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Go to thread Anonymous33499, Friday 09/05/14 00:53:30 UTC

Outsourced Jobs

after the layoffs were announced, management here said practically nothing about them. IT is being outsourced to another company. Can elements of R&D and manufacturing be far behind?
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Go to thread Anonymous18945, Monday 07/07/14 23:31:26 UTC

Still very silent here

I did not see much talk about Abbott layoffs on Cafe Pharma as well, for whatever reason there is not much folks discussing it - however, 2014 will turn out to be a huge layoff year for us.
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Go to thread Anonymous14710, Wednesday 06/25/14 18:37:14 UTC

Layoffs happening right now

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Go to thread Anonymous2813, Wednesday 01/15/14 17:26:47 UTC

Abbott Vascular - Temecula, CA

Cuts are happening all the time, downsizing is here to stay. Moving jobs overseas and finding efficiency in the process (maybe). Vascular used to be great but now it's all going down hill. I think Abbott had around 5000 employees, now we have less than 2000 people and will continue to shrink.
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Go to thread Anonymous2812, Wednesday 01/15/14 17:23:12 UTC

Abbott layoffs 2014

I heard many rumors about the cuts in Q1 - anyone with Abbott who can confirm this.
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Go to thread mayana, Friday 10/18/13 17:25:57 UTC
there was a "more than 200 people cut" in the vascular group a few months back - this is all the game the execs are playing, they know that the wall street will react positively to the cuts and they are playing it for their own bonuses. abbott is doing good enough to avoid this but they are doing it on purpose to prop up the price of our stock and to increase value of the stock they own - this cut will hurt us in the long run but hey who cares about abbott - it's all about short term gain for both execs and stock holders... it's plain STUPID!
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Go to thread Anonymous, Thursday 10/03/13 00:34:01 UTC
2K in 2011, 1K in 2012, god-knows-how-many in 2013 --- I am sure 2014 will be as good for Abbott as the previous three years
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