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New president

Layoff ramp ups

Rumors that 8 were let go at corp late last week, and an earnings call coming soon following a year that hasn't looked good for any retailer. Sounds like there will be a ramp-up of layoffs through February so they can include announcements of that on... read more

CLUB to go first?

If this was true i guess there goes a huge chunk if not all of Cabela's profits:
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Eating Our Young

So now multiple stores are having General Managers and sub managers fired. Even when they cannot control the forces that are hurting the stores. Somehow, deck chairs and the Titanic come to mind. I guess Millner thinks this makes it look that he is... read more

Reporter seeking info about Cabela's

I'm a reporter with the Omaha World-Herald covering Cabela's. We want to write about the recent layoffs and any changes being made within the company, but I need to talk to people who work at the company or have direct knowledge of what's going on... read more


heard that the tractor line is no more? any truth to this?

The truth

This is going to hurt...... Cabelas has not been the same since Tommy came into the picture . He has the reputation of a swindler, greedy, f--- up! Whom ever brought this dbag into the fold is also to blame , Cabelas was a wonderful company to work... read more

New gun counter processes.

Found out today that there will no longer be NICS and sales. You will sell a gun and then track the buyer all the way through the process. I would like to know what happens when it is busy and the salespeople are all waiting for a register to ring... read more

Cabelas Real Estate Development team Fired.

"The company on the hill "terminated their entire real estate development team yesterday (1/06/16). The team of approx 11 individuals that were previously led by VP * *(who was also terminated in September) were responsible for the for the... read more


Any other stores getting new "expectations", especially themed around cleanliness? Our GM used the word Big Box Retailer.....I thought this is what we weren't and what separated us from everyone else.

Sidney troubles

No one is buying houses in Sidney and residents are tightening up and not spending money. All the businesses in town are affected. The city had to seek another avenue of financing for the pool. To sum everything up, things are not good and it seems... read more

Bass Pro / Field and Stream

I think if we are bought by Bass Pro or Field and Stream many of us in Sidney will not be left. They may give us severance packages but we will be out of a job. Has anyone been to Bass Pro corporate offices. It is impressive. They have lots of room... read more

No staff the week of Christmas!

The busiest time of the year and again we are understaffed. All that BS of saving payroll for the Christmas season is a laugh. Cash lanes are jammed, Managers telling Outfitters to get product out to the floor when your all alone. No one able to help... read more

cat is out of the bag

New ops manager is from Wal-Mart!

He is at the Allen Tx store for now and he is way too cool to talk to any non manager. We need to move away from the big box mentality and towards a Nordstrom experience. Also the hardlines manager is making the gun guys mount a ton of scopes on new... read more


When the MAFIA takes over a legit business and loots it, it is called a bustout. Also a pump and dump in stock scams. But for Tommy and his ilk in the US Business world it is just business as usual. American business teaching turned away from... read more

Buy Out?

If the Bass Pro rumors aren't true, then why isn't Tommy or someone at corporate doing some damage control to make us feel better?

Hello bass pro!?!?

Cabela's Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Cabela's layoffs in Sidney in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Starting to look for another job

The job does not pay enough for all the guff I have to put up with. One thing management can not get right is that we all know we are expendable and replaceable at the store but they put on this charade that we are integral to the business. From what... read more
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And the beat goes on!

The outfitters are getting beat again. Send home everyone and their brother, cut, cut and more cut hours. Maybe the Managers should donate some of their salary to match the wages Outfitters are losing with these cut hours. Sent home today again, with... read more

Change is interesting

Current news has an investment group taking a n 11% position in the company. They are talking about everything from restructuring to an outright sale of the company.

Think about this

Tommy says apparel is suffering. They had put a man in charge of apparel that came from Guns and Ammunition. What does he know about apparel ? His business was good during the big gun scare during the last Presidential election and the unfortunate... read more

A house built on sand will not stand.

So finally after vampire sucking its existing stores dry to finance insane expansion, its stock drops like a rock when the rest of the market is up big time ! GO FIGURE


So a couple of weeks ago sixty some people are laid off at corporate and now when you look at the website there are 16 jobs posted at the very location where people were walked out the door. Makes no sense to me.

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