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Go to thread Cindy Lewis (Marketing), Thursday 11/20/14 13:53:08 UTC

A Horrible Marketing Department is made even more incompetent as adminstrators take over and staffs reduced dramtically

I was just laid off from PBI after four years....and had no idea if I was the only one, or one of many since the entire termination was done via email. I later found out that PBI "laid off" a number of key marketing staff this past week (nice to do it so close to holidays!) and will now rely ona skeleton staff of internal "suck ups" who know nothign about brand developemtn , creativity or communication ....and everythgin about dreating reports, and charts, and graphs, and being internal administrators...essentially these are the folks who "add it all up....who can count it"...and none of them can "bring it in". Maybe at the very top they are good leaders (although no one ever sees or ehars from them) but this broad group of middle managers is a weak group of sycophants. And for that reason, if you are paid off...turn and run the other way as fast as you can. In two minutes you'll look back and count your blessings.
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Go to thread Anonymous20767, Tuesday 07/15/14 03:25:57 UTC

Pitney Bowes is now opening dealerships like their competitors have used for years? Reduced expenses to PB but increased service for customers.

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Go to thread Anonymous9492, Friday 05/09/14 23:10:59 UTC

Business is Shrinking Rapidly

Problems left, right and center. Pitney Bowes has issues from both revenue perspective and from the cost perspective, I would not be surprised if we were to go bankrupt in next five years
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Go to thread Anonymous7614 (TAM), Tuesday 04/08/14 01:19:30 UTC

jobs lost April 8 2014 just cut the TAM position in the southeast with out any warning

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Go to thread Anonymous3971, Tuesday 02/04/14 01:33:07 UTC

2014 layoffs at Pitney Bowes

I am not sure how much time we have but it seems that our strategic direction is to fall of the cliff together with all that we own. Pitney Bowes used to be innovative, cutting edge and very profitable - look what's happening today, things are worse every month
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Go to thread Anonymous1637, Monday 12/16/13 17:51:27 UTC

2014 Cuts

I hear many rumors, any news about PBI layoffs?
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Go to thread Anonymous, Thursday 09/19/13 00:43:33 UTC
To put it simply, Pitney Bowes is a mess. It’s difficult to find a company where revenue has consistently declined and the stock price has significantly depreciated since 2009. Pitney Bowes has remained profitable, but that has been mostly due to layoffs. The problem is that Pitney Bowes is mostly laying off its knowledgeable workers opposed to managers. As you might have figured, the company culture is poor.
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