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Is EVERYONE asleep at the wheel?

My GOD. Doesn't anyone realise that this company is DOA? Customers and partners bailing left and right. New customers non existent. Why would ANYONE go with a bankrupt company if they weren't already a customer? Answer: They wouldn't. And yet, the... read more

Layoffs @ Avaya

Announcement likely this week about upcoming layoffs at Avaya specially IT group. Enjoy....and keep in touch..

Avaya sales leadership...

Hahaha. They are a joke. NA sales, NA Channels, both leaders come off as absolute amateurs. Weekly update calls with no information to communicate - just nonsense. I'm amazed that these buffoons have senior roles in the company. Surely, they won't... read more

Avaya forged a sword they were unable to wield.

Most Avaya sales people and probably also most of management are most probably unable to grasp what their R&D people in networking have been creating. Let's just hope that the Buyer of networking knows how to use and market it instead of stomping on... read more

Who's idea is to waste money on Hackathon.

Our great leadership of RA, MD, PD have come up with this idea of national level Hackathon. Purely BS. Only Employees will participate and chamchas of CM or IPO team will get this 1 lakh award. Do you still think someone from outside will... read more


There are really only 2 ways this will end: (1) The proposed restructuring that Avaya will propose will not be accepted by the creditors and it will eventually be sold off in pieces. There is no way that the business can continue to service even the... read more

Oceana future.

Heard Oceana product is going to get shelved as no buyers, any truth to this?

Global Unpaid Leave Program

All India Employees login to LAS(leave system) and check for yourself. While applying leave now their is an additional item which says "Global Unpaid Leave Program". Level 15 and above will have to take mandatory 2 weeks of unpaid leave in 3rd... read more

No Disaggregation

So what happened to the phrase "no disaggregation"? It's obvious that all that will be left is CC and UC and of course a huge bonus for the guy who caused all of the issues.
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Happier than ever.....

Love the fact that senior technicians (in knowledge NOT seniority) have been let go......now actual SENIORS need to do the work. Shoulda taken buyout! Good luck out there......heard Toys R Us is hiring!

Top Talent

Agree we need to keep top talent BUT not the Execs that got us into this mess... http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSL2N1GG0EK

Bad news for Pune folks.

As expected cuts in jobs have started. In today high management meeting it was decided to let go 10 emoloyees who are high on cost and burden to us. This list must contain either director or senior manager, Consulting engg, tech leads and similar... read more

Sinking slowly

Avaya is slowly going down exactly like Titanic. Only executives knows the truth which they cannot tell the world and for the same reason KK is writing such bla bla emails to convince the world. Smart people will leave the company, smart customers... read more

The silence is deafening

Now that a week has passed since the supposed announcement about networking, it's clear that the stalking horse has been killed. Now what? The smart money is on a new suitor - most likely not a pure play networking company like Extreme. HP, EMC/Dell... read more

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