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Dilemma is over and out

By now most of us are informed if we will be part of new CC company or remain with UC. Many are asked to leave as well. Huge reduction is going on in UC and shared teams. Employees who are not informed are still being discussed whether to keep them... read more

Business on hold at Avaya

Business at Avaya is on hold. Customers are reluctant to purchase Avaya until they understand the future of the company. This is just common sense. Comes Jan 1st, no announcement, customers will move forward with other vendors, talks and plans are... read more

It is tough to say goodbye

For guys worked their butt off in the past, it is tough to say goodbye... All we can do is to continue the hard work, keep the team spirits, and wish our dear company can weather through! No company is perfect, Avaya is no difference... But you can't... read more

I'm Here Like...

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Done deal is what my boss told me.

December 2nd was the date my boss told me there will be an official announcement. Well, it looks like even that Avaya can't close. I guess will have to wait for a few more days\weeks before we know what's going on. Mean while customers are not... read more

Avaya Updates........

CD&R will take over CC and this is conform news as per our Manager. Now what next? Who will go where?

Microsoft eyeing Avaya UC and Networking.

Avayan's not going with CC business shouldn't worry because so far Microsoft has offered the best deal for both UC and Networking business. Nadella doesn't want to remain behind in competing with Cisco and for Microsoft, getting Avaya onboard would... read more


If you had a million dollars and gave away one quarter, and another quarter, and then another quarter, how much would you have left? A million dollars minus 75 cents.

It's the Wild Wild West for Avaya these days

So it isn't 2 companies no more, it's 3 companies. Seems Mr Marc Randal is setting himself ready for his new job by trying very hard and by himself to sell the networking unit to a 3rd bidder. God knows how much of kickback he will be getting out of... read more

Even KK seems not knowing what will happen

Last email from KK clearly says that all on TPG&SL table to decide. From all the talk the options seems to be: Avaya goes ch11 Avaya continues with CC sold to cover debt Avaya goes ch11 with CC sold to cover debt. Ch11 because revenue without CC... read more

The Real Deal - be prepared for this

50% headcount will be laid off (by March) and the remainder 50% to join the new CC org (from April onwards). The old Avaya will file chapter 11 and its remaining assets (Network etc) will be sold off by the Creditors as part of the chapter 11... read more

What next

Bankruptcy news may be false news by buyer to bringdown sale price and have leverage. Good news is got best STIP in the past 3 years. No salary increase though. Hopefully all this will be behind us.

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

What seems unbelievable to me is not hearing a single word of our leaders. This kind of information is viral and today all of us we have received dozens of calls and emails asking about the news. Our customers are stopping their decisions to go ahead... read more

New opportunities

While we are waiting here for some news. Can we exchange some ideas on what can be our next opportunity? NAR Emea India ...etc What is the market status? Where is the potential?

Done Deal

Mr. Done Deal where are you? ! Please let's know if you are around.

Kevin Kennedy is Incompetent !!

So not only is Kevin Kennedy the 4th worst CEO he can now claim the title of the "most incompetent" as well !!! How the hell did he let that Wall Street Journal publish that story !! ?? He is continuing to destroy any credibility that Avaya has in... read more

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