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About Time?

It's been a few years. Is it about time for another huge devastating layoff?

DST has no data security, and/or doesn't care

I formerly worked at DST Systems Inc. I can tell you one story that sticks in my mind. Had a DST employee that I had met once or twice call me at home one night at midnight. Said she needed my password to access accounts to fix something - hers... read more
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St Pats day employee absences

I remember when a girl in my department went out for lunch and didn't come back on St Pats day. Her co-worker that had a crush in her was besides himself knowing she was at the parade with other men and having fun. I think he considered calling in a... read more
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Dst hires rude managers

Dst seems to promote and applaude rude and socially crude managers. Dst sees them as agressive and assertive, not rude. Its ok to be short sighted and it gets you ahead fast
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Ruse Boss?

You can’t beat a narcissistic boss if you want to continue working for him. However, you can learn to be a better player in his games: ◾Be clear about what the rules are. ◾Define your limits and boundaries ◾Never assume anything ◾Put everything in... read more

My manager was stupid to hire me

He never checked my references close enough. I had screwed over my previous boss. Then did the same thing yo my Dst manager. I dont like authority or criticism. So there!
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Torpedoed my managers career

Years ago i ruined my managers career. Just told his Boss : john doe doesnt seem to like dst or you very much. He doesnt try very hard on projects and is unhelpful. The guy never got ahead after that. Oh, and i did this just before i quit my job.

The great thing about DST is........

When you apply for a job elsewhere - the potential new employer already knows why your leaving DST. You don't have to go into that conversation. They have met lots of DSTers trying to get out and so you really don't need to explain yourself. Plus the... read more
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DST Systems Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of DST Systems layoffs in Kansas City in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

When you have an exit interview...

When you leave DST (realize they will never hire you back) and have an exit interview - name THE BAD APPLES in your group! Say something like "just between you and me, my supervisor John badmouthes DST upper management and has no real loyalty to the... read more

When you have an exit interview...

When you leave DST (realize they will never hire you back) and have an exit interview - name THE BAD APPLES in your group! Say something like "just between you and me, my supervisor John badmouthes DST upper management and has no real loyalty to the... read more
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Ahh....payback is sweet

Yes I was not given the recognition I deserved at DST. So I found another job (easy to do). Then in the exit interview I acted very grateful, but told the H.R. rep and in writing, that my manager hated DST and not a team player. Which was true 100%... read more

Good ol boys club

At the DST Engineering dept in El Dorado hills, the good ol boys club is alive and well. Oh sure, MF will hire a token non-white person every now and then, just to keep the HR dept off his back and shut them up. But make no mistake, good ol boys get... read more

This company is going down the tubes!

The stock price has dropped. The stock has a "Sell" recommendation now. The CEO Steve Towle has just dumped about a half a million dollars worth of his stock, which shows what direction he thinks it's going. If I owned stock in this company, I'd... read more

Liquidation of the ESOP????

The board/management has long used the ESOP to effectively keep a large portion of the corporate stock off of the market and thereby within their control. Is the rumor of the ESOP being liquidated soon true? Have others heard this rumor?

Robert Hepting?

What ever happened to him? Was he layed off? I heard he is gone. He was so cute!

A very poorly managed company

A very poorly managed company. DST Output has a well known, well deserved reputation for layoffs. Every few years they decimate large departments. In between the layoffs, they over-hire. After all, there is no one to layoff if they aren't hired in... read more

Bob Gould award?

Nothing wrong with incenting the youth at colleges. But wasn't Bob a very short-timer at DST? 1 to 2 years max? And he made changes that a lot of people and management didn't exactly like? Changes that didn't pan out in the long term? Whats the deal... read more

Easy to get promoted here..

Its easy to get promoted. Even into management ranks. Everyone has a equal chance based on their merits..talent..energy and skill. If you dont deserve to be promoted you wont be. If a loser....it will be noticed. Pay rate is lower than other firms... read more

DST Output name change

You know, just changing the name from DST Output to DST Customer Communications does not remove the stench associated with this division. It's still crappy old Output to me. I look forward to the day when this whole division gets shut down and... read more

DST used to.....

When I started decades ago, DST would give you an advance on pay. All you had to do was ask your manager and he would do the rest. Then they started downhill and stopped that.....

DST Managers should never do this!

Never make a person pay for a mistake they didn't make! Blame the specific person that actually wrote the bad code - not someone else! Because employees will undermine a Manager who mindlessly blames the wrong associate. I have seen it many a time!

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