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Go to thread Anonymous2233, Tuesday 01/07/14 01:02:41 UTC

Ann Arbor Closure

Back in 2013 Ann Arbor business was closed, Pall is still doing pretty well but overall it may be better and there will always be issues. I cannot say anything else as all I know are good things so nobody is expecting any layoffs any time soon.
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Go to thread Anonymous1823, Wednesday 12/18/13 22:17:51 UTC

Pall Layoffs (2014)

Something is brewing, any news here? I saw HR behind closed doors today, this has been going on for a while. If you are with Pall long enough, you'll know that this means layoffs. Do you have any info on what's going to happen in 2014? What are the plans?
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Go to thread JJKorg, Thursday 11/21/13 06:56:46 UTC

Downfall of Pall

This used to be an amazing company, people cared and came to work with a sense of purpose. Pall today is something very different, the mood is somber, people come in to clock in and out and they forgot what's important and what matters. The execs are becoming increasingly greedy, it's all about bonuses and quick money in the bank. We lost the sense of building for future, investing into Pall people and having our pride. I do not think I'll stick much longer, but good luck to all of you who will stay.
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Go to thread Anonymous, Monday 09/16/13 21:58:18 UTC
The Pall Corporation announced Monday it will close its Ann Arbor business operations this summer. Employees at Pall Life Sciences at 600 S. Wagner Rd. in Scio Township were notified Friday that the company would be ceasing operations, said Doug Novarro, corporate director of public relations for Pall. Novarro would not give the specific date for when business operations would end at the Ann Arbor facility, but stated that the closure would occur in phases, starting in July. A WARN Act notice filed with the State of Michigan and sent to employees said 55 of 71 employees at the site would experience an employment loss. Read the WARN notice About 12 have been offered transfers to other Pall Corp. offices, Novarro said. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act requires companies to notify employees who will be affected by plant closings, mass layoffs or certain other employment loss conditions Employees will begin transitioning out of Pall's Ann Arbor operations beginning in July, Novarro said. The notification filed with the state gave July 9 as the date for the first layoffs. Pall Corp. has its headquarters in Port Washington, N.Y. It has 14 facilities in the U.S., as well as international operations in 32 countries. According to its 2012 earnings statement, Pall had a net earnings of $319.3 million. Most of its 2012 sales of $2.67 billion were from foreign markets: 38 percent in Europe and 30 percent in Asia. The company manufactures a variety of laboratory equipment materials, including filters and membranes used in research, medical and biopharmaceutical operations. Employees at Pall's Ann Arbor facility work in a number of different arenas that support the company's life sciences business, including the manufacture of lab products and separation of cells for research purposes. Pall Corp. is reviewing the structure of its business operations worldwide, Novarro said. The company has closed operations in some of its holdings in the past two years, Novarro said. The closure is a part of Pall's effort to deliver its services cost-effectively, Novarro said. Pall Life Sciences in Ann Arbor was formerly Pall-Gelman. Gelman Sciences was responsible for a plume of 1,4 dioxane that contaminated groundwater in the Ann Arbor area between the mid-1960s and mid-1980s. Environmental monitoring and remediation efforts are ongoing and are being tracked by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. "This was strictly a business decision," Novarro said, noting that the environmental contamination at the site did not factor into the company's decision to close the facility. "It's a part of an effort to ensure we're appropriately structured worldwide." The environmental team will remain at the Ann Arbor facility to continue remediation efforts, Novarro said. "The closure does not affect the environmental remediation effort at the site," Novarro said.
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Go to thread somebody, Monday 08/05/13 23:19:48 UTC
I was with Pall for about three years before I got laid off almost 12 months ago. I really enjoyed working here and my immediate team was a collection of bright folks who were career driven but outstanding mentors. While I can understand the business reasons which led to my lay off I had hard time coming to terms with the decision and was depressed for a while. Anyhow, I managed to find a similar job in the industry and all worked out well - the experience I brought from Pall was very useful and I am well respected at my new place. God bless...
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Go to thread Anonymous, Monday 01/21/13 19:39:40 UTC
Layoffs, Jan 2013
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