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Money over family

Congratulations to Cabela's for taking away another thing from the employees, family time! No more closing early on certain holidays so employees can be with their families. What's next Cabelas? Are we going to be open Thanksgiving and Christmas... read more
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The party's over

We've been posting and venting for months now. We are insignificant drones. The fat cats and 1%ers win again. We were once the middle class. We could earn a livable income. No more. We've become a service economy and we will soon be servants. There... read more

Rumors swirling

Announcement of a sale to possibly be made before the shareholder meeting Friday

Obama has dropped the bomb.

Effective Dec 1 Manager salary starts at $47,500 approximate. Anyone below that is an hourly employee. Standby for a big shakeup.

Business Model???

I read the back and forth on this and I think everyone can come to the same conclusion. Since going public, Cabela's has degraded from a successful business model to a pot of money for the upper echelon and big time share holders take everything they... read more

Open availability or get fired?

We were all told this morning that everyone in the store has to have open availability or you will be let go effective immediately. They say part timers now have to be available at least 16 hours and be able to work every weekend. There's some kind... read more

How can this be happening?

I have been reading these posts for a couple of months now. What I find interesting is there is no middle ground. Looks to me like the majority of the people posting are angry and scared about their future, whereas, the few people who are being... read more

WARN training

Here we go:

T is for Takeover, Turmoil and Tommy

I think it has been made pretty obvious by Milner that the company is going to sell but we won't be told until they're booting us out the door. Obviously because of Insider trading we can't know what step of the process they're in but we do know once... read more

Cabela's is dying

Reno store looking for AP personnel now that they are being robbed blind. People running out of the doors with armloads of stuff. Good luck with that, no one in the Reno area will take the job. They know Cabelas is in a death spiral. Why work an AP... read more

Sound familiar? read more

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WOW the SEC violations

I am shocked in reading how the books were cooked to reflect a better than actual merchandise margin. It is very unfortunate that officers have become wealthy through Cabelas and that they were aware of what was actually going on. I feel so bad that... read more

SEC violations

Looming Sale

I heard from a manager at corporate offices in Sidney that Bass Pro is walking around the property today. Seems to coincide with articles saying Bass Pro got funding approved from Goldman... read more

How I feel living in Sidney

If you ever have seen the recent Deadpool movie, it is the scene where Deadpool(Bass Pro) is on the Zamboni and going to crush that guy(Cabela's). At least we are still getting paid for the time being i guess.

Tommy the Best

With my 25 yrs of experience at Cabelas, I can see Tommy as the best of all other peers & cabelas family members. To list a few, his way of visioning, strategizing & handling tough situations are outrageous. Without him & with the past leadership... read more

Housing Slum Lords

I too have to agree about the town of Sidney itself and the corruptness. I know first had that the housing situation there is beyond horrid! The landlords that bought up housing that should have been condemned and never did one ounce of repairs will... read more
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Was asked the other day how many we've lost, and I can't keep track. Seems about 99% of the positions posted must be being offered to existing staff at corporate - the jobs post for 5 days and then disappear, and don't see new families moving in to... read more

Thank God I am out of there..............

"Cabela’s last month started seeking buyers for its credit-card business, which is responsible for about 30 percent of total sales, and expects to have those bids soon. With those in hand, it wants to see what Bass and other potential bidders such as... read more
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Today is my last day at Cabela’s Inc

I joined the company in Feb 2011 and in my last 5+ years of stay here, I can surely say that this is the best anybody can get in terms of the people around me, management team, work environment, benefits & everything else. I will value every moment... read more

What Happened?

I recently stumbled on this site after hearing a rumor the Hamburg store was closing. I'd been a Cabela's customer long before the Hamburg store opened. I attended the soft as well as the Grand Openings. When my kids were young, I used to take them... read more
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Looking back

I am looking at the recent earnings statement. I am proud to say I was with the company a few years ago when we were making good profits, EBITDA and revenue numbers. You all may not have liked me then ! Maybe I did know something. Best wishes on your... read more

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