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Posts regarding layoffs at L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.

(Sat 06/27/15 23:00:59 UTC)

Little Luigi Bambino

Luigi Lavazza, it is with great respect that I write this letter. Excuse please, but I must say what is on my heart. I remember when you were a little bambino growing up in a house full of girls playing spin the bottle. You were the pride of the household, ‘Little Bambino Luigi’ they would say. Yes ... read more

Jimmy Tartaglione
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(Thu 06/25/15 11:11:51 UTC)

Waco-Everyone is quitting!

Everyone is leaving, left and right! Not a good sign...

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(Thu 06/25/15 00:17:02 UTC)

How is it Hoskins still has a job here. Worthless

Laying low
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(Wed 06/24/15 14:49:23 UTC)

The witch hunt has started up again.

Better mind your P's and Q's.

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(Thu 06/18/15 23:57:49 UTC)

Madison - The President Speaks! He has a functioning larynx (voice box) Who knew? I didn't; as I rate too low on food chain!!! 2little;2late

Unable to get a word in edgewise or sideways during less than half hour meeting, I have this to say about that: Mr. Prez, You know we are working hard and you appreciate it, but YOU WANT US TO WORK A LITTLE HARDER? Really? We have diminished resources/funding/personnel? I am sorry that I have to ... read more

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(Thu 06/18/15 01:03:34 UTC)

Madison - Mr. Prez, I just want YOU to know, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Ain't No Valley Low Enough (say it again)...

Ain't No River Wild Enough to keep ME from YOU....and your All Hands Madison Meeting - 18 June 2015, because, No Wind (no wind), No rain (no rain-even those in Texas) Nor winter's cold can Stop ME, Babe (Oh, babe) baby (baby) If you're MY goal (and you are), No wind (no wind), No rain (no rain-even ... read more

BellaDonna with some help from Diana Ross
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(Sat 06/13/15 02:04:00 UTC)


Luigi Lavazza, my dear compadre listen to me. You’ve done very well for the family, but it’s time to step down. Don’t be like the other cavonnes hanging onto a dream. You’re not 25 anymore and have collected plenty of dues (excuse please). You’ve done very well for the family becoming the director ... read more

Don Corleone
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(Sat 06/13/15 01:08:53 UTC)

CSW Mechanical Engineering Pizza Party

Let's celebrate w/pizza. Sponsored by Mechanical Engineering. Big pizza party for all CSW friends and foes 06/25 14:00 outside in front of Bld C. BYOP 'Bring Your Own Pizza'

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(Fri 06/12/15 21:09:36 UTC)

CSW Machine Shop Pizza Party

All CSW employees invited. When: Thursday, June 18 @ 10am. Where: Building D Cafeteria. BYOP (Bring Your Own Pizza)

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(Fri 06/12/15 01:56:38 UTC)

Madison: The Announcement That Wasn't.

What a week. For a brief, shining moment, we had a smidgen of hope again. There was a stirring in the air, a buzz among the troops, a revival of morale and positive outlook. Word got out (via people who were actually at the staff meeting) that KC and his Sunshine Band were coming into town with a ... read more

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(Thu 06/11/15 19:41:26 UTC)

Guy Fuwkes, the Fuwking Man!

While other contributors clearly see Guy Fawkes for the imbecile he is, I'd like to take a moment to praise your very own, humble narrator, Guy Fuwkes. No one writes fuwking words like Guy Fuwkes writes words. Guy Fuwkes wears no mask, hides behind no conspiracies, and brandishes no weapons. Guy ... read more

Guy Fuwkes
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(Thu 06/11/15 00:17:56 UTC)

Madison - So close, yet so far, Mr. President!

Well, turtledoves and pussycats, the time has come for SammieJack and her BFF, Vertexia, to put away the stylus and the cotton tail, respectively. We promised ourselves that when someone in Leadership actually made a declarative statement regarding the status of the Madison facility and the persons ... read more

SammmieJack & Vertexia
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(Wed 06/10/15 03:38:56 UTC)

Stop hiring!

There are no jobs in the work center and these idiotic mangers are having a job fair?! Stop hiring! There is no product to work! They want to hire so they can have people to lay off?

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(Tue 06/09/15 03:51:17 UTC)


Big news coming out very soon....

Close enough to the top to know...
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(Tue 06/09/15 00:41:44 UTC)

MADISON - It's the Old Waco

Okay, it's been about two and a half months since the article in "The Clarion Ledger" appeared. I've posted multiple times regarding my and others' frustration regarding the state of our non addressed affairs. One such post follows at the end of current post. I don't know about any of you, but when ... read more

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(Mon 06/08/15 20:08:18 UTC)

Guy Fawkes The coward

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up up the British Parliament in 1604, and failed. Upon capture the coward did not face the penalty, he again took the cowardly route and killed himself. Very suitable psudo name you've chosen. You have hidden in the darkness just like the coward you've chosen to represent ... read more

Mexican Mafia Enforcer
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(Sun 06/07/15 00:54:33 UTC)

Waco the new Madison

What happen in Waco? Five years ago they had their programs and quality going the right way. The only main issue was wing line program taking shortcuts. Now the entire q-management looks like the leftover contenders from “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” show. All these imports from other ... read more

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(Sat 06/06/15 10:57:14 UTC)

Report the incident

It's time to file a report with the United States Department of Labor, Office of the Inspector General. You can call, fill out a report, or send a letter. The link is here: https://www.oig.dol.gov/hotlinemain.htm The Hotline is: U.S. Department of Labor National Contact Center (DOL-NCC): ... read more

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(Fri 06/05/15 20:06:21 UTC)


There is enough DIRT out there on this company to bring it to it's knees. If you are not just talking and really ready to do something, here is a good site to get you started! http://www.whistleblowerlaws.com/types-of-fraud/defense-contractor-fraud/


(Thu 06/04/15 11:10:36 UTC)


Welcome to L-3, where all ethics went out of the one small window in the entire building. Where we sit in a rectangle of metal for 9 hours unable to see the light of day. That's unless, of course, your able to escape the building on the measly thirty minutes of a lunch break that they give you. ... read more

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(Wed 06/03/15 18:41:04 UTC)

The Modern Sweatshop - Its time to fight back.

Working for a company so shrouded in corruption and unethical behavior has taken its toll. I've never been in a place where morale is so low. When I walk in every morning and see the propaganda being spewed from the TV monitors, I want to throw up. Words to live by, being spewed out by management ... read more

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(Wed 06/03/15 18:32:38 UTC)

DESTINY- L-3 Vertex Madison

There are those who are satisfied placing their Destiny in the hands of L-3 Vertex Madison. There are those who are content to Wait, Watch and Wonder. They Wait to see what L-3s future is. They Watch others at Madison L-3 to see what they will do. They Wonder about what L-3s plan is. Those people ... read more

Ms Pearl Wisdom
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(Wed 06/03/15 17:21:09 UTC)

CSW IT Pizza Party: Meet your IT peeps

Everyone invited. Big pizza party in Stansbury @ 11:45 Thursday 6/11/15. BYOP (Bring you own Pizza)

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(Tue 06/02/15 12:22:27 UTC)

L-3 has serious problems

It is obvious that L-3 has serious problems. Nowhere else is this so evident than on this website. The popularity and continued devotion of the contributors on this forum have led this worker to believe that L-3 has crossed the ethical line too many times. Whether it is "accounting regularities", ... read more

Karl Hayek
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(Tue 06/02/15 05:54:35 UTC)

L-3 Vertex - Madison, MS Still Kept in the Dark by Lying Management.

Witnessed very disturbing and unethical behavior by a vice president on Monday. After calling in sick for two days last week, and another manager seeing a moving van in front of the VPs house and a For Lease sign in the front yard; this VP returned to the office Monday loudly proclaiming that he ... read more

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(Mon 06/01/15 02:32:18 UTC)

true measure of how awesome csw/l3 is

this company is constantly in the most posted on the main latest, etc page - the rest are paid diploma mills and oil companies, not another defense contractor or anyone with a tech edge on the list, hard to believ it is anything other than true. If they hire some more out of the loop executives it ... read more

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(Sun 05/31/15 00:42:06 UTC)


My friend Lou, read and listen to the words....This is the end.........Click on this link as it is for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSUIQgEVDM4 It's over my friend...This is the end, beautiful friend This is the end, my only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that ... read more

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(Sun 05/31/15 00:32:12 UTC)

Employee survey.

The last time I recall seeing an employee survey the results showed that CSW scored 75+ indicating that everyone was so engaged at work and that level of commitment was only found at innovative game changing companies like Google and Apple. What a load of crap.

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(Fri 05/29/15 13:34:23 UTC)

the Punk vs the Godfather

Power wears out those who do not have it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOtgn2Lth-o

Michael Clayton

(Fri 05/29/15 01:50:09 UTC)

L-3 Vertex - How to Survive These Uncertain Times Without Resorting to Violins or Drugs!

As we waste away pining for the clarification that isn’t coming, those of us who’ve not yet accepted jobs elsewhere need a plan to handle the day to day, do this and don’t do that, come here, go there, act like all is well, when it clearly is not, details of our pitiful lives! (20+ souls have left ... read more

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(Fri 05/29/15 01:04:32 UTC)

Northrop Grumman and CSW?

Don't forget the posting from April 16th that Northrop Grumman would buy CS-West and the grim news would become known to all in June.

Jack Northrop
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(Fri 05/29/15 01:04:19 UTC)

Northrop Grumman and CSW?

Don't forget the posting from April 16th that Northrop Grumman would buy CS-West and the grim news would become known to all in June.

Jack Northrop

(Wed 05/27/15 12:27:57 UTC)

The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Brunson is personally flying to SLC to take control of the situation. He is bringing his mentee, Darth Opp, to wrestle control back from the rebellion (the little guys like you and me). Possible proposals include: using the "day destroyer" to enforce all employees to work on Friday, using the ... read more

Luke Roverwalker
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(Mon 05/25/15 23:31:22 UTC)


We shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous and vow to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin governing this mock union recognized as Local 103. While the visage of the union president remains taciturn, tenured members find themselves victims in the crosshairs of a conclave ... read more

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(Sun 05/24/15 13:39:00 UTC)

Think of it on a weekly basis

How much does it take to keep your L-3 location open? How much to pay everyone's salaries, keep the lights on, keep the computers going and keep paying for licenses, how much to keep the factory (if you have one) going and supplied... a million? two million? Now take a look at how much new business ... read more

Oscar Madison
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(Thu 05/21/15 14:07:48 UTC)

Our Blessed Corporate IT Staff

Wait a second, is that Jay Weinstein? https://media.licdn.com/media/p/2/000/275/1f8/082c275.png If there is one person making a difference for the company it's Jay. Please join me in thanking Jay and his team for their outstanding leadership in providing all L-3 divisions with outstand IT services ... read more

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