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Petco Animal Supplies

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Specialty Retail, Other
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private company
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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.4 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 20100. Located in CA

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Go to thread Bather (Grooming salon), Monday 01/12/15 15:09:43 UTC

Bather layoff

My mngmnt told me tht as of this upcoming saturday 01/17/14 the bather position is being eliminated. Is there any truth to that?
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Go to thread Anonymous34562, Tuesday 09/09/14 08:37:49 UTC


I am not with PETCO anymore but here are my two cents. The job was pretty easy if you know what you were doing and you are flexible and can adjust to the madness. Everyone should be prepared to to be on the cash register for at least twenty four months before you can do anything else, that's given. You will be left to fend for yourself first couple of weeks, then you pretty much get used to the situation. My managers were useless and lazy. No room for improvement - no role modes, it's hard to grow here. Here you go, the cash register. Managers are seldom satisfied, very nit picky, there was always something that went wrong. Folks are rude, both internal people and customers (often). Customers always want discounts and want to use expired coupons, but never wanted to donate to help any homeless animals. No help from anybody when the store gets busy, if no one comes to your aid when a customer needs something you had to do it pretty much on your own. Manager expected all of the animals during morning care to be completely clean in an hour, a process which took about two hours because there were so many animals and they all had different cleaning processes (very time consuming), plus if you weren't finished before the store opened you had to run back and forth between cash registers and the animal cages which can get very much annoying. We were very short staffed. Hours and scheduling was stupid, we had 36 hours one week and 16 the next, go figure. Would work you all the way to 39 hours, so never got benefits, clever PETCO. Never got time for training, had to come in on your days off for training, al least you had an option. Managers always calling and asking you to come in on your days off, very annoying. (making you feel bad if you didn't) unrealistic expectations had to be met (e.g., getting a certain section of the store clean and properly stocked, animals had to be cleaned and fed for morning staff, and our dear customers had to be rung up, all before closing time not to mention all of those tasks done by a single person). Favors: Managers had favorite folks, they got to work side by side with management leaving others stuck in the same place day after day with no improvement. We had to kiss customers *** all the time and big time, if someone threw a hissy fit because they couldn't find their dog food for their oh so precious dog, we had to pretty much bend over backwards and go to great lengths just to make them a little less ticked off. Many times I got put on closing the store and opening early the next morning leaving no time for sleep, or even a life. Sunday's were, let's be honest, CRAZY BRUTAL. Too awful to even talk about Sundays, if you got put to work on a Sunday, then your whole week was pretty much f-ed up. So, as I said, just 2 cents folks.
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Go to thread Anonymous4434, Wednesday 02/12/14 05:48:59 UTC

Who was affected?

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Go to thread Anonymous4433 (Corporate), Wednesday 02/12/14 05:43:52 UTC

65 people were laid off or positions moved to TX- January 2014. 100% confirmed.

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Go to thread Anonymous3756, Tuesday 01/28/14 03:15:27 UTC

Not sure if you were kidding

But no layoffs in March for sure - where did you get info? What are you basing it on? Petco is doing pretty good, my store keeps setting new sales number records.
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Go to thread Anonymous3637, Saturday 01/25/14 19:53:40 UTC

petco ibm layoffs

any news?
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Go to thread Anonymous3466, Thursday 01/23/14 08:41:10 UTC

petco layoffs

Corporate layoffs, March 2014, anybody knows more?
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Go to thread andreas villamajor, Thursday 07/30/09 00:00:00 UTC
so here it goes: sales are down and profits are non-existent. we are not going to be selling more than we are now as the consumer is going thru a major lifestyle realignment. the only way to resolve this is cutting costs, and we all know that the labor costs are the highest costs today. My 2c though....
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