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Posts regarding layoffs at Amdocs

(Thu 10/30/14 08:27:43 UTC)

Working at amdocs

I posted my story below

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(Fri 05/02/14 17:50:21 UTC)

amdocs champaign layoffs

anybod has info if amdocs champaign is laying off folks

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(Wed 04/30/14 02:32:48 UTC)


Amdocs Champaign is not a place for work and live. This is for do and die. You will be forced to work like a slave and you will become a robot. You would work from 9 Am to 9 PM and weekends, forget about any extra income or recognigation. If you are unmarried, you will never gat time to be married. ... read more

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(Sat 02/22/14 06:55:44 UTC)

Amdocs Salaries Information

Is there a good source of Salary data for Amdocs somewhere? I've seen posts on Glass Door but I am not sure that I can believe such inflated numbers.

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(Mon 02/10/14 08:39:51 UTC)

Will the last one out of APAC please turn off the lights.

ANZ has all but shut its doors. The rest of APAC is withering and dying. The short sighted hire and fire attitude loses all the experience and skills without any care again. Sales and future strategy are non-existent. Find someone else to work for.

another victim

(Mon 01/27/14 05:37:37 UTC)

amdocs hire and fire

it's such a common practice here at amdocs, think twice before joining

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(Thu 01/09/14 23:58:12 UTC)

Amdocs salaries - internal info

do you maybe have info on US based salaries for Amdocs, east coast? Anyone?


(Wed 01/08/14 07:22:16 UTC)

amdocs ottawa job layoff

Any news about layoffs in Ottawa?


(Mon 01/06/14 23:36:41 UTC)

amdocs openmarket layoffs news

i'd appreciate any input you might have here - i am very surprised that we do not have more messages as we all know that amdocs fires and hires like crazy


(Wed 10/23/13 00:05:46 UTC)

i heard few hundred will be let go in 2014 - india to be affected the most? any confirmation?


(Wed 07/10/13 21:02:42 UTC)

Hearing rumors about another round in the imminent future (in the US).


(Mon 01/21/13 19:37:42 UTC)

Many folks let go in Pune, India

Pune Layoffs

(Sun 01/20/13 06:16:20 UTC)

Amdocs execs do not care about you - you are just a number, they will work you like there is no tomorrow and one day you will be disposed - sad, sad, sad.


(Mon 01/07/13 18:22:48 UTC) Amdocs axes scores of Israeli employees Amdocs: In a global company with 20,000 employees - changes in the workforce are a routine matter.


(Wed 12/05/12 06:54:19 UTC)

I heard that there the execs are planning a large round of layoffs for early 2013. I know we had to endure some pain in 2012 but what I am hearing is that 2013 will be even worse.

2013 Layoffs

(Wed 07/18/12 08:24:35 UTC)

it's been quiet here for a while. i am reporting us based layoffs that took place in june 2012


(Fri 08/13/10 21:04:06 UTC)

I am hearing that AMDOCS is planning on a big lay off off app developers in the US within the next 6 moths and off-shoring much of that work to India. In fact some of this has maybe begun as early as last week but will really hit in the fall. Curious about thoughts and other reports. It's not easy ... read more


(Sun 11/15/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Yes, there is a lot of hiring at Amdocs, but rest assured, there is a ton of firing here as well. It\'s a simple tactics, hire folks and pay low, as their wages rise, you fire them, so hiring and firing in Amdocs is a normal routine. We need a resource, we employ, we dont need a resource we ... read more


(Thu 10/29/09 00:00:00 UTC)

I dont work for amdocs but I am aware of the FIRE/HIRE strategy - as a matter of fact a lot of companies are doing it even though it seems that AMDOCS is leveraging the strategy longer and maybe more diligently. On my recent project I was a consultant in an IT shop that took good care of their ... read more

steve w.

(Thu 10/01/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Amdocs continues to drip feed the staff cuts. They seem oblivious to the impact when they let the subject matter experts go and then try and cover in Israel or India. Revenue slips and then they cut more. Management is conflict style. Probably the most disorganised company in this market that ... read more


(Thu 09/03/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Amdocs had massive layoff in Jan-Feb 09. They fired around 500 people in Pune(India) and wierd thing is that on one side this company is still firing people and on the other hane its still hiring. This company has always had Hire and Fire policy. People should be beware of joining companies like ... read more


(Fri 08/07/09 00:00:00 UTC)

additional 25 folks will be let go in pune, india by end of august. the number may be bigger, this is what i heard from my manager and i work in that office. anyone has any additional info?


(Mon 06/15/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Amdocs is emptying its Charlotte Office of the IT staff that supports DIRECTV's information systems and its Billing systems. This is NOT an impact of an economic slow down as the IT staff all have plenty of work and work is scheduled for software releases over the next coming 6 to 10 months, with ... read more

Roger Doger

(Thu 06/04/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Amdocs INC recently did major lay offs in his support office in Champaign (CMI), IL, this cut off was not due to recent economic slow down, but it was pre planned. Most of the work is being shifted to the office in INDIA.


(Tue 03/17/09 00:00:00 UTC)

My former husband, Phillip Reynolds was just let go by Amdocs. His last day was Feb. 26, 2009. He received a three month severence package. Please tell me if you hold out three months of court ordered child support from this lump sum severence check. I'm trying to plan for what will/will not be ... read more

Christine Reynolds

(Thu 03/12/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Israel's high tech industry had a hard last week, as three of the nation's biggest technology companies - semiconductors company Saifun, software house Amdocs and Intel Israel, announced budget cuts and layoffs. In another sign of the economic crisis bearing down, Intel Israel, which has the ... read more


(Sat 02/28/09 00:00:00 UTC)

is amdocs planning for ny mass layoff............if yes then will amdocs india ll also fire employees


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