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Did RG just announce his eventual replacement???

With today's posting of George Coe being promoted to COO seems to me that He is setting up his eventual exit. I love the way he praised Coe's leadership and business results because they were so good a failing organization like Follett swooped in and... read more

I come job

How come I come for job and boss tell me no go home. Now they call me to come for job and I saw sh--.
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Getting rid of course materials managers

So did anyone notice that the announcement on the quad regarding the 2017 Summer and Fall adoption campaign was only directed to SMs, RMs, and GVPs. Message is pretty dumbed down for those that have no CM experience. Guess CM's are next on the... read more


Leaders establish and sustain the values and vision that make organizations thrive. The long-term success of a company is dependent upon the intentional actions of exceptional leaders who exemplify great team experience. There is a direct correlation... read more

Warehouse clean out???

Received shipment of clothing after rush and FA is closed!!! Old styles and sizes not needed. Follett must be trying to clear out warehouses and dump the junk at the stores. We might have sold some items a few weeks ago but not now.! Items going from... read more

Lunch with the CEO

So how many were picked to have lunch with RG? How many are going to speak up and ask questions?

My point of view

I don't have any inside information about layoffs, or comforting words for my friends who have been let go. I am saddened each day I go to work and see the empty desks and hear about more friends who have been let go. I also know our senior leaders... read more

Follett Leadership **Alternative Facts**

We learned from POTUS that there are alternative facts. There will be no more layoffs We value our employees We invest in companies that are market leaders in growth industries We have a world class executive class leadership team We are in a SLOG... read more

Top secret plan leaked

Ok so I am putting myself out on a limb here but I feel everyone needs to know the truth here. The family and board have been purposely steering the business into the ground after multiple failed attempts to sell the business. More pieces will start... read more

Top Ten List

Here's the Top Ten things you should do if you think you might get laid off this round on Feb 1st...and if you are sure that you won't be laid off, just keep dreaming. 10...Take home your personal items. Sure they will let you pack them up or they'll... read more

What's the deal!?

Why were all the managers meeting all day today at Home Office? Every manager that I was looking for today was in a meeting. Inquiring minds wanna know.

Want to make Follett a better place to work.

Here are some ideas. Cut the overwhelmingly staffed executive suite and use those savings to support employee benefits and jobs. Empower team members. Honest communication/transparency at all levels of the organization. Treat all levels with respect... read more

I wonder...

Do you think the select group of arrogant, entitled mid and senior level managers are smart enough to see the walls closing in on them? Or, are they blissfully ignorant to the re-creation of Sears and Kmart inside their building?

Keeping busy creating fake reviews (cont.).

Since the first of the year there have been 18 Glassdoor reviews published. More than half are shill reviews posted by HR/Recruiting. Consider how much time is spent monitoring and responding with fake reviews. Consider posting your own real review... read more

Death Row Last Meal

Follett is really delivering the benefits for employees. Sign up to have lunch with your favorite CEO, it could be your last meal and perhaps you get to request what you want. We have all been on death row just waiting for our numbers to come up for... read more

Another round?

Are there more layoffs in the horizon? Any ideas of what departments may get hit? Wholesale or "B2B" seems to be struggling

Question to RG

Why is it the lower level employees pay for the mistakes and decisions of senior management. I was laid off last year and it ticks me off that senior staff remains in tact. You need to re-read the Follett values, especially the value of... read more


Is anyone's RM acting odd? Mine is practically absent. Haven't heard a peep in person in months. Rarely get emails. Seems especially odd not hearing during rush. Any thoughts? Just burnout like the rest of us maybe?

Ding, dong

One Follett is dead. Share services moving back to the business units.

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