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Specialty Retail, Other
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private company
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Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000. Located in IL
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Posts regarding layoffs at Follett

(Fri 10/09/15 02:27:31 UTC)

Let's list everyone we wish were gone

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(Thu 10/08/15 18:58:14 UTC)

Re-org coming next week

Best of luck

Neebo Ned
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(Thu 10/08/15 12:25:25 UTC)

DG and GT still at Follett?


(Wed 10/07/15 20:57:24 UTC)

Is it me or are the Managers are falling back into the same old bad habits?

They talk about change, efficiency being agile, and work.different but when it comes down to it, they are too afraid to actually make the changes and be the first one to step up. I am so tired of the talk, let's do something and move forward. I feel still stuck! I just want to know what to do and ... read more

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(Wed 10/07/15 11:32:03 UTC)

Neebo Stores

How is your first four months at Follett ex Neebo stores. Have you been fully Follettized?

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(Wed 10/07/15 03:04:36 UTC)


I heard a rumor some of the fun might be coming back this year. Thats won't make up for a lot, but its some glimmer of the way Follett used to make people feel they work for a company that cares about us the worker bees.

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(Tue 10/06/15 01:40:49 UTC)

Who is the VP in charge of GM?

just wondering if CW is still there?

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(Sun 10/04/15 14:58:23 UTC)

Incentives to hire fail to do the job Chicago Tribune

"In one deal signed in 2011 under Quinn, Follett Corp. and divisions or subsidiaries in Oak Brook and Westmont were awarded $1.1 million in tax credits despite eliminating 122 jobs. Follett, ..., began with 804 employees but reported a drop to 682 workers in a 2014 status report... That was fine ... read more


(Sun 10/04/15 12:48:00 UTC)

No Top 5 due to apathy

Winston Smith
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(Tue 09/29/15 17:38:07 UTC)

Expense Reductions

Anyone else hearing grumblings about expense reductions?

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(Fri 09/25/15 22:40:12 UTC)

Top 5 - Week ending 9/25/15...not necessarily in order of value

Week ending 9 25 2015 Weeding out the whining - here's some interesting things that happened this week.... 1 - Target to Hire 1,000 Engineer and Tech Professionals Anonymous161189 – This link takes you to an interesting story about the Target Corp ... read more

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(Thu 09/24/15 21:23:55 UTC)

Target to Hire 1,000 Engineer and Tech Professionals


(Wed 09/23/15 11:19:47 UTC)

Hassle free

How is that hassle free shopping strategy working out for you guys? Excellent rush?

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(Tue 09/22/15 23:57:53 UTC)

Follett independent Book Buyer

If you are an independent book buyer (you know, a "bookbuyer" or "textbook buyer" or whatever), I know of another wholesaler, a wholesale company actually, that provides a buying guide and boxes and tape. Even though Follett is a great company, there are some books like instructors editions and ... read more

Mary Booklady
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(Tue 09/22/15 01:02:20 UTC)

I WILL BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS, at the Follett Rate + 25% commission!

I'm an independent buyer, NOT affiliated with Follett. With all the "issues" (changes, closings, layoffs), there are undoubtedly stores with overstock and you are probably scrambling wondering where to sell your books! I have been a buyer for 14 years and will pay you the Follett Bluebook rate, ... read more

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(Sun 09/20/15 23:30:46 UTC)

Someone please tell me how Mike McEneany still has his job?? Shows up at my store for meeting with school VP, he asks how long have we operated

Someone please tell me how in the f_ _k Mike McEneany still has his job?? Shows up at the store to meet with school VP asks manager how long have we operated the store and how much is the commission. Are you kidding me Mike how about looking at the contract before you show up!!

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(Fri 09/18/15 01:52:11 UTC)

Spin City

Sping city here we come. Town hall next week. Who will get the blame this time? All the old employees are long gone.

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(Tue 09/15/15 19:28:00 UTC)

Do people party at Follett?


(Tue 09/15/15 11:41:43 UTC)

Bring back MLS - Results matter

Well the results for Fall rush are in and they speak for themselves. We need more than hassle free shopping slogans. We need a leader with proven results. Last year under MLS, results were dramatically different. Sure she was tough, but she made the tough decisions and got results. There are ... read more

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(Tue 09/15/15 02:08:38 UTC)

Terrible Regional Manager in NY City

The worst regional manager we ever had.. where is he durring rush? Snacking on white castle burgers!!


(Sat 09/12/15 03:46:15 UTC)

Let's list everyone we miss

Gary Shapiro

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(Thu 09/10/15 23:03:50 UTC)

How are those Flash sales going?

Haven't heard about those wonderful pop up flash sales lately. Will those save the huge sales decline attributed to poor text sales this rush? How many tees does it take to make up for millions of dollars in lost book revenue?

Winston Smith
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(Tue 09/08/15 02:19:57 UTC)

What is Charlatan?

Definition: fraud, swindler, fake, etc.

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(Fri 09/04/15 02:48:04 UTC)

Mike Dalpe

Wish you were still at Follett. Good grief the Blue Book database sucks since you are no longer here.

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(Wed 09/02/15 15:35:58 UTC)

Death by a thousand cuts

It is nice to see somebody at Follett finally acknowledge that all the cuts to employee benefits might affect employee motivations ( , but just saying it isn't enough. So far, I have seen nothing ... read more

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(Wed 09/02/15 12:08:37 UTC)

Again.....why would anyone want to work at Follett?

Look at this week's updates. How many directors or VPs are left from 2 years ago? Slowly but surely, they are turning the company into something in recognizable. And now....reduce payroll further? Cutting to the bone now, won't be long till the patient is dead.

Winston Smith
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(Wed 09/02/15 00:52:24 UTC)

Retalon redux?

Will the CM team be trying it out for Spring '16? Not sure if the 102-class issue has been resolved.

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(Tue 09/01/15 21:50:35 UTC)

What is more enjoyable

Stubing your toe on a table or calling the payroll office at Follett?

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(Sat 08/29/15 11:15:12 UTC)

Another experienced home office employee gone

And yet another experienced home office employee gone - PE

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(Fri 08/28/15 18:43:21 UTC)

So when will this shell game finally be exposed?

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(Fri 08/28/15 18:42:30 UTC)

All eyes on payroll

From the CEO himself a directive has been created indicating declining sales must be addressed with our main controllable investment, Payroll. Stores are being individually examined by the home office with overages presented to regional managers weekly (sometimes daily.) the expectation is all ... read more

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(Thu 08/27/15 00:51:50 UTC)

When asked if I think I'd ever be interested in working for Follett again....

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(Wed 08/26/15 03:07:07 UTC)

We don't even have the right editions on the shelf that the professors want to use

We have lots of the previous edition in stock and on the shelves. WTH are we supposed to do with them? Awesome! I suspect because we don't have the specific book that the professor wants to use, most students will buy online. What a cluster f*ck. Jesus Christ on a crutch, what a *ucked up ... read more

Nebo cred
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(Tue 08/25/15 03:02:01 UTC)

All's quiet on the western front

Guess everyone is busy selling books? Either that or on the phone with support or endlessly receiving the books that were over ordered.

Neebo Ned
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(Sat 08/22/15 22:32:26 UTC)

How much is vacation payout at Follett

We rolled over a good bit. don't trust calling these guys to ask... Many thanks...

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(Sat 08/22/15 20:55:18 UTC)

I quit my position as SM almost 3 months ago now.

I haven't been this happy since I first started with Follett, close to 15 years ago. People are saying things about "the transition". Wake up. "The transition" ended years ago, it is over. The problem with Follett is NOT a "transition". I had a job lined up prior to leaving, and I am so happy. I ... read more


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