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City of Paramount

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Local and State Government, excluding education and hospitals
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Government, city, local employer. No ticker. Not listed.
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Not applicable
About City of Paramount:
City government of Paramount, California is one of the largest local employeers.
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Paramount had approximately 48000 citizens in 1999 and 55000 in 2000. Census (all data here is taken from US Census sources) estimates are as follows: 2006: 56000 and 56000 for 2009. Calculated inhabitant growth rate is -0.25percent. Paramount is located in California and belongs to the following metro area: Los Angeles. Coordinates: 33.90 North - 118.16 West

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Go to thread Anonymous, Thursday 10/03/13 19:53:04 UTC
was supply chain hit?
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Go to thread Anonymous, Thursday 10/03/13 00:29:49 UTC
I learned long ago from accountants within the studio that this is a standard 3rd and 4th quarter accounting trick to increase executive bonuses. As the year-end closes, they all of a sudden have done very well in each division and shown % increases over The last year. Then as the new year rolls around, they realize they can’t really do without these additional bodies, so they start to rehire, except at lower rates to save even more money… The exec hasn’t really created any thing new or more money, just ruined a few more lives and padded his/her pocket with the blood and sweat of his/her staff. What a wonderful world we live in. Hurray for Hollywood.
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Go to thread oh, Thursday 10/03/13 00:28:07 UTC
After 12 years at a highly visible television/film/theme park GIANT,(as a good employee with no problems); I was a victim of their knife 2 years ago, and I am still trying to recover! After receiving notice that my position was eliminated, my exit papers and escorted by security out the front door like a common criminal with barely enough time to retrieve my purse and coat; it took me 3 weeks to get my severance package! HR questioned my veracity about me not receiving it, only to find out THEY NEVER SENT IT! It took threatening them with dialogue from my attorney before it was resolved! It was a most humiliating experience, and totally overshadows the years I spent there working with some really great people!
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Go to thread Anonymous, Thursday 10/03/13 00:25:46 UTC
Brad Grey’s job as CEO is to produce a cost-effective product that sells and produces profits for the shareholder. Viacom may have had a profitable last quarter but it certainly wasn’t due to STID and WWZ. Grey is the one who greenlit those movies at a cost of $315M each. $190M production and another $125M marketing. STID was $150M short of breakeven in box office receipts. They will make some of that up in aftermarket. WWZ was $50M short of breakeven and will make some or most of that up in aftermarket but there won’t be much profit, if any. So Brad Grey failed in his mission to produce a cost-effective product and 110 people are now without jobs. I’m pretty sure Grey won’t be taking a paycut, he’ll probably even get rewarded for making these cuts with additional stock options. By the way, how does one NOT make money on Star Trek given the following it has?
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Go to thread Anonymous, Thursday 10/03/13 00:25:03 UTC
NBC/U, Dreamworks, Disney, HBO and now Paramount. Who’s next to swing the axe?
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Go to thread Huntsberry Layoff Email, Thursday 10/03/13 00:22:40 UTC
To: Paramount Employees From: Frederick Huntsberry As our industry continues to adapt to an increasingly competitive environment, we are always ensuring that Paramount is conducting its business as efficiently and productively as possible. As such we are making important and necessary changes in how we operate across several business functions. Although most employees will not be impacted, these changes will result in organizational realignment in select areas, and the elimination of 110 positions on the lot and in a number of international locations. The headcount reductions will primarily impact Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Home Media Distribution, Legal and Marketing. Change is always difficult and we never take these steps lightly. We are confident that these changes will allow us to manage our business with greater speed and flexibility and fully capitalize on opportunities in the global entertainment market. We know you all join us in wishing our departing colleagues well. We have an extraordinary team at Paramount, a strong slate of upcoming films and exciting plans for re-entry into television production. Our legacy of success stretches back more than 100 years, with a deep history of adjusting to our industry’s challenges and realizing its new opportunities – all while creating the world’s most iconic films and entertainment experiences. Thank you for your continued hard work.
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Go to thread Paramount Layoffs (Roddenberry East), Thursday 10/03/13 00:20:00 UTC
For all of us from Paramount who know what’s going on, the layoffs were not a surprise. I am personally surprised by the announced number, as I was expecting this to be in a 30 to 50 resource range – long story short, 110 seems to be a bit too much – I’ll leave it by that. I was not surprised by the hits to our marketing group, I am not sure what happened with Finance and who got hit, but no surprises there too. Anyhow, Huntsberry tells us the following peeps are being hit: fin, human resources, information technology, home video, legal and marketing – he’s done the same thing to Universal, so no changes here as well. The bottom line is that we at Paramount need to play the game better, our production needs to improve and everyone else will flourish – that’s the root of all problems. Unless we fix this it’s going to be 2006 (CBS split layoffs) and 2012 and 2013 all over again…
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