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Bankruptcy now seems like the best alternative

Well, it appears that all bets are off on the sale of the Networking business. Latest talk in Santa Clara is that the primary buyer has basically backed out over a few final negotiating points. The deal included an up front payment that would cover... read more

No Avaya Sale Annoucnement on Sept 20 :)

Nonetheless, and personally speaking, the only announcement that mattered to me this week was what Nidal said on his call yesterday: he is staying! I couldn't care less about what happens to KJK, Dave, and the other goons running this sinking ship. I... read more

The Ultimate Insult

ROFLMAO... President's club just announced. TWELVE lucky people will be whisked off to Santa Clara for a fun filled few days of socializing with the "executives" somewhere in the Bay area. Alcatraz seems like a fitting venue. Meanwhile the rest of... read more

Interest Payments

I think company is making good money, but most of revenue got s---ed by salary and Interest. because of this net profit lef behind is only 200M. Company cant do anything with interest, They have to pay it. But they definately do something with... read more

Leave in 30 mins

I gave my 8 years to Avaya with my heart and soul completely dedicated to the success of Avaya. I was asked to leave in 30 mins of conversation. I hope this should never happen with my dear friends at Avaya. Its not easy guys.
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Chopping Staff

Typically, massive layoffs like these result in even slower R&D, poorer customer service, and further weakening of market share. Whether the rumored layoffs will be as bad as some might speculate, when a company such as Avaya starts chopping staff... read more

I don't see Avaya pulling out of this nose dive.

With the looming debt owed in 2017 and the revenues declining, i don't see Avaya pulling out of this nose dive. That said there's a lot of customers that will be very worried about Avaya's health. Does that mean someone will buy a piece or the whole... read more

Here's the problem with Avaya

Everyone should expect more and more layoffs. Find me one company that has so many changes in upper management - starting with senior VPs and C-level folks - this prevents initiatives/strategies from materializing, one person starts things and soon... read more

Worst leadership team ever

This is the the type of bonus the "leadership" team gets. For what? Years of decline, mismanagement, and self promotion? What a joke. They should all be terminated. From the recent Form 8K: "The total amounts that would be payable to the NEOs under... read more

How can this be allowed -

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Who is Reliance in India?

I was in a group meeting today and one of my colleague pointed out that in India they have a news (or rumor) that some Reliance company has shown interest to buy Avaya. Is it?

It's time for low cost zones now

After executive briefing today afternoon it was certain that company had decided to layoff some senior people in low cost zones like India and China. Gary presented the list of probable today. Some 30 level manager and engineer will be ask to leave... read more

Laid off

I was laid off this week. Have them 10 years and the might give me 4 weeks. 10 years of loyalty ends in 2 minute conversation. I pray this company implodes. It's going to like the titanic. So many people working on dead products never get laid off... read more
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Massive layoffs

Avaya is looking to get rid of 2,000 - 2,500 people. Everyone with a minimum 2 years service will be asked to leave with a few weeks salary. This is definitely a sinking ship. Sad part is Kevin Kennedy, Jim Chirico, and others are still sucking... read more

Layoffs 2016?

A lot of US workers were laid off this week. Anyone have any numbers or more information? Have any other locations been affected? Of course bad executive decisions seem to lead to "cost-saving measures"...i.e. Layoffs. When will companies learn that... read more

2015 Layoffs

Avaya has been laying off big numbers at the Thornton RnD location ... round one was in Sept and round two is going on now ... some groups reduced by 50%

Avaya layoff 2014

Avaya might as well shut down all operations in 2014 - things are not developing well for us and our workers are overworked and underpaid. I am not even sure why we work here at all. I think we'll have downsizing in both 2014 and 2015 and you'll see... read more
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Age discrimination @ Avaya

I was recently laid off from Avaya. The company went to great lengths to establish that no age discrimination was taking place. Yet they tried to force me to sign a release stating that I will not sue for age discrimination in order to get my... read more

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