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Specialty Retail, Other
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private company
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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL
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(Fri 09/04/15 02:48:04 UTC)

Mike Dalpe

Wish you were still at Follett. Good grief the Blue Book database sucks since you are no longer here.


(Wed 09/02/15 15:35:58 UTC)

Death by a thousand cuts

It is nice to see somebody at Follett finally acknowledge that all the cuts to employee benefits might affect employee motivations ( , but just saying it isn't enough. So far, I have seen nothing ... read more

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(Wed 09/02/15 12:08:37 UTC)

Again.....why would anyone want to work at Follett?

Look at this week's updates. How many directors or VPs are left from 2 years ago? Slowly but surely, they are turning the company into something in recognizable. And now....reduce payroll further? Cutting to the bone now, won't be long till the patient is dead.

Winston Smith
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(Wed 09/02/15 00:52:24 UTC)

Retalon redux?

Will the CM team be trying it out for Spring '16? Not sure if the 102-class issue has been resolved.


(Tue 09/01/15 21:50:35 UTC)

What is more enjoyable

Stubing your toe on a table or calling the payroll office at Follett?


(Sat 08/29/15 11:15:12 UTC)

Another experienced home office employee gone

And yet another experienced home office employee gone - PE


(Fri 08/28/15 18:43:21 UTC)

So when will this shell game finally be exposed?

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(Fri 08/28/15 18:42:30 UTC)

All eyes on payroll

From the CEO himself a directive has been created indicating declining sales must be addressed with our main controllable investment, Payroll. Stores are being individually examined by the home office with overages presented to regional managers weekly (sometimes daily.) the expectation is all ... read more


(Thu 08/27/15 00:51:50 UTC)

When asked if I think I'd ever be interested in working for Follett again....

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(Wed 08/26/15 03:07:07 UTC)

We don't even have the right editions on the shelf that the professors want to use

We have lots of the previous edition in stock and on the shelves. WTH are we supposed to do with them? Awesome! I suspect because we don't have the specific book that the professor wants to use, most students will buy online. What a cluster f*ck. Jesus Christ on a crutch, what a *ucked up ... read more

Nebo cred

(Tue 08/25/15 03:02:01 UTC)

All's quiet on the western front

Guess everyone is busy selling books? Either that or on the phone with support or endlessly receiving the books that were over ordered.

Neebo Ned
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(Sat 08/22/15 22:32:26 UTC)

How much is vacation payout at Follett

We rolled over a good bit. don't trust calling these guys to ask... Many thanks...

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(Sat 08/22/15 20:55:18 UTC)

I quit my position as SM almost 3 months ago now.

I haven't been this happy since I first started with Follett, close to 15 years ago. People are saying things about "the transition". Wake up. "The transition" ended years ago, it is over. The problem with Follett is NOT a "transition". I had a job lined up prior to leaving, and I am so happy. I ... read more


(Sat 08/22/15 18:45:17 UTC)

How Is Rush Going?

Anyone have any results?

Curious George

(Sat 08/22/15 16:51:39 UTC)

How does one pull off being an independent book buyer?

Any tips of the trade? Hit up apartment complexes? What is a good way to get no value books? Buy them online and try to turn them?


(Fri 08/21/15 13:36:43 UTC)

people makes the company

Follett's strongest years in profitability and customer retention were around 2000-2005. Who was in charge, who made the decisions, who ran the company? Those people are now gone and the current results reflects that. Talk about the market and changes all you want but a company is like a ocean ... read more

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(Fri 08/21/15 00:57:31 UTC)

What's the salary range for a director ?

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(Thu 08/20/15 23:57:36 UTC)

If you are thinking of working at Follett, talk to any ex employee first.

Read these boards. Take the time to really dig into the current corporate structure. If the person interviewing you worked at Sears, Kmart, Office Max or RR Donnelly, ask the how they got their job. Then run.

Winston Smith

(Thu 08/20/15 14:41:44 UTC)

speilberger law firm

anyone retain these guys?


(Thu 08/20/15 13:41:28 UTC)


So what's been shaking over in the digital Academic pro tools and utilities dept? (Or whatever the heck that team are calling themselves these days... I have a few thoughts on what they should really be called but I'll keep them to myself since I'm much too much of a civilized individual (unlike ... read more

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(Wed 08/19/15 10:23:13 UTC)

Follett's current work culture worse than Amazon.

If you believe the recent article on Amazon work expectations, Follett is even worse. We put in the same crazy hours, get some crappy feedback, but have no clear expectations....other than transform what you do.....what is that? You work on things you don't even know if Follett wants you doing.

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(Tue 08/18/15 05:54:48 UTC)

Who actually owns Follett

I'm writing one of the most important letters I've ever written (a mile-long list of negative and positive criticisms AND good suggestions) and I don't want it wasted on a CEO or president who is "on their way out" for one reason or another. So I'm going to address it to the owner of Follett as ... read more


(Mon 08/17/15 22:00:32 UTC)

So how are things going...

On IVB's team in the CM dept???

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(Mon 08/17/15 21:57:02 UTC)

Just curious...

Anyone has any updates on how the Central inventory team is doing in CM? Are Rebecca and her team of "super heros" still poised to be the "saviors" of Folllett?


(Mon 08/17/15 21:54:00 UTC)

Now let's see how long

Chuck B. and his former team of CMAs (or whatever they are called now a days) can last.... It'll be a true modern day miracle if they can last until spring rush 2016!


(Mon 08/17/15 21:51:17 UTC)

A truly darn shame and sad moment....

When they let Mike Tolly go... he was definitely the last of the "big/great" giants who helped shaped the textbook industry into the 21st century... truly one of the well respected individual and fine a gentleman that ever graced Follett. Now all that are left are who think they are specialists, ... read more

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(Sat 08/15/15 01:56:51 UTC)

Two or three whiners....statistics say no!

Just wanted to point out to the person(s) who have been suggesting that the site is a mish- mash of posts by a dwindling number of whiners....each post title shows view count. Many people follow/view. Most of us care about our community. Some of us post. You must not understand the nature of social ... read more

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(Thu 08/13/15 00:45:31 UTC)

Why would anyone take a job at Follett?

Are they crazy? If they google it, this message board pops up in several searches. Are they just plain nuts!?

Love Da Troof
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(Wed 08/12/15 15:07:46 UTC)

New POS?

It has been many months since the last new POS update. I have heard that millions of dollars has been spent and it is only in a dozen stores running parallel with the old one. My store works very hard to provide profit to the home office to invest and it is irritating to see the waste that occurs. ... read more

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(Wed 08/12/15 15:07:44 UTC)

New POS?

It has been many months since the last new POS update. I have heard that millions of dollars has been spent and it is only in a dozen stores running parallel with the old one. My store works very hard to provide profit to the home office to invest and it is irritating to see the waste that occurs. ... read more


(Wed 08/12/15 02:05:56 UTC)

SM "Retires"

Another long term employee has "retired". New hire from the big three promoted to role after one year. If you have significant experience there is a bulls eye on your back.

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(Wed 08/12/15 01:13:16 UTC)

How many of you would leave if you could?

What's keeping you around? Are you trapped? Still like the job?

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(Mon 08/10/15 02:35:14 UTC)

Too many changes to keep up with just initials

So many people have changed in the last 2, if you can, be a but more specific when posting with initials. We know who the biggest players are.....SS, DG, RG, MLS, GT, etc. But, a lot of the players have changed, so if possible, please give dept and title.

Love Da Troof
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(Sun 08/09/15 23:18:03 UTC)

More leaving/left

There is no confidence in this leadership team. They are not the A players but C players who think they are the A team. Two key employees left eFollett last week with many years of experience. Layoffs will continue, as will voluntary departures based on the lack of confidence in senior leadership. ... read more

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(Sat 08/08/15 00:13:27 UTC)

Follett fires MT while a new director starts on Monday

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(Fri 08/07/15 16:16:50 UTC)

Just got assigned a new GM Planner. Her name is Carly. Her "communication rules"

Just got this planner and she introduced herself by letting us know her rules for communicating with her and what she expects of us. Never once did she let us know how she can help us help our customers. Imagine if we had communication rules for our customers. This behavior would not of happened ... read more

Home Office Mentality
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(Fri 08/07/15 12:31:00 UTC)


Sad day. Makes absolutely no sense. one of extremely few with a wealth of knowledge.


(Thu 08/06/15 01:42:59 UTC)

And so it begins

Neebo stores are already closing. 20+ by Sept.

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