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Elliot share

Strange source, but ok.

Party time in Hamburg

Just heard our GM Scott Johns is out of here August 1st!!! Good Luck Glendale hes a real gem. If we are lucky his sidekick hr manager will go with him.

Company wide or just some stores? Power hour.

Power hour between 11-3, No tasking just helping customers. Annoying the sh-- out of customers by asking them what brought you in today? Is this happening in all stores or is it just my store GM making us do this? Departments are looking like crap... read more


Departments are going to be short again this weekend. The front end will be calling for help all day and people will be leaving merch ln the floor and walking out. I think they are simply cutting labor to the bone and they have simply stopped caring... read more

Caution Raised on Cabelas

This is a management team that has struggled with the basics of retailing: the stores are expensive to build and operate and the merchandise, while compelling, is not competitively priced. Surprise ! Surprise ! Surprise ! Not. I experienced the lack... read more

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Lets face it. No one, except the upper level executives, know what is really going on. They are treating everyone like mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and feeding them crap. This includes the stock holders, managers and hourly employees. Every... read more


Two friends and family events in 60 days? Hmmmm....that does not really match the statements we made on the investor call a year or two ago about getting rid of the discount events because they were poor business practice and hurt margins.

Recent college grad looking to start a career

Hi, I am a recent college graduate and I am looking to apply for a position at Cabela's corporate in Sidney Nebraska. I came across this site and I am concerned. Is this just a site that is being used by current and past employees to vent? Is there a... read more

Another one gone

Hamburg lost a truely good mgr.She took care of her dept. She also stuck up for her employees! I guess that was her downfall!! She wasn't one of the corporate PUPPETS either! I forgot the GM Scott didn't like her, so now she's gone! Thanks Scott!


I dedicated 10 years of hard work, long hours and commitment to Cabela's. I am gone now, laid off, but I feel just empty and dead inside. All that effort and stress for nothing really. I did get paid and worked with great people. I guess I drank the... read more

Hostile work environment.

From what I have heard the treatment of the current and past employees of Cabela's has been borderline excessive stress. I believe that recklessly creating undue stress in a work environment can be considered creating a hostile environment. As we all... read more

Guess what

The company is going to be staying around past August at least because they are opening a new store they wouldn't just leave it high and dry orrr it's on that if BP buys Cabelas is keeping. Just saying also how about that 20 percent off Sale abruptly... read more

Beady Little Eyes

Does anyone else really hate those beady little eyes of Milner's? Nothing about that man is even close to being in line with the TRUE CABELA'S CORE VALUES. Many employees are stock holders. Stop letting him and Paul Stone (the hill billy headhunter)... read more

I am out of Sidney / Cabelas

Thank God we are out of Sidney and Cabelas. We were able to sell our large home at a nice profit for a short time living there. It really hurts to see how low Cabelas has fallen. I feel so bad for those that remain in Sidney. It must be scary. We... read more

Richfield, WI. store

Walked into the Richfield store, and the first thing you see is a huge fat guy sleeping. Then he stands up and his shirt is busted wide open, can't be buttoned. Is that how you want to represent your store? I asked a gal about that and she said... read more


I have been reading the posts from employees about everything under the sun. The people that are bitching about the company, the employees, I only have one question for you. What's it like being a god? obviously, you never did anything wrong in your... read more

The lies continue to roll!

Did anyone read the KSID recent write up of the layoffs? Why don't you tell the truth Christine Wamsley? You have not shown this "dignity & respect" that you speak of. You do not value these employees! You just don 't want the public to know what... read more

Pushing club even harder?

I was told that the sale has already been negotiated but there is a contingency based on Junes numbers. We all know Club is the ONLY thing keeping the company alive. If they don't continue to push the stink out of Club the buyer can walk and leave... read more

Thanks Cabelas!

Keep quiet, they say. Thank Cabelas for the wonderful opportunity, they say. Don't say anything bad about the company, they say. And oh, by the way, have a wonderful life, adios, they say. I don't think they really want to hear what many of us have... read more

Save Hamburg

Would some forms of leadership in this company step in and fix HR in Hamburg. Corruption has spread. Go there and see for yourself. There needs to be a investigation into all the stuff that is going on. Hr is meant to be there for employees and work... read more

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