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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.

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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Thursday 09/18/14 15:50:55 UTC

Suze Orman Warns Against Private Student Loans, Yet Teaches at University of Phoenix

David Halperin has been a champion to fight the predatory nature of for-profit colleges, including University of Phoenix. Mr. Halperin is not a revolutionary, he is a reformer. From my perspective, workers need to resist now, and need to stand up against students getting preyed upon. Failure to resist will result in the total failure of the company....http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/suze-orman-warns-against_b_5269212.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
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Go to thread Anonymous37320 (online), Wednesday 09/17/14 01:06:27 UTC

Any update about next round of layoff

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Go to thread JustWondering, Tuesday 09/16/14 21:37:46 UTC

How long before UOP is sold?

With the passing of founder John Sperling and with Peter Sperling (our absentee Chairman) now controlling the voting stock, are any of your departments or campuses running a pool to guess how long before the company is sold? I think January 2015...
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Go to thread University Announcement (Public Relations), Tuesday 09/16/14 02:35:06 UTC

The University is Proud to Announce the naming of 2 Colleges

The University of Phoenix has announced that the school of Elementary Education and the School of Women's studies will be renamed. The school of Elementary Education is being named the Adrian Peterson School of Child Development. University spokesman stated Peterson exemplifies the care and concern for children that parallels the University's value of commitment to students. The school of Women's studies will be renamed after Ray Rice for his lifelong dedication to letting women out of the elevator first.
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Go to thread Anonymous36805, Tuesday 09/16/14 02:20:08 UTC

Auto Insurance for The Alumni Association !!!!!!

Here is the latest from The UOPX Alumni Association. If you are a UOPX Alumni you will be receive a Auto Insurance Savings Card in the mail. WOW!! I wonder how much money will line the pockets of upper management at UOPX with the deal they cut with "Liberty Mutual Insurance" !!!!!
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Go to thread Blue Blood, Monday 09/15/14 17:56:10 UTC

Portraits of all the execs are being painted for display in public areas to create an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

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Go to thread Former Employee (Enrollment (was terminated)), Monday 09/15/14 12:50:19 UTC


Does UOP really have a Director of Intelligence? ??? He goes by the first name Angelo. Director of IIntelligenc??? UOP comes up with the most narcissistic titles! Really? Director of Intelligence.
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Go to thread Anonymous36418, Monday 09/15/14 01:02:11 UTC

The new Verizon advertisement

The pasty woman making a f***ing idiot out of herself looks like Kim the Director of Enrollment in San Diego. The dancing reminds me of the flashmob bing that that robot skank used to do. That woman comes from white trash parentage--the slutty tramp stamp and poor communication skills precede her every step.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Friday 09/12/14 19:38:53 UTC

Apollo Group and UoP Perp Walks Ahead?

With no legislation that can get passed, and no major wars ahead, maybe the Obama Administration will take a closer look at Apollo Group management. According to the new head of the criminal division at DOJ “certainly, there are cases where you also want to prosecute the company....But I think you get the best outcome -- really across the board in terms of deterrence, in terms of the message to the public -- when you prosecute individuals.”.....http://www.businessweek.com/news/2014-09-12/enron-busting-godzilla-aids-governments-hunt-for-crime
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 09/12/14 14:39:23 UTC

UoP at Wounded Warrior Events

@Anonymous35478 (Military Division) and other UoP workers, can you tell us more about UoP's presence at Wounded Warrior events? Has anyone contacted Aaron Glantz with the Center for Investigative Journalism about this? Mr. Glantz' contact information is http://cironline.org/person/aaron-glantz
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Go to thread Dwayne (Notorious northeast ), Friday 09/12/14 03:09:45 UTC

Worst Enrollment manager

Can you guess who the toolbag in mind is. 5 epic points to the winner.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice ), Thursday 09/11/14 13:06:39 UTC

University of Phoenix Named 4th Best US College

Believe it or not, UoP is now ranked #4 among US Colleges......http://www.theonion.com/articles/the-onions-2014-university-rankings,36887/#4
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice ), Wednesday 09/10/14 14:52:00 UTC

John Oliver Ridicules University of Phoenix and Other "4profit" Schools

The entire episode of John Oliver is worth watching. In his own words, a former University of Phoenix Director talks about the business model at University of Phoenix. That part starts at 6:06.....http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2014/09/08/john_oliver_student_debt_segments_goes_after_for_profit_colleges_video.html
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Go to thread Anonymous34871, Wednesday 09/10/14 01:36:26 UTC

How many full time staff does UOPX have?

How about number of students?
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Go to thread I love UOP, Wednesday 09/10/14 01:01:50 UTC

There are so many haters.

My degree was well worth the time and money spent. $50,000 for a diploma that balances an uneven table is well worth it.Paying $600 a month in loans is a pleasure . I get plenty of exercise walking to 7-11 cause I can't afford a car due to the loan payment and can't get a decent job cause I am UoP educated. I love the fact that my life is totally messed up cause I went to Pheonix. I am a sucker for being abused. If anybody wants to give me a golden shower or poop on me let me know. I would even let Camden Kid barf on me.
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Go to thread How long does it take????????????, Tuesday 09/09/14 23:15:23 UTC

When will Larry Graduate

Larry Fitzgerald has been the most popular student at UoP.... When the hell will this guy graduate........ He is probably waiting for his next Pell Grant disbursement before taking another course....The school promotes this guy as a success which he might be in some peoples eyes but it is not due to UoP. He can't even finish a degree from a paper mill.
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Go to thread Anonymous34802, Tuesday 09/09/14 21:54:17 UTC

It looks like the focus has been stolen away from Desiree. Any comments regarding the b!tchface! Please feel free to respond and elaborate.

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Go to thread Anonymous34601, Tuesday 09/09/14 13:52:42 UTC

When in the next layoff dates?????????

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Go to thread Not surprised, Tuesday 09/09/14 04:40:32 UTC

UOP radio spot today

Just download the app and go to school on your smart phone when you have time-- when you have a minute away from you meth pipe that is. Wow--the rigor of the Phoenix diploma is impressive. This is higher education for the 80 IQ. Bwahahahaha This school is a total sham and scam.
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Go to thread Anonymous34283, Monday 09/08/14 18:39:08 UTC

How the flock is Currington still on the payroll? He acts like the place is his personal Match dot com. Pretty soon we will have to open a

daycare center to house all his illegitimate children. Everyone knows what he does! He is a big time womanizer and uses his position to score with peons on staff. HR and management sit back and let this idiot do what he does. All of us know you don't know jack about programming so quit trying to act like you created this new clusterfk system. Salesforce built this pos so for you to be saying you built the thing single handedly, you are a poser. You should be embarrassed to make any claims because the system sucks. We were left high and dry in IT while this idiot was out doing his job chasing tail. Fire this idiot already! Keeping this moron on the payroll is a liability. Any woman harassed by this idiot needs to report him. I am sure the list is comparable to a few pages of the white pages. If anyone else has any other great things to say about this wonderful man, let's hear it.
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Go to thread Kim L-S ************** Please NO Layoffs in October for San Dieggggoooooooooooooooooo, Sunday 09/07/14 21:40:18 UTC

Our Annual Halloween Party is scheduled

It is definitely a moral booster. Employees waste about 2 weeks decorating their cubes and neglecting any meaningful work. It is great fun to see the employees children scared. The tweekers uhhh I mean students scare a bunch but I am positive the androgynous leader of the campus that I am causes the most nightmares. Im so proud of myself. Its not all fun. There is also important University research being done. Manny is going to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
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Go to thread Waiting for the headline..., Saturday 09/06/14 18:26:33 UTC

Mike Sajor has been officially fired.

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Go to thread Anonymous33824, Saturday 09/06/14 05:57:35 UTC

How's San Diego doing?

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Go to thread Anonymous33698 (Operations), Friday 09/05/14 19:41:23 UTC

Jim Eickhoff has been officially fired.

In a long overdue move Jim Eickhoff has been fired. This was rumored last month on this board and is now official. Jim was Barry Feierstein's worst hire and should never have been made. He has been a disaster for the University. This bodes poorly for Rock and Chuck, who both will be gone soon as they came in with Barry and Jim. These are all employees in Workforce Solutions.
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Go to thread Anonymous33594, Friday 09/05/14 11:46:24 UTC

Another trip to the trough

Mid-August 18 UoP execs once again fed at the public trough to the tune of 1,055,000 shares given as grants. Since stock grants are meant to either compensate or reward people for the outstanding work they've done, UoP must be doing incredibly! One million shares at current pricing is nearly $30 million in compensation! Largest feeders at the trough: Sean B.W. Martin Grant 108,777 shares Frederick James Newton Grant 42,520 shares Timothy Paul Slottow Grant 34,096 J. Mitchell Bowling Grant 103,176 Brian L. Swartz Grant 145,632 And the grand prize winner (again) is the man presiding over the collapse Gregory W. Cappelli Grant 460,353 Great job all! We can only hope the stock price holds up till these grants vest so these hard working, outstanding leaders get the hard earned millions they deserve--oh wait...
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Go to thread Anonymous33536 (online), Friday 09/05/14 01:52:29 UTC

Massive layoff coming in october all departments will be affected

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Go to thread Referral, Thursday 09/04/14 20:05:15 UTC

Here is a referral

I am sure one of the Tenured EA already put it in the system to appease their dumb ass enrollment Managah. If not here it is - Joan Rivers. R I P Joan they can call all they want but they won't get you. FU UoP you'd enroll her if you could
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Go to thread Anonymous32280 (Dandy Dahn Shaulis), Sunday 08/31/14 00:20:56 UTC

Is the First Amendment no longer upheld by SCOTUS? Was there a ruling I wasn't aware of, Dahnbo?

Free Speech on this board, or on college campuses is only sanctioned by Big Brother, right, Dahnbo? Stop being such a poosy fascist, Dahndweeb. You gf loves sucking my C%#K.
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Go to thread Anonymous31915, Friday 08/29/14 23:29:06 UTC

Dahn Camden Kidd

You have not answered my question. I'll ask it again: We still have free speech rights in this country, don't we? Please tell all of us if PC speech( anything you find offensive) is now considered criminal. Also, please cite statutes where it's criminal, you dweeb.
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Go to thread Anonymous31450 (Awesomeness), Thursday 08/28/14 16:50:17 UTC

Awesome site

I wonder whose losing their job next!!
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Go to thread Anonymous30926, Wednesday 08/27/14 10:35:37 UTC

Interesting article in the NYT titled The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism.

Reminds me of UoP. Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/27/opinion/thomas-edsall-the-expanding-world-of-poverty-capitalism.html
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Go to thread Anonymous30630, Tuesday 08/26/14 17:23:49 UTC

Layoffs coming in October

Prepare yourselves boys and girls. 500 more across the board, especially in operations. Get out before it's too late little lambs.
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Go to thread Anonymous30499, Tuesday 08/26/14 06:35:56 UTC

EA's are piles of dung. It takes a real pos kind of person to do that job. Isn't that right Desiree?

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Go to thread Anonymous29853, Sunday 08/24/14 01:17:02 UTC

Wellllllllll, the first thing ya know old Jed's in bed

Fisting Manny Red Socks til his spiked hand turned red and then one second before Red Socks was about to goo, in came Lickdasnatch Kimmy to gobble up the glue. Brown jizz dat is, fumunga cheese from banging Jimmy on his knees. This is the San Diego Degenerate Hillbillies.
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Go to thread Anonymous29587, Friday 08/22/14 19:45:37 UTC

Props to Rob, nice new blonde. Done with Stephanie huh? I heard she is the master choker.

Congrats on introducing your hog to a new mouth! You are the man! One other question, heard Stephanie likes anal and ATM. Can you confirm this filth for the others waiting in line?
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Go to thread Anonymous29527, Friday 08/22/14 17:00:51 UTC

The College of Social Sciences at University of Phoenix today announced it is launching a new Military Family Counseling Certificate program

Is this some sort of sick joke? A program to help reduce the stress on military families from an institution that, through its laser-like focus on attracting GI Bill money, adds stress to military families? What is the word I am looking for--gall, nerve, impudence, effrontery, disrespect--nope, perhaps the word is assholiness!
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Go to thread Anonymous29443, Friday 08/22/14 03:36:03 UTC

Desiree is a nasty person! I have no idea why Allison continues to tolerate her? The entire team has no respect for her.

She is always making jokes saying Allison is a heifer and has a crooked nose. She truly is an evil narcissist pos. How she still has a job has everyone stumped. She berates her employees on a regular basis and makes fun of her boss yet she is still employed. Why? She belittles everyone she encounters. Guess what Desiree, karma is a bltch. One day management will wake up. Continue to pretend that you are working when everyone knows you come in for about three hours a week and do nothing. Allison, wake up, this person is bad and does not like you.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice), Thursday 08/21/14 15:02:15 UTC

Dear Ms. Joanna Acocella (Vice President Federal Relations at Apollo Group)

Dear Ms. Acocella, I am not a threat to Apollo Group. The biggest threat to Apollo Group is Apollo Group management and its short-sighted and cynical leadership. Spending hundreds of millions on lobbyists, advertising marketers, and Google Ad Sense is neither innovative nor effective in the long run. If you want Apollo Group to succeed, listen to University of Phoenix's most principled workers at every level, and retain them. Then act on what they tell you instead of harassing and intimidating them.
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Go to thread Anonymous29271, Thursday 08/21/14 07:15:08 UTC

Going To A For-Profit College Won't Help You Get Hired The Huffington Post | By Tyler Kingkade Email Posted: 08/18/2014 6:42 pm EDT

A new study comparing graduates of for-profit colleges with those of cheaper community colleges found attending a school like the University of Phoenix or DeVry doesn't impress employers much. In fact, researchers concluded, the students would be better off attending community colleges for a much smaller tuition price. The paper was produced by the National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research, with researchers from the University of Missouri and RAND, according to the Wall Street Journal. Researchers sent nearly 9,000 resumes of fictious applicants to employers in response to job postings in major cities. The fake applicants had attended either a for-profit college, a public community college, or a local high school. According to the Journal: Employers responded to community-college grads with an interested call or e-mail 11.6% of the time, compared with 11.3% for for-profit college graduates. They asked to schedule interviews with 5.3% of applicants who had community-college credentials, and 4.7% of applicants hailing from for-profit colleges. (High-school graduates received responses 10.6% of the time, and interview requests 4.2% of the time.) None of the differences are statistically significant. The researchers told Inside Higher Ed their big surprise was that the fake for-profit college grads came so close to community colleges. Multiple federal investigations have shown for-profit colleges have higher-than-average student debt loads, have a poor job placement record and mostly fail to graduate. A recent study by The Institute for College Access & Success concluded dozens of for-profit schools had more students in default on their education loans than graduates.
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Go to thread Anonymous29270 (Get yo rekommend8tion fo yo edumukation), Thursday 08/21/14 07:05:52 UTC

Dang, with Brown gone, there is one less student and probably 200 illegitimate children which will never be born to get recommendations for.

The higher ups must be in a panic right now!
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