane@oboxsolutions.com
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Go to thread Anonymous47377, Thursday 11/06/14 00:45:05 UTC


Heard that there was a meeting in OPS about an involuntary RIF coming up. Anyone have any info?
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Go to thread Anonymous46948, Monday 11/03/14 18:54:05 UTC

L3 Communications Salt Lake City

Any layoffs here?
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Go to thread Anonymous46814 (PID Waco), Saturday 11/01/14 15:54:50 UTC

Here we go again

Rumor mill annoy layoffs ramping up again. Before end of year, maybe before Thanksgiving.
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Go to thread Anonymous46753, Friday 10/31/14 23:35:16 UTC

L-3 Communication Systems-West

Anybody here from L-3 Communication Systems-West? How are you doing lately?
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Go to thread Guy Fuwkes, Thursday 10/30/14 12:27:24 UTC

Guy Fawkes is an imposter, a "HR" geek, and a Camille Guth lackey!

Guy Fuwkes condemns Guy Fawkes as an imposter of Guy Fuwkes, a propaganda minister of L-3 HR, and a silly man with low self-esteem and societal value. He voted for Mia Love, Barack Obama, and Putin. He does not represent the views of the struggling "L-3 everyman". Give him no more attention! Vote Guy Fuwkes next Tuesday for Congress....our slogan, "get the Fuwk out there (in Congress)!"
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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Saturday 10/18/14 10:57:41 UTC


Conclusiveness has never been one of Grandpa Munster’s strong suits. However, at the behest and anticipation of the union membership grandpa acquiesced. Moments of felicity pervaded the atmosphere akin to children on Christmas morning as the long awaited ‘package’ arrived. This however, was October and to the chagrin of many the long awaited package seemed more like last year’s Halloween candy, a ‘trick or treat.’ To some it was like receiving their favorite jumbo candy bar, while to others it was no better than a small packet of sweet tarts. The paradox lies in the fact that those who will gladly concur are not the personage management desires. Never did human sagacity utter a more pregnant truth: If you want something bad enough, by golly, go out and get it! The injudicious execution by upper management’s unconsummated effort to influence certain individuals reflects the great chasm which exists between a social stratum sharing basic economic characteristics. You desire something, and we desire something. You frivolously expend large sums of money on various projects while trying to inveigle certain individuals into accepting a package that has no significant importance to the ones you truly desire. Subsequently, layoffs occur touching key personnel vital to the company’s continued success. You have no one to place blame upon, but yourselves. You’ve cut too many deals with grandpa, dicing and slicing union membership into several levels; categorizing certain skills in an effort to keep the chosen few. And now you are in dill. I once again iterate. Find out what it will take to allure and achieve the desired results you wish to obtain. It is pathetic to observe the complete lack of imagination on the part of certain management of the upper-income levels, equally devoid of experience, equally glib with criticism directed against workers. Trick or treat anyone?
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Go to thread Guy Fawkes sympathizer aka manic smurf (Blue Smurf department), Thursday 10/16/14 22:58:47 UTC

5-1 to 7-1 to pay for new higher echelon employees

So, with the voluntary layoff packages distributed yesterday at CSE, it looks like the supposed 35-50 people layoff is coming to fruition. It seems odd to me that the upper crust is hiring generals, kernels, and other PMO employees, according to the latest org chart presentations, at the same time they are having a RIF. It looks like the price for each of these new saviors is about 5 to 7 blue surfs for every single one. But I guess that is a small price to pay for hope and change. Look how well it has worked for Obama.
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Go to thread Anonymous44127 (CSW), Thursday 10/16/14 17:38:57 UTC

All employees should really be questioning the outrages bonuses paid out the the higher ups... while you all get your feeble 3%

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Go to thread Anonymous44112, Thursday 10/16/14 16:26:39 UTC

Did the reschedule really do anything

Looks like more of the same.
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Go to thread Anonymous43400, Sunday 10/12/14 16:17:21 UTC

CSE layoff looming on Oct 23

This isn't a big secret anymore, pretty much everyone in the division knows it. From the sounds of it, the primary group is going to be indirect labor.
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Go to thread Anonymous43148, Friday 10/10/14 15:44:48 UTC


Hey CSW- take a look at your Health Insurance Premium for 2015. MORE than doubled from last year. Yeah, BENEFITS!
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Go to thread Sloppy Susan, Thursday 10/09/14 12:03:06 UTC

Now that "Trojan Horse" Hollingsworth is gone, who's next?

Nominate your incompetent boss, manager, director, VP, or President here...
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Go to thread sam donaldson (watching them, all 3 ), Thursday 10/09/14 02:45:50 UTC

and the big news

pizza bar, hey yo! better get there early before all of the blue coat stoner cart pushers get their eyes on it, or the cleaning crew that decides the prime times are the best to clean the crapper - and then take a group collection to buy them a christmas card, because they, like our hero military did it for us, has nothing to do with other options in their lives, the sacrifice that some choose makes my life so much better
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Go to thread five four (old school but have a new lady), Wednesday 10/08/14 02:33:30 UTC


so lets understand this replan effort...it is being HEADed by brett evans, people savant extraordinary people person, who reports to whom...yes evan deneris, who is married to whom, yep, susan opp, the entire effort is being spearheaded by special forces admiral larry cunft and knapp the I am the heir apparent here energy drink slurping wanker - chances it works, 100%, why, because all of the glory hole minutemen have a vested interest in the deal, keep saying sap sucks, but these pioneers will make it right, mix in that john apa guy will the skinny lou albano look and you have the ultimate dream team, fear for your job because chance are you will get whacked before any of these self serving cranks
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Go to thread new horizons (former CSW), Wednesday 10/08/14 01:15:30 UTC

Engineering jobs at Hill AFB

There are many jobs open for engineers at Hill AFB as Civilians and contractors. Many former L-3 engineers have found new careers there. Joyce Peters recruited most of us for the USAF and has told us to spread the word back at L-3. We are content here and enjoying technical jobs. Feels good to be working without the layoff axe overhead. So send your resume to joyce.peters@us.af.mil.
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Go to thread Anonymous42515, Monday 10/06/14 14:59:09 UTC


OBOX Solutions is and IT Staffing company currently hiring for a number of clients. We are looking for talented IT Engineers, Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and QAs. We also are hiring for several levels of Management. Send your resume to www.oboxsolutions.com All will be handled in a confidential manner.
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Go to thread Anonymous42306, Saturday 10/04/14 17:06:42 UTC

Big announcement at CSE?

I've heard several people say that this coming week will bring a big announcement at CSE. No details, or if it's related to the previously announced reorg...
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Go to thread Anonymous42005, Friday 10/03/14 02:47:31 UTC

Looks like 4-10 shift is going away.

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Go to thread Anonymous41603, Wednesday 10/01/14 15:51:34 UTC

A lot of people are bailing before csw reschedule

I have been hearing a lot of top levels are bailing right before the reschedule. Engineers and directors
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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Friday 09/26/14 02:52:17 UTC


Come on all of you L-3 men, Uncle Dave needs your help again He's got himself in a terrible jam, way down yonder in Cam-den Put down your books lay off someone, we're gonna have a whole lot of fun And it's one, two, three, what are we workin for Don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is layoff land, And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates Well--it Ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee, Camden’s bout to die Now, come on HR, don't be slow, The layoff’s comin-just go-go-go There's plenty good money to be made By supplying the Rhino’s with the tools of the trade, Just hope and pray that if they drop the ball, The Ops building doesn’t fall And it's one, two, three, What are we workin for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Cam-den And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well-- there ain't no time to wonder why Whoopee! We’re all gonna die. Now come on generals,let's move fast; Your big chance is here at last. Now go on out and get big jobs No box work, no small jobs And you’ll that when you’ve won When the Ops has come undone. And it's one, two, three, What are we workin for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Layoff Land; And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well-there ain't no time to wonder why Whoopee! we're all gonna die. Come on mothers throughout the land, Pack your boys off to Layoff Land Come on fathers, and don't hesitate To send your sons off before it's too late. You can be the first ones in your block To lose your job and your smock. And it's one, two, three What are we workin for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Layoff Land. And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well there ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee! we're all gonna die.
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Go to thread Professor Buzz Zapper, Thursday 09/25/14 23:08:18 UTC

CSE Layoff Oct 23rd

So FOCU$ $ELLING requires laying off 35-50 people for the greater greed.
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Go to thread Anonymous40298, Thursday 09/25/14 14:46:01 UTC

Looks like its becoming a CAR lot here.

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Go to thread Anonymous39501, Monday 09/22/14 14:44:57 UTC

The gales of November come early.

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Go to thread GUY FAWKES, Saturday 09/20/14 03:01:03 UTC


With great presumption the assemblage filled the Susquehanna complex assuredly convinced that the opening act just might be Rock’s Legendary ‘Kiss.’ Others insisted that the group called, ‘Running Rhino’s’ was the hottest new craze and would precede the main attraction as anticipation filled the arena. However, something was awry as speaker Mike Green addressed the crowd with musical questions leaving the crowd to wonder if we were part of the game show ‘Name that Tune,’ as Bowie’s music played in the background. Chuckles rippled through the audience as Green asked everyone to turn off their ‘buzzers or zappers, or whatever you call those things.’ What? Buzzers or zappers, or tigers, and lions, and bears, oh my! I can’t wait to sign up for his class, can you? The anticipation continued to plummet as guest speaker Micha bounced onto stage as we awaited the absence of a drum roll. The anticipation was quickly diverted to the food and bar concession as we hoped for a quick glimpse of a lesser important person, such as Bruno Mars. These were desperate times! Things finally settled down as the great and powerful Oz traversed the multitude and a deafening hush fell over the crowd. As he spoke we suddenly realized we were aloft on a gigantic balloon departing from Camden, I mean Kansas, on our way to the Land of Oz. Suddenly the aggregate of the past 113 years flashed by as we were transported into the future to a land of magic sprinkled with pixie dust. Why are we here, Oh Great and Powerful Oz? Suddenly visions of the past flashed before our very eyes as we saw the ghosts of Elmer Engstrom, David Sarnoff, Frank Lanza, and Nipper! As we watched intently it seemed as though Nipper was trying to vocalize words indicating that the great accomplishments of the past had become apparitions of a bygone era and that the wicked witch of the west had succeeded in destroying the company we once knew and loved. Suddenly the Great and Powerful Oz waved his mighty hand and the multitude was silenced. His voice bellowed like a blaring trumpet admonishing those who had been part of a great era were no more; and those things which made us so successful were simply relics of the past. FOCUS, or get up, and leave now, if you are not part of the present ride that will take you to the promise land. Our focus was suddenly diverted with sounds of snorting, hissing, and squealing, as the running-or should I say standing-RHINO’s arose from the ground. Was their intention to gore and run over the naysayers? Were these the executioners known as Reduce Hundreds IN Op’S? Oz went on to say that our division had one of the highest earnings in the corporation and yet, future sales would flat line. What does that say for the rest of the corporation? If the idea of FOCUS SELLING is so well-accepted, has corporate mandated the idea across all divisions? Whether or not it proves successful it’ll be a win-win situation for you Dave as you move on to higher ground leaving Camden in a state of shambles. You spoke of a shrinking budget, flat sales, big money jobs, vertical innovation, COTS, government trends, and immediate change. You spoke of acquiring other businesses, and a future meeting with double the size of the present audience (let’s hope it doesn’t take another 26 years), increasing the front end of business, hiring ex-military, high ranking officials with contacts linked to the army, navy, air force, and marines, who will fall under commandant Hogan of ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’ Consider this; it takes 22+ years to become a Colonel in the army, and 25+ years to become a Brigadier General. Aren’t those high-ranking personnel people who were in the military when vacuum tubes and transistors were the predominant technology? Did you know Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? You intend to increase the front end of business and people, align by customer; not technology. You want to increase business development by 30%; and you’re going to do this how? Is this from the 10% profit margin we make? How much did corporate kick in? Will this come at the expense of layoffs in manufacturing and are those workers of the ‘old mentality’ you spoke of? Where do the current manufacturing employees fit in? Did you know Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? Those individuals of ‘old’ mentality from manufacturing are still cranking out box-products that enable your rear-end to survive, and has empowered you to claim why we are one of the highest earners in the corporation. Your illusions of grandeur won’t happen for several years-contraire to your original declaration that the size of business would double by year’s end. The obvious question relates to what does carry us until your vision becomes reality? Your plan to call customers telling them we are no longer going to invest in, or redesign new products, is like telling them to drop dead, which is exactly how they should respond to L-3. You’ve painted a rosy picture, but neglected to mention what it means for manufacturing. You failed to mention the impact our new tenants may have on L-3’s expansion of new business in manufacturing. Are you planning to move future operations to the A&E building with a select few? A future acquisition of additional companies means what? Is this a plan to decimate the union as cable/board work can be done at cheaper costs with only test and integration occurring in Camden? Your comments about being brutally honest are not honest. Did you know Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? I am fully aware that Pastor Rory Clark detests the word selling, declaring there’s a difference between sales training and Focus Selling. We’ve all heard the cliché’s about ‘tricks in the toolbox’ vs. ‘tools for winning,’ or facilitators to coddle people, vs. people builders.’ Call it what you will. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, by golly it’s a duck! It’s the same old propaganda that has been circling the globe for hundreds of years. It’s in use by Predictive Success, Symbiont Performance Group, Inc., et al. Change, discontent, research, comparison, fear, commitment, expectations, and satisfaction are nothing new; that is except to L-3. Why haven’t you learned this in the past? Talk about being brutally honest: L-3 employs many high salaried individuals on a sinking ship who couldn’t think outside the box, so you hire an outsider to help market new strategies that are really old strategies. So why are we paying exorbitant salaries to such an incompetent group of employees? How about no salary increases for your running rhino’s until after they’ve proven themselves? Now there’s a novel idea and an incentive for your 50+ well trained, overpaid under achievers. Talk about pushing the envelope. You need some new thinkers Dave. I’m for hire and my rate is much lower and my thoughts are much grander than you could even imagine. You brought up Admirals and Generals. They are needed, but it’s the privates, corporals, sergeants, and lieutenants in the trenches that fight the war and being at ground level they know first-hand what’s happening. It won’t be the Admirals, Generals, or Colonels building product-because, like you they are far removed from what really goes on. And let’s not forget that politics and budget constraints play a major role in the process. You are venturing into new areas and are now the new player in the game. I wouldn’t be so quick to get out of the box business as you’re now in a dog fight with those ‘big companies’ you spoke of and they are consistently winning ‘those big’ jobs we can only hope to get. Dave I want nothing less than for ALL to succeed, not simply a few. It would be behoove you to spend some cash on current products that will fill the gap until future ventures are solidified. There’s nothing new in the world. It’s simply been forgotten and repackaged years later. Henry Ford learned the principles of Focus selling years ago when he said: If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from his angle as well as from your own….Henry Ford. Guy Fawkes.
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Go to thread Nikola Tesla, Friday 09/19/14 11:41:04 UTC


So the "Focu$ $elling" all hands event is over. 700 people. Prior statement from our President said we can function as a facility with 500 workers. Now we're expanding our business development by 30%. We were told that from now on we'll go after the contracts in the $50-$100 million range. Correct me if i'm mistaken but didn't we lose a $100 million Boeing job that was terminated ? how's that for "going forward" ? Arnie Kravitz. Val Snyder. Susan Opp. They all get "kicked upstairs" and the common man gets laid off. ASPEP 241 & 103 better circle the wagons…the Tin Man is sharpening his axe for the Ops building.
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