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(Thu 03/26/15 16:41:50 UTC)

Amazon Career Fair: Merchandising, Pricing, Ops, MPD

Hello Target Team Members, The Amazon Retail Recruiting Team will be hosting a networking happy hour in Minneapolis on Thursday, April 9th. This is a great opportunity to have some one-on-one time with Merchandising business leaders across all of Amazon Retail. Please follow the link below and ... read more

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(Thu 03/26/15 05:50:03 UTC)

One Free Lingman Hug Card.

Hey Dr.Fatts, do you know where Ms. Lingman is? I just found a "One Free Hug From Lingman" card in my winter coat pocket that I would like to redeem before it expires on 04/01/2015. Thanks!

Where's Lingman?!?!!?

(Wed 03/25/15 17:27:06 UTC)

HR director promoted after her expat assigment

Please join me in congratulating our beloved hr director who finished her expat assignment, went back to HQ last month and now promoted as senior director. Well deserved for her royal hardship in India. Wish Jodee promoted her as VP. Oh wait a minute did anyone ask about her accomplishments as HR ... read more

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(Wed 03/25/15 10:00:01 UTC)

Brian change coffee status to schlitz malt liquor status

Anonymous 77868

(Wed 03/25/15 03:11:27 UTC)

A Lingman A Day Keeps the Doctors Away!

Target TM: Doc, I don't feel well, this lay-off has me spooked, I'm recently married, the wifey's got a bun in the oven, we've brought a new house, and I've even brought a brand new $1200 HDTV online to watch my NFL games! If I get laid off, I'm so SOL....Dot.Doctor: I'm so sorry, hopes you feel ... read more

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(Wed 03/25/15 02:09:30 UTC)

Amazon Minneapolis Recruiting Event 2015

Has anyone attended? Any prospects? Do you think that buyers have a chance with

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(Tue 03/24/15 18:01:58 UTC)

Top leadership is bunch of enunchs.

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(Tue 03/24/15 17:43:10 UTC)

Still Pissed I Didn't Get One of Those Missoni Bikes... What a raw deal.

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(Tue 03/24/15 17:25:55 UTC)

Corporate Culture at Tgt?

Tgt vs other companies--I work at Tgt & do notice the importance placed on networking (GTKYs), being perceived as positive/team player, making boss look/feel good, image (grooming, presentation) & interested in input from those who worked elsewhere and at Tgt. Do same organizational traits exits at ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 14:41:31 UTC)

Target = North Korea

trust me, I have reasons. 1. Dear Leader phenomenon. You are expected to always agree with your dear leader, maybe marginally less during BTS. But always, otherwise. 2. Dear leaders are forever quoted and praised by all other lower leaders. "Canada is a great decision" "Jodee is the best CXO ever" ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 13:38:46 UTC)

The whole admin team being in limbo is not cool. I wished they would just get on with it already.

Why read a script to us and then make us wait indefinitely? Not cool

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(Tue 03/24/15 06:29:16 UTC)

Who are your real friends at Target?

A lot of women didn't buy the FFF, either, like me (the original poster). I wanted to work, not go outside and play horseshoes as a "team building" activity. I wasn't a crabass about it, I had fun (hey, it was summer and they were paying me), but I didn't respect it much. I still want to work while ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 06:28:00 UTC)

Discrimination of Men

In some areas of Target it was the men (Accounts Payable) that were in the extreme minority and were discriminated against. Many men could not get into the FF&F silliness and so were disadvantaged to be promoted or even keep their jobs. And the Happy Hours? How is Target family friendly when team ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 06:09:15 UTC)

Target Minimum Wage Increase

Long overdue. I knew many employees working for minimum wage trying to support a family or pay for schooling. As a manager, it sickened me to see all the hardworking people make 5X less than I did just because I was more extroverted and had a degree. BS on trickle down economics. Target had to ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 06:02:18 UTC)

Target layoffs this week

Do you guys have a prediction on what will happen? Do you think it's over. I sure hope so...

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(Tue 03/24/15 05:45:45 UTC)

Linggggmannnnn!!!!We've missed U so mucho gusto!

Linggggmannnnnn!!!!!!!! How's life We all miss U soooo muy bien mucho gusto our bonita Amazonian blondie dot.goddess!


(Tue 03/24/15 03:23:58 UTC)

Anyone considering reapplying to Target?

If I'm still unemployed by June, do you think it would be a good idea to reapply back to Target? I know there's the whole pride thing and mistreatment, but I think getting back into target would be easier due to previous experience. What are your thoughts?

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(Tue 03/24/15 00:18:31 UTC)

I love me some old English 800

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(Mon 03/23/15 18:09:06 UTC)

Admin Layoffs Tomorrow

I hear rumors about this, is it possible that they will cut again?

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(Mon 03/23/15 16:31:46 UTC)

Layoffs Tuesday, March 24?

Any one else hearing rumors about layoffs for tomorrow, 3/24? Could it be the admin layoff?

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(Mon 03/23/15 14:34:35 UTC)

Why I Didn't Get Cut at Target

I didn't figure out how to play the game in the right way. In a place where Team Leads are recognized for moving team members OFF their teams as quickly as possible because it was seen as "development" (WHAT?), I was in a department where those of us with higher educations were all held back. Only ... read more

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(Mon 03/23/15 12:32:38 UTC)

Is anyone hearing a Layoff in Target India on April 10.

All leaders say there will be difficult actions to meet the restructuring needs of Target and will reflect on the teams . What "difficult actions" means is not clear .There are some rumors that "Managers" with less than 5 DR's will be axed ! Not sure though what will be the criteria. Why post ... read more

Target INDIA
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(Mon 03/23/15 07:20:11 UTC)

Target - Discrimination?

Discrimination? I was one of those laid off. If any case could be made it is that they hit the older people (myself included in that august bunch) as they do in most layoffs. Guess why? Because we earn (cost them) more, will eventually cost them more in health care, and will leave "soon" anyway, ... read more

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(Mon 03/23/15 07:16:55 UTC)

Fun - marginally. Friendly - not really. Fast - NOT.

I'm now ex-TGT. When I was hired less than 4 years ago I was excited to work in a fast, fun and friendly place. FYI - I have 25 years of experience predominantly on the East Coast, with 3 years in the Valley. I worked in TTS. My assessment? Fun - marginally. Friendly - not really. Fast - NOT. Was ... read more

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(Mon 03/23/15 07:06:23 UTC)

How to succeed at Target

Most upper managers got their positions by kissing up to higher ups and back-stabbing their peers for the upper advantage. TGT's culture is sick and needs to be cured through more cuts. Layoffs suck? Heck yea, but TGT will come out stronger after all the egos and entitled ones are dealt with in a ... read more

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(Mon 03/23/15 04:18:57 UTC)

Remover the anti-Union video we were forced to watch in orientation?

Joke is on us.

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(Mon 03/23/15 03:35:07 UTC)

Here's what really went down...

1.) Brian tells his leadership team we need to make cuts and get leaner to compete 2.) EVPs and SVPs can't make a decision fast enough on who gets cut 3.) Brian acts decisively and uses Bain's recommendations, mostly based on cutting higher paid TMs (if you were on the wrong side of the median of ... read more

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(Sun 03/22/15 23:50:37 UTC)

For sale.kool aid grape or cherry 25cents

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(Sat 03/21/15 19:36:42 UTC)

Is anyone not signing the severance paperwork and thinking of a class action suit?

There were teams in which some were let go and some were kept. Isn't that discrimination? What was the reason to let some go and not others? It was clearly not performance based? Did everyone sign the paperwork and mail it in or are some people thinking of getting more $ by consulting a lawyer? ... read more

Donald Trump
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(Sat 03/21/15 19:18:32 UTC)


What about sioux falls location?

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(Sat 03/21/15 15:29:44 UTC)

Amazon Recruitment Reflection

I had interviewed and received an offer to join the recruiting team at Amazon Over the holiday season. I also did some networking with folks who work there, ex targeteers, locals, non amazonians and about 70% responses were NOT favorable. One of the guys I talked with was in Merch at Target and has ... read more

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(Fri 03/20/15 17:32:22 UTC)

Why isn't HR as impacted as the rest of us?

Seems like you'd only need a fraction of HR to handle a fraction of the HQ population. Same with OE and recruiting. We need to recruit better, not more.

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(Fri 03/20/15 16:33:35 UTC)

Stay away from Medica..

Impacted Target employees. Medica is an awful company to work for, if they are recruiting you, run as far away as you can. I'm an ex-Target employee affected by the layoff last year. I took a job at Medica Health Insurance and it's the worst career move I made. Very disorganized and the people are ... read more

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(Fri 03/20/15 15:49:02 UTC)

Todays cuts includes those not in HR

There were cuts this morning other than those in HR.

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(Fri 03/20/15 14:55:05 UTC)

Target Mpls (Deep Throat)

Layoffs to continue, the next round will be April 7th. Target Corp moved the layoffs that I had anticipated to happen on March 17th, to yesterday the 19th. I guess they don't like me spilling the beans.

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