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Go to thread Anonymous8139, Friday 04/18/14 02:17:37 UTC

These people are insane

I guess volume is picking up again. I got a call wanting to know if I was intrested in interviewing for a position. Many years of service for the company and you had zero compassion walking me out the door (Sullivan and min couldn't even get that right). I'm not the only one who got a call. I hope people think long and hard if you go back. Let them feel what they did. Btw heard UBS is a hot mess. Perhaps next time they won't get rid of all the top preformers. Karma is great.
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Go to thread Anonymous8107, Thursday 04/17/14 19:11:44 UTC

No class action

Please do not contact attorney below as cannot form suit.
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Go to thread Anonymous7971, Monday 04/14/14 18:38:06 UTC

Attorney Info Class Action

Please call right away! Kevin Costello 856-727-9700
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Go to thread Anonymous7436, Thursday 04/03/14 08:52:45 UTC


So does anyone have info on the lawsuit? Please post atty info I have lots of info over the past 18 years & would love to expose the illegal nonsense that I personally witnessed...thanks in advance!!
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Go to thread Anonymous7400 (JAX), Wednesday 04/02/14 17:41:52 UTC

As PHH Turns

What is going on in the soap box today? Need updates. Anyone? Anything?
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Go to thread Anonymous7280, Saturday 03/29/14 14:10:35 UTC

How it went down..

This is how it went down - a meeting planner was sent to those on the hit list, perhaps 100 or more at a time. All day long, there were parades of workers marching to a conference room with their dignity in tact then marching back to their desks with a gift of a "free" tote bag to pack their belongings. The person that said that things went down hill when Terry Edwards left was spot on. And the VP, Brian Teague who sent out the "hit list" of processors, including names of those on probation, sent to ALL processors in error is still with the company. Had anyone else made an error of that caliber, they would have been terminated on the spot. If my name was on the list in the color code that met that I was on probation, I would have definately sued the company for this. There have been a number of illegal acts commited by this company. Back in about 2005 or so, the company sent processors a list of loans to be "auto approved". In looking at the list, it was loans of all people who checked off on the application that they were black. I believe that this was to avoid having government auditors come in to see why so many people black persons loans were declined. The company is already in trouble with the NJ Attorney General. Upper management is clueless as to what really goes on in LPC (Loan Processing Center). I have been with the company since 1998, it was a great place to work. Things started slipping when the new management took over. These people constantly change things that are not broken. I feel terribly sorry for the processors that have to again take over loans of the processors that were let go and did not do their job. Most of the folks that were let go were good processors/counselors. The loans were left a mess as the company would just pile on more work. Sadly, at the end of the day, everyone loses. The clients, the customers and all of the remaining staff who are left to put the pieces back together again. PHH, really, I thought we are supposed to treat one another like family. If I had to fire my brother or sister, I would have found a way to do it to allow them to leave with their dignity in tact. Shame on you PHH, I do not know how the people who make these decisions sleep at night. And Brian Teague, you should resign now. I've heard that folks are organizing a class action law suit against you and the company. I'd love to see you in the unemployment line. Finally, I have thought for years that all of us should gather and file a class action law suit. Going back to the days of being told there was no overtime allowed while the work load was much too great to do everything required in a 7.5 hour day. The company was fined for having people work and not get paid for their hours which is violation of the law. I am also looking forward to hearing the load of shit that the President will feed us at the Town Hall meetings this week. I am also up for a walk out, who else is in? and people, leave Heather alone. She is a great gal and does not deserve the abuse she is getting here. I think you are all just jealous of her as she is young, beautiful and very intelligent. One more word - KARMA!
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Go to thread Anonymous7184 (Loan Processor), Thursday 03/27/14 23:22:21 UTC

I was not paid for all of my over time

Was anyone shorted on their OT hours for the pay that came out today?
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Go to thread Anonymous7102, Thursday 03/27/14 02:16:10 UTC

Lack of Respect

So Ms.Manager of the site- you fire my co-workers in front of my eyes. You avoid eye contact when tough questions are asked and now you want us to reposnd to you. You want us to work to the bone for what, to save your job and make you look good? Do us all a favor- dye your hair one color and sit down. No one here respects you after you did what you did. Your higher then though attitude will fall when they walk you out. That day may be sooner then you think- and why? Cause your site wont rally around you and perform because you say so. Support them and give them what they need to succed and maybe you too will be saved.
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Go to thread Anonymous7101, Thursday 03/27/14 02:11:29 UTC

Hey LP's, Burned out yet?!

Make your communications by end of day- but make sure you're auxed in. Update these loans with templates before end of day. Send an email with the status of your pipeline before you leave. Please see Reg B report and complete by 5. GFE's need to go out- 130 emails, 32 voicemails and 37.5 hours to complete it in. How many of us will drop before PHH is fully submerged in the sinking whole they created for themselves.
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Go to thread Anonymous6912, Monday 03/24/14 15:16:28 UTC


Lies, under qualified managers, non-productive or caring employees kept? Lower performance employees moved, decisions based on like? When this was happening, did the Senior Management team get information they needed and then cut the people with the information? Many fake smiles! Scam, poor training, lack of respect, the place is a JOKE. Worst company to work for in any State. Who has the Lawyer contact? Just post it here, they will receive the responses necessary to show power in numbers and have so many examples. What will PHH do? Pay a settlement; I think so, they have done it before and then explained not guilty? Who pays and go with not guilty? JOKE Passed compensation Exam and production required, not compensated, pay not increased, lied too instead: Sounds like a lawsuit. Others same boat?
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Go to thread Anonymous6905, Monday 03/24/14 11:09:24 UTC

Is that confirmed?

Is below true? Who are your sources?
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Go to thread Anonymous6895, Monday 03/24/14 01:36:47 UTC

Can't wait for tomorrow

I hear several closed door meetings this week. April will be horrific sources are saying.
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Go to thread Anonymous6793 (PHH processor), Friday 03/21/14 00:14:36 UTC

What part don't we all get. Company is going belly up. They have purposely made it so we couldn't make service.

They have purposely put us with royal asshole supervisors to stick it to us & basically set us up for failure. The supervisors left are nothing more than totally assholes to us. We are left to fry those let go at least have a chance & got a decent package to leave peacefully. We are left to either get fired or walk out from the amount of stress or lack of income to survive. We lost -nothing left for us accept misery at this point. This is absolute horror!
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Go to thread Anonymous6791, Thursday 03/20/14 23:59:35 UTC

Inside views

For those of us still there, it's a hell hole. There is no morale. You don't know who to trust. And you don't know if you're going to be tapped on the shoulder and escorted out. We all know it can happen at any time. It happened to training and development today in total shock. They were blindsided. We're all overworked, and the job expectations are ridiculous. We're all being set up to fail. There is no way we can do what is expected of us in 37.5 hours per week. Management continues to put more and more pressure on us while creating a hostile work environment. It really is bullshit. I used to feel bad for my coworkers that got laid off. But they are indeed the lucky ones.
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Go to thread LP in JAX (Loan Processing), Thursday 03/20/14 21:40:09 UTC

Laid off so many that the actual workers are left scrambling, overloaded, stressed out, and now the company is for sale.

If you ask me they laid off way too many people. In JAX Merrill processors have 50, 60, 70, or more loans. Key Bank processors have 50, 60, and 70 also. That short joke of a VP over Merrill can go choke on a fat one. Do you really expect to make people work no OT and uphold service and goals with that many loans? Management on PLS is way better and actually seems concerned about people, but are left with their hands tied. My opinion is upper management laid everybody off to rake in the savings while putting the company up for sale and letting whoever buys us to deal with the bullshit. I dont care how incompetent you are, there is no way you could possibly believe that we can continue to work under these conditions. Shame on you for throwing us to the wolves while the top exec.s make millions. We are just trying to pay our bills and support our family. YOU are the reason this company and country are going to shit.
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Go to thread Anonymous6769 (current employee), Thursday 03/20/14 16:38:43 UTC

Here We Go Again

I here Servicing will have more layoffs tomorrow. this is a very stressful environment to work in
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Go to thread Anonymous6767, Thursday 03/20/14 15:43:51 UTC

And it continues

Training and development gone. At least the good ones. They hit the wrong row.
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Go to thread Anonymous6765, Thursday 03/20/14 15:22:42 UTC

Folks are saying more layoffs today

Where are they happening and to who?
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Go to thread Anonymous6762, Thursday 03/20/14 14:39:12 UTC

Time to update resumes

Intresting tatic going smaller groups this time. Too much exposure last time? Watching tenure walk out the door again.
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Go to thread Anonymous6759, Thursday 03/20/14 08:46:36 UTC

Former Employee

It is time to update your resumes and get them out there for companies to see. It is just a matter of time until the next round of shoulder taps come and folks are escorted out the door. The best time to look for a job is when you have one!
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Go to thread Loan Processor with too many loans (Loan Processor), Wednesday 03/19/14 00:35:01 UTC

Is anyone else not getting paid for their overtime?

After multiple requests to my supervisor asking how I was supposed to process so many loans and not receiving a consistent (or any answer) answer and certainly not being given anything in writing, my team and I have worked A LOT of OT. It wasn't a problem the first two weeks. Then it suddenly got cut off with the explanation that we need to start working smarter not harder. After a week of working OT, our supervisor sent an email stating that there should not be any OT on our time cards for last week. Is anyone else working OT? Are you getting any guidance and are you being told that you shouldn't have worked the OT after you did? If anyone does not get paid, here is the link to the State of NJ website. http://lwd.dol.state.nj.us/labor/wagehour/content/wage_and_hour_compliance_faqs.html
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Go to thread Anonymous6533 (Servicing), Saturday 03/15/14 06:45:15 UTC

Secondary Marketing

Anyone have any info about the layoff in Secondary Marketing in Mt Laurel on 3/13? I hear some people with 20 yrs with the company laid off. Is PHH out of the loan origination business?
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Go to thread Anonymous6520, Saturday 03/15/14 03:36:17 UTC

Phh cares about no one but shareholders

The customers suffer. They use vendors who don't know their assets from a hole in the ground. They have no real process on how to do anything. They overload the loan processors with files as make it impossible to provide the level of services "sold" to them. This company doesn't know what one hand is doing because it is to focused on being a money maker. F the customer and f the workers, lets instead blow smoke and cash in!
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Go to thread Anonymous6519, Saturday 03/15/14 03:31:37 UTC

Shame on you legacy HSBC managers!!

You know what you are doing is wrong. You know the business practices are subpar and don't even come close to meeting compliance. You have hurt your teams, the people who have stood by you, and the new people trusting you by allowing such mismanagement to continue. You are a sad group- showing you will do what PHH says at the expense of your business ethics an moral compass. You are vp's because u came over as them Not because you have earned them- and this proves it
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Go to thread Anonymous5959 (LPC), Wednesday 03/05/14 16:12:15 UTC

Why wasn't he fired?? The VP who sent out spreadsheet with employees names who were to be laid off causing mental stress to ees.

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Go to thread Anonymous5849, Tuesday 03/04/14 12:47:26 UTC

F them all.

Business is business but.....No on seemed to want to take responsibility as to what determined who was let go and who stayed. What a terrible experience to rounded up and herded off for the kill...The Green Mile! It felt like being guilty of something. Some of my former co-workers that remain would rather now have been in the herd. Very sad!!
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Go to thread Anonymous5811, Tuesday 03/04/14 01:08:02 UTC

Right now it's a free for all as we all know as it just a buy for time experience.

No one cares anymore & management is just collecting paychecks while getting small bonuses off to the side. The knives still have blood on them and some still cant look others in the face during meetings which is very interesting at times. It's obvious that those left have been black balled outside for a future job as the outside world moves on with a much better chance. We have been pointed out as either being guilty by association or named part of the back stabbing committee. The only happy dance left is to walk out of that joke of a building at 5pm each day.
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Go to thread Anonymous5788 (LPC), Monday 03/03/14 19:32:31 UTC

Short little VP

VP over sales and lp in Jax complete Napoleonic complex.....hates women....lies to your face about commission stating it is secretive while paying his buddies over $3000 a month. Tries to play the good guy always smiling while stabbing you in back. States it pains him to let peeps go but laughs with his friends in closed meeting.
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Go to thread Anonymous5780, Monday 03/03/14 18:02:31 UTC

Dear coworkers

please do not use real names on this board as they will shut us down for slender - we do not have an alternative discussion space and this board seems to be getting fairly good traction
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Go to thread Sup (Brands), Monday 03/03/14 15:41:15 UTC


Just saying.
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Go to thread Anonymous5765, Monday 03/03/14 14:03:49 UTC

Hostile work environment

I don't feel bad about what people are saying on this site because they need a forum to be able to safely speak their minds. It's truly oppressive to work in that environment. And you can tell us this job is better than no job at all or that PHH pays better than BOA to justify the cut in commission and the penalty for working overtime. But all you are doing is taking advantage of hard working people who trade their health and well being to be loyal to a company who created a hostile work environment where more and more work is expected in less and less time. Your punished with loss in income for working overtime that is not only needed to do the job right but is justified. So in effect you are forced to work the overtime and take the pay cut for doing so, which means you are paying PHH to stay late. It is physically and mentally impossible to do that job in that amount of time and to make the benchmarks required to avoid getting written up. We have been set up to fail and that my friends is a hostile work environment, I hostile work environment is hard to prove but not impossible. There is strength in numbers........
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Go to thread Anonymous5764, Monday 03/03/14 13:50:20 UTC

Remaining people at PHH

You have more power than you think..... “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins
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Go to thread LaunchedVeteran (Midtown Team), Monday 03/03/14 00:14:30 UTC

Insider customer giving BIOTECH stock tips

Tape phone calls? Hope management does the right thing.
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Go to thread Anonymous5742 (Underwriting), Sunday 03/02/14 19:12:53 UTC

Free speech

PHH cannot instruct their employees to withhold their free speech. Funny, it appears they are heading into some legal problems for sure.
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Go to thread Anonymous5736 (Closing), Sunday 03/02/14 16:36:03 UTC

Management Memo about posting on this site

PHH clearly doesn't want any employees posting on this site based on the memo. I hope the senior management are enjoying reading about their leadership team and opinions of active and former employees. They need to look at this! Looking forward to the employee satisfaction survey. The morale is terrible in my department. We couldn't even welcome and celebrate the new edition to the team b/c of all of the tension. Our furry friend is not forgotten and we will celebrate when the dust settles!
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Go to thread Anonymous5656, Saturday 03/01/14 10:11:52 UTC

Don't get it....

been to happy hours since this recent layoff and it seems phh has left the inexperienced processors(you know the classes they had where people came from nursing, teaching, debt collectors) to deal with all the reassigns and left over scraps. Goes to show you how much phh respected true mortgage professionals.
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Go to thread Anonymous5566 (Loan processing in buffalo ny), Friday 02/28/14 04:12:50 UTC

Is PHH folding?

14 processors are left standing in buffalo office. The rumor is that we are the clean up crew and will be let go in a matter of months. Will HSBC end their contract with HSBC or will PHH close shop first? Anyone know if this is the end of this company or is this really just the dive in the industry? Who won here, those in Buffalo who were let go with YES a 3 month severance (thanks to HSBCs contract) or the poor "talent" left to man all these loans?! Pipelines with well over 50 loans a peice and the same iwr and communicaton goals to meet?!
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Go to thread Anonymous5366, Wednesday 02/26/14 03:31:01 UTC

Glen Messina

http://www1.salary.com/Glen-A-Messina-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-PHH-CORP.html http://executives.findthecompany.com/l/64333/Mr-Glen-A-Messina I'm sure the 8 million plus he makes is a small consolation for how hard the layoff was for him....
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Go to thread Anonymous5260 (Processing), Tuesday 02/25/14 16:36:52 UTC

Sorry to see a one time great company fall apart

I worked for PHH for 10 years and back in the day the senior management treated most fairly. It is unfortunate to see incompetent, unprofessional and ill-mannered supervisors and managers treat others badly. Senior management was too busy to notice its main line of defense and the glue that held the place together was falling apart and let bad managers drive out good processors. Good luck to everyone - it may be time to get out of the mortgage business.
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Go to thread Anonymous5248, Tuesday 02/25/14 14:02:18 UTC

Town Hall

Anyone go?
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