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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.

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Go to thread Padunkadunk soon to Hawaii campus (Look out ), Monday 01/26/15 11:56:12 UTC

Snitchy witchy is comin to Hawaii so look out. U guys better work. All hell gonna break loose.

Eat ur pizza take a break every five minutes an act like u talkin to students cause dunk dunk is comin. You'll fartin all the time isn't going to work anymore. Better take some laxatives and get ready! The diarehha coming! Itch ur va ga gas
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Go to thread Anonymous60538, Monday 01/26/15 00:01:16 UTC

Layoffs this week at campuses only

Director told me that people at campuses will begin to be shown the door starting this week.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice, dahnshaulis@gmail.com ), Wednesday 01/21/15 16:34:49 UTC

Strategic Staffing Cuts: Are Layoffs in Trickles to Avoid Media Attention?

Does APOL cut staffing to avoid media attention about "mass layoffs"? Or is there another reason? I have heard that staffing cuts are sometimes considered positive signals by stockholders. Could it also be that UoP needs to have cuts each quarter to signal to their stockholders that they mean business? Also, are the cuts made on Fridays to avoid media attention?
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Go to thread anonymous 11, Tuesday 01/20/15 21:39:17 UTC

Any new news about layoffs here?

They just released their quarterly report showing a decline in enrollment, for the 16th quarter in a row. Has anyone heard anything new about layoffs?
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Go to thread Anonymous59239, Tuesday 01/20/15 21:11:21 UTC


This sham school is really going to contract this year and it couldn't happen to a finer bunch of thieves.
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Go to thread Deep do do, Monday 01/19/15 04:17:24 UTC

The pompous one has embarrassed the union

Any mention of his exploits and conquests must be removed immediately for fear they will be used against apollo by his victims. chasing skirts were ignored in the past but the pompous one has accusers who won't go away. though he certainly will very shortly. this blog post is sure to be deleted in record time just like all earlier posts about the horrific one.
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Go to thread Camden kids a fraud (He's a tool with no life), Sunday 01/18/15 18:10:44 UTC

Camden kid is second or third rate sociology teacher at a community college.

If he's so prolific and knowledgable, why isn't he working at Harvard or Yale? I'll tell you why......he's a POS that has nothing better to do than troll on nonsense blogs like this one. He's a third rate instructor who has no friends and nothing going on. If you don't believe me look him up. His students think he's an idiot. My best friend was in two of his classes and he can't even teach. If he was important, wouldn't he have something better to do than troll this website. ALL schools have things they need to work on. All colleges and universities are suffering right now. He's some Muslim extremist with no life. And he's NO kid. Go away Camden.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Saturday 01/17/15 20:48:30 UTC

CyberTrend Issue on Outsourcing, Organizing For Jobs

For those IT people still at Apollo Group/University of Phoenix, how much time do you think you have left before you will be unloaded? Is there anything you plan on doing to slow down the process (resistance)? Has anyone talked about organizing with a trade union? Have you seen the latest issue of CyberTrend? It sounds like if people don't organize where they are, there woun't be any place for job security........... http://www.cybertrend.com/
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Friday 01/16/15 16:30:56 UTC

Reform or Face a Long Painful Demise (Metaphorically)

This may sound Quixotic, but is there anyone at Apollo Group or University of Phoenix who is discussing real major reform? Or does University of Phoenix just have to face a long, painful demise? Clearly, workers over the years have attempted to resist the increasingly predatory nature of this once respected institution. Former co-founder John Murphy has spoken out publicly about this, and there have been a few whistleblowers. But UoP needs a COLLECTIVE effort to reform this organization. This COLLECTIVE effort should be democratic, and should include students, faculty, and communities. .....http://www.dailycensored.com/more-in-for-profit-college-and-university-news-the-sludge-keeps-getting-thicker/
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Go to thread Anonymous58084, Thursday 01/15/15 23:26:44 UTC

Have a chukle

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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Thursday 01/15/15 21:13:24 UTC

For Worker Whistleblowers (False Claims Act Documents)

For those willing to blow the whistle, you may need to find a good False Claims attorney. The process can take years, and requires lots of documentation, but the payouts have the potential to be enormous.............https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1381647-third-amended-complaint-1.html
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Go to thread Anonymous58012, Thursday 01/15/15 20:12:53 UTC

APOL still falling over its puny dork

This stock will be south of $20.00 in a few months.
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Go to thread Anonymous57173, Monday 01/12/15 15:12:12 UTC

APOL down 2.5% this morning

This junk stock is in free fall and it makes me so happy. You are doomed f***ers.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Monday 01/12/15 14:20:09 UTC

Appeal to Just Minded Workers

If you have any dignity, and know any illegal or unethical behavior is going on, please blow the whistle, quit, or organize for reform. For those willing to talk (anonymously) with investigative reporters, contact Aaron Glantz (Center for Investigate Reporting/PBS) or David Halperin (Republic Report/Huffington Post. Their contact information is fairly easy to find. If you are unable to make contact with them, document as much as possible and send copies of the information to the appropriate authorities (HLC, DOE, SEC, CFPB).
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Go to thread Anonymous56803, Sunday 01/11/15 01:59:22 UTC

Why are posts regarding Congressman Kline from Minnesota being deleted. He is a pawn of Apollo financial contributions and will block Community

Congressman John Kline from Minnesota will block any legislation regarding Community College funding. This Republican is funded by contributions from UOP and other profits. I have attempted to expose him on this site been blocked.
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Go to thread Anonymous56692, Friday 01/09/15 23:28:22 UTC

APOL down another 2.25% today

This junk stock his tumbling like the petrified POS it is. LMBBBO. Obama's plan will take hold in enough states to wipe out these fraudulent dumps by the end of this decade. Ain't it grand?
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Go to thread Anonymous56571, Friday 01/09/15 05:21:54 UTC

free community college, an Obama gift

Obama will propose it - http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2015/01/08/obama-free-community-college/21466969/
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Go to thread Executive Leadership, Friday 01/09/15 04:07:50 UTC

We have no idea how to run this business so lets distract everyone by throwing technology under the bus

Last but very importantly let me provide some additional clarity around the near term disruption from our new online classroom at the University of Phoenix. As I mentioned last quarter, the University recently completed and rolled out a new modernized classroom which was a massive undertaking. This platform overall will be an enormous upgrade to students and faculty as it is significantly more advanced in functionality and learning capabilities. It will allow us to capture and analyze data around the science of learning, which we can then use to further improve the student experience and outcomes. Unfortunately the conversion to a brand new platform is more challenging than we had originally anticipated specifically given the size and scale of the implementation. And that resulted in a greater than expected impact and retention, and again Brian will address the financial impact on that in just a moment. We’re a 100% committed to fixing all the issues relative to the new classroom as quickly as possible and infact our teams have already made substantial progress. We’re on track with our plan to aggressively address the technical issues related to the classroom and have also accelerated the future enhancements. These include ensuring the classroom is compatible with a broader range of browsers and our other operating systems at all times and that cost content is more readily accessible when access through third party providers. We’ll continue to improve usability with additional upgrades to provide enhancements throughout fiscal 2015, enhancing the ability to quickly provide the tools and training their students, faculty and grad teams needs to maximize the benefit in the new classroom and platform. Beginning in January, we started the roll out focused effort to help bring some of those students impact about their classroom back to the University and we’ll provide an update in the next quarter on our progress in this important area.
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Go to thread Anonymous56427, Thursday 01/08/15 19:11:52 UTC


WoW! It pays to lie about system glitches to hold money and make interest off peoples money. I got my huge bonus check. Maybe we should start telling these tards 60 to 90 days to get their free money. Think I am going to buy a car with all this money. This is great!
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Go to thread Da bro (Civvy), Wednesday 01/07/15 09:25:00 UTC

Hawaii Campus iz lazy wahines. No do nothing but eat, fart and get on FB. Oh yea, craigslist.

It's a total joke.
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Go to thread Anonymous56061, Tuesday 01/06/15 17:36:07 UTC

APOL down 1.5% in early trading

This junk stock will trade at less than $20.00 by June, and may be under $15 after the HLC issues its report on this scam school in the same month.
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Go to thread Enrollment Increasing, Sunday 01/04/15 06:21:37 UTC

Arizona Cardinals Lose

Now Larry Fitzgerald can take some more courses. How long will it take for this guy to graduate? Rumor has it he is 6 credits shy of the Axia Associates degree for hospitality management.
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Go to thread Anonymous55628, Friday 01/02/15 21:36:16 UTC

APOL stock down 2.5% LMFBO

This stock will NEVER see $40.00 again. This school is poised to layoff scores in the quarters to come. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Go to thread Anonymous55490, Thursday 01/01/15 03:33:41 UTC

I recently had an email from some dumbfk finance manager and this guy Ron, Don, Carl

Mike or whatever the fk his name was needs to wake the fk up. Do you think that being a doctoral learner is going to give you that extra edge in the employment line. You are equal to or less than the idiot working the money cage at the casino. Wake the fk up Carl. You degenerate fking loser!
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Go to thread Anonymous55430, Wednesday 12/31/14 14:47:41 UTC

APOL Significant Downside

May need to sign up to Seeking Alpha to read entire article (http://seekingalpha.com/article/2787695-apollo-education-group-measurable-downside). Main points made by the author Aaron Barton: 1. The Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013 ("BSLCA") has provisions that could increase the lifetime cost of a University of Phoenix Degree by over $33,000 even if tuition and fees remain flat. According to US News, tuition and fees at for-profit universities are already roughly 4.5x more expensive than two-year public colleges and almost twice as expensive as four-year public colleges, even as for-profit graduates struggle to gain jobs compared to their peers with similar degrees from non-selective public schools. This trend has already manifested itself in decreased enrollment, which leads us to risk factor two. 2. Enrollment at the University of Phoenix has decreased almost 46% since 2010. The National Center for Education Statistics projects college enrollment to increase only 15 percent from 2010 to 2021. At less than a 1.5% annual growth rate, it would take over 40 years to return to pre-2010 enrollment numbers. This is no easy task considering that the US regulatory environment has posed considerable headaches for Apollo Education Group. 3. The University of Phoenix relies ((too)) heavily on Title IV programs. The University of Phoenix 90/10 rule percentage was over 80% for each of the last three years (most recently 81% in 2014). 4. The University of Phoenix's Title IV certification expired in 2012 and is pending approval from the Department of Education. Currently, The University of Phoenix is operating on a month-to-month eligibility basis. 5. The University of Phoenix just isn't very good. Sure, a college degree will set you apart from your non-degreed peers, but that doesn't always result in increased economic potential. A Harvard University Study found that, adjusting for backgrounds and income before enrollment, students in for-profit universities still had lower earnings and were less likely to be employed and overall less satisfied with their experience a half-decade after initial enrollment than their traditionally educated peers.
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Go to thread Anonymous55356, Tuesday 12/30/14 20:52:10 UTC

Has Anyone Heard of Anybody Being Laid-Off Before Or Over The Holidays?

Did we jump the shark this year? Can we exhale yet? Or are they still sharpening the axe blade?
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Go to thread Anonymous55285, Tuesday 12/30/14 03:05:29 UTC

Is this fake school still open?

Why would anyone attend a diploma mill?
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 12/19/14 19:30:41 UTC

Irony: University of Phoenix Profits From Anxiety and Depression (while creating it?)

"More than one-third (34 percent) of Americans who seek counseling for mental health issues experience barriers that make it difficult or impossible to receive services, according to a recent survey from University of Phoenix® College of Social Sciences. This is down slightly compared to 18 months ago when 38 percent who ever sought counseling experienced barriers.... According to the 2012 estimates, 43 million U.S. adults over the age of 18 exhibited mental illness, which accounts for close to 20 percent (18.6 percent) of all U.S. adults.i This demand for services is driving significant job growth. In the United States, employment of mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists is projected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.ii The survey reveals that nearly three-in-ten (29 percent) working adults who have never worked in a mental health-related field are interested or would consider these careers. “There are too few mental health professionals to meet the growing worldwide need. Many areas of our country are experiencing a shortage of professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and social workers. The human impact as well as the costs of mental illnesses can be staggering,” added Sharp. Sharp offers the following tips for those interested in pursuing careers in these fields: 1. Do your homework to find the right program to fit your career goals and areas of interest. 2. Explore geographic areas identified as having mental health provider shortages. 3. Conduct an online search of the State Professional Boards for license laws and requirements for licensure in your state.... University of Phoenix College of Social Sciences offers programs in human services, psychology and counseling. The college’s curriculum seeks to empower individuals who wish to enhance their skills for career entry or advancement in the helping professions. Curriculum is regularly updated to meet accreditation and/or national and state professional standards. University of Phoenix College of Social Sciences faculty members are experienced professionals, holding advanced degrees. Many sit on state licensure and accreditation boards as well as professional committees. For more information, visit www.phoenix.edu/socialsciences.".........http://finance.yahoo.com/news/more-one-third-americans-seek-130000998.html
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Go to thread Anonymous54212, Friday 12/19/14 17:18:29 UTC

Layoff conference call has been conducted

The layoff conference call was last week. If anyone is on written warning they will be cut loose. If anyone has a "not meet" review...gone as well. Adios and Merry Christmas.
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Go to thread Anonymous54109, Friday 12/19/14 02:45:12 UTC

Student Loan Forgiveness for Government Employees

Do you have more detail on this. I went to UOP and I am a government employee, I have over 40,000 in debt and I heard that there is a possibility that Government Employees may be forgiven loans. Please let me know if you have any additional information about Student Loan Forgiveness for Government Employees Program. Do I need to contact someone at UOP? Do I need to wait until end of 2015 (that's what I heard - December 2015).
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Go to thread Anonymous54103, Friday 12/19/14 02:38:12 UTC

University of Phoenix technical support number

Anybody has the number?
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Go to thread Anonymous53749, Wednesday 12/17/14 17:06:31 UTC

Mission Forsaken: The University of Phoenix Affair with Wall Street

Who has read John D. Murphy’s new book “The University of Phoenix: Mission Forsaken”? A review of the book appeared on Yahoo Finance. Below is an excerpt from that article. To read the full article visit: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mission-forsaken-university-phoenix-affair-130000625.html According to the Yahoo article the book is “Dedicated to the ‘hundreds of thousands of University of Phoenix working adult graduates who have been subjected to the scandal-ridden decline in the well-earned reputation and standing of their alma mater, . . . " “Mission Forsaken reads like a novel as it lays out a visionary educational utopia now threatened with the dystopian possibility of loss of accreditation.” . . . . “As he (John D. Murphy) outlines in the book, the University of Phoenix went astray when it eliminated admissions standards with the stated goal of fulfilling its founding mission: solely serving working adult learners. With the elimination of entry standards, a new generation of University of Phoenix attendees now depend almost exclusively upon taxpayer-funded student loans and grants from other governmental sources. When the University of Phoenix went public, 80 percent of its working adult students had some or all of their tuition unwritten by their employers.” . . . “ Between 1999 and 2013, the University of Phoenix and Apollo Group paid for or are liable for $242 million in regulatory fines and whistleblower judgments."
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Wednesday 12/17/14 15:01:08 UTC

John Murphy Discusses the Rise and Fall of University of Phoenix

Anonymous52869, John Murphy was a co-founder of Apollo Group. In this video he talks about how University of Phoenix was a model for innovation--and how it has become a predatory company..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3fJB9j6r-o
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Go to thread Anonymous 123, Tuesday 12/16/14 01:59:01 UTC

Didn't the regulation changes name it illegal to push numbers on employees?

I thought they were supposed to stop pushing numbers on employees but they definitely haven't. They still fire people for not meeting their numbers. They label it differently than before but nothing has changed as far as production numbers, retention numbers, and referral numbers those are all heavily pushed. This company is so shady! I'm sure the D.O.E has no idea! They probably fluff up their reporting the way they fluff up their default rates. If you think their default rate is bad, you should see the real numbers before they fluff them up for the D.O.E
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Go to thread Anonymous53037, Sunday 12/14/14 03:01:24 UTC

All the same.

I went to ASU and all I learned how to do was binge drink, do coke and slay azz! Now tell me that is a well rounded education. Any company you work for is going to teach you what they want you to do. You put in the time at school and you get a piece of paper that proves you attempted to better yourself. This in turn allows you the opportunity to interview for jobs. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, the school is accredited. When you are flipping through the job sites and notice about 95% of any of the descent paying jobs require a bachelors degree just to apply, that so called worthless piece of paper suddenly becomes the golden Willy Wonka ticket; now doesn't it? A degree is merely a stepping stone and that is it. You can go to any school and if you invest your time in a degree which has no value such as psychology or liberal arts, you are going to struggle getting a job anywhere.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 12/12/14 20:26:26 UTC

Strike Debt and Rolling Jubilee

There is a growing movement against student debt and a greater awareness about how for-profit colleges put consumers in debt peonage. You can follow this movement on Twitter at https://twitter.com/StrikeDebt
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Go to thread Anonymous52694, Thursday 12/11/14 19:50:18 UTC

Question for past and current employees of Apollo Education Group????

It is very unfortunate that a mega corporation like Apollo has such poor leaders who fail to communicate their goals and strategy directly to the front line associates. As result, they put more and more employees and their families at risk. Sad, but true. The question is "Do you think working Apollo Education Group either presently or in the past is valuable to you personally or for your resume?
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Go to thread anonymous 11, Thursday 12/11/14 18:27:28 UTC

Any updates on when the layoffs are coming? They always do it this time of year.

Any updates on when these are happening?
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Go to thread LinkedIn, Thursday 12/11/14 12:55:46 UTC

UOP degrees

We use LinkedIn at work on our sales team to find decision makers at large companies. If we see a degree from uop we don't bother and try to find someone else. Nobody with a uop degree would be trusted with important decisions.
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Go to thread Anonymous52559, Thursday 12/11/14 05:19:52 UTC

Bring back Camden Kid

He's the only one with any sense around here. Get this PELL ATM shut down.
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