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There's still good people out there

Hello world I'm looking for a team of individuals who are looking to move on to a better and more enjoyable work environment that offers a long term career. If you happen to be in IT, project management and or customer service please chime in. I will... read more


If Nader, TH, or even Ray reads this post-I know that many of these posts are terrible-but personally I want to say I just want to URGE you to please, please PLEASE take a closer look at who is reporting to you. Are they accountable to anyone? Have... read more

Good Morning alternate version

Heading off to my new job after Follett. Have been recognized several times as a hard working associate, given increasing responsibility. My new bosses are impressed by my work ethic, and can't believe I was let go from another job. I'm relaxed... read more

Good Morning

I'm thinking about walking around today going from floor to floor looking busy. Like all day long. So that people think I'm actually working. Huh. Kinda sound like most of you lazy a** Follett bums. Why dont some of you just get a real job. Most of... read more

Cut it

These bricks are way too high you need to cut it.
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#1 issue

There is absolutely no good communication filtering through upper management and either organization. Until this happens, it happens the way it is supposed to meaning that they drop the bullshit and they provide each other with honest and productive... read more

Why? Why havent you quit yet?

So many places that would appreciate you...and yet you stay. Do you think you will rise from the ashes? Do you think there's something worth saving? Do they value you more because they've fired everyone who knew how to walk? You are better than this... read more

Surgery Envy

You know it is bad when you envy someone who is going to be out for 8 weeks due to major surgery.
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Promotion? MY A**

Was offered and accepted a promotion only to be told "it will be re-evaluated after rush. Do you think I'm stupid? After rush so much changes and I am sure they will say "not at this time, we will re-evaluate again". Yep, get through rush then kick... read more


When is Follett going to move on from just settling for crumbs or now days chicken feed... and WHY,WHY , WHY IS FOLLETT ALWAYS PLAYING THE CATCH-UP GAME WITH EVERYONE ELSES' TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATIONS AND PRODUCTS??? RIGHT???? Why didn't Follett come up... read more


Current situation...wishing it wasn't true, but seriously- can it get much worse? Why does the FSS president report to a company they bought?? Tragic AF

Fall 2016 rush

Fall rush sales are up at our location, but we have not received any clothing or supplies. Sorry Follett, we can't sell what we don't have. Your replenishment experts are not doing their job. If we don't receive shipment this week forget it they wont... read more

Let's just be honest...

The day Follett gets that they were wrong in every step they have taken since 2012 is the day that the 7 dollar bill becomes a reality, pigs can fly, the sun will rise from the west and set in the east, and pigs can fly, and there will be no more... read more


Declining birth rates equals declining enrollments across the educational spectrum. Yet, the budgeting geniuses don't account for that....because, if you sell one more pen, one more candy bar, that will save the day. The lack of entrenched... read more

Wooden Ship

First Mate - Captain we have found water in the bottom of our wooden boat. Captain - Drill a hole to drain the water. First Mate - But captain we are are sea. Captain - Trust me, it will work, I have done this before. First Mate - Captain... read more

Offshore offshore offshore

Sanjeev keeps offshoring and building his kingdom. Projects are disasters. He keeps getting rich while employees get canned. Follett family has sold out values for greed in IT and refuse to see the reality - how much money they have flushed in the... read more

Change brings opportunity Nader

Back in March I thought Nader said change brings opportunity and look at all the people being promoted. We have been watching... vp's and directors and cronies get promoted. The troops? None. New leaders. Same bullsh*t.

Your future is in your hands.

Ask yourself, are you working at managing the needs of the changing markets, or are you working to defend doing more of what worked in the past? I truly believe it is a little of both. I admit, the old way was good and wish it was the same. However... read more

Missed a spot

They let GT go, they dumped DG. Why is SS still employed? If you are going to clean house, why not complete it?

Fake it till I make it

I fibbed on my resume. Getting 73k and don't have a clue what I'm doing here. Should I even care at this point.

Stop complaining and leave already

I read this board every day because it's a habit and because it's quite entertaining. Every single day people complain about leadership, not liking the company, who should leave, layoffs etc. Now yes, I will agree that we have entirely two many VP'S... read more

Recipe for killing a once great industry

All College bookstore management companies, here's your recipe for destroying your business and creating market failure; Allowing colleges to take advantage of your duopoly by pitting one company against another in a bid situation. If no one bids... read more

In bad times.

You can tell what a company really think about their employees when times are bad. So I guess we are seeing the true Follett. Lucky for them they have "great leaders" in place to help guide them.
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