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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.
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Go to thread Anonymous71932, Saturday 02/28/15 14:14:29 UTC

A Strike Against Student Debt

Interesting article in the NYTimes about a group refusing to pay back student loan debt--The Corinthian 15. How long until UoP students balk at paying back the debt associated with a worthless degree, and then how will the government respond? I don't think they will have a choice, the government will side with the corporations--even if it means siding with schools the HELP committee and others would like shuttered. What it may do is shine more light on the school and shrink enrollment further. Of course, it could induce the leadership of the school to change the model--but that is unlikely! LINK: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/28/opinion/a-strike-against-student-debt.html
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Go to thread Anonymous71281, Thursday 02/26/15 16:41:22 UTC

Students allowing the university to dupe them into allowing the

University to hold their funds on account are nuts. Why let the university sit on your money so the university can make interest on your money? BASICALLY you are saying I am an idiot and I should have not control over my own money because I want to be treated like a child. Students need to demand to "manage their own funfs". TELL YOUR ENROLLMENT REP YOU DEMAND THIS. THEY WILL PUSH BACK ON YOU AS THIS IS PART OF THE TRAINING ON THEIR script. It will get done but don't let them con you into letting the school manage your money, that is nuts.
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Go to thread Anonymous70691, Wednesday 02/25/15 16:09:24 UTC


All you hear from the jagoff managers is referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals referrals ALL F***ing DAY EVERYDAY. When is this fake school going to close?
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Go to thread TX-ER, Wednesday 02/25/15 02:07:22 UTC

Waiting for layoffs..

I'm just waiting for layoffs to happen... enrollments are so low that we are being FORCED to push for referrals from students. It's so gross and sales-y. Everyone hates it. Everyday we are hounded and questioned about how many referrals we have. Who knew that part of my job would also be marketing/recruiting new students for this place.
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Go to thread Anonymous70059, Monday 02/23/15 06:53:25 UTC

I enroll anyone who comes through as a lead. Who cares if they graduated high school or not. I have heard of Masters grads who can't spell.

It is quite possible they never even attended junior high. Who cares though when admissions is backed up for months and half the time those lazy foks don't want to do their job anyhow and just matric the deadbeats in anyhow. It is almost comical witnessing the downfall of this organization. No one gives a crap about anything there. Everyone knows it's just some bs job until something better comes along or until the doors close. I literally walk into a scene of the walking dead daily. The agony and depression of having to get yelled at hourly about the sole reason most are even attending, where is my money is really getting old. I just call dump these idiots onto the finance people so I don't have to deal with it. I also blame finance for everything. This is great because you can side with the pell runner and say finance screwed it all up.
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Go to thread Anonymous69968, Sunday 02/22/15 18:30:53 UTC

Students should never contact the finance advisors for anything. Students reading this should only deal with the Office of Dispute Management

Otherwise known as ODM. They bury this link under the program tab under services. They do not elaborate on what this is but if you want your money that the school is just sitting on and the finance idiots are telling you 30 to 60 business days to get your money - f that. Go to this link and take the fast pass to get your cash. Forget that 30 to 60 day nonsense those idiot finance people are telling you. They have been trained to flat out lie to you. You know immediately yours is lying to you with a smile on their faces on the other end of the line if you had 30 to 60 days to get your money. Now remember, you are dealing with some of the best in the business when it comes to lying. They fired anyone with a conscience in the last round of firings and kept the best. Also, you can always ask to speak to a director but your chances of reaching one are slim to none. They are usually at home or golfing. Plus the finance managers will make it impossible for you to reach these people. ODM oversees all the complaints and gets things handled pronto. Go to this link as I said. They operate separately from finance and have the say all in you getting your money within days. Do not even speak to finance at all. This gives them time to conjer up lies to tell you.
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Go to thread Anonymous69810, Saturday 02/21/15 13:38:08 UTC

Layoffs and resignations at El Paso campuses

Similar to the post about instructors not getting classes. Force out campus personnel and cancel classes until they leave on their own. Link: http://www.ktsm.com/news/school-yard/source-layoffs-and-resignations-impacting-el-paso-area-university-phoenix-campuses
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Go to thread Anonymous69353, Friday 02/20/15 04:49:09 UTC

IT Layoffs 2015

I can tell you I was laid off yesterday and that I worked in tech. I was one of many. I can't confirm final numbers, but I can say it was between 40-60 employees. While I also confirm that additional layoffs are coming, I can say during my meeting with my now former boss and HR I was told that currently the concentration was on tech, but that it would be a business wide endeavor. While there are always rumors of layoffs, this week it did indeed happen.
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Go to thread Anonymous69300 (online), Friday 02/20/15 02:08:13 UTC

Another round of layoffs is coming

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Go to thread Anonymous68924, Thursday 02/19/15 01:11:13 UTC

40 IT employees from Apollo Group let go today.

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Go to thread Camden Kid (@USinjustice, dahnshaulis@gmail.com), Tuesday 02/17/15 00:26:47 UTC

University of Phoenix Continues to Buy Off Black Business

Buy off Al Sharpton--check. Buy off Boys & Girls Clubs--check. Make deals with 47 HBCUs--check. Now offering 40 scholarships through the NAACP. Very clever cover........... http://newpittsburghcourieronline.com/2015/02/13/university-of-phoenix-to-give-away-40-tuition-scholarships-to-community-givers/..............But the truth about University of Phoenix (and other for-profit colleges) is here.............http://www.blackagendareport.com/content/how-pay-free-non-racist-higher-education
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Go to thread Anonymous67871, Sunday 02/15/15 20:17:55 UTC

OWA for email at UOPX

An IT solution was to switch university email from Gmail to Outlook. Prior email can be accessed but it is not carried over to Outlook. Access to email is only web-based or through the OWA for iPhone app or Android app. It cannot be set up as an email account straight up on an Android phone or an iPhone. It does not look like a smooth transition. It looks to be rushed out and not thought through. It looks rookie all the way down the line.
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Go to thread Anonymous67738, Saturday 02/14/15 22:29:22 UTC

No classes for facilitators

UOPX is ignoring a problem with unhappy facilitators who have no classes to teach. Yet, UOPX is still offering incentives to faculty to take new classroom training even though half may not never again get another class to teach. In fact, some facilitators say in forums they have not seen a class for several months. Yet UOPX is still hiring and giving classes to "new" faculty and faculty with 5 years of experience on up are not working. Add on top the new classroom format is difficult, all on ground campuses will be closed, and UOPX seems to want to cut itself to prosperity, no one can be happy there except stockholders.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (@USinjustice, dahnshaulis@gmail.com), Saturday 02/14/15 20:09:16 UTC

Associate Degrees in Hospitality

Is Apollo Group kidding? More AA degrees in hospitality? Is everyone at McDonalds, Chipotle, and Starbucks going to need a degree for minimum wage work?..........http://finance.yahoo.com/news/university-phoenix-school-business-introduces-120000583.html
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Go to thread Anonymous67539 (H R), Friday 02/13/15 23:13:26 UTC

IT layoffs coming next week.

IT layoffs coming next week. Bad things are coming to good people.
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Go to thread Anonymous66232, Tuesday 02/10/15 13:40:53 UTC

APOL is a dump

This raises more questions about the long-term viability of this industry, which has been anything but profitable in the last couple of years. Strayer competes with Education Management and Apollo Education , which runs University of Phoenix. These companies and other for-profit educators have been under government investigation for alleged predatory enrollment practices. Some students end up with mounds of debt with little to show for their education. Things are likely to get worse for these companies before they get better. There are more jobs now than there were seven years ago at the height of the financial crisis. For-profit education companies then marketed themselves by offering students a better way of life and better jobs upon graduation. With the U.S. unemployment rate around 5%, the pool for students is running dry. These schools now have to compete fiercely with each other. And they may also have to compete with the U.S. government, assuming President Obama's free community college proposal passes.
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Go to thread Anonymous65324, Friday 02/06/15 12:11:30 UTC

UOPX is now a values based organization

https://s3.amazonaws.com/webmkt/faculty/Documents/Core+Values+Faculty+FAQ.pdf very pretty use of colors ... program starting this month
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Go to thread Anonymous65155, Friday 02/06/15 01:11:48 UTC

APOL stock falling like a stone again

Big sell off coming.
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Go to thread Ani hole (Everywhere), Thursday 02/05/15 10:06:51 UTC

Where's that black headed girl with the cute laugh and butt? She'll steal ur heart. I swear, if I didn't only have a junior high education I I

Go to this school just to get some action Jackson. Y'all think I'm kidding but u know the layoffs is coming. Nobody does anything. At least whrn I tried to sign up.adr my balls itch.
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Go to thread Anonymous62242, Friday 01/30/15 19:55:43 UTC

APOL down 3.5% today

This stock is now beginning its steady descent to teen numbers, never to recover again. Investors know this ship is sinking. Run don't walk away from this stock.
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Go to thread Anonymous61777, Thursday 01/29/15 19:45:51 UTC

Isn't everyone sick of hearing and talking about Apollo Education Group? Obviously, they are not changing anytime soon!

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Go to thread Padunkadunk soon to Hawaii campus (Look out ), Monday 01/26/15 11:56:12 UTC

Snitchy witchy is comin to Hawaii so look out. U guys better work. All hell gonna break loose.

Eat ur pizza take a break every five minutes an act like u talkin to students cause dunk dunk is comin. You'll fartin all the time isn't going to work anymore. Better take some laxatives and get ready! The diarehha coming! Itch ur va ga gas
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Go to thread Anonymous60538, Monday 01/26/15 00:01:16 UTC

Layoffs this week at campuses only

Director told me that people at campuses will begin to be shown the door starting this week.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice, dahnshaulis@gmail.com ), Wednesday 01/21/15 16:34:49 UTC

Strategic Staffing Cuts: Are Layoffs in Trickles to Avoid Media Attention?

Does APOL cut staffing to avoid media attention about "mass layoffs"? Or is there another reason? I have heard that staffing cuts are sometimes considered positive signals by stockholders. Could it also be that UoP needs to have cuts each quarter to signal to their stockholders that they mean business? Also, are the cuts made on Fridays to avoid media attention?
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Go to thread anonymous 11, Tuesday 01/20/15 21:39:17 UTC

Any new news about layoffs here?

They just released their quarterly report showing a decline in enrollment, for the 16th quarter in a row. Has anyone heard anything new about layoffs?
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Go to thread Anonymous59239, Tuesday 01/20/15 21:11:21 UTC


This sham school is really going to contract this year and it couldn't happen to a finer bunch of thieves.
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Go to thread Deep do do, Monday 01/19/15 04:17:24 UTC

The pompous one has embarrassed the union

Any mention of his exploits and conquests must be removed immediately for fear they will be used against apollo by his victims. chasing skirts were ignored in the past but the pompous one has accusers who won't go away. though he certainly will very shortly. this blog post is sure to be deleted in record time just like all earlier posts about the horrific one.
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Go to thread Camden kids a fraud (He's a tool with no life), Sunday 01/18/15 18:10:44 UTC

Camden kid is second or third rate sociology teacher at a community college.

If he's so prolific and knowledgable, why isn't he working at Harvard or Yale? I'll tell you why......he's a POS that has nothing better to do than troll on nonsense blogs like this one. He's a third rate instructor who has no friends and nothing going on. If you don't believe me look him up. His students think he's an idiot. My best friend was in two of his classes and he can't even teach. If he was important, wouldn't he have something better to do than troll this website. ALL schools have things they need to work on. All colleges and universities are suffering right now. He's some Muslim extremist with no life. And he's NO kid. Go away Camden.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Saturday 01/17/15 20:48:30 UTC

CyberTrend Issue on Outsourcing, Organizing For Jobs

For those IT people still at Apollo Group/University of Phoenix, how much time do you think you have left before you will be unloaded? Is there anything you plan on doing to slow down the process (resistance)? Has anyone talked about organizing with a trade union? Have you seen the latest issue of CyberTrend? It sounds like if people don't organize where they are, there woun't be any place for job security........... http://www.cybertrend.com/
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Friday 01/16/15 16:30:56 UTC

Reform or Face a Long Painful Demise (Metaphorically)

This may sound Quixotic, but is there anyone at Apollo Group or University of Phoenix who is discussing real major reform? Or does University of Phoenix just have to face a long, painful demise? Clearly, workers over the years have attempted to resist the increasingly predatory nature of this once respected institution. Former co-founder John Murphy has spoken out publicly about this, and there have been a few whistleblowers. But UoP needs a COLLECTIVE effort to reform this organization. This COLLECTIVE effort should be democratic, and should include students, faculty, and communities. .....http://www.dailycensored.com/more-in-for-profit-college-and-university-news-the-sludge-keeps-getting-thicker/
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Go to thread Anonymous58084, Thursday 01/15/15 23:26:44 UTC

Have a chukle

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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Thursday 01/15/15 21:13:24 UTC

For Worker Whistleblowers (False Claims Act Documents)

For those willing to blow the whistle, you may need to find a good False Claims attorney. The process can take years, and requires lots of documentation, but the payouts have the potential to be enormous.............https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1381647-third-amended-complaint-1.html
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Go to thread Anonymous58012, Thursday 01/15/15 20:12:53 UTC

APOL still falling over its puny dork

This stock will be south of $20.00 in a few months.
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Go to thread Anonymous57173, Monday 01/12/15 15:12:12 UTC

APOL down 2.5% this morning

This junk stock is in free fall and it makes me so happy. You are doomed f***ers.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Monday 01/12/15 14:20:09 UTC

Appeal to Just Minded Workers

If you have any dignity, and know any illegal or unethical behavior is going on, please blow the whistle, quit, or organize for reform. For those willing to talk (anonymously) with investigative reporters, contact Aaron Glantz (Center for Investigate Reporting/PBS) or David Halperin (Republic Report/Huffington Post. Their contact information is fairly easy to find. If you are unable to make contact with them, document as much as possible and send copies of the information to the appropriate authorities (HLC, DOE, SEC, CFPB).
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Go to thread Anonymous56803, Sunday 01/11/15 01:59:22 UTC

Why are posts regarding Congressman Kline from Minnesota being deleted. He is a pawn of Apollo financial contributions and will block Community

Congressman John Kline from Minnesota will block any legislation regarding Community College funding. This Republican is funded by contributions from UOP and other profits. I have attempted to expose him on this site been blocked.
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Go to thread Anonymous56692, Friday 01/09/15 23:28:22 UTC

APOL down another 2.25% today

This junk stock his tumbling like the petrified POS it is. LMBBBO. Obama's plan will take hold in enough states to wipe out these fraudulent dumps by the end of this decade. Ain't it grand?
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Go to thread Anonymous56571, Friday 01/09/15 05:21:54 UTC

free community college, an Obama gift

Obama will propose it - http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2015/01/08/obama-free-community-college/21466969/
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Go to thread Executive Leadership, Friday 01/09/15 04:07:50 UTC

We have no idea how to run this business so lets distract everyone by throwing technology under the bus

Last but very importantly let me provide some additional clarity around the near term disruption from our new online classroom at the University of Phoenix. As I mentioned last quarter, the University recently completed and rolled out a new modernized classroom which was a massive undertaking. This platform overall will be an enormous upgrade to students and faculty as it is significantly more advanced in functionality and learning capabilities. It will allow us to capture and analyze data around the science of learning, which we can then use to further improve the student experience and outcomes. Unfortunately the conversion to a brand new platform is more challenging than we had originally anticipated specifically given the size and scale of the implementation. And that resulted in a greater than expected impact and retention, and again Brian will address the financial impact on that in just a moment. We’re a 100% committed to fixing all the issues relative to the new classroom as quickly as possible and infact our teams have already made substantial progress. We’re on track with our plan to aggressively address the technical issues related to the classroom and have also accelerated the future enhancements. These include ensuring the classroom is compatible with a broader range of browsers and our other operating systems at all times and that cost content is more readily accessible when access through third party providers. We’ll continue to improve usability with additional upgrades to provide enhancements throughout fiscal 2015, enhancing the ability to quickly provide the tools and training their students, faculty and grad teams needs to maximize the benefit in the new classroom and platform. Beginning in January, we started the roll out focused effort to help bring some of those students impact about their classroom back to the University and we’ll provide an update in the next quarter on our progress in this important area.
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Go to thread Anonymous56427, Thursday 01/08/15 19:11:52 UTC


WoW! It pays to lie about system glitches to hold money and make interest off peoples money. I got my huge bonus check. Maybe we should start telling these tards 60 to 90 days to get their free money. Think I am going to buy a car with all this money. This is great!
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