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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL
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(Mon 04/27/15 14:45:21 UTC)

Very interesting article. Several of these issues are practiced daily at Follett. Sad but true.


(Sat 04/25/15 18:18:30 UTC)

What a dumb chancellor selling out to a private FOR PROFIT company, at his students expense.

Dallas college district finds way to cut students' costs The Dallas County Community College District is trying to cut the cost of an education. The district on Tuesday announced that the board of trustees has approved a textbook contract that eliminates commissions on the sales of the books. The ... read more

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(Sat 04/25/15 02:15:32 UTC)

And yet another home office SVP

And the home office overhead keeps growing with the addition of another SVP. They will probably start cutting at the store again to make their numbers.

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(Fri 04/24/15 14:43:43 UTC)

Can someone please clarify how

can certain managers in certain departments (CM and Academic tools and pro) still have associates who should have been fired or let go long ago still working there and to top all off have been promoted to managers (or what I call "manager-wannabes")or Director??? They must really have some hidden ... read more

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(Fri 04/24/15 14:43:42 UTC)

Can someone please clarify how

can certain managers in certain departments (CM and Academic tools and pro) still have associates who should have been fired or let go long ago still working there and to top all off have been promoted to managers (or what I call "manager-wannabes")or Director??? They must really have some hidden ... read more


(Fri 04/24/15 14:37:39 UTC)

Have you noticed that

Follett seems to becoming more and more like Nazi Germany? We keep doing dumb things and hurting innocent working people supposedly for the "greater cause" Soon we'll have to salute and say "Hail MLS or DG" whenever they walk by.

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(Fri 04/24/15 10:51:02 UTC)

Town Hall - Admit Failures

DG had each direct report comment on a failure each experienced last year. Unfortunately the examples given were more about other people/dept failures. Maybe they should ask the C team should provide the A team with actual failures from our perspective


(Fri 04/24/15 01:32:54 UTC)

F you Follett!! Good luck you bunch of crooked assholes.


(Thu 04/23/15 20:32:23 UTC)

Just saw a ninja turtle on the elevator

Awkward elevator rides with ninja turtles in tower 3 happens too often. I think they are immune to farts. I'm gonna try it anyway next time I see one. It'll be nice if it was a VP. Can they fire me for that?


(Wed 04/22/15 15:13:17 UTC)

Follett will never outsource our product support center

Whoever is spreading rumors about outsourcing psc is wrong. The reliability of the support they provide is too strong. Besides who is more capable than the people there right now.

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(Mon 04/20/15 01:20:04 UTC)

Town Hall this week

Town hall meeting this week. Hopefully we can get an update on the IT outsourcing.

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(Sat 04/18/15 12:05:54 UTC)

Get ready for the next announcement.

More changes and overhead coming.

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(Fri 04/17/15 13:55:18 UTC)

DG is the leader of the foot clan

I hear there are a bunch of sewer dwelling ninja turtle lurking in the bowels of the home office. No seriously. Don't DG look like mafia.

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(Thu 04/16/15 16:43:29 UTC)

Does anyone know if...

Nathan , not sure of his last name is still there? You know the guy that went store to store and basically threatened if your returns were to high they would get rid of you? He was from Indiana and an a&& kicker for MLS

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(Wed 04/15/15 19:55:12 UTC)

Hello it's me.

If I were Mr Wahl what would you say to me?

clay wahl
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(Tue 04/14/15 23:14:42 UTC)

Deserves to be on the main page

There is an old Japanese saying that goes "The Nail That Stands up Gets Hammered Down." Remember that you work here at their discretion. That's not a threat, the rest of us also work at the discretion of a bunch of incompetent toadies, but there are less destructive ways of channeling your ... read more

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(Tue 04/14/15 22:34:35 UTC)

It took a long time, but Follett finally succeeded in ousting me...

Age and handicap discrimination, I don't blame the Store Managers...It's the CEOs at the top.


(Tue 04/14/15 15:50:01 UTC)

Some Sardonic Humor for Your Tuesday

Hello All, A long time ago in management 101 we were taught about the dangers of group-think and how a corporate culture can miss the blatantly obvious at times and stand amazed at the fact that they didn't see what everyone else did. The phrase "Flogging a dead horse" can be traced to English law ... read more

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(Tue 04/14/15 04:18:53 UTC)

Follett Bluebook DECODED

I'm not here to trash Follett. Instead, I need help from one of the Follett Old Timers who may be reading this board, who wouldn't mind anonymously answering. Forever and ever, Follett has always bought all the new editions that come out. You know, like the new "McConnell Economics" or "Stewart ... read more

books stores
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(Tue 04/14/15 04:11:45 UTC)

Help! Confused!

would someone explain all the "kmart" references? I've delved into this board's complaints, hoping to find the correlation through my backtracking, but still don't understand. Is the CEO of Follett someone from Kmart or something like that?

Your Mom
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(Tue 04/14/15 03:31:57 UTC)

What a joke They've got about 2 years total experience in this business combined...bunch of tools


(Tue 04/14/15 00:38:50 UTC)

A little curious...

I thought this board was for laid off Follett employess. Looks like there are many posting that are still employed. The massive lay off in November of 2013 we were told we could NOT post or say anything negative about the company. So as long as you are employed, you CAN...still collecting a ... read more


(Mon 04/13/15 21:54:15 UTC)

Oust the execs

We need to flood Follett boards directors mail with threats that we will go to the media if they do not hear our complaints. I plan on sending a letter with my real name and address to the board this week. I have also talked with a lawyer and there is no harm in doing so. It's my right as an ... read more

store manager
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(Mon 04/13/15 18:31:21 UTC)

Take it as a lesson...

When you have gotten rid of people and can't prove they have committed misconduct through your own lack of competence, through your own lies, etc....just drop it after the first round. You idiots make the company look bad pursuing frivolous matters! How does it feel to be put in a position to ... read more

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(Mon 04/13/15 04:00:33 UTC)

Just leave, people

Follett gives zero f***s about your loyalty. You will either be laid off or the school kicks out Follett and then everyone is out of a job. It's a lose lose either way. Leave now before you are escorted out. And if you think because you are in a big store making bank, talk to the people that got ... read more

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(Mon 04/13/15 00:12:52 UTC)

CMM's--when will we be escorted out?

When are the CMM's going to be cut? I'm a new CMM having started late last year and this centralization of CM tasks--the spreadsheets, forecasts, etc., make me feel like I do not have a future in this company. Anyone heard anything?

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(Mon 04/13/15 00:11:18 UTC)

F**** Follett, plain and simple

This company has turned into one unethical pile of shit! I am ashamed to admit I even worked there.

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(Sat 04/11/15 16:17:53 UTC)

Since the company is going down that road....

Of hiring all of the Kmart/Sears rejects... should the stores prepare themselves for "blue light specials"? and hiring celebrities that were famous long before most of us were born and have since faded out of the limelight to promote our products?

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(Fri 04/10/15 16:22:11 UTC)

Just a Rant.

I do not know how managers like LV have made it as long as they have in this company. All they do is piss on their associates and managers and yell when they don't even know what us going on. She can't even turn off the store alarm much less open the server or do anything else in the store. It's ... read more

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(Fri 04/10/15 02:18:15 UTC)

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission! I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a ... read more

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(Thu 04/09/15 18:22:53 UTC)

Pass the note. Let the silent protest begin

Enough is enough. Time to stop chatting and stand up. Monday April 18th is the day that our field and home office employees stand up. Let's send a simple yet clear message that it's time that our innumerous amount of VP'S stop and listen. At exactly 11 am Monday morning we will leave our desk and ... read more


(Thu 04/09/15 03:36:06 UTC)

Enough is enough!

When is everyone going to have guts enough to stand up and fight back instead of cowering behind this board????


(Wed 04/08/15 14:42:09 UTC)

Suddenly Stupid Syndrome Hits Course Materials

The repeated failures of course materials centralization have not deterred the army of window lickers (read; VP legion) at the home office whom, having heard Google became wealthy through the mastering of algorithms, decided to press ahead with their plans to -create- redundancies in the CMM field ... read more

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(Wed 04/08/15 11:52:53 UTC)


The last announcement said the two new VP's were replacements for old VP's that were laid off. Looks like ML is learning what we in the business already knew - the new IT was not working. Failed POS, ecommerce and on and on.


(Wed 04/08/15 03:28:26 UTC)

Follett Bankruptcy

Do you think we'll be declaring bankruptcy within next 24 months?

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(Tue 04/07/15 21:09:21 UTC)

New mottoe

Never let it rest until your bad is your worse, and your worse is your worst. Thx DG, right on target

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