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Go to thread Anonymous64035, Wednesday 02/04/15 04:41:04 UTC

Duluth And Radiant layoffs

Get ready, the word is that both Duluth and Radiant will get hit. Do not know much more but 2015 will be a tough year for us at NCR
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Go to thread Tired and Overworked (Services), Wednesday 02/04/15 03:05:42 UTC

2015: up to 30% reduction depending on department

Some departments are cutting to the bone, with a huge layoff leading up to the way-late earnings announcement.
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Go to thread Anonymous30483, Tuesday 08/26/14 06:12:32 UTC

NCR Layoffs

Any news about reorg and possible layoffs later in 2014 and in 2015?
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Go to thread Anonymous11055, Friday 05/30/14 19:56:48 UTC

NCR is irrelevant today

We are sinking deeper and deeper and 2014 is not different. We had some great years, I've been with the company for about 22 years now and I've seen much better days, we simply spin our wheels and focus on irrelevant things. We had many layoffs and this will continue, but keep your chin up and do the best job possible.
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Go to thread For example, in 1997..., Friday 10/04/13 17:22:18 UTC
Here is a bit of news from 1997 - things are getting worse at NCR - NCR Corp. officials announced it will eliminate about 1,000 staff support jobs next year in a massive, company-wide reorganization. The jobs will be eliminated across the company's operations, which spans 130 countries, and will not be focused on one particular area or region. The company expects to cut costs from the move, but a specific figure has not been determined. The potential number of lost jobs at NCR's Dayton headquarters also has not been determined. The move comes as the company tries to staunch losses since it became a publicly traded company Jan. 1.
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Go to thread Anonymous, Monday 09/09/13 19:41:13 UTC
NCR goes thru hire/fire cycles - never be surprised if you get a job here or if you are let go, it's the nature of the beast
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