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(Tue 10/06/15 17:22:06 UTC)

How to slow down off shore hiring / prevent layoffs at DST!

1. Don't write any code comments, or if you do, don't explain how things work 2. Create silos of local work groups and work face to face.. No email on how/what you've done. 3. If overseas teams ask you how to do things, give a broad brush overview, no details. 4. Write more complicated code that is ... read more


(Mon 10/05/15 17:38:07 UTC)

layoffs are unjust-but I got even with my supervisor

told the company he was trying to figure out a way to steal money from a fund

sid vicious

(Tue 09/29/15 15:19:09 UTC)

When you have an exit interview...

When you leave DST (realize they will never hire you back) and have an exit interview - name THE BAD APPLES in your group! Say something like "just between you and me, my supervisor John badmouthes DST upper management and has no real loyalty to the company". Of course HR will believe it (its human ... read more

Exit interviews

(Tue 09/29/15 15:19:07 UTC)

When you have an exit interview...

When you leave DST (realize they will never hire you back) and have an exit interview - name THE BAD APPLES in your group! Say something like "just between you and me, my supervisor John badmouthes DST upper management and has no real loyalty to the company". Of course HR will believe it (its human ... read more

Exit interviews

(Mon 09/21/15 01:53:51 UTC)

At what DST location do you work? The experience varies greatly for different branches of the company.

If you post something about working at DST, please mention the division or location, or at least which country or state you work(ed) in. DST is SO HUGE! What is true for one location may not be for another. So much of your quality of work life has to do with your direct supervisor/manager/division. ... read more


(Thu 09/17/15 20:21:09 UTC)

I used to send racey notes to the best looking women

I used to send real racey note to the best looking women working at DST and sign my bosses name to them. It gave him a bad shirt chasing rep.

many layoffs I haft seen

(Tue 09/08/15 16:17:21 UTC)

Ahh....payback is sweet

Yes I was not given the recognition I deserved at DST. So I found another job (easy to do). Then in the exit interview I acted very grateful, but told the H.R. rep and in writing, that my manager hated DST and not a team player. Which was true 100%. Team player means you support and cheer on ... read more

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(Wed 08/19/15 13:06:03 UTC)

Good ol boys club

At the DST Engineering dept in El Dorado hills, the good ol boys club is alive and well. Oh sure, MF will hire a token non-white person every now and then, just to keep the HR dept off his back and shut them up. But make no mistake, good ol boys get hired, untouched thru layoffs, promoted. That is ... read more

Yeah right
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(Mon 08/17/15 18:59:52 UTC)

Flash! Yes dats me. And my password too! How original

layoffs soon!


(Sat 08/08/15 18:33:52 UTC)

This company is going down the tubes!

The stock price has dropped. The stock has a "Sell" recommendation now. The CEO Steve Towle has just dumped about a half a million dollars worth of his stock, which shows what direction he thinks it's going. If I owned stock in this company, I'd sell. If I still worked there, I'd be looking for ... read more

Yeah right
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(Mon 07/27/15 00:10:23 UTC)

Liquidation of the ESOP????

The board/management has long used the ESOP to effectively keep a large portion of the corporate stock off of the market and thereby within their control. Is the rumor of the ESOP being liquidated soon true? Have others heard this rumor?

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(Mon 07/20/15 19:04:15 UTC)

Robert Hepting?

What ever happened to him? Was he layed off? I heard he is gone. He was so cute!

Holly A.
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(Fri 06/26/15 18:58:37 UTC)

A very poorly managed company

A very poorly managed company. DST Output has a well known, well deserved reputation for layoffs. Every few years they decimate large departments. In between the layoffs, they over-hire. After all, there is no one to layoff if they aren't hired in the first place. But it's a wildly swinging ... read more

yeah right
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(Mon 06/15/15 17:58:44 UTC)

Serious as a serious heart attack - its anounomous!

Post your comments, no one can find out its you!

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(Wed 05/27/15 16:18:23 UTC)

How to get your bad manager fired or demoted....

1. Once a fiasco happens, tell his manager (confidentially) that you had previously warned your manager of the upcoming disaster and he wouldn't listen to you. 2. check to see if her has any arrest records, circulate his mugshot 3. tell everyone that the manager doesn't like them. Divide and ... read more

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(Tue 04/28/15 05:28:56 UTC)

Bob Gould award?

Nothing wrong with incenting the youth at colleges. But wasn't Bob a very short-timer at DST? 1 to 2 years max? And he made changes that a lot of people and management didn't exactly like? Changes that didn't pan out in the long term? Whats the deal with the award "still" in his name? A lot of DST ... read more


(Fri 04/17/15 01:14:42 UTC)

Huge cutbacks on the way

Keep watching for more details. Time to find a stable job

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(Sun 04/05/15 03:35:15 UTC)

Easy to get promoted here..

Its easy to get promoted. Even into management ranks. Everyone has a equal chance based on their merits..talent..energy and skill. If you dont deserve to be promoted you wont be. If a loser....it will be noticed. Pay rate is lower than other firms. But its better than overpaying all...including ... read more

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(Tue 03/31/15 15:54:59 UTC)

Rumors of layoff's coming soon....

I heard a rumor that there may be some more layoff's coming in the next month at DST. Anyone else hearing about a pending RIF?

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(Mon 03/09/15 16:17:27 UTC)

DST Output name change

You know, just changing the name from DST Output to DST Customer Communications does not remove the stench associated with this division. It's still crappy old Output to me. I look forward to the day when this whole division gets shut down and everyone there gets their walking papers.

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(Fri 02/20/15 05:15:57 UTC)

All employment agencies have a "blacklist". Many DSTer's on it...

There is a "city wide" employment agency "blacklist". Recruiters all know each other, go to networking events, pass each other names of good candidates for referral fees. However if your a "bad apple" most all employment agencies will know that - even if you have not sent them an application. There ... read more

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(Tue 02/10/15 17:32:29 UTC)

DST used to.....

When I started decades ago, DST would give you an advance on pay. All you had to do was ask your manager and he would do the rest. Then they started downhill and stopped that.....

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(Sat 02/07/15 19:17:29 UTC)

What a horrible place


(Mon 02/02/15 20:40:57 UTC)

More to come.

More layoffs coming. One business unit was told by management how bad it was in an effort to be "transparent". The next slide in the presentation was three new V.P.'s were just hired. No loyalty, no promoting from within. One business unit promoted 5 men last summer, no women. Also, if you are over ... read more

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(Mon 02/02/15 07:35:46 UTC)

What does dst stand for?

Does it mean anything?

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(Wed 01/28/15 16:51:54 UTC)

DST Managers should never do this!

Never make a person pay for a mistake they didn't make! Blame the specific person that actually wrote the bad code - not someone else! Because employees will undermine a Manager who mindlessly blames the wrong associate. I have seen it many a time!

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(Mon 01/12/15 04:06:28 UTC)

Got a nice Xmas bonus - thank you DST!

Thanks to DST for the nice bonus, sure helps around this time of year with holiday expenses! Dst is a good place to be

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(Wed 12/24/14 04:33:10 UTC)

Merry Christmas to all DST Systems executives!

Ignore the people posting here and enjoy your holiday. People at the top are always criticized anyway. Ignore and party on!

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(Thu 12/18/14 03:07:53 UTC)

I love the DST. It is a fine organization. The staff is knowledgeable. There is funds for returning to university for advanced degree.

I love the DST. I would work here my hole career if given the opportunity. It is intellectual work. It is pressing and important. I enjoy it.

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(Tue 12/02/14 04:16:03 UTC)

layoffs to begin shortly due to "similar synenergies"

SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc., based in Windsor, acquired DST Global Solutions, which has 390 employees in 12 offices, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Melbourne and Boston. The firm is headquartered in London. Read more here: ... read more

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(Sat 11/15/14 20:30:09 UTC)

Not the time for blame

Dst's philosophy....blame first. Find blame for any problem. Much later if ever...collaberate with staff to correct system problem.

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(Mon 10/20/14 15:56:02 UTC)

DST South (Sprint) just layed off 465 in its OP location

"DST South" aka "Sprint" just cut 465 people in O.P. KS. Nows the time to buy a house in Blue Valley - at least 200 homes will be agoing on the market! DST is a fine organization to hang at, just don't take it seriously. Its a nice place to hang for a year or two till you find your dream job. ... read more

Me me
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(Wed 10/08/14 02:24:58 UTC)

DST is going to someday move-to Boston

get ready!

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(Tue 09/23/14 15:18:38 UTC)

Closing Jeff City

Announced this morning that the Jefferson City office will close December 31. Heard that other remote sites were being given the same info as well today.

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(Mon 09/22/14 14:03:48 UTC)

Good place to work

Always work todo. Stable. Easy to get promoted. Pay is lower than average

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(Sat 09/06/14 15:24:52 UTC)

I think DST is a typical place - get what you put into it

Its an average company. Work hard, treat fellow employees with respect - then you get somewhere. People do have a reputation here. If your a great person everyone knows it. If your a jerk people know it. How you treat others WILL impact your success. Nobody likes a jerk.

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(Thu 09/04/14 19:05:08 UTC)

I too like the DST

Yes, I too like the DST. Its is a stable and well planned organization. The task is clearly cut, the work is there. In addition it allow me to live inside the United States of America. If you have lived outside of the USA, then you know why I value my residency here. There is no corruption, there ... read more

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(Mon 09/01/14 17:06:29 UTC)

DST is a great place to work

I have been treated very well at DST. Have received promotions almost every year, nice raises, and have been given positions of responsibilities even before I was ready for them-so I could grow into them. I am constantly commended. Help is always there from my superiors. The key to success is to ... read more

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