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Vanguard Health Systems

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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.79 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 18500. Located in TN

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Go to thread largesse, Sunday 10/20/13 14:28:06 UTC
Obamacare will certainly impact Vanguard as well as all other health providers. Medicare is soon to be overwhelmed, reimbursements squeezed harder, with end result being admin staff cuts. Vanguard's admin redundancy with recent buyout will more than double "non-essential" staff...ie those who don't generate $$ through patient care
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Go to thread Obamacare, Friday 10/18/13 17:42:28 UTC
How is obamacare affecting vanguard?
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Go to thread Anonymous, Tuesday 10/01/13 16:11:33 UTC
Any news for Detroit?
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Go to thread picline, Monday 05/20/13 21:37:45 UTC
We have let go over 100 folks back in late 2011 - this was massive and the cuts were noticeable. Many good folks let go and I really do not know what criteria was used. After that, around 50 folks were let go in mid-2012 and I am not aware of any additional layoffs we had. I heard that 2013 and 2014 may bring additional layoffs as the owners are concerned with profits and costs. There is an interview with Olga Solares, RVP of Marketing for VH Chicago - she notes that mid-2012 layoffs were less than 2% of the workforce in Chicago - now granted that 6000 people work for Vanguard in Chicago, you do the math - it's significant...Some of the resons she is noting are decreased reimpusments and patient volumes and this is apparently affecting everyone and not only us. As always, Medicaid is to blame. This particular case was focusing on Weiss memorial Hospital, West Suburban Med Center, Oak Park and the main office. No mention of MacNeal Hostpital in Berwyn and Westlake Hospital in Melrose park here...
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Go to thread Anonymous, Wednesday 01/23/13 06:04:13 UTC
Vanguard is laying people off again - 2013 will be an interesting year
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Go to thread Anonymous, Monday 03/07/11 05:33:38 UTC
I hear that the facilities and hopitals in Massachusetts and Michigan are not doing good at all. I guess Blackstone is not going to be happy and that we can see some layoffs in Nashville very soon (We can start with Martin and Wallace)...
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