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All a bunch of crap

Manager 1 and 2 go hourly while 3's and directors stay salary?? Why some managers and not all? From an inside home office source, Next are ops managers, text, etc. All changing to hourly along with us. Home office thinks we do 210 hrs of o.t. a year... read more

RM now can't make you work ot

One particular RM requires 6 and 7 day work weeks all the time. If you have Saturday events you are required to use vacation time if you want a day off during the week. I understand rush you may have to work 14 plus days straight before a day off... read more

Who does the off the clock work?

As salaried employees we are never off the clock. Sick day-you get calls from the store. Vacation days- calls from the store, 9pm at night-you get emails from a professor, and, on occasion you get a middle of the night phone call from the alarm... read more

Don't be party to wage theft!

Since they are making SM's hourly, SM's must be hourly employees. That means you have a 30 minute lunch (unpaid and off the clock). Leave the store and don't answer any questions or help in any way or you are working for free (wage theft). If you are... read more

Play it smart.

They are wanting you to quit or for you to give them a good reason to fire you with just cause. Stay strong, focused and organize. Anything else will not be in your best interest.
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Salaried non exempt

Salaried Nonexempt Employees Salaried nonexempt employees receive a salary rate for a fixed number of hours. However, when they exceed the fixed number of hours and work more than 40 hours in a week, they receive overtime compensation. The basis of... read more
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Unionized Hourly Management

Two can play this game. Hourly Management unite. We can negotiate for better pay and benefits. They would be lost if we all walked at once.... Contracts would drop like flies.

F--- You

Over 20 years of being a salaried manager. Gave a lot of blood sweat and tears. To make me hourly is a f---ing insult . Kiss my a--, you just lost one of your last loyal employees. I'm out...

Outsourcing and job loss at F. Follett.

there are 2 camps of in house IT resources that will still be payrolled at Follett as far as I can tell. 1... SS hired them (like your newish store systems director that Displaced ..not Replaced...TM, who was a hero for the stores. .... or ...2... read more
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Just like Follett

A University of California IT employee whose job is being outsourced to India recently wrote Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for help. Feinstein's office sent back a letter addressing manufacturing job losses, not IT, and offered the worker no... read more

Hourly change

Does anyone know when the hourly changes come, so we have to work overtime? Or can we say thanks guys but my availability too has changed to where I'm only available for up to 40 hours a week and am no longer able to work weekends. Sorry but if your... read more

No matter what you say

It does not matter what kind of positive message you put on this board, there will always be some negative person speak evil. Just watch, they cannot resist the urge

Voice Survey

The accuracy of some info on this site is good. Last week someone posted info about the Voice Survey. This week official notification on the quad.

Stores in florida

Be safe fellow team members in Florida, I hope everyone stays save.
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You know what has disappeared? Appreciation. When was the last time someone above you said a sincere thank you? I used to hear positive comments all the time. Not any more. Now it's one way communication...and only flows down hill. This only... read more

My two cents

It looks like admins are removing posts again and my ip was blocked again. It’s pain to go through proxies and this is not cool. They will block you if you name names (including initials) and they will delete all posts you made (they axed all I wrote... read more

It's not going to change

Sorry people...until its driven by upper management, change won't last- good change, anyway. Surveys are a good thing but what is being done? Are you honestly telling me that anyone up there ACTUALLY cares about us? Don't make me laugh. Want... read more
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Follett lazy bums

Almost 100% of the time when someone has an idea of any sort that's directed toward coming together and making a stand, some negative person calls it stupid and dumb. I think it's because that same person has no ideas of there own so by nature any... read more

Need to vent to a sympathetic ear....

I really have to get something off my chest, but I fear retribution. So I am going to tell my story with as little details as possible but hopefully to the full affect of how I feel screwed over. I had an opportunity at my store to make a deal with... read more

Congregate on 2 at 2pm on 9/29

I'm asking for 20-30 people to join me on the 2nd floor tomorrow (9/29) at 2pm. We don't have to say anything to one another. Our presence alone should speak for itself. I know some of you may think its a dumb idea but I think it'll at least give us... read more

Not that bad of a job

Not sure why everyone here is b--ching about their job. If anything it's pretty easy. As a CM I have direct access to enrollment. With those numbers down and the higher ups saying that there will be no bonuses, I have put this job on cruise control... read more


Anyone deal with corporate lawyers? How good & trustworthy are they?

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