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It doesn't pay to give your heart and soul to any company. The company will just stomp on it and crush your spirit. Also, don't work extra hours and bust your ***- it only benefits the company and you end up feeling stupid.

There you go

Read the last paragraph. That's your answer. Since this was published in town it has to be accurate, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Outfitters! Don't forget to be thankful today for the job security you all have. And don't forget to tell all your family and friends to go out tomorrow and visit their local Worlds Foremost Outfitter. Regards... read more

Shareholder meeting package in the mail

PLEASE FILL IT OUT........take the time and fill out the ballot.........I'm assuming a majority of you don't take the time and let the proxy vote go to the recommendations of the is the time to vote AGAINST the current board and... read more

Cabela's Layoffs 2017

Do not be concerned, things will play out good this year. But layoffs might be happening in Q1 here in Sidney.

On Cabela's Executive Bonuses

Please go to and find Russell Hubbard who wrote this article - please say thank you to him. He's exposing the shady games the execs are playing with bonuses - hi's contact is here: Cabela's didn't meet... read more


The numbers are so bad So much debt. Even afterhearing, "don't worry, guys, we are in a great situation with debt, we are the leaders in the industry". It makes sense that the e-team, the board would all be willing to shuttle things around, hide the... read more


In the past all we wanted was that they take their dump or get off the pot. Now all we want is now that they've taken their dump get out of the stall. Let's clean up their mess and get back to doing business.
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Move from salary to hourly

Why move jobs from salary to hourly pay? This way Cabela's can cut hours and not jobs? Or force the hand of employees with this move, so the employees part of the move decide to quit and save Cabela's/BP the opportunity to pay a severance package?

Who's sticking it out?

I'm just curious to know how many people in both Sidney and here in the stores are going to hold out and see what happens in the Spring, or who has already started looking for new jobs?

BP regrets

No wonder there was such a huge focus on the golden parachutes. What business is going to be interested in hiring any the leadership team win this is the interpretation of the results:... read more

Q3 Earnings Call

Well, that was a rough earnings call. I guess we don't care about GM% anymore, but love how TM can spin everything like it's a success and part of the plan. Guess they're just throwing in the towel for the next 4.5 months. If I was a vendor I'd be... read more

Summit sale

Managers are explaining that the summit sale has nothing to do with getting rid our inventory. It's a "way to show our gratitude to our outfitters". Yea, guess we all have stupid written across our forehead. We will see what type of gratitude they... read more

Setting Precedence

Wells Fargo's John Stumpf Out As CEO Immediately, And Getting No Severance Pay! Basically he lied, misled, mismanaged, or in other words he didn't perform his responsibilities as the CEO. Interesting, taking responsibility for your actions. Way to go... read more

TD Ameritrade ceo says what bass pro won't TD Ameritrade and Omaha appear to have come out winners in the derby to consolidate the online brokerage industry... read more

You all swallowed the BS hook line and sinker

Outfitters who work for Cabela's put Mary D--k and Jim up on a pedestal. Tommy is the fall guy for everything. He's the big bad Wolf. They can't see how the Cabela's family screwed over the entire town of Sidney. Tommy plays the bad guy for an $8... read more

Meaningless words

"We don't want to spend money on technology". Instead you promoted your buddies. " Tractors are a great idea". Every outfitter except the exec team thought the opposite. "We'll fill that new building and expand". How about seeing some expansion... read more

Vision 2020

I've been seeing signs posted all over and have read emails and and listened to rah rah speeches regarding tomorrows Vision 2020 announcement......Let me try to get my head around this......Isn't this the same vision that ran the company into the... read more

Sick Out?

From the Director level and below, why not stage a corporate HQ wide sick out. Use the corporate wide messaging service to engage in setting the day of the sick out. But, it will take the majority of the rank and file employees to do this to make it... read more

We're screwed

“I want to assure you that Bass Pro Shops understands and respects both the importance of our culture and our deep Nebraska roots.” Translation: Money is money, so we're gonna tell you whatever we need to in order to prevent you from being distracted... read more

House of Cards

The whole thing was a house of cards....I was asked in 2008/2009 to look as what would happen with a BPS/CAB merger. You had Castner funding Nienhueser and G-- to run for the City Council, massive land deals that had were written off, Executive's... read more


It has almost been a year since KULR broke the story that BP purchased Cab. They should be proud of themselves for telling the truth and so few people believed it

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