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I wonder if I smoked some weed outside instead of cigs if they would let me stand under a cover instead of out in the rain. Better yet inside the building.

Back to work tomorrow

Back to work in the morning! I need to make sure I get in early so I get a good spot in the formation for morning calisthenics, followed by the roll call and singing of the L-3 song. Then we march into the building for a full day of innovation.
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Has anything changed?

Take a look around. Has anything changed? Has management contributed anything of value lately? Has management turned over and made way for the next generation of "talent", or are we still promoting our friends, family members, ward members, or... read more


Watch the third week this month on Thursday. All locations.

Waco layoff

From reliable source-layoff Waco in about 2 weeks. Number unknown.


If women are equal why do they need laws, policies, and commissions to make them so. There are a lot of in name only not male managers, directors and vps only around here that don't do sh-- but are needed to get federal contracts. Equal myass.

Old timerz

The old timers keep taking it in. With the good ole boy network working well we won't see much change. Maybe a token layoff here or there but lots of work and the Boyz raking it in on bonus's life is good.

Hope and Change at CS-East

Perhaps when President Obama leaves office he can come to Camden and assist in the Fundamental Transformation of CS-East. We'll need plenty of Hope.

Can you spot the possible conflict of interest?

Kim Siniscalchi: Two-star general top U.S. Air Force nurse (and wife of Joe). Joseph Siniscalchi: Retired from the Air Force and works for L-3 Communications (husband of Kim). Can anyone spot the possible conflict of interest in how the USAF made the... read more


Quality costs money. L3 don't care if our soldiers are protected. Make money that's all folks.

final test

What is going on in quality final test. Ive heard smeagol is no longer with them.83

Who's minding the store at CSE ?

Marketing/Finance is spending MILLIONS. Not one job has come in. Colonel Klink and Shultz better keep an eye on Hogan. staying in Presidential Suites and $800 bottles of wine.

A Blessed Event

Look to the third week in June for a small wedding of a manager and an engineer. Company is happy because they will save money on health insurance. Haven't heard of anyone else being invited.

More to come.

Look to the third week in June for another small weeding of managers and engineers haven't of anyone else.

my balls?

Has anyone seen my balls? I think they might be lost or something.

I am the walrus

Let's keep making crap. Store it, ship what we can and don't recall what's out in the field. We've got that BM in charge. She will just hide it and pretend it's not there. Just like in bldg w. Then watch her get promoted. What a company.

What a great week we all had.

What a great week we all had. Just amazing, tremendous innovation everywhere you look. And the latest class of Focus Selling thugees has graduated. Things are ready to take off like a North Korean missile. Get your resumes in!


Does anyone around here have a fawking clue. Qa came around and looked at my paperwork took it back to his desk. Then brought it back after 4 hours and said put back in for tomorrow. I will make sure he is busy before I call qa in again.

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