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Higher education, colleges and universities.
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Educational instituion. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Univesity/College. Provides services in the area of education and skills improvement.
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University of Phoenix is one of the largest employers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) 85040. Tel: (602) 966-9577.

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Go to thread Anonymous46629, Friday 10/31/14 17:11:55 UTC

For profit schools cater to the lowest common

denominator. If you attend one of these schools, everyone knows you come from the lower/working class backgrounds. You're guttural class precedes you into the workforce. So be proud of attending a for profit as the educated class snigger to your face and behind your back every day. It's like the kids who rode on the short bus. You undergraduates of these schools are these short bus riders and everyone knows this. LOL.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 10/31/14 15:17:49 UTC

Gainful Employment Rules

"Arne Duncan, the education secretary, said Wednesday that an estimated 1,400 academic programs that enroll 840,000 students would fail to meet the standards with their current performance. Fully 99 percent of those programs are at for-profits, he said."... https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/10/30/final-gainful-employment-rules-drop-loan-default-rate
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Go to thread Anonymous46563, Friday 10/31/14 11:20:35 UTC

The bilking continues apace...

Insider trades from the last few weeks: 10/22/2014 Gregory J. Iverson 1,373 26.77 36,755.21 10/17/2014 Gregory Cappelli 16,690 412,743 10/15/2014 Peter V. Sperling 2,184 24.73 54,010.32 10/15/2014 Brian L. Swartz 4,982 24.73 123,204.86 10/15/2014 Gregory W. Cappelli 16,690 24.73 412,743.70 10/15/2014 Terri C. Bishop 2,413 24.73 59,673.49 10/15/2014 Gregory J. Iverson 1,699 24.73 42,016.27 10/15/2014 Frederick James Newton 2,451 24.73 60,613.23 10/15/2014 Mr. Sean B.W. Martin 6,140 24.73 151,842.20 10/15/2014 Mr. J. Mitchell Bowling 7,190 24.73 177,808.70 10/1/2014 Mr. Sean B.W. Martin 3,100 25.05 77,642.91 Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/apol/insideractions
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Go to thread Camden Kid (twitter @USinjustice), Thursday 10/30/14 15:56:16 UTC

Jane Oates Sells Out

Apollo Group believes they can just buy the power they need, in DC and in the various states where they operate. Jane Oates is one of those people. Worked for Ted Kennedy and Jon Corzine. Assistant Secretary Employment and Training Administration US DOL at US Department of Labor, and now VP for external affairs. Does anyone know Ms. Oates?....http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jane-oates/53/614/415
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Go to thread Anonymous46348, Thursday 10/30/14 10:51:38 UTC

Kelly, how many blow jobs in a breakout room did it take to get to the center of Mike's lollipop? I see you on this board daily on your little

IPhone pretending to be conversing like you are actually something. News flash Kelly, you are a fu©king dog who does nothing but roam around the company grounds like a b!tch in heat looking to get mounted by anything with a heartbeat. I have heard this includes men and women according to Meg. Let's hear your story Kelly? I am curious to hear it once you are out of that breakout room.
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Go to thread Mike Sajor (Crematorium), Thursday 10/30/14 06:48:09 UTC

Get a job. No, really, leave and get another job.

So we have a town hall today. Usually an Orwellian experience made up of lots of doublespeak. Everyone always likes to ask “what is our vision?”. I really can’t tell you that because you won’t like the answer. Its like people being sent to their death but don’t know it. You don’t want to hear the real vision so I’ll just make something up or ask Kelly to do it. The reality is that in the years under my reign we have gone from well over a 1000 people down to under 600 and should be under 400 in another year. All because I don’t believe in innovation or people making a difference and I’ve sold this plan to Apollo leadership and its lining my pockets at the expense of you stupid sheep. If I can ship your jobs overseas and pay a fraction of the cost then I’ll do that. Heck, we’re already doing it. Anytime anyone resigns I put up roadblocks so we can’t rehire. Sure, I open a few job openings but they are just for looks. We all know that most people here are now working 50,60,70 and 80 hours a week. Eventually those people quit but that’s the plan. THAT IS THE VISION. Actually, why some people stay is beyond me. It actually proves my point that we have a lot of stupid people here and we should fire them anyway. I mean how many times have you heard me say “maybe so and so should work here anymore that I can just hire a replacement to take his place and could care less doing so.” Why? Because I DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. ISN’T IT OBVIOUS? ITS NOT LIKE I TRY TO HIDE IT. But it is pretty funny that I’m in charge of so many people’s livelihoods. Have fun at the town hall but don’t ask too many questions because I’ll just brush them aside and you won’t get a straight answer anyway.
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Go to thread Concerned, Monday 10/27/14 23:47:38 UTC

Uh oh. Mike Sajor got caught. Town hall you are stepping down this week. Be honest why Mike, be honest. !

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Go to thread Anonymous45941, Monday 10/27/14 18:17:06 UTC


UoP ad on Comedy Central!
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Go to thread Anonymous45913, Monday 10/27/14 13:37:02 UTC

So....how many have been laid off this month. Show of hands.

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Go to thread Fred Newton - Master Madame (HR - The Orgie Project Experts), Sunday 10/26/14 08:15:50 UTC

You know Fred's torn his stockings again when he starts shooting out the windows on the 10th floor

So much cocksucking such little time to build a business. I truly suspect that nobody on the 10th floor even wears clothes anymore. Its just one big incestuous f*** fest. No wonder Sajor got himself a big office over there and brings his junk-in-the-trunk secretary over with him. I hear Kelly Rodgers is till livid over her demotion to off-day cocksucker and has to spend her afternoons alternating between looking at herself in her floor to ceiling mirror and playing dominatrix to her dweeby little sidelick Megan. But the party wouldn't be complete without Fred and Stacey kicking off the festivities. Don't forget Kelly, yes, you Kelly with the stripper hair and your nose glued to your iphone, Mike has been an HR nightmare and you can just share his antic with Fred and he'll be gone. You really should do it otherwise someelse will (its not like Mike has friends) and someone will look to take down the world's most demented human being and sadly since you've been protecting him you just go down with him. Surely Stacey isn't going to take the heat for you. Ah, forget it, its probably too late anyway. I would just worry that all you know is University of Phoenix and from what I hear that is pretty much a joke outside of the halls of Riverpoint Parkway. I hear Hooters is looking for dishwashers.
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Go to thread Anonymous45732, Sunday 10/26/14 03:19:23 UTC

The guy who sang God Bless America

tonight in the World Series sounds/sucks like the talentless Jimmy Deuce II.
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Go to thread Anonymous45658, Saturday 10/25/14 05:02:41 UTC

Gene Rayburn is

that short dyke Cecilia, the stupid MBA chair. What hacks San Diego has for instructors.
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Go to thread Anonymous45652 (Central Casting ), Saturday 10/25/14 03:04:12 UTC

Bumper Sticker

School Sucks Because it employs Tiny Tim , Chaz Bono and Gene Rayburn
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice ), Friday 10/24/14 18:40:18 UTC

4profit Zombie College Crash Continues

Another 4profit college is in peril. EDMC (Art Institutes) is planning to delist their stock from NASDAQ in November. EDMC's major institutional investor was Goldman Sachs. Other big-name 4profit colleges face similar situations, including ITT Tech, Lincoln Tech, Career Education (Cordon Bleu), and Bridgepoint (Ashford University). Apollo Group executives may think that this thinning out of the 4profit industry will help them, but it won't make any difference if University of Phoenix does not offer value to their students. Welcome to the 4profit zombie college crash..... http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Education+Management+(EDMC)+Plans+Voluntary+Delisting+from+Nasdaq+GS/9937903.html
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Go to thread Anonymous45408, Friday 10/24/14 02:43:52 UTC

Ebola is coming! The government is covering everything up. You will only know once they allow it to spread to thousands. Hundreds of cases will

be amongst us within a month. Prepare people!
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Thursday 10/23/14 15:39:21 UTC

Whistleblowers Expose University of Phoenix's Long-Standing Predatory Practices

""I speak with people, for example, who work at boiler room call centers for for-profit colleges and the lead generation companies that provide the industry with many of its students. Recently I've been learning more about one particularly offensive trick the industry uses. Multiple companies maintain fake websites promising jobs, food stamps, heating assistance. But these are just fronts to draw in people -- mostly low income people -- so they can be sold for-profit college programs. Before they can proceed on these sites, people come to a popup window asking for their contact information, and next thing someone is calling and trying to steer them to a for-profit college. According to people who have worked inside the lead generation industry, this particular bait and switch scam steers students to schools operated by Kaplan, ITT, Corinthian, Bridgepoint, the University of Phoenix, Career Education Corp., EDMC, and others. It's an awful scam, and I plan to report more on it soon.".....http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/as-for-profit-colleges-fi_b_6031046.html
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Go to thread Anonymous45247, Thursday 10/23/14 02:23:22 UTC

Dear Huffington Post...

You obviously hate University of Phoenix, but I think you are missing the mark with your investigative journalism. The HLC found something wrong with how the business side of operations coincided with the University. Find out what that was. Then dig into continuing enrollment and what duration the school considers actively enrolled students who have not been taking courses, and how close the push the 90/10 initiative based off those numbers. Investigate a breakdown of profit percentages before and after C-Level stock bonuses are calculated. Look for heavier questionable recruitment practices on the horizon like what got them into hot water 6 to 10 years ago. Encompass the lobbying firms they use covering both political parties and see what budget these funds come from at Apollo Education. Use math starting with tuition prices all the way up to the parent company spending practices. Also do it over a 5 year span, not just one year because they do not operate like traditional brick & mortar schools.
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Go to thread Anonymous45243, Thursday 10/23/14 01:59:26 UTC

Dear investment firms who dial into APOL investors calls...

When Greg Capelli, the CEO of Apollo Education, tells you on a conference call about the positive changes they are making with your investment dollars; why he himself decided to dump almost 200,000 of his own shares in the past 6 months alone.
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Go to thread Anonymous44742, Monday 10/20/14 19:08:02 UTC

Dems is n!ggers Forest!

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Go to thread Anonymous44741, Monday 10/20/14 19:07:48 UTC

Dems is n!ggers Forest!

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Go to thread Anonymous44658, Sunday 10/19/14 21:10:34 UTC

Earnings call on Tuesday

What lies will be served up to investors this quarter?
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Go to thread Anonymous44579, Saturday 10/18/14 19:19:37 UTC

Which of the two nurses infected was a

Phoenix dropout?
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Go to thread Anonymous44560, Saturday 10/18/14 14:58:18 UTC

Just helped open several boxes of new office chairs. Why the hell is there feces on most of them. Freakin' disgusting!

Hope we send these back. I would find another supplier next time.
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Go to thread Anonymous44516, Saturday 10/18/14 02:39:40 UTC

Something does not feel right....

No communications with anyone. Steve R's office reaches out 5 days past their original quota in making National Account Execs aware of final interviews. The invites are sent out at 8pm on a Friday night. No apologies to anyone who's life this is effecting, people who are officially done on the 31st are still working with full access to the VPN... This all seems like smoke & mirrors. Is UOPX going bankrupt? Are we living as part of the largest scholastic failure in our nation's history right now?
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Go to thread Anonymous44464, Friday 10/17/14 22:29:46 UTC


How long are you going to allow these people in management in San Diego to make a mockery of company time, assets, and professional integrity?
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Go to thread Company email today 10/17 (from San Diego project Manager), Friday 10/17/14 21:53:02 UTC

We are wasting time and money lol

It is Unbelievable that the campus project manager is sending emails to us about a director and his singing career. Now I know what he has been doing in his office instead of working--writing songs for his new CD that the staff has been forced to buy and listen to. My manager is up my but about making dials and being in the right aux code. What code should we be in while reading this nonproductive bullshit? With the company trying to save money let's start by terminating the song writer and his promoter/campus project manager for using company resources for non-company business. They are stealing wages by doing this on company time. They are also causing me to deal with this when I am trying to be productive. Total BS and the campus director supports this.Get rid of her too and keep people that are productive. I am sure my name is on the upcoming layoff list and these idiots will survive and continue to do nothing. Hope Greg Capelli or whatever his name is reads this.
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Go to thread Mitch (Money Laundry), Thursday 10/16/14 19:38:53 UTC

Been here a year and i still haven't figured out what i'm suppose to be doing.

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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice), Thursday 10/16/14 19:32:23 UTC

What To Do With All the Leisure Time?:Post on Glassdoor and Indeed

For those who have been shown the door, now that you have been granted all that leisure time, write about your UoP experience at Glassdoor and Indeed.....http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/University-of-Phoenix-Reviews-E130372.htm.....http://www.indeed.com/cmp/University-of-Phoenix/reviews
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Go to thread Asst. (to the) General Mgr, Thursday 10/16/14 15:09:00 UTC

Happy Bosses Day!

Layoffs happening today. I bet the bosses get a nice bonus.
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Go to thread Anonymous44043, Thursday 10/16/14 04:28:00 UTC

Another selfish nog I see. I am referring to the Ebola infected grad reject spreading that $hit around. These nogs care about nothing. Wonder

if a Pell check covered the free vacation to Ohio.
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Go to thread I had to lie about my education to get a job (advice for the soon to be layed off employees that are also Alumni), Thursday 10/16/14 02:27:23 UTC

Being honest got me nothing

I hate lying about my education to get a job but after months of searching and being honest I decided feeding my family was worth the lie. I told the interviewer that I only had a HS diploma (even though I got my Univ of Phoenix degree). I told the interviewer that I came from a poor family and did not have the option of going to school because I had to work. I continued that my only option was University of Phoenix. I told the interviewer that I knew companies would rather hire an uneducated person that had sense than hire a fool with a Phoenix education. The interview chuckled and said we do not hire University of Phoenix graduates cause they have a degree but they are pathetic to think that their degree is meaningful... disassociated yourself from that joke of a school.
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Go to thread Surprisingly UOPX is not listed, Wednesday 10/15/14 23:44:38 UTC

85 schools being investigated for sexual harassment

UOPX is not included n the following list but they are probably on a list all by themselves as they F@(K everybody over. Employees and students alike are raped and/or sodimized by this so called school. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/15/colleges-federal-investigation-sexual-assault_n_5990286.html
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Go to thread Anonymous43963, Wednesday 10/15/14 20:47:28 UTC

Hey UOP bachelor degreed peeps

Here is a list of companies looking to hire you for your boss skills. Goodwill, Seven-Eleven, Waste Management, Starbuck's, Grease Monkey, K-Mart, Ashford U, UEI, Concorde College, Wal-Mart. Endless entry level opportunities. LMFAO.
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Go to thread Assesments, Wednesday 10/15/14 18:09:48 UTC

There has been a lot of talk about assessments

The executives from the highest level down through campus directors at UoPieceo'crap have their track record. Their record is their assessment and clearly it indicates complete failure in their abilities to lead, manage,think critically, and act ethically. The board of directors should clean house and remove any board member as well that were added as a political tool. A complete overhaul is necessary if this now shameful school find a place in the educational community.
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Go to thread Anonymous43937, Wednesday 10/15/14 17:17:30 UTC

WFS last day is coming

Anyone who failed the WFS assessment for rehire their last day is Oct 31
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Go to thread TV Commercial (Made me LMAO), Wednesday 10/15/14 01:16:13 UTC

UoP has Alumni at the Top 100 companies

Yeah every top 100 company has: 1. a mail room 2. a cafeteria 3. shitters that need to get cleaned and ass wipe replaced This is where the UoP alumni are at in these companies.
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Go to thread Anonymous43799, Tuesday 10/14/14 23:35:45 UTC


The DOE is still investigating this school for improper Title IV practices. Big problems are looming. Not only are the feds examining shady FA processes, but they are going to issue the Gainful Employment rules later this month. The executives here in Phoenix are talking about a layoff of roughly 1000 employees, mostly ACs, FCs, operations, and middle managers.
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Go to thread Anonymous43785, Tuesday 10/14/14 22:30:52 UTC

FA processing center

can someone tell me why our FA processing center is so backed up and can not process our students loans on time? This would be important, since we are depending their fund to pay for their classes right?
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Go to thread EasyRider (Non Degree), Tuesday 10/14/14 19:54:56 UTC

Is UOP in Phoenix still home of the quicky parking lot bj? Girls were so easy in 2002-2005.

All this talk of layoffs is boring! Let's talk about all of the little academic counselors and admissions reps that are easy and live for the parking lot bj. 2002 - 2005 were fun times at UOP, especially at the Compass Building. Judging by all of the layoff talk, it appears that the fun is gone. It was a crappy mismanaged company then, I can only imagine what it is like now. What I want to know is how many of these slores are now your Senior Management?
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Go to thread Anonymous43540, Monday 10/13/14 19:40:15 UTC

24.24 Down 0.65(2.61%)

Dump and pump.
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