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The party still goes on in singapore

Singapore office just had a party for all their staff at a 5 star hotel. Good food and alcohol for all! If your offices are not doing the same then be prepared. Seems Pune office is not safe as alot of complaints coming out of there, cuts might be... read more

Avaya needs to filter support services team

There are lot of managers in Avaya services who are doing nothing and has many years of experience doing nothing. Why Avaya is not laying off them as a first priority in this difficult time. I can tell you about Pune office, managers/senior managers... read more

Cream separated from Milk

The Cream 'Pod FX' BU is now moved to Engagement Solutions from Networking division. The remaining Milk 'Networking' division will now be sold. Smart move !!

Microsoft to Acquire Avaya

In my opinion, Microsoft is the first contender to acquire Avaya in its fall. Avaya's building up its cloud PBX but yet time to take off,,,it will be great time for Microsoft to put its use to their "Cloud PBX" version! Too bad, If Avaya is public, I... read more


We heard that yesterday the fire drill started to spin at Hyderabad office with few layoffs. Is it true?

Does Avaya Have a Post-Chapter 11 Prayer?

http://www.technewsworld.com/story/84282.html "Shareholders are about to get nailed. Avaya has warned that some or all of its currently outstanding securities may be canceled and extinguished when the Bankruptcy Court confirms a restructuring plan."

How can I get my manager fired?

Please give some ideas. I wanna see my manager is fired. I cannot work in Pune office which is full of political people. No one wants to work seriously here instead just showcase work with nice ppt's.

Interview invitation from Nice Systems, Pune

Lot of people in our CC team has got interview invitations feom Nice Systems. I have only 3 years industry experience. Is it a good company for career growth? I heard lot of senior management guys from Avaya moved to Nice. But is it good for... read more

Salary Hike - Low cost geography

In order to keep business as usual, the salary hike in low cost geography will be effective from March. No salary hike for Avaya Inc and its subsidiary's.

Reputation Management

How will Avaya manage its reputation in the market after filing bankruptcy? Will customers and vendors still trust the brand Avaya? Will new employees join Avaya?

Galway, Ireland office

Does anyone know the impact in the Galway office in Ireland? Are they laying people off there? I just got an offer for a dev role there and wondering if it's worth taking?

Avaya CEO

Investors have full confidence in KK. Whatever KK has done for Avaya, no father would even do that to his sons. He is still fighting for Avaya and for all of us. He could have quit, but, he is still trying his best to make Avaya great again. On the... read more

Non US employee retention

If you want to stop non US employees leaving the job, give them salary hike asap rather than waiting till July. This would be the only motivational factor for them to stay in Avaya. Or Avaya will end up investing more money in hiring new employees... read more

Go through this article again,

https://www.google.co.in/amp/amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2017/01/20/avaya-bankruptcy-loan/%3Fsource%3Ddam Nash said Avaya would be “marrying a balance sheet restructuring with an operational transformation" Operational transformation is a big word guys... read more

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