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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa Layoffs 2011

Back in 2011 Rockwell-Collins had a RIF and laid off approximately 300 employees (and some contract folks) – this was mostly caused by federal defense budget cuts which were huge at the time. Also, there were layoffs in the non-defense part of the company. I was part of the RIF, however I was able to find a similar job within 2 months so all worked out good, even though I liked at Rockwell (spent 8 years there). Many folks had IT skills, and those skills were and are in demand so we did not have to struggle a lot. I worked at Rockwell-Collins Shared Services Division. Also Iowa WD had employment seminars organized, all folks were invited, but not many attended. I have a friend who was with Rockwell-Collins Government Programs she attended and found it useful. It all worked out to the better for her as well. So, if you are the part of the most recent layoffs, do not be desperate, there are many options out there and your career with Rockwell prepared you really well to survive the layoff and move forward with your career.
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Any layoffs so far this year?

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rockwell collins downsizing

any news?
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Arinc Cuts

Do you know if anybody got cut after Arinc acquisition...
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2008, 2012 and 2014

We had major layoffs in 2008, 500 folks were let go here at Rockwell Collins - another round was in 2012 where we cut over a thousand folks. I hear that 2014 will be the worst year on the record. I wanted to see if anybody knew what's the severance policy - for example, how much did folks in 2008 got, how about 2014. All the best...
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sequestration had an impact, RC is not immune, we know sequestration issues will resurface and current layoffs are a result of that - brace yourself, 2014 will be a rocky year
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Rockwell Collins, plans to lay off 300 employees and eliminate other open positions as part of a general belt-tightening to manage the impact of the economic downturn.
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