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Go to thread Anonymous61458 (HR), Thursday 01/29/15 00:22:12 UTC

Layoffs being made in February

Layoffs coming in February. Head of Domestic HR rolling out staff cuts for Permian Basin (Houston and Midland)as well as California - though not sure how this will be rolled out given the spinoffs in Vintage/Elk Hills etc. Cuts will be bigger than the 2009 reductions as oil is seen as staying lower for much longer this time round.
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Go to thread Anonymous58292, Friday 01/16/15 18:59:12 UTC

OXY Layoffs 2015

We cut capital spending at the end of last year, I think we had 18% cut. This tells a story. There will be less capital, less projects, so less work for all of us. The management will have to cut deep and wide and we should expect layoffs to reach 10% of OXY's workforce. I have no insider information and I am just basing this on my observations, many companies are laying people off, most of the folks affected are in services areas like SLB or Halliburton or Baker Hughes. They will the first one to go with cuts but very soon all big Oil and Gas companies will follow. Gas will be less affected as the major players were cutting last year with Cheasepeake and Encana cutting thousands of jobs last year.
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Go to thread Anonymous58281 (Engineering), Friday 01/16/15 18:27:22 UTC

The type of people at this company would deserve it

Hopefully Oxy will take the usual knee jerk, idiotic reaction to a dip in oil prices that they usually take. The type of bigoted, petty employee this company attracts would deserve it anyway. Moved on to one of the majors after experiencing this so called professional company. They let go of people in 2009 only to have the same positions open again 6 months later. Totally stupid. This company and its mentality need to disappear.
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Go to thread Anonymous58083, Thursday 01/15/15 23:22:33 UTC

Check out Schlumberger's page here, just search for it

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Go to thread Anonymous53567, Wednesday 12/17/14 00:57:49 UTC

Chazen's Strategy

Let's see what he can do in 2015. I think we'll see layoffs, the prices keep dropping and there is a reorg in works, so I can tell you that things are not looking good.
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Go to thread Ka Bee (IT), Tuesday 12/09/14 20:47:36 UTC


Oil prices dropping fast in addition to all of their other problems - Oxy had layoffs in 2009 when oil plummeted - watched a few people get dos boot. Look for layoffs at Oxy in TX very soon unless oil rebounds in a big way, and I don't see it! Bon voyage. Don't forget to write.
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Go to thread Anonymous5119, Monday 02/24/14 20:18:10 UTC

OXY Problems

We have number of problems, let's see what happens in 2014
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Go to thread Anonymous1713, Tuesday 12/17/13 06:35:11 UTC

No layoffs during this downturn

Still doing pretty good - I am not with the company any more but I used to work for it here in LA. I hear all good things, bonuses are good and folks still like it. There is still much room to grow. OXY is a winner...
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Go to thread Anonymous, Sunday 10/13/13 06:35:48 UTC
i think we cut 50 percent of staff back in1989
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Go to thread Anonymous, Saturday 12/08/12 10:02:42 UTC
Occidental hires and fires at the same time - nothing new, nothing unusual - people are being let go all the time. I know some folks here in Los Angeles who were let go over last 10 weeks, at the same time I know people who were hired - so really, the concept of layoffs is omnipresent at Occidental. Layoffs are signs of both good and bad management, mostly good...
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