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Anyone deal with corporate lawyers? How good & trustworthy are they?

St. John's university bookstore

I work at the St. John's university bookstore. Why is that there is a husband and wife working at this location? They are extremely close with the store manager, they all used to work together at the Queens College bookstore, and I don't find it fair... read more

Stay positive former coworkers. There are jobs out there!!!

I worked for the company for 12 years. I found a better paying job, it was by far the best choice, and there are better paying jobs. I truly regret giving all those years for a company that doesn't not value their empolyees. The RM did not even try... read more
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Baker & Taylor

Baker & Taylor folks are so full of sh-- in everything they say its comical. What makes it worse is that everyone in upper management is eating it up.

Voice Survey

The word on the streets is that another voice survey is coming soon. Seems pointless to me since we still havent gotten the results ofbthe first one. Oh wait thats right the results are coming soon. Lol

Other companies treat employees terribly, too

Wells Fargo's executive team thinks we're stupid. 1500 low level employees were fired due to the latest financial scandal. Thing is, low level employees aren't paid bonuses for this kind of performance. Executives are paid big bonuses when they get... read more

Follett is bad for your health

After years of nonsense considering calling it quits. I can't stand it much longer and neither can my stress level or health. I literally dread coming into work - sh--ty outlook but true. I have tried unsuccessfully to promulgate change but it's a... read more

Rude parents

Anyone else tired of employees who don't want to work, but stomp their feet & call MrHeat if they don't get their way? Or students who don't like the policies, rental, can't use someone else's account, bring their parent in & you have to be polite... read more

Now that rush is over at ADC

Now we move emoyees around to look busy so they wont layoff union workers . Company could save a lot of money laying off workers and management members for a month or two .

So it goes

So rush comes, students come, students come back to return books, & that's it. Majority don't come back, clothing too expensive, can't use campus money to buy it. So it goes
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Finally these posts are beginning to die

No one cares anymore or maybe your fingers are hurting from typing dumb things on this site. Either way good Job Fowl-let folks in loosing your bearings and giving up. You have come to realize that there's no future at that place and complaining... read more

It's true

I woke up and realized I never have to work at Follett again ... Thank the good Lord Stay strong people-there are better companies out there that will value you and your hard work ! Keep trying ! Took me a year but at least it paid off

More home office jobs outsourcing to India

AP and store support are meeting with the supervisor of a "delta team" from India to train on the systems so his team can take over. He's in the building on 7 today. Won't be long until all of your store support questions are answered with an accent... read more

Attitude reflects leadership.

Clear Goals and Commitment to Team Goals How will I demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to solving challenges as a team? Accountability to the Team How will I demonstrate that I am personally invested and responsible to the team? Supportive Climate... read more

Did you see that hit on Cam Newton?

Thought I would lighten the mood on the web board with some football talk. If we're not gonna work and be on here, might as well discuss something fun rather than how bad home office is, layoffs, and general s--- of the company. How did everyone's... read more

Former PSC

Hey I'm wondering if PSC is still being ran like a retarded military. I use to work there and hated all the dumb managers walking around doing nothing. Having meeting after meetings. Oh and the whole monitoring make busy times was the worst. Has it... read more

Posters beware!

I just heard that corporate is working with the creators of this site to retrieve logs and IP addresses of all individuals posting to this board. I hope you aren't saying anything bad! Because, it's going to haunt you!

Let's talk about "layoffs"...

ok. so there's the rumor that layoffs are coming at the end of the month (9/28 to 9/30). no one knows for sure how many people will be affected. but it would have to be less than 250. otherwise follett is required to announce it on... read more


This company is seriously the most toxic place I have ever worked. There are some really nice hard working people but sh-- rolls down, so it's never noticed. The Follett values is just lip service, I am not at corp, but I can tell you that legal guy... read more

Your company doesnt look good

Was looking for another site and ended up here. Read a couple posts. Not healthy. There are alot of good jobs out there with good companies.

Merit and bonus

What are the chances of getting a merit next year and making bonus like it use to be. Im not sure I can go another year without some sort increase, even if small

New overtime rules Dec. 1

Anyone have any idea how these will affect retail managers in the field?

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