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Posts regarding layoffs at Aetna Inc.

(Tue 08/25/15 14:38:32 UTC)


anymore news on layoffs for this year? how about more outsourcing jobs for 2015. anymore personal days taken away?


(Sat 06/27/15 18:34:40 UTC)

Aetna - Bipolar - fire then hire

So, I'm reading about the firings and now in June of 2015 Aetna wants to hire 1700 new people? Is it a dump and pump type thing to cut your experience and mid pay folks for new hires at a lower wage? How sad Aetna.

Vet for hire

(Wed 03/25/15 18:25:04 UTC)

Severence email

Email released today regarding job elimination severence changes. Maybe it's ironic or just a coincidence,but according to the change legacy coventry employees won't get anything as far as severence. If you haven't been trained in aetna systems...seems like they're indirectly giving some a heads up ... read more

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(Thu 10/16/14 16:45:53 UTC)

Any news anywhere?

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(Thu 10/16/14 06:55:59 UTC)

Hartford Layoffs

Anybody knows what's happening?


(Tue 08/12/14 00:35:14 UTC)


Any layoffs soon in September 2014???? Did anyone hear anything?????

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(Fri 06/13/14 17:22:18 UTC)

Home Care Nurses

Home Care nurses were laid off as of June 2014, no more pre-cert. So tired of hearing OBAMACARE as the excuse. It is hard to have trust in this country, everyone plays the blame game an nothing is ever done to turn things around. Could it very well be Obamacare-I guess, BUT it could also be the fat ... read more

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(Sun 05/11/14 06:30:26 UTC)

May 2014

Any updates about Aetna's layoffs (May 2014)?

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(Wed 04/30/14 00:35:50 UTC)

Coventry Health Care Layoffs

Any news here?

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(Thu 04/17/14 02:41:11 UTC)

Moon Township, PA

Anyone know if Aetna outsources there Med Part D refunds? I hear they do other platforms. Wondering if us handling this at the Moon Twp office (formerly Coventry) will get the pink slip.

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(Tue 03/04/14 01:21:19 UTC)

Why we have no posts here?

It looks like that this round of layoffs will be done in secrecy again. Aetna does not tell us much, why do not we share a bit more info here. I'd be curious to hear other opinions as it relates to where we are going and how we will be affected beyond 2014 as it relates to downsizing. I think that ... read more

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(Sun 03/02/14 10:08:05 UTC)

Aetna Layoffs 2014 and beyond

We are heading into a storm. Aetna Layoffs in 2014 are a reality and we had multiple units and corporate affected as well. Obamacare will continue to complicate things and we should hope that things will stabilize soon. The pressure on the margins will continue with pretty much everyone trying to ... read more

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(Fri 02/28/14 01:27:20 UTC)

Aetna Innovation, Tech and Service Ops

Layoffs reported in Innovation, Technology and Service Operations. Connecticut will be hit the most, 80 people will go. Overall we'll cut around 150 people. So, ITSO is cutting - primarily managers, and mgr assistants. In 2012 400 jobs Connecticut were eliminated,layffs, firings and voluntary ... read more

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(Fri 02/28/14 01:15:47 UTC)

Blue Bell office Downsizing

I think we let go over a 100 people over last few days. This round of Aetna cuts includes case managers, they got notices on Wednesday (Blue Bell office) - I am not sure how many were cut. The rumor is that round 50% of supervisors were cut and there were around 20 supervisors over there. Each sup ... read more

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(Wed 02/05/14 06:12:13 UTC)

Medicity acquisition

Medicity is an IT shop, AETNA does not know how to manage software business. The promise was that Medicity will operate as a separate business within Aetna, under its existing leadership lineup but AETNA is already trying to shake the execs up. Let's see what happens but my assumption is that ... read more

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(Tue 02/04/14 01:38:15 UTC)

Aetna layoffs related to acquisitions

Most of our layoffs here at Aetna have to do with acquisitions - downsizing is never isolated and is prompted by some kind of acquisition or merger - as soon as we make the move, there are redundancies, potential savings, etc.

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(Thu 01/30/14 17:09:14 UTC)

Aetna Connecticut Downsizing

I used to work at Coventry Health Care, and moved to Aetna a few years ago. I was let go in 2013, I was able to move on very quickly though. It's difficult to go through cuts if you have family and other financial responsibilities. But if you are willing to work hard and if you are really ... read more

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(Fri 01/24/14 18:40:51 UTC)

Things continue to be more difficult

I think this whole Obamacare thing is not making things easier for us, overall I noticed that the work is picking up but we are not hiring as before. Aetna seems to be doing just fine but for whatever reason it seems to be harder for us who are in the trenches.

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(Fri 01/24/14 01:38:44 UTC)

Who's next

IT is under the magnifying glass, the execs are looking for any opportunity to save money - AETNA has been cutting IT for years now, so do not be surprised if you hear about massive downsizing in a month or two

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(Thu 01/09/14 07:08:43 UTC)

AETNA layoffs 2014

Is anyone aware of layoffs scheduled for 2014 for customer service? I was offered a job by AETNA in customer service department and I am about to accept but I heard rumors that layoffs are frequent. Please let me know.

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(Wed 12/11/13 19:58:35 UTC)

IT and back office

I keep hearing about IT layoffs, we are cutting much deeper in other departments, so please stop talking about IT - Aetna is notorious about cutting in all directions - there are no mass layoffs as of end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 - we'll see how things develop with Obamacare but I'd doubt that ... read more

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(Sat 11/16/13 06:09:22 UTC)

more to come in conneticut

jan or feb 2014


(Tue 11/12/13 00:51:21 UTC)

IT Layoffs

Multiple IT groups will be affected - Hartford, CT, Minnesota, DC and Chicago for sure. Not a big round, but there will be some fat trimming here at Aetna. For some reason, they always go after IT...

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(Tue 11/12/13 00:47:57 UTC)

ITSO Group Layoffs

ITSO keeps getting hammered, this time around again... ITSO... We can call this ITSO layoffs instead of Aetna, as no people outside ITSO would be affected

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(Tue 11/12/13 00:45:52 UTC)

IT Layoffs

Multiple IT groups will be affected - Hartford, CT, Minnesota, DC and Chicago for sure. Not a big round, but there will be some fat trimming here at Aetna. For some reason, they always go after IT...

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(Tue 10/29/13 21:06:16 UTC)

We have a ton of layoffs, very frequent... I'd say every 6 months or so, as I said it's often more frequently than that. We have a CEO that makes tens of millions of dollars while at the same time firing and letting people go in this terrible economy? Mark is nothing special - he's just a mega ... read more

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(Fri 10/25/13 06:37:10 UTC)

I have your plan and I hate you - you always deny service and come up with ridiculous copay ways. I hope all of you lose your jobs.

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