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Specialty Retail, Other
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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL
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(Sat 05/30/15 00:00:18 UTC)

Imagine the lost productivity

Imaging the lost productivity at with the removal of experienced Follett employees. Now add the lost hours from the month FHEG town hall meeting, brown bags, corporate town hall meetings and weekly huddles. In my old team alone, 16 hours is lost every week. Multiple that by hundreds/thousands of ... read more


(Fri 05/29/15 17:09:06 UTC)

textbook experience sought


(Fri 05/29/15 15:27:54 UTC)

If you have had opportunity to leave and you're still there you're complicit

Dear former colleagues, I enjoyed working with you. Most of my colleagues have quit or they have been laid off. Some of you remain. To those few, if you had an opportunity to leave and you decided to remain, you're complicit. You have passively agreed with management that they have done their best ... read more

tossed aside in 2013
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(Thu 05/28/15 23:04:12 UTC)


Excerpts from emails submitted to EEOC as if I don't have the ENTIRE thread. Follett, get weak, dumb, UNCLEAR leadership out of your company. You are suffering because of these people!

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(Thu 05/28/15 19:52:43 UTC)

The big news leaked out this afternoon at headquarters and I wasn't the least bit shocked.

As the ladies in the musical Chicago said, " They had it coming, they had it coming".

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(Wed 05/27/15 21:14:41 UTC)

Out PD, out!

The home office's favourite hatchett man needs to step back, preferrably out of the company. Bullying does not go down well.

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(Wed 05/27/15 13:41:03 UTC)

Meet the new boss same as the old boss

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(Sat 05/23/15 00:02:55 UTC)

Your bonus!

"Corporate venture capital is fraught with short-term outlooks," explains Mary Lee Schneider, CEO of the Follett Corporation, a nearly $2.6 billion privately held educational publishing and software company based outside of Chicago. "There can be changes in management, lack of commitments and an ... read more

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(Fri 05/22/15 00:24:40 UTC)

Family is restless

Former family CEO in the office today, family is getting restless.

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(Thu 05/21/15 18:35:21 UTC)

Quick Question

Who is lead counsel for Follett Corporation?

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(Thu 05/21/15 14:55:56 UTC)

Review season

So! how much has the executive branch shifted their problems onto staff and blamed them for failure to deliver? Being told to 'own' your numbers? Have you been blamed for your campus's low enrollment as though you had a hand in it?

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(Thu 05/21/15 02:05:21 UTC)

Subject: Follett Wants More Books! (We've been stupid, will you forgive us?)

Independent Supplier / Follett Partner, Some of us have met already, but most of us have not. I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and to articulate Follett’s new strategy for textbook acquisition(s). My name is M.G. Our team goal is to acquire the right quantities of the highest quality ... read more

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(Mon 05/18/15 17:56:51 UTC)

I want my damn bonus!

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(Sun 05/17/15 13:55:31 UTC)

SVP's should take the fall

Don't you love the SVP and VP that fire those below them for poor performance of their initiatives. If your project fails you should be the one to go.

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(Sat 05/16/15 16:31:08 UTC)

Burning platform- ORPOS

Who is responsible for the burning platform that is ORPOS. Millions down the tube. They can't still be with Follett. After all they let most employees go for not reason at all.

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(Fri 05/15/15 10:22:43 UTC)

100's of Infosys consultants

After huge investments and hundreds of Infosys consultants working on upgrades eFollett is continually trounced by Chegg. We all know what eFollett growth is, while Chegg "The company’s revenue for the quarter was up 14.1% on a year-over-year basis.". Time to make changes starting with SS who over ... read more


(Fri 05/15/15 02:57:14 UTC)

Checking in

So what's the mood like in the stores these days? Does BS or HT actually go to stores anymore? When was the last time your regional visited?


(Thu 05/14/15 23:41:13 UTC)

To Anonymous101591 - She may have talents, leading people is not one of them

10. MLS was bright, talented and a go getter and there are much better opportunities in a growing company/industry for her skills - just watch. The previous reasons continue with her methodology of playing blame game and not accepting when one accepts that job title the buck stops there. In this ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 23:05:06 UTC)

MLS gave notice in February....Daves top 10 why

Why would she leave?? 1. Cant keep cutting your way to a bonus after 2 years, needs sales growth which of course there is none. 2. Significant compensation tied to bonus and stock which is financial results based. 3. Stay too long you are associated as a leader of a loser organization. Leave on ... read more

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(Thu 05/14/15 22:39:13 UTC)

Enjoy life now

Enjoy life now, this is not a rehearsal.

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(Thu 05/14/15 21:06:35 UTC)

You all mentioned t before, jokingly....

However, it is not a bad idea to start recording department meetings and meetings with your manager. This will either: 1) Get the rats out sooner than later. 2) Put the company at risk for not addressing the behavior of their management staff.

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(Thu 05/14/15 11:16:27 UTC)

Where is SW - IT eFollett

Have not seen him around in a while. Heard more IT layoffs RIFF later this month or early next. Another reorg is due.

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(Tue 05/12/15 16:01:40 UTC)

Has the house cleaning begun?

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(Mon 05/11/15 19:06:05 UTC)


I just landed a job with Amazon at the Indianapolis facilities. In the interview they asked if I had any CO workers that I would like to refer. Needless to say I passed up an opportunity to make 2k on a referral because of this board. Not given myself a bad name. Peace out follett people.

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(Mon 05/11/15 02:50:18 UTC)

Hi Edelman

I don't think you are going to be able to repair Mary Lee's image. Your mother's day wish isn't going to make us forget the things she did.


(Sun 05/10/15 21:44:41 UTC)

Happy Mother's Day MLS 💐

No one knows your story, just speculating. I hope you and your family are enjoy today, in spite of the recent changes.


(Sun 05/10/15 13:11:40 UTC)


Last year FSS had record profits, but we got no bonus because FHEG didn't meet goals. This year FHEG has already heard they are getting 100% bonus. FSS has heard nothing. Bet we are getting s%$#ed again.

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(Sun 05/10/15 02:43:44 UTC)

More (retiring) to come?

Who will be next?

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(Sat 05/09/15 16:01:05 UTC)

ML spotted off coast of NJ.

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(Fri 05/08/15 03:13:50 UTC)

If this doesn't describe DG, GT and the other new leaders......

Kodak. Sears. Borders. Kmart. Office Max. Office Depot. The mere mention of any of these companies brings to mind the struggle to stay relevant amid today’s technology and boundless alternatives. But behind each of them lies a deeper story of at least one leader who is or was “sheltered” from the ... read more

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(Fri 05/08/15 00:48:42 UTC)

5 days after MLS was retired

The shit continues. Can the business just stop making personnel changes and focus on the core business at hand. Employees are tired of worrying.

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(Wed 05/06/15 21:23:06 UTC)

I feel bad she left

Just after she added the fogged glass to her office. I guess she didn't like the open floor space that people could see into her office so she added fogged glass and you could not longer see in it.

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(Wed 05/06/15 17:08:32 UTC)

Mary Lee's "retirement" was released on a Sunday!

This is on Follett's website. Who announces their CEO's retirement on Sunday? When was the last time you read a retirement announcement effective immediately? While I'm happy she's gone, this kind of smells like the crap they put every employee through. ... read more

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(Wed 05/06/15 01:25:50 UTC)

What did you think of the town hall and the new CEO

What did you think of the town hall and the new CEO? Any reasons to be optimistic? Any announcements about SS, DG or GT?


(Tue 05/05/15 22:11:08 UTC)

I believe in karma.

That is all. Thank you, Universe!

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(Tue 05/05/15 15:04:31 UTC)

Oh brown nosers and traitors, what will you do now?

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(Tue 05/05/15 14:53:34 UTC)

The Board is a bunch of geeks!

They chose Star Wars day to make the change. Did they finish their announcement by saying, may the fourth be with you? Did a hologram of a sated MLS teasing a frazzled employee emerge from the corporate office's newly minted toy (imported from India, no doubt), flash to the middle of he room? Did ... read more

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(Tue 05/05/15 02:42:07 UTC)

Not a rosie picture for Follett, MLS or the new president according to Crains.

Follett, a textbook publisher and bookstore operator with declining revenue in a disrupted industry, replaced its CEO today with director Ray Griffith, a former CEO of Ace Hardware. He succeeds Mary Lee Schneider, who left after less than three years in the job. Like other textbook publishers, ... read more

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(Tue 05/05/15 01:58:39 UTC)

Just a reminder.....WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission! I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a ... read more

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