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Go to thread Anonymous5285, Tuesday 02/25/14 19:57:49 UTC

Boise Call Center Downsized big time

1,600 folks will be let go by April 25th - Call Center (HP Campus) in Boise is hit - I guess healthcare enrollment calls are down, so they are cutting staff. The economy here in Boise is so bad, people have little choice. This will be a huge hit for our community. They say the will start rehiring this fall when the call volume picks up
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Why we do not have any posts here?

We all know what's happening at Maximus!!!
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2014 Cuts coming

That's what I heard
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Go to thread Info, Friday 09/27/13 20:36:38 UTC
MAXIMUS worked with the state Department of Health as its Medicaid enrollment broker. There were issues with the contract and M had to lay off hundreds of people. This was in 2011 I think. I heard that more cuts are planned for 2014.
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