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Perception & Reality

Did you know that wilding tribes ate their opponent’s brains for the same reason that we, civilized people, go to school? Exactly: to become more intelligent. They thought that after such a meal, cleverness would emerge and, in time, they would... read more

L 3 Waco upper management layoffs

September upper management lay off There will be a upper management layoff in Waco for lying about AM4 progress These morons have no business being in management The project is still three years away From being completed No hours left and they still... read more

No lay offs.

There are no planned layoffs. Trump is increasing the defense spending significantly. L3 going up not down

CSEast layoffs looming?

Heard rumors in the halls of impending layoffs in Camden.... Let the hype, hysteria and fear mongering commence.

This forum is dead

After enjoying a long period of activity with many interesting posts (and some zingers from Guy Fawkes and his followers), I hereby declare this forum dead. Those seeking interesting gossip should check out the "Latest Posts" link at the top of the... read more


That's the way it like it
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Grow the number of segments

The recent corporate reorganization adds a "segment" to increase from three to four. Does this mean the corporation feels confident that they can absorb the added overhead of an additional segment given the opportunities for growth? More acquisitions... read more


Gunna have fun this year.
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Layoffs/shutting down L-3 Camden East???

Hi fellow L-3 East - Camden, NJ folks: Question..I was laid off from Camden, NJ in 2011 and was wondering what is happening there now. R u folks still reporting to L-3 CSW (Salt Lake City)? How many people are there now? I heard a rumor (of course??)... read more


Just checkin' out. (Posted this brilliant bit of insight once before but it seems to have been deleted)
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SAP Induced Constipation

Hope you all caught my December 6th investor's presentation (nothing confidential here, you can find the transcript on our web site) where we finally admit that the SAP transition at CS-West was a bit of a muddle... "lumpy" as we like to say at... read more

S--- ups

Bin here for about 6 months and have never seen more s--- ups at any job I've ever had. Mostly of the over makeup type but plenty of smithers as well. Maybe somebody could come up with a little training pamphlet so I could learn this way to the top... read more

Lots of money

L3 is dealing with a money problem. It has too much. I'm sure some will find its way to retained earnings but only a certain percent. Should be a nice year for better and more bonus's . We shall see. I guess they could pay it in taxes but why. Keep... read more

S--- my turkey leg

I've been pricey to some info that peeves me. The level 22 ERs and certain others are getting a large increase in bonus money's this year and will be cutting the lessers bonus's. It is to keep ' key peopie' from leaving. What a crock.

Good news, CSW... We still s---

Good news, L-3 CSWers. We still s---. Yep. While our layoffs haven't been as ambitious as those under Suzy Q, our remaining employees (and new employees, for that matter) still fuwking s---. We should fire ourselves, starting with me. In fact, I'm... read more

Third Quarter 2016 results posted

Earnings were up, but revenues were down. Margins need to be cut some more (read: pensions). Let's buy some good companies. Should we get rid of some bad ones? Got the first VIP airplane done, let's knock out the next two. Don't worry, we've got some... read more

I'm outta here

It's taken a while but I'll be outta here in a week. I've played the kiss a-- game long enough. Watching the cheerleaders being promoted just because they just the front instead of the back. There is life after l3. I have found it. I'll never work... read more

Saving president ivers

Watt will take the hit when we don't make the numbers. They can say ivers was not leading the biz and blame watt. Course that means he will be promoted


Ivers leaving CSW to NY for a "temporary" assignment. Watt taking Ivers spot as president while Ivers is gone. Not much new business coming in. Any rumors of management changes or layoffs?


Why is it I seldom see people working here. I see more work done on highway construction crews than here. Of course you have that hr b--ch running around selecting people to be written up for being on the internet, or telling a joke. She has to... read more
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Camden sinking?

All the new "business development" hires, solution architects and countless $$$$ on hocus pocus selling. Where are all the new contracts that were supposed to be pouring in? Sounds like money well spent.


So we have some great leaders here that came from MID. People like MN, PP, JC, and DC, and JG. Yea right. What I see are low level managers that are now in high positions, a person that was the team lead to strategically take one of the best programs... read more

Let's All Pull Together For The Big Win

Tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week, so let's put aside all the DH bashing and DH defending and Waco and special coffee and all the rest and all put our shoulders to the grindstone for good old, dear old L-3! Put in a solid 40 and maybe a few... read more


So I see a lot of posts that target DH, my question is why? What has DH done that has caused such disapproval? I have worked with/for her in the past and present and all I see is someone wanting to make this place better. DH truly wants this place to... read more

It's starting best to kiss up than work

Get those smooching butt kissing lips ready. Several large contracts have not yet been funded. Mostly in Waco and salt lake. Contracts have been signed but will take up to a year to begin than another 3 to 6 months to get the parts in. Look for belt... read more

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