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Go to thread Anonymous74543, Friday 03/06/15 09:24:01 UTC

I got laid off Monday from SJP

I got laid off Monday from SJP. I was with WFT a long time. They were always good to me. Don't think my manager wanted to let me go. Seems that it's the last 2 to be hired for a particular title. I am going to miss everyone. I don't know why everyone is pointing fingers yadda yadda yadda and trying to publicly make WFT look any worse than it does. It does look like the company is going under this time to me. I've seen the ups the downs the tears And the humiliation of being walked out...but at the end of the day when I walked out I was relived of the pressure and stress of wondering ...so chins up everyone and move on if you were lucky enough to be released To bigger better things in life!!
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Go to thread Anonymous74074, Thursday 03/05/15 20:11:40 UTC

Anyone heard heard of layoffs at Northwoods Manufacturing facility (Houston) ?

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Go to thread Anonymous73973, Thursday 03/05/15 17:10:13 UTC

WARN - Notice .. this is how they are getting away with not letting us know whats going on.. they are penny pinching the system

If you notice line 2. - if they let 49 people go at one facility they buck the system. This is EXCLUDING part timers(ORANGE hats). This is why they are letting RED hats go and leaving ORANGE hats.....because then they are not liable to pay under the WARN act. They are treating this as if they are trying to keep facilities running.. when in fact they are reducing employees a little at a time to dwindle down the numbers so they DON'T have to give anyone notice. After they are done penny pinching they will close facilities left and right. So if you THINK you are safe at a facility that has seen significant layoffs two months in a row ... most likely you are not. THIS IS FROM THE "WARN" LAWS... Explains everything..http://www.doleta.gov/layoff/warn.cfm The term "mass layoff" means a reduction in force that: 1. Does not result from a plant closing; or 2. Results in an employment loss at the single site of employment during any 30-day period for: a. At least 50-499 employees if they represent at least 33% of the total active workforce at a single site of employment, excluding any part-time employees; or b. 500 or more employees (excluding any part-time employees). In this case, the 33% rule does not apply
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Go to thread Anonymous73961, Thursday 03/05/15 16:36:47 UTC


Hit alvin warehouse yesterday evening. 8 people gone! So sad
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Go to thread Anonymous73952, Thursday 03/05/15 16:01:39 UTC


What about Northpoint and Weatherford Direct? There hasn't been anything on them.
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Go to thread Anonymous73876, Thursday 03/05/15 13:19:12 UTC

Last pay stub?

I was let go this week. How do I get a copy of my last pay stub. I have direct deposit. I can't get into employee connect anymore.
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Go to thread Anonymous73625, Thursday 03/05/15 02:11:18 UTC

OWBPA list updated

The previously mentioned OWBPA list on Weatherford.com has been updated to include the March round of layoffs.
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Go to thread Anonymous73424 (Ft. worth Wichita ct), Wednesday 03/04/15 22:24:08 UTC

15 or 16 laid off today,honestly dont think theyre done

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Go to thread sam (oil country ventura), Wednesday 03/04/15 21:56:19 UTC

any news of more layoffs at the ventura tong shop got 20 or so last week

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Go to thread Anonymous73345, Wednesday 03/04/15 20:28:23 UTC

Rent the movie...."The Company Men!" It's coming.....

They don't need to justify more layoffs. That's already been decided regardless of what the finance numbers say. That's justified by the fact that they've got a ton of people doing exactly nothing for the past 2 weeks. Do the math - if you can't order materials you can't produce product - if u can't produce product you can't make money for the company. Add that to the fact that they don't seem to care = bye bye company. If the NYSE rated Weatherford at a 53% probability of going bankrupt BEFORE some dumbass in Accounting accidentally double paid all our suppliers -AND paid suppliers who weren't scheduled to be paid - and if all that is being kept publicly secret - believe me this company is in huge trouble and every executive is already planning their exit strategy. The fat lady is fixin to sing folks
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Go to thread Anonymous73333 (Manufacturing ), Wednesday 03/04/15 20:06:07 UTC

Houma Manufaturing

Houma cut 55 people today. Not to mention the 20 that left last week with their early retirement/buy ou packages. Rumor is, they are shutting the plant down. We are down to half.
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Go to thread Anonymous73316, Wednesday 03/04/15 19:38:14 UTC

High Level Wireline Shop Closure

News coming from High Level, Alberta, Canada that Cased Hole Wireline shop was closed earlier today leaving the employees exposed to cold weather and frozen economy.
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Go to thread Anonymous73315, Wednesday 03/04/15 19:35:07 UTC

I am sick and tired of the "Managers" on here saying

I am sick and tired of the "Managers" on here saying ... "oh its soooo hard, put yourself in my shoes..blah blah blah" If you had really looked at these peoples files like you have claimed... the good people you let go would still be there. You would not have taken a Human Resource complaint into account at all!!!! To me that's a form of retaliation. Give me a break, you do and did know who was being laid off before it happened (you even told your friends/family who were being laid off.. don't think for one second they didn't tell someone else by the way) and yet you still looked each and every one of them in the face day in and day out and smiled. Sleep well.. until the next go around and your head is on the chopping block. Will you feel bad when your manager lets you go? or Will you put yourself in their shoes?
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Go to thread Joe Blow Public (A facility near you), Wednesday 03/04/15 18:01:42 UTC

I Love Love Weatherford

So I have been here two years and I don’t see why people are talking so bad about Weatherford. I love this job almost as much as my last job. My last employee was the tax payers, while on welfare and food stamps I would hear you people complaining about me, now you feel we should be drug tested prior to getting a check. All I was doing was sitting home playing Xbox and pulling on my PUD. Why are y’all so mean? Why should it matter what I do with your hard earned money, you didn’t need it. But here at Weatherford I come to work a few days a week, call in at least 2 of those days. On the days I decide to come in I usually drag ass in late. But my supervisor is my kin folk so he just backs up my time. While here I wander around with a look of confusion on my face and an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Hell if it wasn’t for me being here they would have to pay a competent employee far more. I mean really people this is a great job. For all of us useless incompetent workers left to run this place I salute you. For all you guys and gals that got laid off and walked out like a bunch of criminals, maybe you should not have worked so hard for the company, Lord knows I don’t and I still have a job and sore knees.
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Go to thread Anonymoose, Wednesday 03/04/15 16:57:31 UTC

WGB in 2 days

West Gulf Bank has been hit in 2 days for layoffs. We lost a total of 9. Not sure how much they're willing to sacrifice to the Oil God but if we get back into the flow of things, it'll be a rather disappointing stream of production. We're assuming we lost a total of 25 employees at our location. For those still here, watch your backs, keep your heads down and pray. For our fallen brethren, God speed ahead. You all are the real winners in this debacle.
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Go to thread Anonymous73235 (WFT TRUE FACTS DEPARTMENT), Wednesday 03/04/15 16:53:17 UTC


For all you guys and gals that got axed by WFT and are reading the blogs on this site, perhaps you may want to consider getting together with say 60 minutes or journalist in your area and make public some of the unworthy and unethical events that took place when you were with WFT. Let the world know what this company is really like.
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Go to thread Anonymous73225, Wednesday 03/04/15 16:19:27 UTC

Wo! I feel good, nananana

Wo! I feel good, nananana and I knew that I would, nananana I feel good, nanana I knew that I would, nananana So good, so good - now that I don't have you Weatherford... stressing me out over layoffs, incompetent co-workers and management I will overcome and move forward, because I am a good reliable competent individual. Weatherford US on the other hand .. hey batter batter swing.. your outta here. Feeling so sorry for the few (very few) good employees left.
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Go to thread Anonymous73211, Wednesday 03/04/15 15:45:35 UTC

Layoffs just hit Katy weatherford

Unknown head count but safety guy was one of them and about 10 floor hands
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Go to thread Anonymous73195, Wednesday 03/04/15 15:24:47 UTC

Wichita Court, Fort Worth

It's happening right now! Police sitting in front of the building. 7or 8 already gone. Who's next?
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Go to thread Anonymous73187, Wednesday 03/04/15 15:05:02 UTC

Job search support - check out this site its excellent

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Go to thread Anonymous73171, Wednesday 03/04/15 14:36:49 UTC


If you ever built a home or a building then you know a good foundation is critical. All the weight is supported by the foundation. Small hairline fractures can easily be dealt with, without causing damage. When larger cracks occur, measures have to be taken to protect the integrity of the foundation. If ignored, over a period of time the foundation will fail and everything will come crashing down. WFT is scrambling like never before. The building is shaking, the foundation is failing because of neglect, due to real leadership. As the larger cracks occur, they simply pulled brick (employees) out of the wall laying them off, thinking if they lighten the load, the foundation will be ok. What you are seeing is the corner stones (employees) being let go. Once you remove to many corner stones, the building is coming down, there is no stopping it. Other companies could learn a lot by watching the failure of Weatherford. Keep your foundation sound. Make sure your foundation is in compliance. The hundred's of millions of dollars spent due to noncompliance could have a lot of jobs. Getting rid of the person in charge of protecting the foundation, should have been done a long time ago.
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Go to thread Doomsday84 (Competitor), Wednesday 03/04/15 08:47:11 UTC

US Land, Midcon Operations

US Land, Midcon Operations. And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. Enjoy the new manager that was just assigned to your area. I wish you all luck. This person's job is to cut, and slash personnel without regards to business integrity. I do not work for WFT , but I did hear about this newest development earlier today. WFT competitors applaud this appointment.
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Go to thread Zero cool, Wednesday 03/04/15 07:43:07 UTC

Williston wireline may close??

2nd round of layoffs are here. I Don't understand how they determine who stays and who goes. We have lost a few new guys which is to be expected. What's perplexing is we kept a few with only 2 months experience, no hazmat, and in one case no CDL at all while losing employees with over 2 years at that shop. Down to only 2 engineers. Anyone know if this place is closing or downsizing this month?
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Go to thread Anonymous73038, Wednesday 03/04/15 04:15:37 UTC

This should piss you off..

If you are a foreign professional looking for employment in the United States, Weatherford International Inc. may be a good place to start your job search. Located in Houston, Texas, Weatherford International Inc. submitted 70 H-1B Labor Condition Applications (LCA's) for the US Department of Labor to process in 2013, drastically more than other US companies. It is important to keep in mind that the number of LCA's processed is not synonymous with the number of foreign professionals who end up obtaining an H-1B Visa. Once an application is processed, it must be certified by the US Department of Labor. Out of the 70 applications submitted by this company, the government certified 54. 16 were either withdrawn by the company and/or denied by the government. Another reason to consider working at this company is the considerably high pay. The average salary of a foreign professional at Weatherford International Inc. is $96,579.5, which is 52% higher than the average salary for all H-1B job positions.
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Go to thread Anonymous73037, Wednesday 03/04/15 04:13:49 UTC


Well layoffs happened today at the Benbrook MFG facility. If you count the one that took early retirement and the temps (from a last month), 24 total. Prayers to all and their families who were let go. Have a feeling that they aren't over yet.
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Go to thread Anonymous72726, Tuesday 03/03/15 20:02:25 UTC

Canadian Furlough

As per today's memo most of Weatherford Canada employees will have to take one unpaid leave day every two weeks for the entire Q2 and Q3 (at least) which equal to 10% cut of workload and pay for this period. And guess what, layoffs are not over yet in Canada!
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Go to thread Anonymous72703, Tuesday 03/03/15 18:23:41 UTC

Vice President, Wireline

https://careers.weatherford.com/psc/EREC/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&HRS_PERSON_ID=0&JobOpeningId=50499&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1 ----- WFT is looking for a new VP
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Go to thread Anonymous72636, Tuesday 03/03/15 13:26:36 UTC

Huntsville Round 2

Well pulled into the parking lot and the cops are here so Looks like round 2 will start today. Everyone keep your eyes up and ass down and grab some lube. GOOD LUCK
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Go to thread Got the boot today (So did another in my dept), Tuesday 03/03/15 03:22:59 UTC


It's happening again and I would suspect that this round is going to be brutal. If it happens to you look at it as change. An easy way out of a real F'ed up situation. Guess the only thing that really sucks as that I was a loyal employee Who got along with Everyone and helped make it a brighter and more up beat place To work. I liked seeing people smile and be happy...I will tell you though there are A lot of unhappy folks at Wft right now. Hang in there and take it for what it is. Every day in life is a blessing matter what is tossed Your way! Peace Out WFT
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Go to thread Anonymous72499, Tuesday 03/03/15 00:05:33 UTC

2 Huntsville Facilities.....

There are 2 facilities in Huntsville. If there has been talk, they may be referring to the smaller one closing. Moving inventory, employees and machines to bigger one... That would make more since.
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Go to thread Anonymous72476 (welcome mat), Monday 03/02/15 23:35:56 UTC

Is this normal?

I have worried about layoffs about 75% of the time I have worked for Weatherford. I think this is an unusually large percentage. Is this normal for most companies or is this undesirable trait specific to Weatherford? The oilpatch?
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Go to thread Anonymous72463, Monday 03/02/15 22:09:52 UTC

Manager's Role

Actually folks, it is not easy being in management and having to make decisions that impact the livelihood of your employees and their families. I agree that some folks don't belong in management, but others are dealing with the hand they, too, have been dealt. You may not understand the stress of the preparation of a layoff - you review employee records, tenure, work area, etc and make the best decision as objectively as possible. Then you sit on this information for a long period of time while having to interact with your colleagues and pretend all is well. It is a very stressful and painful time for those managers who do have a heart. I see a common thread in a lot of posts..... managers are worthless and should go first. You know something? If you think you can do better, work yourself into a manager's role and be the difference. Being a manager is equally, or more so, thankless than being an employee. If things go right, you're good; if they don't, you're in the cross hairs. It is easy to get frustrated and look at your own situation, but do try to view it objectively and look at the other side, too. Been there, done that, and have the ulcers as evidence of the difficulty in prepping for a RIF.
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Go to thread Anonymous72453 (Canada), Monday 03/02/15 21:09:55 UTC

Pay cuts?

Anyone heard rumours about pay cuts? I'm surprised this hasn't been tossed up as well, since other companies are doing the same.
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Go to thread Anonymous72386, Monday 03/02/15 16:15:28 UTC

Palestine TX

Is it true Palestine rental was shut down
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Go to thread Anonymous72272, Monday 03/02/15 00:58:30 UTC

Magnolia tx

Any words on this location
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Go to thread IAMME (All Over The Place), Sunday 03/01/15 19:58:20 UTC

Stop & Smell The Roses....

Why - if you pride yourselves on being a "great" company to work for & one that believes in family - would you all but destroy those very families you say you support? These people deserve better treatment and compensation than you've displayed and given. So many people have lost their families, their homes, their livelihoods, their careers - all so those of you with positions on the upper end could keep your many concessions. Just like you - we TOO have a life to maintain. What about us? We're the very ones who keep you and your company afloat! Treat those who've remained committed to you with some damn dignity! 100+ hours on rigs with no adequate compensation to show for it?? Constant reduction in field pay?? Missing expense checks?? Shop hands spending excessive amounts of overtime in less than stellar work conditions? Weeks and months without so much as seeing the smiles on our kids' faces?? Shoot - for those with smaller children - missing those critical milestones?? All of this, so you can rest your merry little noggin' on that snooty ass $100 pillowcase you pride so much. I pity you! I understand cutting costs - but come on - you can "trim the fat" in areas more responsibly than what you've done. Why take on jobs you know you can't handle with the workforce you have - just to turn around and let them go? Why not increase the compensation, rapport and morale with the FANTASTIC & HIGHLY QUALIFIED employees you already have? A full belly is a happy belly. ;) You wouldn't have such high turnaround I guarantee you. Lets not forget - it costs less in the long run. Lower turnover, lower expense.... DUH! People must forget the typical "warm body" costs (on average) $40k to adequately train and staff... (from payroll, uniform, education, background checks.. etc.) so imagine you just hired 20 folks and only kept a third... you just wasted valuable resources and funds... on what??? A dud. It's appalling to say the least to hear and see what I've seen over the past decade I've been an employee at Weatherford. From the dissipation of the functions and the company parties, to the hiring and promoting of purely incompetent people. How on earth does one become a supervisor with only a year or two in the field - let alone in the industry??? Who's sucking who? Geez! At the VERY LEAST - people should've been given the opportunity to choose. Choose weather they wanted to stay or go. EVERYONE. You can't decide on a whim what you want and expect it to not have any effect. It's not smart business. Let alone, treat your "valued employees" as if they're criminals and lock them out/escort off premises as if they're doing something wrong. That's purely demeaning & disrespectful behavior. Quite unprofessional in my opinion. I can assure you, those of us left behind will surely - if not already - be impacted heavily by this "fat-trimming" session. I'm sure you big-wigs are reading these posts - just as anonymously as we are.... Take heed. Listen. Understand. Get back to those core values you once had...... Excuse my rant and rave... It's time for me to get back to my "family." :-(
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Go to thread Anonymous72159, Sunday 03/01/15 11:15:05 UTC

More layoffs @ spencer rd.??

I know there was a mass layoff this past week, with rumors of something happening on Mon. Any word or insight as to what? Is LWD affected?
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Go to thread Anonymous71926, Saturday 02/28/15 13:28:52 UTC

Plant Closure

The Huntsville plant has been selected for closure, starting at the end of March machines are going to start being dismantled to be moved to other locations.
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Go to thread Anonymous71748, Friday 02/27/15 19:44:49 UTC

Core Values

Just got this memo on implementation of a Core Values Leadership team, looks to be made up of consultants and employees: "The Business Services Leadership Team will enhance the organization in order to continue on the journeytoward a Core Values organizational (CVO)Model. To that end, we are consolidating the Object Management for Business Services into a cross strata team.
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