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Life @ Avaya

Confusion, new rumors and tension every day.......whatever is going to happens with Avaya, must come asap.

Avaya employee Moral Gage

Teams why you are sitting here crying , waiting and worried be positive and do not wait under anyone's mercy . Share your Morals Gage and let us see how many will comment to see how the company treat people . 10 Top 0 Bottom ready to leave

Avaya Q4 Numbers

Some really strong numbers today. Hopefully this convinces someone to buy us. What do you guys think really drove this out performance? Never really seen such strong numbers. This gets me convinced no bankruptcy.

Avaya Bankruptcy Rumors

Let's consolidate all the rumors about Avaya BK - how likely is it and what are your thoughts on how things will play out in 2017 - I am curious to see what people think

Everything you need to know about Avaya...

In meeting we have been told few things. Buyer who was in talk to buy Data portfolio is not longer interested. Deal not done. Contact Center also available for sale but nothing final who will take over. There will be layoffs and Nortel like... read more

Lost leaders

In such a hard time we can see our leaders are always travelling leaving empty office without thinking for a second about the team or the business. We normally see them in quarter closing to secure their bonus. Then we are lift alone to face the... read more
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Say with a reasonable degree of confidence

For Avaya- I can say with a reasonable degree of confidence the following. There is a lot of speculation deal that is close to happening or in the final stages of coming together. If this falls apart or does not happen we will have to have large... read more
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Here's an idea...

How about firing KK and the rest of the worthless management team - after cancelling their golden parachutes, of course. Then hire a few retired circus chimps to run the company. They wouldn't do any worse and at least we'd have some entertainment on... read more

Blackberry Lawsuit against Avaya.

http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/blackberry-avaya-patent-lawsuit/ BlackBerry has accused Avaya of infringing on eight of its U.S. patents related to mobile communications and has filed a lawsuit against the multi-national tech company.

Bankruptcy now seems like the best alternative

Well, it appears that all bets are off on the sale of the Networking business. Latest talk in Santa Clara is that the primary buyer has basically backed out over a few final negotiating points. The deal included an up front payment that would cover... read more

No Avaya Sale Annoucnement on Sept 20 :)

Nonetheless, and personally speaking, the only announcement that mattered to me this week was what Nidal said on his call yesterday: he is staying! I couldn't care less about what happens to KJK, Dave, and the other goons running this sinking ship. I... read more

The Ultimate Insult

ROFLMAO... President's club just announced. TWELVE lucky people will be whisked off to Santa Clara for a fun filled few days of socializing with the "executives" somewhere in the Bay area. Alcatraz seems like a fitting venue. Meanwhile the rest of... read more

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