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Since the layoffs.....

Well, a few months have passed since the layoffs at EnCana - and the firm is now a truly empty shell of what Gwyn Morgan once created. There is something missing and most are very unhappy. Those who received packages, although stressful for them, are... read more


Health care and benefits went until the end of November and then they were done as far as I know. I don't know what they do if you are laid off in December though.
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IT cuts happened on Monday

I hear that IT cuts just happened for Calgary on Monday. I am not sure if there are any more departments left to go.
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Plano office update

65 of the 120 employees offered transfer to Denver accepted. To add to previous details, Denver finance was only hit with a few layoffs as a direct relation to 14 out of 15 Plano finance employees rejecting the offer to transfer to Denver including 3... read more
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Agreed that the process has been appalling. Denver IT is 11/22 and Calgary IT on 11/25. US finance happened 11/21 and it seems only 1-2 people let go, though they lost a lot of folks based in Dallas already.
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Calgary IT

As I understand Calgary IT personnel will be notified on Monday of their future at the company. Nothing like stringing these people and their families along for another 3 days. For a company like EnCana, this layoff process has been appalling... read more
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Piceance layoffs happened 11/20. 12 total. 7 from EHS.
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And the fool says... We are are following CHK's path...

Encana taking a page out of Chesapeake Energy's book, as Canada's largest natural gas company announced plans to reduce its workforce by 20%. With natural gas prices remaining depressed and no relief on the horizon, conserving cash is a top priority... read more
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So much for not touching parachute...

Encana is planning to cut 20 percent of its workforce, raising questions about the future of its Parachute office and Piceance Basin operations that are under scrutiny because natural gas prices have been depressed since 2008. The natural gas crunch... read more
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Louisana and Texas

North Louisana and East Texas have layed a number of folks off. 8 that I know personally. Not sure about all departments
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severance calc

7.5 months for around 6 years of service, so it seemed like 3 months + 3 weeks/year of service.
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more to come

Confirmed that DJ and Parachute offices were done 11/20. They did a clean sweep and simply let a bunch of folks go based on location. I'm hearing Finance today (11/21). IT is dragging, but could be 11/22 or first week of Dec. Rumor on the severance... read more
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new grads

New grads and summer students got an email saying that all 2014 offers will be honored. But the comments here seem to contradict this...? Can anyone confirm?
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I had a guy from CHK ask me today if we were hiring... I sent him to this site.... I think we'll end up worse than CHK, it was a bloodbath over there...
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Rumor is tomorrow for finance.
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Plano office will be closed, 240 people will be let go, WARN notice have been filed on MOn. Some folks will be able to transfer to Denver. If you do not accept, you are gone on Jan 9 2014... Some folks will stay in the office in Plan thru mid 2014... read more
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Nothing happened in Denver
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Waiting on news!!!!!!!!!!

Any news on additional Denver cuts in Finance or Supply or Office support.
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Confirmed! A bloodbath indeed...
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New Grads

Many new grads have been let go so far. Much of Clearwater was done on yesterday and it was essentially a blood bath, not many left and new grads almost seemed targeted.
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Layoffs took place in Denver today. Aware of 2 EHS and 2 SET team members that were terminated for sure. Rumor has it that HR will be headed to the western slope tomorrow. Heard that all DJ and Piceance layoffs will be done by the end of this week.
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Praying for a package tomorrow at EnCana. Wholly unimpressed with the order of layoffs this week - field Monday, some Calgary staff Tuesday and the rest Wednesday. They should have exercised this process a number of years ago in preparation for this... read more
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Was EHS hit?
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If you are to be laid off you will receive an email meeting request with a manager and/or hr rep referencing organization changes/restructuring. My understanding is so far the email comes in the morning, usually a hour or so before the meeting.
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Can someone post the announcement?
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