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(Fri 03/27/15 02:22:55 UTC)

April layoffs

Many employees have been let go, so next round should be affecting management. There is only so many Indians to cut before cutting the many chiefs. I think the next round will be shocking and maybe gratifying. Just my 2 cents

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(Thu 03/26/15 17:58:34 UTC)

Weatherford has named John Briscoe as its new CFO.

in a Form 8-K, Weatherford International (NYSE: WFT) announced the company's CFO Andrew Becnel and VP of Tax James Hudgins will be leaving the company. Weatherford has named John Briscoe as its new CFO.

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(Wed 03/25/15 03:36:51 UTC)

Calgary Head Office Layoffs?

Are they done yet? I heard a few good sales reps were let go and a few mediocre reps. Seems like they kept some really crappy ones. Also heard a few sales managers were let go. Anyone else in Calgary Head Office affected by this?

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(Wed 03/25/15 03:07:51 UTC)

Weatherford cutting ANOTHER 8000-10,000 jobs?

Latest presentation (Howard Weil conference) posted below shows a headcount of just over 40,000 employees by end of 2015. February presentation (credit suisse february) showed a headcount of just under 50,000 employees by end of 2015. There has been no formal announcement, but it looks like WFT is ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 21:46:13 UTC)

Layoff update: 5269 out of 8000 complete.

Not done yet. See latest investor presentation on WFT website from yesterday.

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(Tue 03/24/15 19:26:26 UTC)

What happened at Nisku Ampscot?

Heard there was a bunch of layoffs. What's going on? How many jobs lost. What is the plant output going to be? Any details would be good. I'm at one of the other plants and am shitting bricks. All the big bosses are here this week.

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(Tue 03/24/15 18:34:30 UTC)


Fill in the blank... how many?


(Tue 03/24/15 16:26:56 UTC)


Could someone please tell me what the Weatherford "policy" number is for Severance Pay? I am one of those people that have kept EVERY single piece of paper I have ever signed or been given (Employee handbook, Employee New Hire Packet etc..) and I cannot find one thing in any of it concerning ... read more

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(Mon 03/23/15 19:02:23 UTC)

Don't blame us orange hats

Some posts here treat orange hats with contempt we never came to WFT straight from college most of us have worked in the industry and bring a lot of experience and what's happening just now is no fault of ours, We came here for better opportunities just because you wear a Red hat does not make you ... read more

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(Sun 03/22/15 04:22:10 UTC)

Wish you all good luck

a lot of good men and women are losing there jobs people that work hard every day including me . I just want to wish you all the best in finding new jobs I pray for you all and myself ... I have had many good years with weatherford and have gain alot and hate seeing it end .

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(Sat 03/21/15 16:09:19 UTC)

Final Check

Left the last day of February, finally got my severance pay stub in the mail yesterday, 3-20-15. I was told the check would come by certified mail. I'm just glad I finally got it. I'm praying the stock goes up enough that I can sell it and break even.

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(Sat 03/21/15 16:03:02 UTC)


Has anyone heard the fate of OKC completions yard? Is it gunna be shut down or moved. I heard they laid off most of the hands

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(Sat 03/21/15 14:26:32 UTC)

WFT Stop keeping us hanging on

If any of the top men in WFT are keeping tabs on this site then you need to push these layoffs out? Working with the threat of being paid off is taking its toll you know who's going just tell the employees affected at least we can start looking for new work rather than playing this lottery game, we ... read more

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(Sat 03/21/15 03:00:27 UTC)

Need help getting your final paycheck? Or even just the pay stub?

I knew my layoff was imminent so took the precaution of getting a couple of names. Turns out I didn't need them, they got my stuff right. But for those of you needing the info - One of these numbers can get you a pay stub if needed. Might can help you with pay info too. If you don't have a check ... read more

With a lil help from my friends
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(Fri 03/20/15 19:44:12 UTC)

Tulsa shutting down

Well, J.I. came up to give us the official word this week. Tulsa is being shut down. Looks like they are moving CHC packers to a group that only knows zoneselect. Luckily, they sent their nervous chihuahua of a GM to learn our entire business in a few days. Which is great, because he expects to be ... read more

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(Fri 03/20/15 16:14:13 UTC)

Inability to Communicate

Today, I've received several phone calls from dfferent vendors in regards to shipments of repairs being sent to another location. Vendors were told to ship assets to another facility without providing information in regards to why considering the POs do not reflect this. In one case she told me she ... read more

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(Thu 03/19/15 23:25:28 UTC)

Oilfield layoffs 2015

Does someone have cummulative numbers for oilfield layoffs 2015? I am interested what the total number of people that were laid off in the oilfield industry. I know that SLB, HAL, etc. laid off around 5K each, do you have numbers for any other company?

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(Thu 03/19/15 22:20:38 UTC)

You cannot replace experience with Orange hats and expect to maintain business.

WFT customers are not fools. If they were dealing with WFT employees who had very good knowledge of the product line they were using, and those employees are no longer with the company, they will think twice and evaluate if WFT is capable of meeting their needs. You cannot replace experience with ... read more

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(Thu 03/19/15 17:01:16 UTC)

Has Thru Tubing at WGB had any cut?


(Thu 03/19/15 13:22:51 UTC)


I still HAVE NOT been paid for last 2 days I ACTUALLY worked. Anyone else not get paid yet? I have tried and tried to contact payroll and STILL no reply.

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(Wed 03/18/15 20:37:57 UTC)

Odessa hit again.

Odessa supposedly got hit hard again today. Worse than the last round.

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(Wed 03/18/15 19:33:34 UTC)

GBU layoffs

my product line sales group in Houston had one cut last Wednesday and another one cut today at 11 am. That's 3 total out of 16 since Jan 1st. After the 1st layoff in january, management brought over a guy from the GBU to join sales group so that he wouldn't get laid off by GBU. What a ... read more

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(Wed 03/18/15 17:33:39 UTC)

Layoffs to intensify

Oil glut going from very bad to pretty worse, EIA supplies hit 80-year high and will stay at this level for a while. Anxiety...

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(Wed 03/18/15 17:23:32 UTC)

We all have options to move on with so consider getting paid on transactions that your already doing on a monthly basis.

Having personally been effected by this recent layoff run my thoughts go out to all concerned as well. It's heartbreaking to read all the post here where there are serious family commitments, payments due etc, etc. This adds major stress to families and loved ones for-sure! The looking for a new ... read more


(Wed 03/18/15 16:20:25 UTC)

WFT lets people come in from selling suits and managing retail stores to be SR managers and VP's

Why is it that just because someone that sells suits is a good bull crapper and has no experience in the patch they put them in a VP position and decide who gets the layoff from all the other people that have the skill and experience from being in the business for years .I had allot of friends that ... read more

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(Tue 03/17/15 20:57:28 UTC)

FORBES- OIL LAYOFFS STORY I work in an entirely different field and may be laid off this year and My heart breaks for you all and my prayers are with you all :)

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(Tue 03/17/15 10:33:48 UTC)

Major layoffs in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The team leads in product design teams in Aberdeen are to be offered relocation in an effort to move the sustaining and development engineering to a country with a lower cost base. The remainder of the teams will be let go. Notices will be issued at the end of the month. Thus far, statutory minimum ... read more

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(Tue 03/17/15 02:33:15 UTC)

From the February 22nd Credit Suisse presentation: 8000 layoffs planned in 2015, 2435 completed so far

From: 2014: 6283 positions eliminated 2015: 8000 planned, 2453 eliminated so far 2014: 64 locations closed 2015: 7 manufacturing plants slated ... read more

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(Mon 03/16/15 22:15:34 UTC)


SO what is the average wait time to get the severance pay? I know people that have waited a month now.

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(Mon 03/16/15 17:34:39 UTC)

Know your rights!

Finally, the Texas Payday Law regulates the timing of the final paycheck in section 61.014. If an employee is laid off, discharged, fired, or otherwise involuntarily separated from employment, the final pay is due within six (6) calendar days of discharge. If the employee quits, retires, resigns, ... read more

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(Sun 03/15/15 16:56:48 UTC)


They are letting people go to the extent that they are bringing people out of retirement to take their place.

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(Sun 03/15/15 16:54:15 UTC)

WFT crashes.... WTF

Do you think If I just go flying out a window now (we're only in a one story building) and I break my leg or arm...I can just go on workers comp because it was all the mental stress of not knowing if I was gonna have a job that led me to it?

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(Sun 03/15/15 07:24:02 UTC)

Ex Shell CEO predicts oil prices at 80 dollars per barrel by Fall 2015

Ex Shell CEO predicts oil prices at 80 dollars per barrel by Fall 2015 ---

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(Sun 03/15/15 01:01:36 UTC)

They are laying off 25% if not up more

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(Sat 03/14/15 07:26:47 UTC)

The way people are terminated within an organization says a lot

From what I read on these posts, it's humiliating for many. This shows the decline of corporate America, and the oil patch. "Management" turn into punks, empowered to do the dirty work. They don't trust you, because the Devil knows himself. People are now measurements, because metrics is King. ... read more


(Fri 03/13/15 18:50:21 UTC)

Layoff hit bryan tx hub last thursday 3/5/15 they got 2 people so now we even more understaffed for and even more over worked and underpaid.

And it goten even worse with all the shit they brought us from Corpus and they r pushing us to get more more and more witch means less less and less quality control

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(Fri 03/13/15 18:33:21 UTC)

If you were laid off and had a Weatherford Blackberry/phone.

Just as an FYI the company is so lazy they do not change access to your Weatherford phone voicemail. It has been over a month since my layoff and I was able to change my greeting to tell all callers to go F themselves. If you got your severance already you have nothing to lose.

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