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Follett Alumni Facebook group

There's a group of 200+ former associates who will provide mental support and networking, along with a chance to vent a b--check it out if you're on FB.

A lawsuit

There is a lawsuit against Follett. It was about time.

Wow another new SVP/ CFO

So after Ray said there were no new layoffs planned they canned 25+ people but then turned around and hired a new SVP/ CFO because we need another bean counter to tell us how we aren't making enough and that we need to trim the fat all the while I'm... read more

Take a look at our future.
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Open Letter to Britten

Two weeks ago your CEO promised no additional layoffs before year end. The separation agreement is on my coffee table. Merry Christmas. Does this generation of Folletts require integrity and accountability of those who run your company? Or are the... read more


The biggest threats to innovation is an organizations culture and internal politics. This company will fail as long as the US vs. THEM culture exists! Sadly to say....with current leadership...this culture will never change. RIP Follett...for the... read more

Paul D reports

Has anyone noticed that every report Paul D sends out is always has to be updated or he sends out emails that schedules are not completed in the required time but yet sends out paroll reports for the next month after the next month has started.

Process Efficiency

For a company that doesn't know how to find it's way out of a paper bag, let alone implement a system efficiently, they sure do get those termination packages out lickity split! They know where their priorities are. Pathetic.

Great leaders

Great leaders lead by example, are transparent, have integrity, are innovating, are trustworthy, cares about their teams, have passion for their industry....just to name a few. Follett's leaders, lead by talk, just transparent enough to make it look... read more


It's funny how a stupid post is made after the truth about the leadership is reported. Just a tactic to divert your attention from what is really going on. Referring to the DE comment.
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So what's next?

The ivory tower is full of incompetent a-holes , with no values or morals! Don’t bother having a town hall just to tell your lies (HO RIFs), screw us of our benefits (merit, reviews, 401k, bonus) and then blame all the people YOU fired 2 ½ years ago... read more

Check if Ray's pants are on fire...

Not more than 2 weeks ago, Ray G. Said at the town hall that they chose to cut benefits, bonus, merit and 401k rather than lay off more people. Well, today they are chopping heads in IT. You want to save a bunch of money on IT, dump CORE POS already.

Diversion Attempt

The previous post is just a diversion tacit to get you mind off the key points. So I will point them out once again. Overly staffed executive suite, under-qualified executives, out dated business models, and lack of trustworthy leadership, just to... read more


RG also mentioned that success is measured by hitting your numbers. me success is not only hitting your's also about what you do to hit those numbers. So in my and your overly staffed executive team hitting your... read more

You all don't see big picture

All of you are so narrow minded. Pat usher. Bob Scholl. Carol winter all survived Don G. He came and brought Kmart people. Kmart failed. Sears is horrible. This was all on hiring him. He got rid of so many people. Now you want to blame the people who... read more


RG mentioned that we need to hit our numbers because that is what we promised to do. Funny, I don't remember anyone asking me about my budget. And I sure the hell didn't make a promise that I would hit it. He also mentioned that he is accountable. He... read more

Have you left?

Is there anyone on this page who has left Follett and is much happier? I'd like some encouragement!

That's it, I'm done!

2016 - no raise or bonus 2017 - pay decrease, no raise, no bonus, and benefit cuts 2018 - possibly another no raise no bonus year I have been angry, but I actually love my store, my staff, and my school. So I was s---ing up how much I despise... read more

New Overtime Ruling BLOCKED

"A federal judge on Tuesday blocked a new rule making millions more Americans eligible for overtime pay, indefinitely pushing back the Dec. 1 effective date while he weighs a challenge to the requirement....." "Twenty-one states challenged the... read more

Posts Redacted

Not only are posts being pulled here where individuals are expressing their rights, but, as usual, more fake reviews of Follett are surpassing the truth on other sites.

For Thanksgiving

I'm thankful that fewer posts are being put on this site. I wish every employee the very best and thank you for serving your customers each day on your campuses across our country.

Im not buying the financials

For a company that pulls in billions of dollars in sales how can we be so dumb and not turn a profit. I call shenanigans. I bet the Follets are taking a "salary" from the company still. Get your hands out of the cookie jar!

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