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Posts regarding layoffs at JDA Software Group Inc.

(Tue 12/16/14 07:19:12 UTC)

Alpharetta Layoffs (Red Prairie)

Red Prairie was letting people go in 2013. Not sure what 2015 brings but it'll be difficult for Red Prairie.

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(Mon 06/09/14 23:59:09 UTC)

JDA Software Layoff

Happening all the time, do not work here - they will not care about you

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(Wed 05/14/14 08:54:56 UTC)

Layoffs 2014

Why is nobody posting here? We all know what's going on.

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(Fri 03/07/14 22:23:28 UTC)


OBOX Solutions is an IT Staffing company currently hiring for a number of clients. We are looking for talented IT Engineers, Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and QAs.We also are hiring for several levels of Management. Send your resume to recruiting@oboxsolutions.com. All will be ... read more

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(Fri 03/07/14 14:33:20 UTC)

E3 Replenishment going away

Virtually all of E3 Replenishment staff to be released end March. Dev/Training stopped. Support for maintenance payers funneled to India.

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(Thu 02/27/14 01:16:13 UTC)

Scottsdale layoffs 2014

We seem to be planning a reorganizaiton and it seems likely JDA will be cutting some resource before all dust settles

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(Sun 02/09/14 17:43:58 UTC)

are the layoffs done?

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(Thu 02/06/14 23:24:20 UTC)

What groups are affected?

I guess THOMA needs cashflow

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(Thu 02/06/14 20:49:57 UTC)

Whacked 250+

Cleaning house, across the board.

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(Wed 02/05/14 00:54:33 UTC)

Get ready for another round of downsizing at JDA

We are used to it by now, cannot tell you any more - HR behind closed doors, late meetings, something is in works here at JDA.

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(Sat 02/01/14 00:09:44 UTC)

RedPrairie Layoffs

Any news here/

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(Sat 01/25/14 19:48:29 UTC)

Downsizing and lack of growth

Just look at the posts all over the internet, you do not want to work here, JDA used to be a good company to work for now it's all about the bottom line

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(Wed 01/15/14 21:55:01 UTC)

Rapid downsizing

Across the board, JDA is just a bad place to work at right now

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(Fri 11/01/13 09:14:27 UTC)

It's pretty bad, nobody's safe.


(Thu 10/03/13 16:49:52 UTC)

any news?

HighJump Layoffs
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(Wed 01/23/13 06:00:29 UTC)

is kyle bawker still around?

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(Tue 12/04/12 04:52:39 UTC)

I dont know what our current strategy is - we are all over the place - we fire easily, we hire randomly - can some one please let me know what JDA is trying to do in the marketplace?


(Tue 07/05/11 08:26:58 UTC)

A big round is being prepared for August

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(Thu 06/30/11 03:38:23 UTC)

Good ol' boys club reigns supreme. CEO generally feared. Insufficient innovation value from within; M&A is primary new innovation value conduit. Long history of thinly-integrated products requiring repeated field rework and R&D disruption. Insufficient product investments for customer maintenance ... read more

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(Fri 06/17/11 00:17:29 UTC)

HighJump Software (sales@highjump.com) Website: http://www.highjump.com; Phone: 1 800 328 3271 --- Manhattan Associates (info_americas@manh.com) Website: http://www.manh.com; Phone: 1 877 596 9208 --- Oracle (Not Known) Website: http://www.oracle.com; Phone: Not Known --- Red Prairie ... read more

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(Sat 07/10/10 04:18:49 UTC)

JDA Software Group, Inc, is the leading provider of innovative supply chain management, merchandising and pricing excellence solutions worldwide. JDA empowers more than 6,000 companies of all sizes to make optimal decisions that improve profitability and achieve real results in the discrete and ... read more


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