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You all swallowed the BS hook line and sinker

Outfitters who work for Cabela's put Mary D--k and Jim up on a pedestal. Tommy is the fall guy for everything. He's the big bad Wolf. They can't see how the Cabela's family screwed over the entire town of Sidney. Tommy plays the bad guy for an $8... read more

Meaningless words

"We don't want to spend money on technology". Instead you promoted your buddies. " Tractors are a great idea". Every outfitter except the exec team thought the opposite. "We'll fill that new building and expand". How about seeing some expansion... read more

Vision 2020

I've been seeing signs posted all over and have read emails and and listened to rah rah speeches regarding tomorrows Vision 2020 announcement......Let me try to get my head around this......Isn't this the same vision that ran the company into the... read more

Sick Out?

From the Director level and below, why not stage a corporate HQ wide sick out. Use the corporate wide messaging service to engage in setting the day of the sick out. But, it will take the majority of the rank and file employees to do this to make it... read more

We're screwed

“I want to assure you that Bass Pro Shops understands and respects both the importance of our culture and our deep Nebraska roots.” Translation: Money is money, so we're gonna tell you whatever we need to in order to prevent you from being distracted... read more
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House of Cards

The whole thing was a house of cards....I was asked in 2008/2009 to look as what would happen with a BPS/CAB merger. You had Castner funding Nienhueser and G-- to run for the City Council, massive land deals that had were written off, Executive's... read more


It has almost been a year since KULR broke the story that BP purchased Cab. They should be proud of themselves for telling the truth and so few people believed it

Confused, scared and tired of the drama.

Dread the thought of going to work tomorrow. I work at corporate in Sidney. Nobody is happy. So much whispering and wondering. We all know long term employment is not a reality. I am not sure where to go from here. Where do I start? Born and raised... read more

I'm just going to leave this right here: Outfitters please don't wait, prepare now. Always remember what is happening is not a reflection of your capabilities. You have achieved great things and you will... read more
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Was this the plan after Dennis left?

Does anyone think that Tommy was brought in back in '09 for this reason? Internally we were NEVER told the company had this much debt. Tommy had a track record and has clearly been talking to BP for a while. The activist investor was just a... read more

Don't be gullible

All the visits from Johnny, the "we'll keep some operations in Sidney", the "now is the time to shine", and the rest of the ra-ra tactics is just a farce to keep lot's of people from leaving. If people start bailing, it won't be good for either... read more

I am out of there Thank God

When I accepted a position at Cabelas something in my head told me it was not right. But I love the outdoors and the outdoors products. I always wanted to manage a team that worked in that environment. After I got there it became more obvious that I... read more


I moved to town and tried to buy one of those overpriced houses. Bank on the hill told me get my 20% down and he would forgive the credit score. I saved up my 20%, found the house I wanted, guy at bank on the hill decides he doesn't want to loan to... read more


"Millward said he continued construction this year despite red flags about Cabela’s and despite two other contractors pulling out. He kept going based on the assurance of Cabela’s executives, he said. “We kept being told ‘We’re just restructuring... read more

Old news

This is ancient history comparatively but many of you do not know this . I know management or Sidney has never talked about this:... read more
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Sidney housing market was artificially inflated

It could be that current homeowners in Sidney grossly overpaid for their homes to begin with and are now about to experience to bursting of the housing bubble that the rest of the country experienced eight(ish) years ago. Due to supply and demand... read more

Change coming sooner than later

Wise up folks and stop believing Cabelas has your best interest in mind......Still think they are going to be transparent?????......still believe in the 20/20 vision???......take a look at the close of yesterdays market. There was a total of... read more

Will BP clean house on the store level?

Now that the stores will be under new ownership, you have to wonder if any stores not pulling their weight will get re-assigned personnel. I read the article that says we were in deep debt. That money has to be paid back. I think we will have a new... read more


Finally, a read that tells the real story. Can't believe the board thought this was how to run a business and let it go for so long.

Don't wait - get your resume out there NOW!

As unfortunate as this is for us -- we can't afford to wait around and see what happens to us. Most of us realize that there is not a future in Sidney, NE going forward. For those of you in retail stores, your in a much better position than those in... read more
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Taken from the Omaha World-Herald

It's not the same company D--k built folks. It's not about Sidney, it's business: Tommy will take $8.1 Million Scott will take $3.4 Million Baker will take $2.6 Million Ralph will take $3.4 Million Copeland will take $3.2 Million Linneman will take... read more
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The last farewell to my boss...

To my now former supervisor: I'm sure you were completely justified in selecting me for termination. After all, you spoke to me once or twice during your tenure in your latest position. I'm sure you evaluated me fairly. And during your time pushing... read more

I like Bass Pro and liked Cabela's

I like bass pro and liked cabelas a long time back, but the layoff last year was the best day of my tenure at cabelas, I was sooo happy to receive the RIF offer. I saw it coming and was happy for the exit option. what a cluster the last two years had... read more
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