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2 more leadership promotions. This is going to be funny when leadership look up and the company consists of nothing but leadship and no one to LEAD. Oh wait, the Indian team will be around.

It's painful

It's just downright painful to go to work these days. The waiting is really dragging everybody down. Any so called efficiency is more than shot now. Nobody's smiling, nobody's enthused, nobody cares, nobody knows if they will have a job tomorrow... read more

60 minutes on H1B violators like Follett

Great story on 60 minutes about companies like Follett that replace workers ONSITE abusing the H1B program and require the employees to train their replacements. It is too late for me since Follett did this to me in November, but hopefully will help... read more

Tax credits for Westbrook

When the agreement was signed for Westbrook the headcount was 804. Follett agreed to keep a headcount of 579. (You can disagree on the logic for getting a tax break to reduce headcount but that's for a different post) In 12/2013 the headcount was 746... read more

New vp

Maybe if follett stop getting a new VP for fheg maybe s--- would be right... Just like changing underwears...

Follett Tax Credit

How long will Follett continue to move employees into Westbrook to try to avoid repaying the 2013 tax credit? Short term thinking always causes problems for the longer term.


There are rumors that Trump will ask for reduction of H1Bs and green cards, can anyone confirm this is true.

Concerning review on Glassdoor.

Has management resumed abusing employees to drive them out. They did this 3-4 years ago. follett management targeted employees with many years of service to the company (read 15+ years). The abused the employee until the employee resigned. No... read more

January results

If the highlight is an eFollett increase, FHEG is in serious trouble. This is only a shift from in store to online which is expected looking at most retail industries. It might have saved a sale, but there is no way it actually increased sales. There... read more
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SMs, what role does your RM play in your store?

Ours is non-existent. Has been out once in the past year. Cancels 3/4 of bi-weekly meetings and 1/4 of regional calls. Seldom responds to emails, so I've mostly stopped sending them. Just curious if this is standard across the company or something... read more

Did RG just announce his eventual replacement???

With today's posting of George Coe being promoted to COO seems to me that He is setting up his eventual exit. I love the way he praised Coe's leadership and business results because they were so good a failing organization like Follett swooped in and... read more

I come job

How come I come for job and boss tell me no go home. Now they call me to come for job and I saw sh--.

Getting rid of course materials managers

So did anyone notice that the announcement on the quad regarding the 2017 Summer and Fall adoption campaign was only directed to SMs, RMs, and GVPs. Message is pretty dumbed down for those that have no CM experience. Guess CM's are next on the... read more


Leaders establish and sustain the values and vision that make organizations thrive. The long-term success of a company is dependent upon the intentional actions of exceptional leaders who exemplify great team experience. There is a direct correlation... read more

Warehouse clean out???

Received shipment of clothing after rush and FA is closed!!! Old styles and sizes not needed. Follett must be trying to clear out warehouses and dump the junk at the stores. We might have sold some items a few weeks ago but not now.! Items going from... read more

Lunch with the CEO

So how many were picked to have lunch with RG? How many are going to speak up and ask questions?

My point of view

I don't have any inside information about layoffs, or comforting words for my friends who have been let go. I am saddened each day I go to work and see the empty desks and hear about more friends who have been let go. I also know our senior leaders... read more

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