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CUNY is going solo

CUNY is no longer going to have any contracts with Follett. CUNY schools are ending their contracts with Follett, no new contacts, no extensions, and no new stores. CUNY is taking control of their schools, they have their online store for digital... read more

We all had enough.

After years of seeing this place declined I had enough, decided to put myself out there and see about getting a new job. I was able to find a job, stacking of responsibilities, qualifications, and doing tons of work. I was able to find a job, I gave... read more
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Financial Condition

Is there anyone who can share what the actual financial condition of Follett is?
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I farted on the elevator and BS didn't even smell it because hes a piece of sh*t


You Follett people are hilarious. Bashing your own company. No wonder its going down in flames. Who does that? I couldn't find a message board that is no where close to being as bad as this one. I suppose most of you feel like this company is like... read more

Shameless Management

Management that tells you you're the best then when the regional or vp show up trashes you. Even tries to get rid of you on just false accusations
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Worst company ever.

Nothing more to say. Follett turned on their experienced associates and threw us out like we were garbage. Everyone that is sticking around deserves to feel that pain too, and they will when sales sink so low there no longer is a Follett. No hope at... read more

Law #18

Maxwell says, “There is no success without sacrifice. Every person who has achieved any success in life has made sacrifices to do so.” “the heart of leadership is putting others ahead of yourself. It’s doing what is best for the team.”

What is B&N doing that we aren't ?

From Yahoo FInance: "As of late, it has definitely been a great time to be an investor in Barnes as BNED has earned itself a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), meaning that its recent run may continue for a bit longer, and that this isn’t the top for the in-focus... read more

Fall Rush

What are you fellow store associates predicting for Fall Rush sales? What does your gut tell you?

Bags Tournament At The Home Office Next Week!

In case you have an order or concern that needs to be addressed next Thursday, you might get a slow response or no response at all. The GM department is doing an all day Bags Tournament at the Home Office. Who cares about taking care of the store... read more


Does anyone on this board know about B&T? I see most posts from the retail side but trust me we are suffering on the FSS side as well. First we are told it's "separate" now the rumor is Finance people are losing their jobs. Wonder if TH knows how... read more

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement; Follett know anything about this? Rm & rvp visit a new store manager, wouldn't words of encouragement work better than pointing out the negative that is because of old management or out of control of management? Very... read more

LAW # 1

Pleased stop posting "laws" that aren't actually practiced by those within leadership positions- you can't sh-- on employees year after year and expect loyalty and enthusiasm...good leaders know what the components of strategic goals are-FSS had one... read more

Law #18

Maxwell says, “There is no success without sacrifice. Every person who has achieved any success in life has made sacrifices to do so.” “the heart of leadership is putting others ahead of yourself. It’s doing what is best for the team.”
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Law #2

Maxwell says, “True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned. It comes only from influence, and that cannot be mandated. It must be earned.” “When it comes to identifying a real leader… don’t listen to the claims of the person professing... read more

Things that make you go hum!

So I am to continue to work my ars off, take on the work of the people leaving and Follett will do nothing about giving me more money to do it! How do I continue to "stay on the bus" when I keep getting ran over?

Writing's on the wall...

When President's get let go...the core operations will deteriorate on purpose; the company can't continue to bleed money when the money isn't coming in. The brick and mortar bookstores are on are on life support. The writing is on the wall...who else... read more

What the what?

I'm no poet or a Witt...I'm just here to take sh@@. I don't care much for rhyming words...just need to pass some turds. Reading all this how it seems. Makes my diarrhea less extreme. Piece out. Elvis has left the building.

Had enough

Well after years of seeing this place decline I have finally decided to put myself out there and see about getting a new job. The great news is that thanks to all the cuts and stacking of responsibilities, my qualifications are fantastic. In less... read more


I am all for being part of the solution… But when you have a manager or a senior manager who does absolutely nothing all day and knows absolutely nothing about what you do all day it is a very very difficult. I have finally gotten to the point where... read more

The big cheese

S Sorry but does anyone from Corp ever have a conversation with FSS? Nader has big lofty goals but according to RG-financial goals are non negotiable -how are these goals supposed to be met with no staff, no support and a huge bill after buying B&T

Are you happy?

Come on people, let's sing along now: t might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you can take away I'm a hot air balloon, I could go to space With the air, like I don't care baby by the way Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel... read more

What are you prepared to do?

One group of people who are trying to hang on are those within 5, 10, 15 years of retirement. My question goes to that demographic; what are you prepared to do to A: keep you job through retirement, or B: find a new job as an older worker? 3 years... read more

Happy Independence Day

I make a commitment to pursue my freedom from Follett. There is no future here. After 9 years of giving it my all, the writing is on the wall. This company has now become a burden on my soul and left me utterly unmotivated. I do have to say thank you... read more

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