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Toys "R" Us

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Toy & Hobby Stores
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private company
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Estimated 2008 revenue is 13.79 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 70000. Located in NJ

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Go to thread Anonymous34872, Wednesday 09/10/14 01:37:33 UTC

How much vacation hours do toys r us employees start with?

I think I will be accepting a job soon, would you please answer my question on vacation hours.
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Go to thread Anonymous7287 (Product development-corporate), Saturday 03/29/14 16:14:38 UTC

Charles Lazarus would not be proud of what TRU has become.

Upper management is completely out of touch with the workload of middle management and the actual people who get the work done. Supervisors are all talk and no help. Middle management regularly puts in 12 to 14 hour days plus weekends. Some do not take vacation days because afraid they will lose their job. With recent layoffs, I am very happy I no longer work there.
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Go to thread Anonymous7178, Thursday 03/27/14 21:26:24 UTC

2014 Toys R Us Layoffs - Wayne, NJ around 100, 500 globally

I am not sure about posts below but much of info is public anyway, CNN and Bloomberg already reported on the layoffs. On Wed we had an announcement that Toys 'R' Us will be cutting up to 500 jobs as part of a strategic plan to pump some monetary blood into our struggling business. 20% will be cut in the headquarters in Wayne, NY. The
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Go to thread Anonymous5820, Tuesday 03/04/14 01:28:59 UTC

2014, the year of job cuts at Toys R Us

We do not know much right now, I heard multiple rumors but it looks like that 200 resources will be cut in the corporate office - it's a yet another restructuring and we'll see where this takes us. I am sick and tired of all organizational changes and we do not know how this will finish. We will have more work, less resources, you can forget good raises and bonuses. Wayne will be hit but we are not sure if the stores will be affected at some point. Ever since we went private again it has been all about saving and cutting, I am not aware that any company become successful by cutting resources. So, New Jersey - get ready...
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Go to thread Anonymous4040, Wednesday 02/05/14 06:16:25 UTC

Preparing for layoffs

Get a good mentor, most of our managers suck but pick a good one, do whatever he or she needs, make sure you do a great service to that person. Once you develop that relationship, ask for guidance, have questions ready and be brief. This is gong to help you within Toys r. Us as well as outside of the company. Be smart, be ready...
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Go to thread Anonymous2356, Thursday 01/09/14 00:34:37 UTC

toysrus layoffs

forgot to say that we do have a good training program, so come work for toysrus, learn things, get laid off and find even better job - it's a simple but efficient career progression plan
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Go to thread Anonymous2355, Thursday 01/09/14 00:33:09 UTC

Frequent Layoffs

At Toys'r'Us gossip is rampant, nepotism and favoritism is wide spread, promotions are not merit based, no discount perks, crazy workload, layoffs are frequent. Expect issues in 2014, we had layoffs in 2013 as well.
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Go to thread Anonymous1677, Tuesday 12/17/13 00:27:53 UTC

How much vacation time does a new Toys R Us employee get?

Also, do I have to work every weekend, or, can I get some weekends off? What's the best time of day to work, I know TRU is busy on weekends, but what about weekdays and during the day?
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Go to thread Anonymous1588, Saturday 12/14/13 01:27:17 UTC

I hate my job

And I never heard about layoffs at TRU...
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Go to thread TOTI, Tuesday 06/18/13 00:24:21 UTC
Founded in 1948 by Charles Lazarus, The Toys "R" Us name made its debut in 1957. Operates over 1,000 stores in 35 countries and jurisdictions around the world under the Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" Us and FAO Schwarz banners. These locations sell toys, educational products, baby merchandise and children's apparel. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Bain Capital and Vornado Realty acquired the company and took it private in 2005.
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