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Gary S used to say, a small percentage of a big number is a big number. So let me see, 1.5%-2% merit increases on over a billion in employee wages is a big number for the Follett family. They hit the jackpot.
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Hey folks, what have I missed lately?

Checking in. About this time last year, Follett acquired Neebo and Ned here started looking for another job. Not that Neebo was a better company than Follett, but Follett has no idea how to run off campus. It took some effort but getting out of the... read more

Hr stinks

Kronos pto numbers still not right. May pto did not convert over like they said it would. May is almost over and zero communication from hr. But we get constant spam from marketing on the latest email campaign. Lovely.

Read all about it.

Intel cutting 12000 jobs, Halliburton is cutting 6000 jobs. Hundreds of Coal miners in Wyoming being laid off. Unexpected surge in unemployment. Read the news. It's just not this company. People are losing their jobs everywhere. Be very mindful of... read more

Why Union.

Working people turn to unions to protect their rights, improve their working conditions, pay and benefits, and to give them security on the job. Union representation means having someone who will stand up for your interests at work. It means having a... read more

How Do You Form A Union?

You may not realize it, but you've already taken the first step. If you think you and your co-workers would benefit from having someone stand up for you at your workplace, contact RWDSU organizers. We'll be happy to get you more information about the... read more

It is coming.

Dear Family, It is concluded that treating your employee’s well makes for a more productive, healthy, and happy workplace—which is just not good for your employees but for you too. Let’s explore: Productivity – Current Culture – Do 5 times more with... read more
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Wake Up Follett Management

You are loosing people left and right and pretty soon you will have zero employees. You have no funds for raises but how many VPs have you hired in the past few month? You really need to look into the deep pockets of Follett funds and treat your... read more

Why is B&N kicking our butt?

We just don't have the winners making up the marketing team that we once had. This team takes losses much too easily and there doesn't seem to be a sales leader that sets a strategy for each proposal and presentation. We were once feared in the... read more
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Is it legal?

Why weren't the exempt employees offered severance instead of being automatically given a new job title and converted to non exempt status? Is that even legal?

Happy July ahead

So they cut our staff, cut our bonuses, and increased our roles. Wonder how they expect that to go over when salaried personnel get overtime beginning in July.

Field Changes

They made a couple of people in our region that were salary, hourly today. Seems like a poor way to get more work out of someone. You know they don't approve overtime.

Next Week changes?

What is the big secret info that is being passed down next week? RM called a special meeting for store manager eyes only about bonus and new store structure?

bright side

I know this site is used to negative news and bashing but here is some light on the darkness. The ADC wholesale is seeing real orders coming. Orders both BC and BB are up significantly.

Jeff D

Is it true that he's going to return to Stanford?

B& T

... This is what always happens...they say an acquisition won't change much-till it does

Todd L

Is he an alcoholic womanizer? That's the rumor I heard. Doesn't inspire much confidence

Can JC Lead this team?

Does anyone really believe JC can lead this team? When AG was calling the shots above him things were good. But now that he's gone (more talent walking away), I don't see how we can right the ship. I'm a fan of JF, but I still think we're going to be... read more

When will it stop

There will be more layoffs in Westbrook prior to 9/1, planning is underway. Update your resumes.

Advice to all you negative nancy's

Instead of playing monday morning quarterback and complaining about all the problems step up and be a part of the solutions to bring us back to the strong company we once were.

May Restructuring?

It's now May, what's happening with month with phase 3 of restructuring?
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