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(Thu 05/21/15 14:07:48 UTC)

Our Blessed Corporate IT Staff

Wait a second, is that Jay Weinstein? https://media.licdn.com/media/p/2/000/275/1f8/082c275.png If there is one person making a difference for the company it's Jay. Please join me in thanking Jay and his team for their outstanding leadership in providing all L-3 divisions with outstand IT services ... read more

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(Thu 05/21/15 01:43:15 UTC)

MadAsASonOfaBeech(craft)! Madison/Vertex Mississippi

BASI - Beech Aerospace Systems, Inc. (nee Raytheon, nee Veritas, etc., eventually L-3) - one of the founders' ashes actually resides in the (almost) heart shaped pond, which sits right underneath the window of whomever is currently occupying the "Executive Office." Google Earth it! (555 Industrial ... read more

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(Tue 05/19/15 22:32:17 UTC)

In case you have not seen this yet.


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(Mon 05/18/15 11:56:11 UTC)

Memorial Weekend Layoffs at CSW?

Memorial Weekend Layoffs at CSW? ... isn't it obvious?

Captain Obvious

(Fri 05/15/15 21:05:07 UTC)

Standing Dead

L-3 is that it has settled into a full coma. It's alive yet unresponsive. The corporate management feeds on the corpse like giant sucking parasites, steadily extracting the life blood of the organization The organization was strong enough for the first few years to survive the assault of Mike and ... read more

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(Fri 05/15/15 01:27:38 UTC)

MADISON IS MADISFUN! In lieu of reliable LayOff talk, let's rejoice in latest Sector/Vector Org Chart w/the help of Nina Simone!

These Sector/Vector Org Charts are more prolific than Tribbles. If Star Trek reference more foreign to you than when Dennis Miller was a Liberal, SJ will try this: of late, these Sector/Vector Org Charts occur more often than an antibiotic resistant STD! At any rate, to quote the lovely, talented, ... read more

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(Tue 05/12/15 00:56:51 UTC)

MADISON - "A Confederacy of Dunces" - this is the title of a Pulitzer Price winning comic novel by John Kennedy Toole.

I don't know what made me think of a book published around 1980, except that I could use a little humor and that title makes me laugh. Especially right now. I can't decide: Are we Madisonites a "Confederacy of Dunces" for continuing to work in a state of stasis regarding our status or are the ... read more

SammieJack aka 96813, 91503, 1000078, etc.
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(Sun 05/10/15 21:41:05 UTC)


From Realtor to Business Development Manager…Welcome Robert “Rob” McClintock! What an exordium-“A high-impact business and operations executive” Huh? to a well given real-estate sales associate of Coldwell Banker, residing in Clearwater, Florida. ... read more


(Thu 05/07/15 16:41:07 UTC)

Sad, Stagnant, Slowly Sinking Ship


Numbers Don't Lie
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(Thu 05/07/15 11:48:36 UTC)

Stagnant in Salt Lake

The opportunity to advance, grow, and develop in one's career is probably the single biggest factor in employee satisfaction and retention. I have been in my role at L-3 CSW in Salt Lake now for over 5 years, and nothing (literally, nothing!) about my job has changed. I still report to the same ... read more

Joe Smith
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(Thu 05/07/15 02:40:40 UTC)


Ubiquitous - "...existing or being everywhere at the same time; widespread. " Well, we MadMen disdaining folks have certainly had our share of widespread IQUITing of late, have we not? In the last few weeks, I've lost count, but I think it's somewhere around the digits that comprise your basic mani ... read more

AKA 96813 AND 91503
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(Tue 05/05/15 23:24:16 UTC)

He's Baack

Hocus Pocus Focus man is back! A new crop of acolytes are being indoctrinated. Who among them will stomp up to join the Rhanks of the Rhinos???


(Mon 05/04/15 10:02:34 UTC)

Poor Demographics in Communication Systems Group

Only senile greybeards left at CSE... only the old and talentless at CSW... well, even though they are old, they do make a lot of money, which does help. Somehow. I remember when I was young, talented and ambitious. I remember those days better than what I had for breakfast.

Mister Spock
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(Thu 04/30/15 20:44:26 UTC)

Sad story in Waco unwinding

L3 PID under heavy scrutiny by outside agencies to determine if the misuse of monies and time fraud has occurred on both VVIP interior programs. If asked I shall not lie. NF MW and DC should have known better. Instead TB get cut loose. No work or contracts in site. Layoffs are eminent. The sad ... read more

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(Thu 04/30/15 13:04:46 UTC)

The Exodus Continues...

Welcome to the Jungle....we got fun and games....we used to have some of the most talented employees, but now no one knows their names.... Yes, the talent exodus continues. Stock price or not - it's hard not to notice that the only people left at CSW are the clueless, lazy, bored, and talentless. ... read more

Moses & Guns n' Roses
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(Wed 04/29/15 01:34:47 UTC)

Madison - SILENCE OF THE L.A.A.M.B.S! LotusEating. Accountability. Avoiding. Manager. Bull. Sh!tters!.

It occurred to me recently that when I last posted (Anonymous91503) I skipped a rung in the (daisy) chain of command of what I now (laughingly) refer to as L-3 Leadership. Instead of calling out KC, up to the suits in NYC, I should have focused on the six figure earning MADison MEN (all white, all ... read more

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(Wed 04/29/15 01:19:33 UTC)

Only talentless hanger-ons and senile graybeards left at CSE

By now, any good software or systems engineers have left CSE and only the incompetent, ancient and obsolete personnel remain. There is no use at trying to get new work as the work force that remains simply can not do it or even make a decent attempt at doing it. Since CSE's lease it up in 2017, ... read more

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(Sun 04/26/15 18:04:39 UTC)


Come Mega As You Are Next week should be a pulchritudinous show. A dazzling, yet delightful display as Mega Mensa comes to town with his financial adviser sniffing the heels for a return on an investment that has produced nothing more than an expensive pie in the sky. There will be much frazzle ... read more

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(Sat 04/25/15 01:51:05 UTC)

L3 PID Waco

Another site president bites the dust, I wonder how many more will go down in flames before they lock the doors!

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(Fri 04/24/15 19:34:34 UTC)

Want a real job?

Exelis is hiring LOTS of people for the new Boeing 787 program...HUGE! Piss off L3! Quit being jerked around by assholes who don't care about you.

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(Wed 04/22/15 15:14:01 UTC)

Slap in the face

These cowards here in Madison still aren't talking. No one in management isn't trying to address this situation. These are people's lives that are being tampered with. Say something!!!!

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(Tue 04/21/15 12:20:24 UTC)

"We are the champions...(my friend)"

Since we're quoting fuwking Queen songs from (like) 30 years ago, Guy Fuwkes felt the need to spread some optimism and love about our beloved employer, Lanza, Lehman, and Lockheed. Take a moment today, gentle reader, to reflect on the nepotism and cronyism that has made us the best fuwking company ... read more

Guy Fuwkes
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(Sun 04/19/15 22:30:58 UTC)


Another One Bites The Dust The quarter fared well for sales in hopes that Mega Millions may somehow overlook the fact that Hocu$ Pocu$ Focu$ $elling has been a complete disaster. What have we to show for such effort and expense? No significant orders on the books, so let’s brain wash additional ... read more

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(Fri 04/17/15 00:03:36 UTC)

Madison - What Price Silence Kevin Coffman/John McNellis, et al?

After almost four months of unceasing rumors and one local newspaper article, the almost 300 souls employed at the Madison facility are no closer to knowing about their fate. The rumors have run the expected gamut. Most, especially those concerning mass layoffs, have no real basis in fact. Many of ... read more

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(Thu 04/16/15 14:58:31 UTC)

Looks like Northrop is the proud new owner of csw.

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(Thu 04/16/15 00:36:30 UTC)


Guy Fuwkes is ready to work even if the baby boomers insist on eating jelly donuts and supporting the Hillary Clinton Campaign on company time. Guy Fuwkes for fuwking CEO!

Guy Fuwkes
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(Wed 04/15/15 23:39:17 UTC)


All of you unmotivated bums, stop posting to blogs on company time and twiddling your twinkies! Get back to work, you.

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(Mon 04/06/15 16:23:04 UTC)


Unless you give motivated people something to believe in, something bigger than their job to work toward, they will motivate themselves to find a new job and you’ll be stuck with whoever’s left.

Simon Sinek
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(Mon 04/06/15 12:00:28 UTC)

L3 PID Waco

Aircraft modification site Waco, will experience R.I.F. beginning May,2015. Reductions not to exceed 150 personnel from HD&L. Reductions not to exceed 150 support and engineering personnel. Reductions in anticipation of failure to acquire new contracts.

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(Sun 04/05/15 20:23:44 UTC)

CSE layoffs in April 2015

When are the layoffs happening at Camden, NJ?

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(Sun 04/05/15 20:22:17 UTC)

Management Reorganization

The layers of management will finally be reorganized at CSW. Managers over 1 or 2 people will be removed from their position and combined into larger groups. Their pay will remain the same, no reduction in salary. Maybe they will have to do more work.

Inside Job
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(Sun 04/05/15 10:14:41 UTC)

Bully-Free Work Place (at CSE?) Ha ha ha ha ha ha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt8Uzvedca4 Or with management doing all the bullying, maybe the EEOC.

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(Sat 04/04/15 16:08:49 UTC)

The Silence Speaks Volumes in Madison, MS

What kind of company allows it's employees to learn they are being laid off through a newspaper article? It's been over two weeks since the local newspaper broke the news, and yet the company has not even addressed the article with their employees. Meanwhile, we are walking around shell-shocked. ... read more

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(Sat 04/04/15 12:32:34 UTC)

The CS-West Socialist Structure

Some may think that "socialism" is purely the redistribution of incomes through taxation of the welfare state. At CS-West, however, "socialism" is the redistribution of work & positive results from the less powerful to the managerial elite. Through your bondage and misery, the sinister forces of ... read more

Karl Hayek
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(Fri 04/03/15 11:35:22 UTC)

Madison, MS MAYHEM

The president of the company is an ASSHOLE weasel. Rumors have been flying left and right about the closure of this rented, but, renovated building. The sloppy folks in hr have basically cleaned their offices and cubicles and the alcoholic hr supervisor has given her landlord a notice to vacate. ... read more

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(Fri 04/03/15 11:35:21 UTC)

Madison, MS MAYHEM

The president of the company is an ASSHOLE weasel. Rumors have been flying left and right about the closure of this rented, but, renovated building. The sloppy folks in hr have basically cleaned their offices and cubicles and the alcoholic hr supervisor has given her landlord a notice to vacate. ... read more

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(Thu 04/02/15 18:32:38 UTC)

The new cafeteria sucks

That is all

food eater
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(Tue 03/31/15 22:31:25 UTC)

Cs west layoffs tomorrow. 150 - 200

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