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Summer sales will definitely bounce back with the aid of QTC reviews. And when are they raising the benchmark for certain stores to not keep a CMM?

GM losing key people

Lots of planners and buyers leaving GM. Who'd be crazy enough to take those positions? Hello cheap tees and more sox.

Time for a new Sourcing group.

GM sales tanking. This company had better start listening to its customers. Emphasis on basics does not translate into higher sales. Our customers hate it!!

It can be done!

after several long months battling Follett, I won!!! they avoiding to be taken to court, and with the help of the attorney generals office, I was able to gain a larger package than offered, (full years salary) all fees paid by Follett and Cobra... read more

Another last minute conference call

Group 4 head sent out a last minute conference call entitled 'Communicating a Change in Group 4.' It is promised to be under 15 minutes or less. Last minute conference calls, as you know, are now a staple. No word on what it is, but I suspect we can... read more

Bonus lies

No gate. Each incentive pays out independent. That is what was said last year too.

Course Materials Chaos?

I was a course materials manager and was let go earlier in the year. I don't really have any inside connections so I thought this would be a good place to ask: are they getting rid of most of the cm positions? Are they regional course materials... read more

Stupid me

Kick in the teeth for my loyalty again Better off if I was laid off

Follett makes the news!

Follett made the news! A major blow to SS and his security team. Good job spending money to show nothing for its ROI. Perhaps the board may reconsider a few things.

F---ing Idiots

Leadership should take the Course Material Certification test. What a bunch of f---ing idiots. They change the business model, change our way of thinking on procurement. Then make us take a test to reinforce our old way of thinking??? Now they want... read more

Just another common current event.

I was demoted from my position, was offered to become a part-timer, and I said "no thank you." I handed back my keys to the store and walked out. I have given everything that can possibly do to my employer, sacrifice endless hours and my health to be... read more

I lost my job at ADC

I lost my job at ADC in the first wave of layoffs by Follett . I have friends in the warehouse that tell me how managers that stay in their office but nothing is said . Two girls that were promoted to leadership roles that spend most of the day... read more

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