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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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Posts regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

(Fri 03/27/15 21:16:25 UTC)

All these losers gonna be lookin for jobs

Img UOP has lost half of their students
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(Fri 03/27/15 18:51:34 UTC)

Wow, these posts keep getting deleted

What does that wonderful person who delights us to no end have to be afraid of? Is he afraid to lie in the bed he makes? It seems as though he has a direct pipeline to the to get his name scrubbed from this site immediately. Its so tough being the victim all the time. the cognitive ... read more

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(Fri 03/27/15 18:15:38 UTC)


U gonna finally get off ur fat lazy ass and TRY to do some work? I literally watch u everyday do nothing. And then u try to pretend like u have some knowledge! Loser - take that crack ho AD with ya!

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(Fri 03/27/15 02:58:02 UTC)

Place is in deep dung! This is an exact repeat of Corinthian and ITT. Everyone knew the P would have it's chance and now it is happening at

full steam. Mark this post. I predicted the failure of Corinthian and ITT. This stock will be $8 in May. You can see this thing is headed to the dumpster just based on the options market. Gtfo now! Abandon ship! Steal that life jacket from that old lady, who cares. It is every man for himself!

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(Fri 03/27/15 01:44:41 UTC)

Is it here everyday and nothin gets done. These gis sit here and eat and gossip and eat and eat and look at this website all day. Then they

Call the others n make up drama all day. I actually sitting right bext 2 u and I'm writing this. Fat dump - do your job and get off this site. Fat ass cracker.


(Fri 03/27/15 00:28:04 UTC)

For those recently laid off (and for those soon to be)

If you haven't been presented with your severance package yet, do not sign anything. You will be pressured into accepting a meager severance that does not include continuing healthcare benefits. Have the severance proposal reviewed by a lawyer or employment law expert. Each of you have enough ... read more

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(Thu 03/26/15 19:48:36 UTC)


I'm here in cali and it's sinking faster than a water logged ship. With the fake referrals and the CRACKWHORES that UOP hires its a total mess. Get jerry out of here and stop going to drug rehabs to find employees. And stop all the inappropriate relationship with STUDENTS!


(Thu 03/26/15 19:44:38 UTC)

Spells it all out

capital will shrink no matter what bullshit management wants to spin. In another quarter, it will be more tap-dancing and Tim will be sorry he left Michigan for Phoenix. No military customers, no ground campuses, no more sky is the limit financial aid, no more growth. Match that with innovation and ... read more

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(Thu 03/26/15 06:26:21 UTC)

Can believe......

Hoping that things will be better. Any good news?

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(Thu 03/26/15 01:15:45 UTC)

More schools closing

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(Wed 03/25/15 22:29:47 UTC)

What would you do if you lost half your income in five years and you were facing mounting difficulties to keep earning the remaining half?

From 2010 to now, UOPX has about half its revenue...from $5 billion to 2.7 billion this year if UOPX is lucky enough to earn that much. Free fall.


(Wed 03/25/15 04:27:00 UTC)

Told you Again! When will you blockheads listen? I told you AC's and FC's will be gone. They will ll now be centralized in Phoenix.

Vegas & Hawaii will close along with seven other campuses. Please listen next time. Go look back. I warned you weeks ago. Please direct any questions to wondergrl.

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(Tue 03/24/15 21:08:29 UTC)

any news on the layoffs that happened today

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(Tue 03/24/15 14:33:46 UTC)

Chaz Bono

When is SD going to crap can Humpty Dumpty aka Chaz Bono. This thing 'earned' a fake degree from this mill and Tiny Tim Sim Kavage protects this circus freak and others of her kind. It's just a matter of time before the doors close and the idiots at this campus are perpetually unemployed.


(Sat 03/21/15 02:08:24 UTC)

This school has some incompetent leadership and employees and this sink is sinking fast.

The military division is essentially gone and everything is going to be based in Phoenix; from finance to academics. The military division with their uninformed, deceiving managers like the one in Utah who treated everyone deceitfully and lied and was going to move to Califirnia the whole time. And ... read more

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(Fri 03/20/15 23:26:06 UTC)

stick a fork in it

done. there is no way they can climb out of this hole. years of wasted money and innovation ineptitude have left this place gasping for their last breaths. politics and pettiness have destroyed any chance of providing real value to customers. instead the focus has been on providing real value to ... read more

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(Thu 03/19/15 07:43:46 UTC)

Do not shut this school down

It is like a leper colony or a maximum security prison. We can't have the people who work here mixing with the general population. It would be the end of society as we know it.

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(Tue 03/17/15 23:43:18 UTC)

People off 32nd street, download yik yak off the play store, what a great anonymous pit of uop debachery and filth, call out that pos

Manager of yours without the worry of being known.

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(Thu 03/12/15 14:34:12 UTC)

Apollo Education will fail

Not for government regulation, but for their inability to pivot and offer programs where students earn demonstrable skills, and because state schools are now offering online courses, charging a fraction to that of UOP. Finally, students are questioning the ROI of any higher education. This school ... read more

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(Wed 03/11/15 10:13:31 UTC)

Flood of Analysts Negative on Apollo

This is the third article I have read this week on the fall of Apollo Education ... read more

Camden Kid
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(Tue 03/10/15 02:47:30 UTC)


Sure wish my boss would get the can. She doesnt do anything all day. Hangs out, talks, gym, makes her peers do all her work. Cake job, might only work 2 hours a day.

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(Mon 03/09/15 22:26:03 UTC)

Grab those ankles managers, the walk of shame is coming my pretties. I need to bonus big to pay for my own jet.

This corporate pos Gulfstream 4 is not fitting the bill.

Tiny Tim

(Mon 03/09/15 13:01:51 UTC)

Do we still have any IT left?

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(Mon 03/09/15 03:44:00 UTC)

You should of listened to me last week! I told you the military division was going to disband and many would lose their jobs.

All that's left is four huge kiss ass ndl's and four incompetent managers. One in Utah who knows absolutely nothing about the military (she has horse teeth) one in the closet gay guy in DC one near Missouri who doesn't know her head from her ass. A total disaster. Let's see themake this work. They ... read more

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(Sun 03/08/15 12:22:21 UTC)

Ooh ooh ooh

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(Fri 03/06/15 15:31:03 UTC)

ZACK'S advises strong sell

Going down down down to junk status. APOL

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(Thu 03/05/15 23:22:37 UTC)

Why do we have so many managers and directors? None of them do jack all day. I see these people at the mall shopping during my lunch, some are

At the golf course, most are at home pulling their pud or rubbing the carpet. Please explain to me wtf you people actually do?

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(Wed 03/04/15 21:08:53 UTC)


I facilitate and I have been at UOPX for 10 years facilitating at the upper division programs. I can tell you in training sessions, many of us have voiced our frustration with no classes coming our way. We know things are bad because we are not teaching. We see new facilitators in our training ... read more


(Wed 03/04/15 08:12:20 UTC)

Many titles

Please please listen up: in the next two days there will be a restructuring. WorkForce Solutions, liaisons along with ER's will be cut tremendously. This is for sure. Get yourselves in order & be prepared. Many changes.

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(Tue 03/03/15 13:29:48 UTC)


It has come to my attention that at the Puerto Rico Guaynabo Campus interviews to fill the position of Enrollment Manager are being conducted unfairly and unprofessionally. The Campus Director has several qualified candidates which have been submitted to the rigorous interview process yet it is his ... read more

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(Tue 03/03/15 04:12:16 UTC)

Loads of facilitators are being let go too

Loads of facilitators are being let go too. All that need be done is not to give them a single class in six months and they are gone. Great cost savings. Anyone with five years or more...gone or will be gone.

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(Sat 02/28/15 14:14:29 UTC)

A Strike Against Student Debt

Interesting article in the NYTimes about a group refusing to pay back student loan debt--The Corinthian 15. How long until UoP students balk at paying back the debt associated with a worthless degree, and then how will the government respond? I don't think they will have a choice, the government ... read more

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(Thu 02/26/15 16:41:22 UTC)

Students allowing the university to dupe them into allowing the

University to hold their funds on account are nuts. Why let the university sit on your money so the university can make interest on your money? BASICALLY you are saying I am an idiot and I should have not control over my own money because I want to be treated like a child. Students need to demand ... read more


(Wed 02/25/15 02:07:22 UTC)

Waiting for layoffs..

I'm just waiting for layoffs to happen... enrollments are so low that we are being FORCED to push for referrals from students. It's so gross and sales-y. Everyone hates it. Everyday we are hounded and questioned about how many referrals we have. Who knew that part of my job would also be ... read more


(Mon 02/23/15 06:53:25 UTC)

I enroll anyone who comes through as a lead. Who cares if they graduated high school or not. I have heard of Masters grads who can't spell.

It is quite possible they never even attended junior high. Who cares though when admissions is backed up for months and half the time those lazy foks don't want to do their job anyhow and just matric the deadbeats in anyhow. It is almost comical witnessing the downfall of this organization. No one ... read more

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(Sun 02/22/15 18:30:53 UTC)

Students should never contact the finance advisors for anything. Students reading this should only deal with the Office of Dispute Management

Otherwise known as ODM. They bury this link under the program tab under services. They do not elaborate on what this is but if you want your money that the school is just sitting on and the finance idiots are telling you 30 to 60 business days to get your money - f that. Go to this link and take ... read more

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(Sat 02/21/15 13:38:08 UTC)

Layoffs and resignations at El Paso campuses

Similar to the post about instructors not getting classes. Force out campus personnel and cancel classes until they leave on their own. Link:

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