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Any updates on Rotech?

Wandering if the works started
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2014 Layoffs

Mass layoff initiated on 3/3/2014. Heard over 1000 people. I was one of them. Best of luck to any remaining employees. It's all downhill from here.
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Chapter 11 Information for Rotech

Anybody has good info on what happened with Chapter 11 and Rotech?
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How much do research assistants make

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ROHI is bad

Rotech may be by far the worst durable medical equipment company I have ever worked for. Rotech exemplifies everything that's bad with DME, what should be a cool job that allowed you to help people is now nothing then a giant greed and compliance joke . I swear if medicare came up with a rule that made companies eat poop out of a 3 in 1 commode to stay somewhat compliant then I have no doubts that you would have corporate compliance officers instructing employees the most efficient way to eat poop out of a commode for medicare. Anyway back to how lousy ROHI is to work for, I only worked at the co for two months as a PST. I have been in DME for several years as a driver but this was my first experience with ROHI, on my first day of work I found out that their have been numerous PST's before me which immediately gave me a feeling that I just got myself into a lousy situation. I was hastily put on call on my first week of employment which was ok with me, but what pissed me off is the fact that I found out that I was not going to be paid a flat rate for on call and instead get time and a half. All the money they could pay their employees goes to some shitty answering service based out of kentucky. I was also upset after the company told me that I would be on call for 17 days out of the month because the LCM didn't feel he should ever have to take on call , a bunch of BS if you ask me. Basically the LCM and the lazy fat office bitch made me do everything and would never help out with set ups or deliveries if I was out of town in the field, she was too busy texting friends and family. The LCM was a complete joke and never did ANYTHING, on top of all this I was treated rudely when I was trying to bust my ass. Things got even worse when the sales lady as they usually do promised the world to the local hospital even though she forgot that their are not enough employees to deal with the workload or help with on call to be the main provider. Rotech's redundant paperwork makes set ups and just about everything else painfully slow, I said this will backfire and the LCM and sales lady laughed and said I didn't now what I was talking about. On call was pretty slow for the first 2 weeks before that hospital contract kicked in,then all hell broke loose. I was getting called out to the hospital every day and always in the middle of the night for every dumb non emergency item like walkers and commodes, I was really starting to dread that f***ing call from some hillbilly answering service. This got old very quickly and I never slept because I was constantly getting called out for weeks at a time. The final straw came after I had a long hard day when I worked 10 hours, the office people left me with 5 O2 set ups after hours when I came back to the office . After getting them all done it was about midnight when I came home and got into bed, I got called out again at 2:45 am for another O2 set up being discharged from the hospital. I finally had enough and told the LCM to kiss my ass that same morning and walked out. They were in shock and I hope they have a fun time running that location with 2 people because RH is too dumb to hire enough people........
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Go to thread John, Sunday 02/02/14 03:58:14 UTC

Former LCM

The Company had idiot middle managers in 2006 and I made the comment that the left hand didn't know what the right was doing. Those so-called mid-managers were disposed of a short time after I was fired for, in effect, speaking out. The AVP in North Carolina was a total zero and his minions just followed and agreed. I took a branch from last in sales to #3 in a two year period and was fired!! Once the Drs. I had known for years discovered I was no longer there the new business essentially dried up. What a waste of talent and effort that brought a failing branch back to productivity. At that point, I knew the Company was doomed to failure and that's exactly what has happened.
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Go to thread VF, Monday 01/27/14 18:40:47 UTC

CSR Lawton OK ( former CSR )

Let go without warning... the worst part is that upper management knew that it was coming but in true gutless fashion let us think that all was well. Heck, my LCM was even caught by surprise by it. Management by spread sheet WILL be the downfall of this crap company. They will be in bankruptcy AGAIN after this CSC experiment fails. The part that pisses me off the most is that I was helping to train my replacement over the phone on a daily basis because they didn't know what they are doing at the CSC in NC... nice people over there but they didn't know enough to replace me... I guess that's what I get for being a team player. If you are thinking of working for a Rotech company.. DONT!!!!
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Go to thread Anonymous2941, Thursday 01/16/14 18:53:33 UTC

who's buying rotech healthcare

a company, a private equity, someone?
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Go to thread Anonymous2698, Tuesday 01/14/14 17:54:45 UTC

Rotech message board

I am really surprised that we do not have more messages and posters on this Rotech message board - There is so much happening at the company I'd assume we'd have thousands of posts here. I guess people are just not ready to post messages about their company.
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Go to thread ROHIQ (CSR), Tuesday 05/21/13 15:02:10 UTC
I worked 7 months trying to learn the "Rotech Way" and finally figured it out!! "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" This was truly the craziest job. They deserve to be in Chapter 11 - something was bound to give. Hopefully, the new CFO has figured that for the company to grow, things must change. Getting rid of middle management would be a start. You go Steve - I hope you can turn this mess around. I did invest in the company's stock prior to leaving. After all, people must have O2 in order to survive.
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Go to thread Guest, Thursday 02/28/13 00:10:44 UTC
In response to the "Butch" comment. This is an IMPOSTER. A bitter SR who was fired for their lack of doing their job. PRETENDING to be the LCM on Yahoo Finance & Cafepharma multiple times. Being childish as ever in their post here too. Get out of the sandbox for once in your life and GROW UP
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Go to thread Butch (LCM Punxsutawney, Pa), Thursday 01/31/13 21:34:17 UTC
I am so sick of hearing these people whine. I am an LCM for a small town location and have enough crap in dealing with people around here who dislike lesbians. We Butch's know how to straighten shit out when it hits the fan.......and we DON'T take any shit from males. Just my 2 cents worth.
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Go to thread Anonymous, Saturday 10/27/12 08:33:53 UTC
Still nothing?
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Go to thread Anonymous, Monday 08/06/12 22:51:19 UTC
Over worked, understaffed, low pay, cutting all the senior staff. Stock falling again. Closing locations. Closed all DVP's offices. Middle management is usless . Looks like the end is near.
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Go to thread Anonymous, Wednesday 07/18/12 08:15:58 UTC
What is ROTECH WAY - work for 10+ years and we'll let you go. Thanks. Bye...
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Go to thread O2 (CSR), Wednesday 01/19/11 01:45:32 UTC
After years of training, learning the "Rotech Way", they just cut us loose with no warning. I did all the ordering, paperwork, data input, and had to learn sales and RT techniques because we had to complete all the CPAP setups in our office with an RT 50 miles away. I even had to use my own vehicle and sit up at night in the emergency room with patients while on call. Even though I had a great relationship with the Doctors and staff of clinics in several communities...and an even better relationship with our customers, I am expendable? We see managers ansd sales people come and go while looking for better jobs, but the poor worker bees get low pay and no respect.
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Go to thread canbera, Friday 07/09/10 00:42:35 UTC
another round of layoffs is in progress. nothing has been announced, but we all see folks go. shame.
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Go to thread Anon, Tuesday 03/02/10 00:00:00 UTC
Any news on possible downsizing in California?
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Go to thread respiratory, Thursday 02/11/10 00:00:00 UTC
i was a per-diem respiratory technician at rotech and i enjoyed working there - work was flexible and pay was ok (i am not saying \'great\') - i\'d have hard time to believe these rumors that the company is in trouble. i left on my own as i decided to relocate to a region where rotech has no presence.
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Go to thread Na-na-na, Wednesday 01/20/10 00:00:00 UTC
Yep, here we go again - another round has started. It\'s sad that we claim that we are a group of \"compassionate hometown healthcare companies\" when we treat our employees in such a way.
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Go to thread AP, Wednesday 11/11/09 00:00:00 UTC
Hey, did you guys hire any \"Air Products\" folks as they dissolved in the US? I know that Walgreen took some folks and I am just courious to see if some went to Rotech as parts of Air Products\' US ops were goobled up by Rotech.
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Go to thread Lazarus, Monday 07/27/09 00:00:00 UTC
Rotech has a LOT of vent patients in some area's!!! They will take anything a Dr wants them to take in fear of loosing the referal.. Whatever the crazy sales rep whines for they will get regardless of the liability!!!!! Heck I saw them take a vent patient once without seeing the patient, without evaluating the home for safety or meeting the patients family to see if they could learn to care for it. OF course this was after 4 other companies refused the patient... LOL These patients are more or less on their own now. Thanks to the good education they got from those laid off RT's they are able to manage. Most of the locations can't get the monthly supplies in order for delivery without the RT. Our vent patients are calling in continuously for things not delivered. AND they try to hide the fact of not having an RT on staff from the referral sources. I don't know about the rest of you but I sure do miss our RT, I knew I could always count on that person to answer clinical questions, and basically the RT would decide what the best plan for the patient was in the home. Our Dr's appreciated the clinical input and it helped our business greatly. Now we just "wing it", not sure thats the best thing for the patient. YEP, "IT'S THE BLOTECH WAY" "WE CARE ABOUT PATIENT CARE" where's my barf bag
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