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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.

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Go to thread Anonymous53749, Wednesday 12/17/14 17:06:31 UTC

Mission Forsaken: The University of Phoenix Affair with Wall Street

Who has read John D. Murphy’s new book “The University of Phoenix: Mission Forsaken”? A review of the book appeared on Yahoo Finance. Below is an excerpt from that article. To read the full article visit: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mission-forsaken-university-phoenix-affair-130000625.html According to the Yahoo article the book is “Dedicated to the ‘hundreds of thousands of University of Phoenix working adult graduates who have been subjected to the scandal-ridden decline in the well-earned reputation and standing of their alma mater, . . . " “Mission Forsaken reads like a novel as it lays out a visionary educational utopia now threatened with the dystopian possibility of loss of accreditation.” . . . . “As he (John D. Murphy) outlines in the book, the University of Phoenix went astray when it eliminated admissions standards with the stated goal of fulfilling its founding mission: solely serving working adult learners. With the elimination of entry standards, a new generation of University of Phoenix attendees now depend almost exclusively upon taxpayer-funded student loans and grants from other governmental sources. When the University of Phoenix went public, 80 percent of its working adult students had some or all of their tuition unwritten by their employers.” . . . “ Between 1999 and 2013, the University of Phoenix and Apollo Group paid for or are liable for $242 million in regulatory fines and whistleblower judgments."
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Wednesday 12/17/14 15:01:08 UTC

John Murphy Discusses the Rise and Fall of University of Phoenix

Anonymous52869, John Murphy was a co-founder of Apollo Group. In this video he talks about how University of Phoenix was a model for innovation--and how it has become a predatory company..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3fJB9j6r-o
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Go to thread Anonymous 123, Tuesday 12/16/14 01:59:01 UTC

Didn't the regulation changes name it illegal to push numbers on employees?

I thought they were supposed to stop pushing numbers on employees but they definitely haven't. They still fire people for not meeting their numbers. They label it differently than before but nothing has changed as far as production numbers, retention numbers, and referral numbers those are all heavily pushed. This company is so shady! I'm sure the D.O.E has no idea! They probably fluff up their reporting the way they fluff up their default rates. If you think their default rate is bad, you should see the real numbers before they fluff them up for the D.O.E
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Go to thread Anonymous53037, Sunday 12/14/14 03:01:24 UTC

All the same.

I went to ASU and all I learned how to do was binge drink, do coke and slay azz! Now tell me that is a well rounded education. Any company you work for is going to teach you what they want you to do. You put in the time at school and you get a piece of paper that proves you attempted to better yourself. This in turn allows you the opportunity to interview for jobs. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, the school is accredited. When you are flipping through the job sites and notice about 95% of any of the descent paying jobs require a bachelors degree just to apply, that so called worthless piece of paper suddenly becomes the golden Willy Wonka ticket; now doesn't it? A degree is merely a stepping stone and that is it. You can go to any school and if you invest your time in a degree which has no value such as psychology or liberal arts, you are going to struggle getting a job anywhere.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 12/12/14 20:26:26 UTC

Strike Debt and Rolling Jubilee

There is a growing movement against student debt and a greater awareness about how for-profit colleges put consumers in debt peonage. You can follow this movement on Twitter at https://twitter.com/StrikeDebt
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Go to thread Anonymous52694, Thursday 12/11/14 19:50:18 UTC

Question for past and current employees of Apollo Education Group????

It is very unfortunate that a mega corporation like Apollo has such poor leaders who fail to communicate their goals and strategy directly to the front line associates. As result, they put more and more employees and their families at risk. Sad, but true. The question is "Do you think working Apollo Education Group either presently or in the past is valuable to you personally or for your resume?
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Go to thread anonymous 11, Thursday 12/11/14 18:27:28 UTC

Any updates on when the layoffs are coming? They always do it this time of year.

Any updates on when these are happening?
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Go to thread LinkedIn, Thursday 12/11/14 12:55:46 UTC

UOP degrees

We use LinkedIn at work on our sales team to find decision makers at large companies. If we see a degree from uop we don't bother and try to find someone else. Nobody with a uop degree would be trusted with important decisions.
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Go to thread Anonymous52559, Thursday 12/11/14 05:19:52 UTC

Bring back Camden Kid

He's the only one with any sense around here. Get this PELL ATM shut down.
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Go to thread Sam (Ex enrollment ), Wednesday 12/10/14 11:47:27 UTC

Guy at work

A guy at work was saying how it's finals week and it's stressful working full time, being a single dad and attending a brick and motor campus. I told him to try UOP online. He looked at me, smirked, and said it's not a real college or accredidated. I just thought to myself..Dayum...this is what people actually think.....shiiit.
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Go to thread Directors and Managers Get Kickbacks Through Stock, Wednesday 12/10/14 03:06:21 UTC

Directors and Managers Get Kickbacks Through Stock

According to one poster who still works for the university of phoenix, campus directors, finance directors, and managers get kickbacks and bonuses through stocks that are given to them at the end of the year based on their enrollment and retention performance. Isn't that compensation based on enrollment which is illegal?
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Go to thread Anonymous52236, Wednesday 12/10/14 02:38:23 UTC

Dems is niggers Forrest!

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Go to thread Anonymous51684, Sunday 12/07/14 00:18:23 UTC

The finance advisors are trained to withhold as much of your money as possible. They sit on your funds to make interest off the money which

should be going back to you. They will tell to 30 to 60 days and keep changing the dates. They get bonuses the longer they are able to feed you this bs. Never ever listen to these scamsters. Only deal with directors or ODM. Insist on speaking with either one. They will try to keep this info secret as all of them try to protect one another. Do not deal with finance managers as they are the kings and queens of lying. Basically the best scamster finance advisors who were promoted to finance managers. They will not return your calls and will literally laugh at you as they are figuring out their next bonus check at your expense.
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Go to thread Anonymous51552, Saturday 12/06/14 04:52:01 UTC

San Diego is firing people

based on the number of students they enroll again. Boiler room alert. Where's the DoE? Where is the HLC?
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Go to thread Anonymous51496, Friday 12/05/14 16:40:15 UTC

The finance advisors at this school are like the cops in New York. Strangling people to death with debt.

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Go to thread Anonymous51271, Thursday 12/04/14 00:47:04 UTC

For profit schools are unscrupulous scumbags

A network of U.S. marketing companies run glossy websites promising jobs, health benefits, food stamps, and heating assistance -- sites with names like localemploymentnetwork.org or medicaidinsurancebenefits.com. But according to former employees of a company connected to these operations, the real purpose of these sites is a classic bait-and-switch: to get low-income people, single mothers, veterans, and unemployed older people on the telephone and push them into high-cost for-profit college programs. Based on the accounts of these employees, and documents they have provided to Republic Report, the operations may well be in violation of federal statutes prohibiting deceptive marketing and unwanted telephone sales calls, as well as Department of Education laws and regulations barring payment of sales commissions to college recruiters. At the very least, they are guilty of using sleazy tactics to sell poor-quality products. The for-profit college companies that have obtained leads on prospective students from these questionable operations include many of the biggest industry players: the University of Phoenix, Education Management Corp., Corinthian Colleges, ITT Tech, Kaplan, Career Education Corp., Bridgepoint, and Stevens-Henager -- all of which are currently under investigation by federal and / or state law enforcement for their own alleged internal fraudulent activities.
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Go to thread Anonymous51113, Tuesday 12/02/14 20:22:47 UTC

Your School Licks Smelly Cracks!

I agree with those who say stay away from University of Phoenix. I love many of the people who work there but your school licks smelly cracks. The course work is juvenile. How do I withdraw?
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Go to thread Anonymous50963, Monday 12/01/14 19:29:33 UTC

90/10 Rule

The 90/10 Rule will be amended to include VA funds starting in 2015.
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Go to thread Anonymous50904, Monday 12/01/14 02:54:34 UTC


Any thoughts? Please be polite.
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Go to thread Anonymous50792, Saturday 11/29/14 03:19:50 UTC

Like brick and mortar shoppers

Students in the future, especially the non-traditional student, will attend online rather than on a classroom. UOP campuses will all be gone by 2018 if not sooner.
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Go to thread Happy Thanksgiving (Pell disbursement ), Wednesday 11/26/14 21:43:59 UTC

For some of you...

Shall be unemployed Monday, right in time for the holidays. Truth is that it's the best gift you could be given.
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Go to thread Anonymous50602, Wednesday 11/26/14 17:25:01 UTC

Dear lambs. This ship is still sinking. Layoffs are certain

Even though some for-profit colleges are projected to have upticks in enrollment next year, the industry’s leader, the Apollo Education Group—the operator of the University of Phoenix—is projected by BMO to post enrollment losses in each quarter next year.
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Go to thread Anonymous50596, Wednesday 11/26/14 16:17:06 UTC

Layoff Monday?

Any word if UOP will be laying off employees like usual after thanksgiving ruining the holiday season for hundreds of people?
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Go to thread Anonymous50560, Wednesday 11/26/14 06:53:41 UTC

Manny and Brian in San Diego

Two Oompa Loompas not capable of stapling their balls to the other. Just San Diego degenerates.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (@ us justice) (My degree is in worthless Sociology), Tuesday 11/25/14 19:32:00 UTC

Google me. I'm a little upset because u ex boyfriend works at UOP. I'm kinda a big loser who stalks website like this one

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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Tuesday 11/25/14 16:28:02 UTC

Preferred Private Lenders?

Does anyone have an up-to-date list of University of Phoenix's preferred lenders for student loans? The current link is broken.
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Go to thread Anonymous50350, Monday 11/24/14 23:34:09 UTC

Bentonville, AR--Wal-Mart announced a plan

today to work with University of Phoenix to hire any graduate that can't find a job elsewhere. The number is said to be close to 200,000 Phoenix graduates.
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Go to thread Anonymous50317, Monday 11/24/14 18:44:02 UTC

How many Phoenix in Ferguson

going to get da riot on boyyeeee?
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Go to thread Wendall (WABX), Sunday 11/23/14 18:02:55 UTC

What Us Going On at the Western Washington (Seattle) Campus?

Can anyone there tell me what is really happening there? Is Bruce Williams still in charge? What about Bob E.? Is the place going to survive or be closed soon? Are all the terrible rumors true?.
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Go to thread Anonymous50180, Sunday 11/23/14 05:51:34 UTC

For-Profit schools are fading fast.,, get out while you can all students and employees

It's over. These schools are just a joke.
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Go to thread Anonymous50163, Sunday 11/23/14 03:09:32 UTC

They are all the same. It is the student and what they put into it, not just the institution. Many college grads can't find jobs

The middle class in america is gone because all the middle class jobs are gone too. Keep buying your Toyota's and all your other imports - what you get is a job at 7/11 or some other retail store. Also, what most people do not realize is that ALL colleges/universities have a profit motive. The only real difference between the nonprofit and for-profit sectors is that one pays taxes back into the community, while the other does not. For-profit universities also have to be accountable for how they spend their money; while public universities collect taxpayer dollars and spend them however they like- with zero accountability. E. Gordon Gee, the President of NON-PROFIT Ohio State University made $6 million in 2013. Too bad these ultra-liberal Gainful Employment regulations don't focus on non-profits as well. Too bad those regulations are just political. And too bad the liberal media believes more in advocacy journalism than writing a fair and balanced story for once.
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Go to thread Sad girl ( I'm on FMLA and my boss keeps sending emails with things to do to my private email......), Saturday 11/22/14 03:20:22 UTC

I'm on FMLA and my boss keeps sending ails with tasks to my private email......

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Go to thread Anonymous50057, Saturday 11/22/14 03:19:28 UTC

Only mentally deficient and desperate

go to this community college. Run don't walk away from this expensive really horrible school. It's a lie and you will never pay back your loan and will work a job that pays only 9.50 per hour forever ask your money back from this ripoff school.
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Go to thread Anonymous50053, Saturday 11/22/14 03:08:43 UTC

I have my red socks

but I still can't find a job my boss tells me I can work more hours in the kitchen in my job at Carl's junior but I want manager job and govt pay me all my loan you Phoenix hurted my life and family.
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Go to thread Anonymous50049, Saturday 11/22/14 02:51:08 UTC

I applied for a job today

and the woman who do the hiring told me that my degree was line high school and she laughed at me and says it's a fake college and tells me to protest to this school and I will cuz I'm IT.
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Go to thread Anonymous49997, Friday 11/21/14 20:12:16 UTC

Stay Away From University of Phoenix

Stay away from University of Phoenix. I don't know what scam they're running on federal financial aid and veterans' benefits but something is up with this "school." I'm almost two weeks into my third course and they still have not processed my paperwork. They keep making up a reason why they can't process my benefits. Each time there is a different reason. The problem is there is a clause in your enrollment application that says if University of Phoenix can't secure the funds from the government, the student is responsible for payment. There is a scam they are running somewhere I just don't know what it is. University of Phoenix is a Scam.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Camden Kid (usjustice)), Friday 11/21/14 20:08:22 UTC

I'm Camden Kid and I teach Sociology at a community college but I would like to work for UOP.

Please help secure me a job. I'll be good. No more badmouthing the company.
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Go to thread Anonymous49995 (Camden Kid (usjustice)), Friday 11/21/14 20:02:11 UTC

I am now unemployed and wondering if UOP has openings. This has been rough on me. I'm sorry that I spoke so badly about your school. I want to

Work for you guys now.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 11/21/14 15:27:48 UTC

Governments and Banks Bail Out For-Profit Colleges

It appears that the Obama administration will work with predatory banks and loan servicers to bail out for-profit colleges. At the same time, they are willing to leave students and workers in worsening conditions. Some workers may be able to keep their jobs, but those jobs may not be worth it. Many students will find themselves in debt peonage......http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/20/corinthian-ecmc-for-profit-colleges_n_6195354.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
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Go to thread Anonymous49515, Thursday 11/20/14 04:34:06 UTC

They no longer hold hands...

Cheryl vs Darryl
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