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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.

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Go to thread iamnotaphoenix, Wednesday 07/30/14 11:18:12 UTC

And the winner is...

You guessed it, UoP! In 2012-13, Phoenix took in a whopping $272 million in GI Bill money! A distant second was EMC at $163 million, third was ITT at $161 million. In response, Senator Harkin and the HELP Committee fired another shot in the war on for-profit schools. First, as documented by Janet Lorin in Bloomberg, "For-profit colleges accounted for eight of the top 10 recipients of education benefits for U.S. military veterans in the 2012-2013 academic year, according to a Senate report. About $1.7 billion of Post-9/11 GI Bill funds went to for-profit schools that year, more than double the $640 million for the 2009-2010 year." Harkin noted, “While the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill was designed to expand educational opportunities for our veterans and servicemembers, I fear that it is expanding the coffers of the big corporations running these schools rather than preparing our servicemembers and veterans for post-military employment.” Since GI Bill monies are not part of the 90/10 equation (the funding balance that requires for-profit colleges to get no more than 90% of their revenues from Title IV federal student aid), is it any wonder UPX aggressively recruits servicemen and women? Interestingly, the VA does have a stipulation (so-called 85% rule), but this applies to the student body, not funding--no more than 85% of a program's students may receive VA funding. How long until HELP works to include GI Bill funds in the 90/10 rule? Will there be a push to roll the 90/10 rule back to the previous 85/15 level--and what would either of these moves mean for the wealth transfer mechanism of UoP? Link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-30/for-profit-colleges-lead-top-recipients-of-gi-bill-funds.html?cmpid=msnmoney
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Go to thread More websites that UOP doesn't want employee to see, Tuesday 07/29/14 14:25:09 UTC

There are 1000's of websites - Come on UOP Employees! Wake-up and realize what you do everyday HURTS people.

My daughter worked for this disgusting company for 6 years as a finance manager and was terminated because of "lack of subordination" http://www.city-data.com/forum/work-employment/1786736-finding-job-university-phoenix-your-resume-15.html
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Go to thread More Complaints (The complaints keep rolling in!), Tuesday 07/29/14 14:19:04 UTC

Just like the federal funds given to UOP!

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Go to thread In Central, Northern and Western Arizona (UOP is not BBB accredited ), Tuesday 07/29/14 14:16:50 UTC

Reason for Rating BBB rating is based on 16 factors. Get the details about the factors considered. Factors that lowered the rating for University of Phoenix include: 665 complaints filed against business Factors that raised the rating for University of Phoenix include: Length of time business has been operating. Response to 665 complaint(s) filed against business. Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business. BBB has sufficient background information on this business http://www.bbb.org/central-northern-western-arizona/business-reviews/schools-academic-colleges-and-universities/university-of-phoenix-in-phoenix-az-15634/
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Go to thread DO NOT attend University of Phoenix, (This is your warning!), Tuesday 07/29/14 14:14:49 UTC

Published on July 22, 2013, by smoke - Posted in Opinion

Check this out: http://usmilitarygamers.com/phoenix-warning/ I am sure some of you employees who work here will have some racist, sexist, or disgusting remark to say.
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Go to thread Anonymous23375, Tuesday 07/29/14 11:59:51 UTC


OK then...let's look at the stock prices for the rest of the week. The article from this link shows the real problems including too much spent on marketing and UOPX having just a 16%...ok kids, you all will have to read the article to find out in what category... http://seekingalpha.com/article/2345995-apollo-may-be-the-governments-next-victim-in-its-aggressive-oversight-of-financial-aid-recipients?app=1
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Go to thread Enrollment (Enrollment), Tuesday 07/29/14 06:10:17 UTC

CamdenKid.. so what do you have to say now?

As usual Univ of Phoenix will find a way to pay off the people that are high up the food chain. I have told you before that even if UOP does downsize its not going anywhere http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-07-24/powerful-politician-kills-bill-advocates-say-would-have-protected-veterans.
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Go to thread Pseudonym, Monday 07/28/14 12:49:29 UTC

More Layoffs?

I'm hearing rumors of more layoffs to come. Does anyone know if this is true and what campuses (of those that are left) will be affected? Will any in the Northeast be affected? Also, does anyone know what campuses were hit by the last round of layoffs? How many more of these can we live through before it's lights out and doors locked?
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Go to thread Rusty Rim Reggie, Sunday 07/27/14 01:00:25 UTC

I am out of asswipe. Can you all get me a diploma?

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Go to thread Mr. Big (Head Honcho), Saturday 07/26/14 12:51:59 UTC

What does a man with a 4' c*ck have for breakfast? This morning I had toast, a 3 egg omelet, hashbrowns, a ribeye, shortstack, and scotch.

Love this place. Wish I had gotten here sooner. Best month of work ever.
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Go to thread Anonymous22971, Saturday 07/26/14 05:21:10 UTC

Nepotism and Cronyism

in San Dieeeegoooo is finished. You will burn in hell KS
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Go to thread Anonymous22877 (HR), Friday 07/25/14 17:37:23 UTC

More layoffs

Not sure when but California (Ea's) and Missouri (Academics, Finance, and pretty sure Ops) and Florida (Ops). Several Missouri campuses going to teach out. Severance are awarded but don't know those details. Yes it's a part of the plan that was discussed on the earnings call.
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Go to thread Anonymous22718 (Military Enrollment), Friday 07/25/14 00:44:29 UTC

Military Division

The Military Division is a 'Sinking Ship". 2- Regional Directors that are nothing but "Used Car Salesman".Only 2-Managers nationwide that have any "Active Duty Military Time on the Gun Line" both (CJ & MG) should be Regional Directors ASAP.Over half of the NDL's have never spent a day on active duty.There you have it folks!!!!!ESO's on Majors Military Bases will not even deal with current NDL's unless they have a Military background,or are Guard or Reserve.They do not trust the UOPX Hard Sell,and in most cases will only deal with prior service and or veterans. So why again do you have non-military veterans that are current NDL's trying to gain access to Major Military Bases for enrollment of future Military students at UOPX.Ansewer!!!Its a "Leadership" issue at the top!!!
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Go to thread Anonymous22689, Thursday 07/24/14 20:47:29 UTC

B!tch ward loves the cock!

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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice), Thursday 07/24/14 04:41:04 UTC

University of Phoenix: Chickens Coming Home to Roost

http://colorlines.com/archives/2014/07/department_of_education_goes_after_university_of_phoenix.html...University of Phoenix now fingered in Colorlines (before that it was Black Agenda Report). People in communities of color are getting the word about how UoP exploits people of color. So much for bribing Al Sharpton, Larry Fitzgerald, and Phylicia Rashād.
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Go to thread Anonymous22378 (Academics), Wednesday 07/23/14 02:58:15 UTC

Colorado layoffs. Academics and finance.

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Go to thread Update (Academics), Tuesday 07/22/14 21:25:23 UTC

The layoffs continue

To add to the never ending layoffs...DAA's in Ohio and Indiana we're let go as well.
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Go to thread Open (Finance), Tuesday 07/22/14 21:21:02 UTC

The Chattanooga, TN AC's and FA's were let go today. The Birmingham, AL Campus Director and CCC were let go last week.

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Go to thread Enrollment (Enrollment), Tuesday 07/22/14 18:22:57 UTC

Houston layoffs

They let go all academic and finance advisors in Houston. Smh
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Go to thread Layoff Victim (Student Services SFL), Tuesday 07/22/14 16:11:52 UTC

Layoffs happening right now

Layoffs happening as I write. We were just let go at the south Florida campus. Other campuses beware.
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Go to thread HA HA HA NOT HO HO HO (Former Employee), Monday 07/21/14 21:58:05 UTC

Somebody is Coming to Town (San Diego)and it is not Santa Clause

KS, campus director will not be yelping GOOD Morning San Diego. She rode the gift sleigh for way to long. Its time for that snake to get skinned because her venomous bite has left its mark on too many. Her protected cronies need to sliver on behind her as they have been earning way to much for way too long without adding value to the campus, students or University as a whole. She has no ethics nor does she know the law regarding what can be done or requested of her employees. She Captained the ship during calm seas. She does not have the ability or the faith of the crew to navigate during difficult times. She will slide in to her Captains Quarters when the waves get big and the waves are going to get big. She hides during difficult times so don't expect to see her now. When given the chance speak up.
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Go to thread ReDirecting Focus------- New Agenda, Saturday 07/19/14 18:50:02 UTC

UoP will soon stop "educating" "students" ---the money flow is going to stop.

UoP will, change its name and focus on helping students get out of their student debt obligations, for a fee of course. Because the UoP graduates don't earn substantial money they will qualify for reduced payments as low as zero $ monthly based on income based repayment. UoP will charge the student to help them get out of paying back the money they borrowed to funnel to UoP. "Rape the system twice" that should be the Mission Statement of the Sperling Regime
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Go to thread Anonymous21540, Saturday 07/19/14 09:25:15 UTC

The fact is the Department of Education is scared of this organization. They will never do anything because too many people have been paid off.

BO has been labeled the worst president of all time and all of us on the board just laugh at this imbecile trying to make waves. This would be like the DOE and BO sitting at the controls of a wave making machine at a water park trying to tip over a cruise ship. Nothing is going to happen to this organization. The only thing that is going to happen is that we are going to take more money and stuff our pockets full of Title IV funding because we can. Just try to stop us you Nancies.
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Go to thread Anonymous21508, Saturday 07/19/14 03:52:02 UTC


is going to bury this fake school.
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Go to thread Sick of this (AA), Thursday 07/17/14 14:24:41 UTC


All of the community college connection team was let go, about 100 employees from what I heard. Oklahoma and Birmingham took hits to the AA staff (CCCs, Faculty liaisons, coordinators). Does anyone have any additional specific updates?
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Go to thread workforce solutions (WFS), Thursday 07/17/14 07:53:35 UTC

Half of the WFS will be laid off by the end of the quarter.

Some of the layoffs started this week and the rest will happen by the end of the quarter. This is inline with the Earnings Call from about a year ago when Cappelli declared the business would cut about $900million in cost to be "more efficient". Its getting too the point where there is very little to trim. When the REG's don't increase what will they do then?
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Go to thread Anonymous21160, Thursday 07/17/14 04:33:09 UTC

Recent layoffs in AA and CCOE team . Any othr info?

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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice), Wednesday 07/16/14 23:25:00 UTC

Black Agenda Report (Glen Ford) Warns Against For-Profits (Including University of Phoenix)

Black Agenda Report Warns Against For-Profits (Including University of Phoenix). Listen to Glen Ford's analysis at..... http://blackagendareport.com/content/how-pay-free-non-racist-higher-education
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Go to thread Anonymous21042, Wednesday 07/16/14 16:52:54 UTC

IPD will be sold to another company very soon

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Go to thread Anonymous20731, Monday 07/14/14 22:41:47 UTC

It is funny when an investigation into federal aid practices are such a norm now that APOL calls it a normal review.

This company never ceases to amaze me. The norm would be to never be under investigation like real schools.
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Go to thread Anonymous20728, Monday 07/14/14 21:08:10 UTC

Like I told you people a week ago, even a harsher punishment is coming. A 45 day hold going into effect. The complete cutoff of Title IV is on

table. The DOE is no longer going to tolerate the behavior of these for profit diploma mills / welfare recipient ATM Machines. This will be Corinthian part two. You have been warned enough times, now you will face your own demise. This is coming straight from the top.
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Go to thread Anonymous20528, Sunday 07/13/14 02:27:05 UTC


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Go to thread Mr. Eickhoff is now officially terminated. (Main Campus), Friday 07/11/14 16:32:54 UTC

Jim Eickhoff is now officially terminated. It will be announced Tuesday.

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Go to thread Anonymous20232, Friday 07/11/14 11:09:21 UTC

Space reductions

Multiple campuses are reducing space to save money before the end of the FY. Are layoffs coming too before the FY is done with?
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Go to thread Anonymous20215, Friday 07/11/14 03:47:08 UTC


How do you liars sleep at night? Surprises are coming and you not gunna like it.
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Go to thread Time to Unionize, Friday 07/11/14 00:45:15 UTC

Get some power

BY collectively negotiating, not just pay but work conditions, you can help stop the micro management and harassing bs to get recommendations. Of course UoP is against Unions but this is the time to act while they are fighting the other battles. You would be helping yourselves, students(real ones) and Ultimately the reputation of the school.
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Go to thread Referals, Friday 07/11/14 00:38:38 UTC

keep asking

WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT WANTS TO... ... incur debt for a crappy education ... be hounded morning noon and night by a telemarketer ... that can qualify for Pell Grant collect it and drop out in the second course ... that would benefit from a UoP degree( NOBODY) That's right your friends and family will be in the same lousy position as the current students... Try asking who do you know that deserves to have their freaking life ruined ??? Give me their number UoP will do em right!
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Go to thread Anonymous19918 (online ), Thursday 07/10/14 03:16:17 UTC

Another round of layoff is coming any update?

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Go to thread Why Have For-Profit Colleges Been in the News Recently?, Tuesday 07/08/14 19:53:28 UTC

Resources from the non-profit collaborative Protect Students and Taxpayers

Investigations by the federal government, media, and States Attorneys General ​have revealed countless instances of unscrupulous for-profit colleges (particularly those that are run by large, publicly-traded companies), engaging in deceptive, aggressive and manipulative tactics to enroll as many students as possible, without regard for their potential for success or ability to afford tuition, in an effort to maximize profits. The wealth of sources included on NACAC's Program Integrity page describe how these colleges have adversely impacted students and the taxpayers that fund federal and state financial aid. Additionally, the exhaustive report For Profit Higher Education: The Failure to Safeguard the Federal Investment and Ensure Student Success includes the findings of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension's two year investigation of the for-profit sector. http://www.nacacnet.org/issues-action/LegislativeNews/Pages/For-Profit-Colleges.aspx
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Go to thread Marketing Expert (former employee and student), Tuesday 07/08/14 19:37:12 UTC

Experts in public Relations Spin

If you have been following UoP in the news for 5 years or more and heard their responses to criticism you would likely have enough Prior Learning Assessment credit for a PHD in how to Spin a negative into a positive. UoP is great at spinning facts as if they care about students. They don't! They always have a response that sounds plausible but the reality is they do not deliver educational results, do not change lives (for the better)or challenge students.Learning teams are their unique trait which is a failure as it lacks educational integrity. They use integrity in their mission statement all the while sending Apollo marketing people to second chance group homes of recently released convicts or drug users. What other schools would recruit such people aggressively- just those schoolsconcerned with making money They enroll students that are near their aggregate financial aid limits that are nowhere near close to be near completing a degree. Adding more debt to a student that wont be able to complete their program unless they get outside scholarships.( not likely for students with a 2.0 gpa ).UoP will paint the picture it is possible. The old Matrix rewarded enrollment starts and had no concern for retention. The mentality still exists with enrollment managers today. UoP will tell a different story one that benefits themselves... Keep watching the spin it is amusing in addition to being sickening...
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