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Everyone should remember

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God Matthew So good luck Mary, Jim and Tommy. You help no one except yourselves.

Is there life after getting out of Cabelas?

Looking to get the heck out of my store this spring. Not sure where to go. Who hires ex-Cabelas employees? I don't want another retail job. Had it up to here dealing with customers and how much they act like children.

Jobs listed by March 20th?

Weren't there supposed to be a listing of jobs on the website for those that were laid off to apply for different positions in Sidney? I see a whole whopping 8 jobs at corporate, retail has 4 jobs and the DC has 1. Obviously, the jobs that were... read more

To many coaches

Every Tuesday we have 17 managers and coaches in. And hardly any outfitters. They can't give outfitter hours because of budget, but can have 17 managers and coaches in. A lot of outfitters are getting really pissed off here in the North East.

Cabela's A Dirty Word

Make Cabela's beloved again. Hopefully the DOJ / FTC regect this deal. They certainly should - the two powerhouses - ridiculous. Anyway, hopefully just the bank goes and CAB uses the money to buy their stock back. Then, go out and hire the best and... read more

Department of Justice?

Why hasn't the Department of Justice blessed this deal yet? What's taking so long? Do you think it will eventually be approved?


The only hope for CAB is for BPS take over. BPS knows how to operate lean. They won't be allowing the pissing away money that our SR. so called leadership has allowed. Why did CAB allow almost 100 people to go to SHOT Show? How much did CAB spend on... read more

Merger opinion piece's-merger Cabela's merger shouldn't suffer the same fate as staples-office depot
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Bright Minds? Strong Work Ethic?

To make Director level at Coca Cola, Nike, UA, Caterpillar, Home Depot etc. etc. an MBA is typically required. There isn't one Director at Cabellas with an MBA ... can that be right? Your VP team is also comically undereducated. Nobody's even heard... read more

Who is to blame who is not to blame

Way to much finger pointing going on, yes Sidney is in trouble, so many lives disrupted. Maybe it is time for people to step back take a breath calm down and think rationally. This constant bickering and name calling is not going to help or solve the... read more

Cabala Family & Cabela's Board ... VOTE

Why would the Cabela family & the Cabela's board vote their shares in to approve the sale to Bass Pro? With all the people doing your jobs down in Missouri, Bass Pro is the worst possible buyer for Sidney. Why couldn't they have sold it to a buyer... read more

Seriously...School board gives itself raise!

The board approved Classified and Administrator salaries at a 2.89 percent package increase. Superintendent Jay Ehler said the package takes the whole of Classified or Administrator salaries with the budget in consideration and adds a 2.89 percent... read more

The train of opportunity is about to arrive!

Like the phoenix Cabela's WILL return and on that day i will be able say I told you so to all the haters and naysayers who chose to bad mouth, ridicule the fine leadership of the city council, the board of directors and the executive team The... read more

North Platte Call Center

Just a thought, since the call center is moving to North Platte... Isn't the previous city manager (a crooked Cabela's shill, on the corporate payroll), now the city planner or manager of North Platte, coincidence i think not
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The Real Story

The real story with the layoff that took place today is the fact that just a few weeks ago, Cabela's top 4 executives received over $2 million in cash bonuses. If there are any reporters reading this, that's the story and is what should be written... read more

I see what you did there

When the sellout to Quad happened, they wouldn't tell exactly how many people lost work because people could apply at Quad. People who did found there were about 1/8th the available jobs at about 1/2 the pay of their Cabela's job, but locked in... read more

Consolidation by cuts

What i understand is there is a few positions they can apply for in a call center if they want to relocate. Also sounds like merchandising today is taking a large hit. Kind of surprised, as customer service and product fulfillment is normally the... read more

Cabelas just cut Customer service in sidney

Just got the phone call from a family member that has worked for over 30 yrs, that they have 30 days.. This is where greed gets you folks. As some smile all the way to the bank, some cry trying to figure out whats next.

Gander Mountain
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Retail troubles

Urban Outfitters (URBN) CEO Richard Hayne does not have comforting words for the retail industry. “Our industry, not unlike the housing industry, saw too much square footage capacity added in the 1990s and early 2000s,” Hayne said on the company’s... read more
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Went to the Hamburg store this past Sunday. I used to work there and it isn't the same. First thing I noticed was no greeters at the door. Lots of customers, not so many Outfitters. The wait at the gun counter was so long I gave up. Went into the gun... read more

This is what Cabela's could face

Shares of Office Depot, Inc. (ODP) and Staples, Inc. (SPLS) were punished Wednesday morning, falling some 35% and 15%, respectively, after Staples' decision to walk away from the deal came on the heels of a recent ruling by the U.S. district court... read more

Just the facts, ma'am

The Cabela's family essentially sells the company by going public in 2004. The only way they can keep control is by holding a majority of the stock. The family sells of shares to gain cash and loses its majority. They know this leaves the company... read more

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