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Massive layoffs

Avaya is looking to get rid of 2,000 - 2,500 people. Everyone with a minimum 2 years service will be asked to leave with a few weeks salary. This is definitely a sinking ship. Sad part is Kevin Kennedy, Jim Chirico, and others are still sucking... read more

Layoffs 2016?

A lot of US workers were laid off this week. Anyone have any numbers or more information? Have any other locations been affected? Of course bad executive decisions seem to lead to "cost-saving measures"...i.e. Layoffs. When will companies learn that... read more

2015 Layoffs

Avaya has been laying off big numbers at the Thornton RnD location ... round one was in Sept and round two is going on now ... some groups reduced by 50%

Avaya layoff 2014

Avaya might as well shut down all operations in 2014 - things are not developing well for us and our workers are overworked and underpaid. I am not even sure why we work here at all. I think we'll have downsizing in both 2014 and 2015 and you'll see... read more
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Age discrimination @ Avaya

I was recently laid off from Avaya. The company went to great lengths to establish that no age discrimination was taking place. Yet they tried to force me to sign a release stating that I will not sue for age discrimination in order to get my... read more

2014 cuts

Small layoffs throughout the year at Avaya - do not be surprised if you see bigger cuts in 2014 - we have issues in the marketplace - I know for sure we are looking at IT cuts

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