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Does this sound Familiar????

Remington Arms Company, Inc. is the only manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition for Hunting, Law Enforcement/Security, Government & Military applications in the United States. They have announced that it will be acquired by an affiliate of... read more

Cabela's employees -- what are your plans?

If you're a current Sidney Cabela's employee: 1) What are your current plans? (Employment/Living) 2) Are you expecting the headquarters to leave Sidney? 3) Are you currently looking for other employment opportunities? If so, are you looking in Sidney... read more

Falling stock price

Click on CNN Money, type in CAB and read the messages
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Big corporate layoff coming

Corporate outfitters, there is a big layoff coming in the next 3-5 weeks. Up to 15% of the corporate work force. Keep your heads down.

Thanks Cabelas!

For keeping us on our toes and enabling hiring freezes in this town of Sidney. Real classy. Move now if you can.

Where is the product?

We are getting pathetic amounts of stock sent to us. Stuff is running down and there are SKUs being discontinued. Even non-Cabelas brand product we are getting jack replenishment. Are they setting us up for store changeover to a BP brick and mortar?

2017 vision

I hope all the hourly employees can find peace and closure in 2017.

Your sinful greed

Merry Christmas to all those greedy people that put themselves above all others. May Our Lord and Savior born on this day look down upon you and your actions with sympathy. And we pray that some day you will see the shamefulness your greed brought... read more

Not Funny! Jerks!

I went into work early on Tuesday. As I was walking by a break room I eavesdropped on a conversation between two (unnamed) executives. Exec 1: Do you know what we're giving them for Christmas this year? Exec 2: No What? Exec 1: Hypothermia Exec 1 &... read more


It doesn't pay to give your heart and soul to any company. The company will just stomp on it and crush your spirit. Also, don't work extra hours and bust your ***- it only benefits the company and you end up feeling stupid.

There you go

Read the last paragraph. That's your answer. Since this was published in town it has to be accurate, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Outfitters! Don't forget to be thankful today for the job security you all have. And don't forget to tell all your family and friends to go out tomorrow and visit their local Worlds Foremost Outfitter. Regards... read more

Shareholder meeting package in the mail

PLEASE FILL IT OUT........take the time and fill out the ballot.........I'm assuming a majority of you don't take the time and let the proxy vote go to the recommendations of the is the time to vote AGAINST the current board and... read more

Cabela's Layoffs 2017

Do not be concerned, things will play out good this year. But layoffs might be happening in Q1 here in Sidney.

On Cabela's Executive Bonuses

Please go to and find Russell Hubbard who wrote this article - please say thank you to him. He's exposing the shady games the execs are playing with bonuses - hi's contact is here: Cabela's didn't meet... read more

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