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Specialty Retail, Other
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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL
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(Sun 07/05/15 11:05:09 UTC)

Think about it

You have to be down to 80 hours of PTO by Dec. 26, 2015. You also have to use your floating holidays by Dec. 24th. That is BEFORE the mandatory holiday shutdown. That means you have to use 32 hours of your rollover amount for the shutdown, leaving you with only 48 by January 1st. Then you have to ... read more

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(Sun 07/05/15 00:49:46 UTC)

Same old, same old

It's amazing to me that Follett has fallen so far, so fast. They once had choice locations on campuses and could have leveraged that access to students in hundreds of ways...that is to say if they had bothered to look up from their shrinking textbook income statements. That business is gone and not ... read more

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(Sat 07/04/15 05:25:34 UTC)

You know who you are

Only the bottom feeders left at HO now...the ones who have no talent or ever had an innovative thought. Same goes for the RMs...not a lot of value added from them.

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(Thu 07/02/15 12:43:31 UTC)

This site is like watching a bad accident...

I was told about and I jump on here from time to time to get a good laugh. Have any of you worked for other companies? Try working for a publicly held company and this Follett stuff looks like kindergarden play. Seriously?!?! If you left or were let go...get over it already. It's a ... read more


(Tue 06/30/15 21:48:19 UTC)

Whatever happened to Steve Pribyl and Don Olsavicky?

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(Tue 06/30/15 17:01:32 UTC)

Accured vacation time left over more than a week? not for much longer

I suspect the release of these 'confidential emails' is probably staggard at this point to zero in on those leaking the information, but I feel a responsibility to pass along changes as I hear them. So, for all those in the Higher Ed Group; after starting the latest internal memo with 'At Follett ... read more


(Mon 06/29/15 03:10:07 UTC)

Another VP gone

Heard TW is leaving , store design


(Sat 06/27/15 00:14:11 UTC)

Does anyone know where Gary Shapiro landed?

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(Wed 06/24/15 22:51:33 UTC)


Retalon is doing PO's for fall. How long before text managers get shown the door?

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(Wed 06/24/15 02:00:11 UTC)

Quarter 1 is Ending and How Are We Doing

Quarter 1 is ending and financials are down. Will it turn around for fall rush.

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(Mon 06/22/15 01:58:19 UTC)

Happy Father's Day Mary Lee!


(Fri 06/19/15 15:05:49 UTC)

Coming from an NBC Store. How is Follett?

Initial impression is positive. Was growing tired of Neebo antics. Is Follett okay or are they just another book company blowing smoke up our asses?

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(Fri 06/19/15 01:26:25 UTC)

And yet another is gone

SW is pursue other opportunities. This is a SS hire.

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(Wed 06/17/15 22:16:42 UTC)

SS is gone!


(Wed 06/17/15 16:21:58 UTC)

Looks like,,,,

This board has dried up while Follett takes a victory lap. Don;t worry, when these new crapheaps cost mot than they earn, you'll have to find another way to grow. We all know same-store sales aren't growing.

Da Troof

(Sat 06/13/15 15:15:58 UTC)

David Roth and Nebraska Book there is a team!!!

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(Fri 06/12/15 15:53:01 UTC)

Allow me the opportunity to shed light on the NE Book acquisition

Text book sales are trending down each of the last 10 years in the industry. Amazon has entered the text book business which makes the sales pie shrink. Text returns continue to cost margins. States are beginning to apply pressure to reduce textbook costs. Digital will most likely be replaced by a ... read more

The Orginial Fred
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(Fri 06/12/15 14:58:29 UTC)

Buying Junk Books

I think everyone is taking advantage of Follett now and sending them their junk books that nobody else will buy . I hear the warehouse shut down due to no space to receive more books . Too many junk books in stock , wow K-Mart and Office-Max all over again .

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(Fri 06/12/15 02:55:22 UTC)

hmmm, why didn't B&N make a serious offer for these stores?

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(Thu 06/11/15 21:44:40 UTC)

DG's future career

How many people think DG would be better off doing Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions?

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(Thu 06/11/15 20:53:22 UTC)

Ok Follett, now when your on campus stores that had a NE Book off campus store comes up for renewal---don't bend over.

Barnes will now call you out as a competitor to your own stores so don't give in and give the school a higher commission or if so--why make the investment to purchase NE Book. These are the same schools that after the renovation is off their books, they put us out to bid. So operate these off ... read more

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(Wed 06/10/15 00:04:32 UTC)

Ahhhh. Leadership....

So I am reading an article entitled "Kmart Sales Have Fallen Off a Cliff". It appears the management wizards have seen an unprecedented sales decline. In 2000, sales were $37 billion. Last year, a lusty $12 billion. Just think...those management minds are leading Follett. If I were you, I would ... read more


(Tue 06/09/15 12:10:22 UTC)

Classic "Good Cop" / "Bad Cop"

Hire female CEO to do all the dirty work - layoffs, benefit cuts, terrorizing of employees. Let CEO take all the blame. Get rid of female CEO, replace with male who immediately makes popular announcements. Board and new CEO hope employees ignore the fact that the board approved everything that was ... read more


(Mon 06/08/15 23:49:15 UTC)

Hey, who wants to move to Nebraska?

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(Sun 06/07/15 12:09:43 UTC)

The hits just keep on coming.

And of course another layoff. The hits just keep on coming. Although the piece meal approach to laying off employees sure does cause a lot less public waves. They have learned their lessons from the first two years.

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(Thu 06/04/15 13:53:29 UTC)

Happy town hall day!!

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(Thu 06/04/15 10:36:54 UTC)


Past two+ years, this saga has been going on. The only words I heard on the floor, cafeteria, cabs, lobby, elevators were "layoff, package & resignations" and uncertainty. How can you then expect employees to give their best, when the atmosphere is so sick? I understand transformation, change has ... read more

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(Wed 06/03/15 01:56:43 UTC)

Bonus payout

Bonus payout due by 6/15.

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(Tue 06/02/15 06:10:07 UTC)

HR @ follett

It's so worthless I could SCREAM!!

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(Tue 06/02/15 01:18:41 UTC)

Open Letter to the Family

The five pillars of IT success - don't offshore. IT is a competitive advantage. #1# Focus on the customer. To Smoley, this first pillar is all about creating a customer service orientation inside IT. “Every IT employee needs to ask, ‘Who is my customer? How am I serving them? How well do I ... read more

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(Mon 06/01/15 19:21:44 UTC)

Replacing who "retired"

Will they be replacing the people who left?

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(Sun 05/31/15 14:59:56 UTC)

It will never be the same as long as the current leaders (not Ray) are here

So sad....back in the day I really thought this company was going places...great teams...great employees. ..having a second family at Follett made working 50+ hours a week bearable...we got the job done and not just that.. we were PROUD!'s so sad to see it disintegrate before our eyes. ... read more

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(Sat 05/30/15 22:44:15 UTC)

Not done yet?

Anybody else heard the rumor that SS is creating a list of IT employee layoffs for June/July?

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(Sat 05/30/15 00:00:18 UTC)

Imagine the lost productivity

Imaging the lost productivity at with the removal of experienced Follett employees. Now add the lost hours from the month FHEG town hall meeting, brown bags, corporate town hall meetings and weekly huddles. In my old team alone, 16 hours is lost every week. Multiple that by hundreds/thousands of ... read more

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