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How is the union going?
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Is TSS remaining at pay grade R08 and taking the cut or is the pay cut part of a reduction in pay grade?
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Target Rumors

I hear that we'll have a massive layoffs in March (on the IT side). This is only a rumor right now and I did not hear this from multiple sources.
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I spent a ton of cash this year for Christmas, but I didn't spend a dime of it at target. After the idiotic board of directors made "unregrettable decisions" and laid all of our loyal teammates off this year I decided I have no loyalty to this company anymore. If you are a member of the other site, you know the people who were layed off and their families haven't spent anything at target either. They are spreading the word and so am i. This company only has loyalty to top management and no one else. our top management would do better with 'temps'. this is not the company i joined and this IS NOT the brand i was proud to support. doesn't everyone realize they are hiring temps because of the ny dc threat on the union? temps can't strike and keep working if teammates don't. not to mention less severance WHEN they shut down the dc that is rumored to close in march. this company is now a joke. target culture is no longer and its sad because the word 'teammates' used to be more than just the top salaried people in hq. i will no longer buy ANYTHING from this company. they have made themselves a bullseye for disgust
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No layoffs in TTS but paycuts coming

They'll keep their promise of no layoffs in TTS. Paycuts are what's next.
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Bonuses at Target

What do you guys think, please keep the discussion civil
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Go to thread A Unemployed HQ Worker (HQ), Monday 11/24/14 01:20:59 UTC

Repack gone next summer

Well I was next At HQ to get the boot,so I would like to share that by next summer repack will be next to go. The Company feels that sending full cases will save the company a ton of money. Be Aware!!!!!!
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Go to thread Anonymous49246, Tuesday 11/18/14 23:55:55 UTC

What happens when they Fire you or lay you off at Target?

Sounds like Target is doing a bunch of poor performance actions in order to trim the Target herd without all the bad press. For those that are fired or laid off does anyone on here know what happens after that? Do they offer severance or do the now unemployed team member just have to file for government unemployment?
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Go to thread Anonymous48328, Thursday 11/13/14 15:41:34 UTC

So, what does this say about TTS?

Target Buys Pittsburgh Shopping Technology Firm Target Corp. has acquired a Pittsburgh company that says its software platform brings "an Amazon-like shopping experience" to in-store customers. Powered Analytics co-founder Collin Otis and a spokesman for Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target confirmed the deal Wednesday. Terms were not disclosed. Otis says the firm, founded in 2012, will remain headquartered in Pittsburgh. Powered Analytics' Fabric product uses mobile technology, location data and machine learning to connect a retailer's app to the in-store shopping experience. The system uses the store's layout and product locations to deliver customized recommendations and messaging to customers.
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Go to thread Anonymous47199, Wednesday 11/05/14 07:35:41 UTC

More hires

Is it me or does it seem like their hiring more "seasonal" people than in past years. My store told us today their hiring 48???? Seems fishy if you ask me.
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Go to thread Anonymous46821 (TTS), Saturday 11/01/14 18:19:26 UTC

October and January

Looks like Target is doing the same predicable patterns. A corporate layoff in October with a bigger corporate layoff in January. I think I will get my résumé ready for the next round.
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Go to thread Anonymous46750, Friday 10/31/14 23:32:10 UTC

Why is Target's website so slow?

I am a customer, not sure who can help me here but please let me know: Why is Target's website so slow? I called customer support, they are playing stupid, it's like do you have a fast connection (I have a fast internet cable connection), do you have a fast computer (I have a brand new PC). Anyone here knows why?
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Go to thread Anonymous46573, Friday 10/31/14 12:30:50 UTC

How is TTS fairing these days? I have heard there has been a model shift over the last 6 months

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Go to thread Anonymous46568, Friday 10/31/14 11:56:59 UTC

Check out the Staples board. Maybe since they treat us old timers like shit, we should do the same.

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Go to thread From t-579 (Inbound), Thursday 10/30/14 22:15:37 UTC

Temps taking over

I been hearing rumors that temps will be driving equipment after fall seasons, has any other dc heard about this, our dc is loaded with temp workers.
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Go to thread Anonymous46315, Thursday 10/30/14 07:57:28 UTC

Are FMML and FMBPs Next?

Please post what you know.
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Go to thread Anonymous46282, Thursday 10/30/14 00:46:51 UTC

Real Estate, Architecture, Construction (PMs), Property Development Layoffs (October / November 2014)

Last time it was technology services, human resources, finance and marketing. Now we have Real Estate, Architecture, Construction (PMs), Property Development. Is anyone safe? Also, what about November and December 2014. I am sure we'll have a dismal 2015. I think around 100 folks are affected with the latest cut, our January 2014 cuts affected 500 people.
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Go to thread Anonymous46051, Tuesday 10/28/14 15:57:27 UTC

Layoffs at HQ coming Wed 10/29

Don't have much info but it's happening on wed 10/29. All leaders were told to report to the office on Wed.
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Go to thread Anonymous45120, Wednesday 10/22/14 13:14:58 UTC

Get it together

How the hell can you run a store when you only schedule 1 cashier and 2 team members on the sales floor . I've been with target for 18 years . Our store is at almost 90% turnover with team members to etls and even stls . Come on Target !!! Get it together !! This is the beginning of the end for target !!!
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Go to thread tno, Thursday 09/25/14 02:19:00 UTC

Is this really a serious thing?

Tno has been more if a failure than the intro to canada. Missed loads, plenty if pissed off stores, LOST logistics experience due to the layoffs of perfectly fine capable people who were just doing thier jobs and did i mention pissed off stores. There is NO way we can service the stores like the dc's did. How can we judge store deliveries from thousands of miles away? Who was the idiot behind this stupid decision? This will not get better. If you are at a store just bear with us. We didnt create this problem, we just applied.
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Go to thread Anonymous36592, Monday 09/15/14 18:07:52 UTC

If Incapable people reach at top, This is what happens, what is happening in TTS be it TTS Mpls or Target India. I don't see any change

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Go to thread Barely surviving (TTS), Thursday 09/11/14 02:56:27 UTC

Any insight to today's meeting at Target Center?

Any major changes reported to the team members today? Any additional massive layoffs so a few executives can get their bonuses in March?
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Go to thread Anonymous30897 (TTS), Wednesday 08/27/14 03:41:18 UTC

All TTS senior directors promoted as VP

What a fun day ! All the senior directors promoted as VPs. Remember these are the same folks who messed up things during so called transformation earlier by building their empires. One of this guy even wasted millions of $ trying to implement POS package. Instead of kicking him out he is promoted. What are they rewarded for ? Several other folks promotions are held up saying there is promotion freeze across the org.
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Go to thread Anonymous30448, Tuesday 08/26/14 05:36:11 UTC

Target Corporation Jobs

Hello all, I have a quick inquiry. I am not a Target employee but I wanted to ask you what is the best way of applying for Target Corporation jobs. I know that there is website where you can apply for jobs but I have a feeling that those resumes just site somewhere and that nobody is looking at them. So, what's the best way to apply for Target Corporation jobs? Should I find a headhunter who has contacts at Target? How about emailing Target Corp folks directly. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Business (UC Riverside) and I have 1 year of work experience as an assistant to a Buyer at a Fortune 500 company. Please help.
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Go to thread Anonymous29313, Thursday 08/21/14 14:37:04 UTC

Calm before the storm

They'll wait till after the holiday season before starting the next round of layoff. Don't wait for the layoff ax to fall, look for your next job now.
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Go to thread Anonymous28821, Wednesday 08/20/14 14:25:35 UTC

Continued slashing of earnings forecast

Can't keep cutting profit outlook forever without something resulting from it. Something is going to have to happen soon....has anyone heard yet of a new round of layoffs?
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Go to thread Anonymous28672, Tuesday 08/19/14 19:18:24 UTC

Get rid of meetings

Target has two huge flaws.... Meetings and leadership expectations. Meetings especially statuses are a waste of time, company could improve work efficiency just by stopping statuses alone. Leadership expectations are ridiculous and a waste of time. You can't pigeonhole anyone into a category. People are all different and should be treated as people. I do like the BTS survey though as I feel target actually acts on it to make improvements.
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Go to thread Anonymous27586, Wednesday 08/13/14 23:30:56 UTC


Will you stand up for the people who have been here 15+ years and built this company or will you take sides with new graduates who are making pointless changes in hq and let this company turn into kmart? Look at what they did to the computer techs. Look at what they did to the logistics techs. Look at what they are doing to the full time store and dc employees. Remember who built this company and that your employees and thier familys are customers too. The decision to do away with computer techs and the logistics techs will cost the company money. Whoever says it will save money obviously supported the canandian store project. Watch who you surround yourself with Brian. Get out in the company and talk to the people who make things happen. Hq is a horrible virus destroying this once great company. We can be great again as long as you know we are all in this together and its not "us against them"
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Go to thread Anonymous25704 (Target ISM), Tuesday 08/05/14 21:19:28 UTC

Typical Target mistake

Edina, Minnesota store is selling football jerseys with obvious misspelling of new Vikings rookie quarterback. His actual last name is BRIDGEWATER. What the Edina store is selling is jerseys spelled BRIDEWATER....there is no "G" in the last name. Same old Target. No one cares anymore. That's why Canada started out by not selling Plus sizes for women, Canada can't keep bread and milk on the shelves because of poor supply chain issues. Target is an absolute joke now. Even with the new leadership.
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Go to thread Anonymous25686, Tuesday 08/05/14 19:09:04 UTC


Is there any talk of layoffs at headquarters
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Go to thread Anonymous25619 (Slave), Tuesday 08/05/14 15:21:08 UTC

Lack of appreciation company

I have been working for Target got over 18years and it is very sad the way they let Gls put down ppl. Gls think that they Know it all. Old teammates make this company not new Gls. It will be good if all the team will call in sick for a day and see if Target run with only Gls . They don't even have a clue on ppl skills all they think is about numbers .And now logistic is leaving on sept and clericals will be taking over some of the job without a increase of payment and more work . I'm planing of getting out since I can't stand all the injustice . And now I heard more changes are coming????
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Go to thread Anonymous21142 (TTS), Thursday 07/17/14 01:56:55 UTC

When is the Solution Delivery and Solution eng merging into Eng org. Looks like this too slow in decision making by TI leadership

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Go to thread Former employee (Former TTS), Monday 07/14/14 21:13:54 UTC


So have things started to stabilize with the new leadership? Or is it still crazy?
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Go to thread Manager-PG15 (TI-TTS), Sunday 07/13/14 02:35:47 UTC

Open Letter to BOB

1. There are lot of leadership roles like Intake Manager,Delivery Lead .Some are closer to technology ie understand /know ground level tech activities while major % are 10000 Ft above.Please send those with no ground reality people home so that people who are genuinely Technical execution experts get recognition for their work. They make real differences to the business. 2. Reduce the stress on leaders (PG13-17) to be "strategic" or atleast define this in clear terms. Many DMG/KMG kept quiet while this transformation was not helping anyone except IT Vendors.This looked fishy to many managers but did not have the option to prevent as who made opposed this were called non collaborative. 3.Have a strong Vendor management that has all the data of projects,what goof ups thay made. Prevent some Managers supporting them extensively beyond business needs.
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Go to thread Anonymous19135, Tuesday 07/08/14 13:34:54 UTC


Bob has started? Testing and build DMG asked to leave?
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Go to thread Anonymous16603 (TTS Target India), Tuesday 07/01/14 13:47:25 UTC

BOB is going to cut down on Contractors and increase Minneapolis Engineers

We overheard our Managers talking BOB is going to cut down on Offshore contractors and add to Minneapolis Technical people. They seemed to be worried on reduction in "Leadership" roles.
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Go to thread A screwed packer from a dc out west (packing mods), Monday 06/30/14 18:50:57 UTC

Repack is coming next.

Just to let everyone know I work out west at a dc for 15 years, well are time as packers are coming to a end, nothing but temps are taking over, I mean when someone leaves the company or gets fired, temps takes there jobs and no one can even post to another key if they wanted to, I wish we had a union, but I fear it is too late for us.
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Go to thread DTO Technician (Formally TTS), Monday 06/30/14 01:30:50 UTC


As anyone knows in TTS. You have to put your time in Clarity everyday. Back in 2011 they decided to take us back to hourly from salary. They went back 4 years (When we went to salary) and paid us all OT entered in this system. So if you are working more than 40 hours, make sure you are putting this in Clarity. It could payoff if there is ever a lawsuit in reference to being salary. I hear the DTO Leads are running a lot of hours in clarity now, and are truly being worked to death. I hear some folks got some huge checks back in 2011. How is the Union drives going? Any other web sites?
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Go to thread Inbound Slave (Inbound), Monday 06/30/14 00:22:40 UTC

We are screwed!

Only believe what you get in writing. Repack is next from what I hear. If Target management is opening their mouths, they are lying. Union is the only thing that will help you. You need that voice. I predict that distribution employment will be cut in half by temps in the next 5 years. Vote Union! Call your local government and ask them to revoke tax benefits give to Distribution Centers. This company shouldn't be able to screw workers and their local communities at the same time.
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Go to thread Anonymous15890, Saturday 06/28/14 20:57:26 UTC


Does anyone know what dept at 3806 is gonna go next?
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