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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL
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(Wed 07/29/15 03:30:17 UTC)


Retalon was turned off this week suddenly for fall ordering from vendors... ???

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(Tue 07/28/15 01:16:41 UTC)

This one stinks from the top down

Greg and Jeff were bad enough. Jay Z (if only he were the real Jay Z), promotes Jeff, fails to protect him, hires another, fails to protect her. He ultimately responsible for running a highly effective group of stores into sputtering centers of almost adequate. He must exist based on the lack of ... read more

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(Mon 07/27/15 23:01:42 UTC)

This is interesting

A list of the H1B visas that Collect has sponsored. H1B Sponsor must inform US workers of the intent to hire a foreign worker in 2011 by providing notice of the filing of the LCA to the bargaining representative if there is one, ... read more

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(Mon 07/27/15 20:14:40 UTC)

This news just in!

Amanda Sevilla in the Ecom Department has caused the company a lawsuit. From what I hear, it's not a frivolous one. Her mouth and behavior got the company in legal trouble.

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(Mon 07/27/15 15:16:46 UTC)

You guys ready for the Titanic BTS?

Who here is excited to see exactly how botched this back to school season will be? The Neebo nimwits will be kissing butt. showing everyone at the mother ship how tough they are, all the while searching for another job just in case the FHEG guys are as big of jerks as we all assume they are. ... read more

Da Troof
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(Sun 07/26/15 19:20:45 UTC)

Pearson divests FT and Economist to focus on 'the education market.'

I have a sneaking suspicion we're about to see a massive push to market directly to the college market at the expense of the middleman (Follett) to rival McGraw-Hill's douchebaggery of late. With all the HO promotions, think anyone'll notice there and NOT suggest the solution is 'one-a-days' and/or ... read more

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(Sat 07/25/15 12:28:32 UTC)

More promotions at HO, more cost control at the stores

Amazing, and yet two more announcements of several people getting promoted at the home office. We do more with less and the HO keeps adding and promoting. Stop before it is too late. That new CEO does not know how to say no.

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(Fri 07/24/15 01:36:10 UTC)

Where is the auditorium at Follett?

I don't see how the ego's of the kmart folks can fit in a single meeting room. Arrogance and disdain of Follett employees.


(Wed 07/22/15 19:39:34 UTC)

Has Follett run off campus stores?

Course tracks seems to be geared towards schools who have the campus's cooperation. Follett's buyback, rental, and pricing structure is non-aggressive and complaisant. We seem to be letting more money walk out the door now than we have in the past. If it's not walking out the door, we're paying too ... read more

Neebo Ned
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(Wed 07/22/15 16:03:26 UTC)

Toshiba accounting scandal -- wow, this reminds me of some of the funky stuff Follett has done.

Tanaka and Sasaki pressured business divisions to meet difficult targets and knew they were overstating profits and delaying the reporting of losses, amid a culture of not going against the wishes of superiors, the report said.Koichi Ueda, an attorney and head of the panel, said he was surprised by ... read more

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(Mon 07/20/15 21:37:06 UTC)

CNS, CNS we Rule!

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(Sat 07/18/15 16:24:50 UTC)

Approaching 1 month since we've had a full paycheck.

First checks were supposedly strapped to the back of a tortoise and sent to our mailing addresses. ...actually were sent usps which may be worse. Direct deposit wasn't an option. Hope nobody needs this money to live off of

Neebo Ned
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(Sat 07/18/15 12:59:30 UTC)

Advice to RG and DG

Quit spending money. Four promotions to vice president of sears/kmart/OD employees here only a year to Vice President. As we can all see now, MLS was not the problem with the layoffs/firings and hiring of friends from kmart/sears/od etc. It is all DG.

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(Fri 07/17/15 15:46:16 UTC)

What's the story I keep hearing about Scholl? Is it true?

Just asking
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(Fri 07/17/15 03:25:38 UTC)

Could the FHEG database suck more than it does now?

A drunk on it's ass monkey could do better.

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(Thu 07/16/15 00:40:44 UTC)

Has anyone here worked under Jeff Deutsch?


(Wed 07/15/15 17:49:24 UTC)

I'm still here

I'm still here with Follett and while things appear to be better they are not. This Neebo acquisition just proves corporate's lack of ability to roll anything out right. The communication has been extremely poor and from what I hear there are no plans to improve. Corporate is using and abusing ... read more

Da Real Troof
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(Wed 07/15/15 01:39:57 UTC)

Question of the day

Why is my GVP such a condescending douchebag? Discuss amongst yourselves....

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(Tue 07/14/15 18:20:26 UTC)

What's going on in HR?

Wondering what the deal is with this HR department. Looks like an incredible amount of turnover including some people who leave only after a short time period. Based on the posts on this site, it appears morale could not be at a lower level. Yet, the head of the department is long-term and still in ... read more

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(Mon 07/13/15 15:02:11 UTC)

I love Da Troof

Good honest insight that is shared by many associates. When I get angry about all of the BS going on, I just imagine that Follett is gone. They managed to wipe out almost every single dedicated, intelligent employee they had, to replace them with idiots from companies going down the drain. I'm ... read more

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(Mon 07/13/15 11:40:10 UTC)

"One" Follett?

For as long as I've worked here (about 4 years now), there has always been animosity and hatred between FSS and us. I haven't been able to figure out why and my boss can't answer either. She just tells me it's always been that way. Any ideas?

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(Sun 07/12/15 22:30:39 UTC)

Industry standard

I love how Follett justifies cutting benefits by saying they are meeting industry standards. Like 'industry standard' is a good thing. Come work for us. We promise to compensate you no better than the lowest paid smuck in the industry. Buy from us. We promise to provide products and service that ... read more

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(Thu 07/09/15 19:03:46 UTC)

Remember When?

At one national meeting, they had some singer sing an original song written for FHEG employees? "You're The Difference" it was called. Felt like crap then and is downright hilarity now. Anyone still have access to that song?

Da Troof
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(Thu 07/09/15 00:15:50 UTC)

They are back

Follett laid off two vp's one in HR and one in IT and they just hired them back after a few months. WHY would they do that? SS decision making does not have clue. More IT promotions in the home office to senior VP's and VP's. How much overhead can they add? Has there been any savings from the ... read more

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(Tue 07/07/15 21:01:50 UTC)

Who knows the story?

First CD left, now he's back as VP of business technology and transformation. What's up with that?

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(Tue 07/07/15 17:39:41 UTC)

HR is posting fiction rather than doing their jobs

Glassdoor is a great resource when looking for work. employees post reviews of the work place. Often HR or management will post shill reviews, too. They're easy to spot because they're vague and glowing. Here's an example of a BS review posted by management or HR “Hassle free shopping experience! ” ... read more

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(Tue 07/07/15 01:47:53 UTC)

Summer meetings invigorate me

Wow am I pumped after my meeting! So many things to do, so little time and so few people to make it happen.

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(Mon 07/06/15 18:58:22 UTC)

New campus stores?

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(Sun 07/05/15 11:05:09 UTC)

Think about it

You have to be down to 80 hours of PTO by Dec. 26, 2015. You also have to use your floating holidays by Dec. 24th. That is BEFORE the mandatory holiday shutdown. That means you have to use 32 hours of your rollover amount for the shutdown, leaving you with only 48 by January 1st. Then you have to ... read more

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(Sun 07/05/15 00:49:46 UTC)

Same old, same old

It's amazing to me that Follett has fallen so far, so fast. They once had choice locations on campuses and could have leveraged that access to students in hundreds of ways...that is to say if they had bothered to look up from their shrinking textbook income statements. That business is gone and not ... read more

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(Sat 07/04/15 05:25:34 UTC)

You know who you are

Only the bottom feeders left at HO now...the ones who have no talent or ever had an innovative thought. Same goes for the RMs...not a lot of value added from them.

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(Thu 07/02/15 12:43:31 UTC)

This site is like watching a bad accident...

I was told about and I jump on here from time to time to get a good laugh. Have any of you worked for other companies? Try working for a publicly held company and this Follett stuff looks like kindergarden play. Seriously?!?! If you left or were let go...get over it already. It's a ... read more


(Tue 06/30/15 21:48:19 UTC)

Whatever happened to Steve Pribyl and Don Olsavicky?

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(Tue 06/30/15 17:01:32 UTC)

Accured vacation time left over more than a week? not for much longer

I suspect the release of these 'confidential emails' is probably staggard at this point to zero in on those leaking the information, but I feel a responsibility to pass along changes as I hear them. So, for all those in the Higher Ed Group; after starting the latest internal memo with 'At Follett ... read more


(Mon 06/29/15 03:10:07 UTC)

Another VP gone

Heard TW is leaving , store design


(Sat 06/27/15 00:14:11 UTC)

Does anyone know where Gary Shapiro landed?

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(Wed 06/24/15 22:51:33 UTC)


Retalon is doing PO's for fall. How long before text managers get shown the door?

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(Wed 06/24/15 02:00:11 UTC)

Quarter 1 is Ending and How Are We Doing

Quarter 1 is ending and financials are down. Will it turn around for fall rush.

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