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If you work at Follett

Work aggressively to make sure you catch up and get ahead of the changing technology of the times. Follett is a technology laggard. Those who don't spend five to 10 hours a week learning online will obsolete themselves with technology. There is a... read more
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Got the good news today. Im Out!!!! Cant wait for monday to come so I can quit.

Layoffs! Layoffs! Layoffs!

It's been quiet among the field lately. Have you not noticed people are gone? There have been layoffs but they've been done so quietly that no one has even noticed. Look at PSC-store count is way up but staffing at PSC is down. Some familiar faces... read more

Look at the faces

Leaders working in Westchester home office are running around like there's a fire somewhere. My boss always looks like she got maybe two hours of sleep. Something's up and it can't be good. My team and I don't get as much done under these conditions... read more

Town Hall Cancelled

Anybody know why the town hall was cancelled in January? Was looking for an update on the bonus for this year. I still have hopes.

Never felt this bad.

I have had a jobs but never have I hated having to come into work every day. The bullshit that goes on is,becoming way to much and the stress is killing me.

Whens the axe coming?

Enough of the dramatic waiting games here. When will JC, ML, DG, MG, TK get catapulted out of Follett to a heaping pile of stinky, you know what, where they belong? None of them have made one meaningful contribution to follett other than drag this... read more

New tools implemented

It occurred to me as I was reading through some recent posts....what tools has Follett Management proposed, tested and thus implemented in the past 3 years? I am truly struggling to come up with ONE new tool that has helped a Follett Manager do their... read more

price matching??

With most school out of rush, how did price matching go? With the ever so encouraging message sent out by Scholl, not, yesterday, essentially blaming the store if it fails. We had about 3 students willing to use it, they rolled it over to get more... read more
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New POS is dead

Rumor has it the offshore consultants are going home! Who is accountable for this mess!!!!

High Probability

It is likely to see layoffs before the end of next month. The company needs to reset before the new fiscal year starts in April. Nobody should feel safe. This all comes down to math and people do not matter in that equation. If you get severance, it... read more

Leave Follett.

Leave Follett. There a jobs out there. Don't waste your talent on a company that doesn't care about you. A bonus does not make up for all the hours that you have worked. Region 39 it's terrible. Kevin Boyce is an awful regional manager.

Price Match

Working or failing? When I tell custs about it, they chuckle.

Remember when?

When working at Follett was fun. They promoted people who deserved it and the higher ups knew your name.

Starbuck and the select few

Just exactly how do they decide to invite to the Grand Opening. Of course all the executives but then a selection of random people. Yeah. One Follett.
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Those of you that have left, where have you found jobs?

Do the math for career decision

If you're over 50, stay on board and hang in there. If you are younger- seek a different field of work. Why--the college bookstore model is simply headed for extinction. Book sales are declining each year and future models are suggesting the... read more

Boy I don't miss this time of year

Between buyback, Rush, bowl games and the holidays. December was my least favorite month. The mad dash and stress put on you to have the store ready. I'm taking time off this year like normal people do. There's other jobs out there, people. Remember... read more

The last supper

Was this the last supper with SS? Or everyone else's while he outsources our jobs? Inquiring minds want to know!

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