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(Wed 09/02/15 15:27:16 UTC)

CS-E, L-3 Camden, NJ Forecast (Observations...)

1. Again we will not make our 3rd Q numbers per insider. 3 straight Q with expected poor results. 2. Overhead Expense needs to be lowered again - more layoffs. 3. Any Financial/Program Control/Audit/Accting/Contracts related employees. Any Managers making over $85k and Senior Analysts over ... read more

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(Thu 08/27/15 22:04:14 UTC)

Nothing to report

No significant updates from CS-East. Everything is proceeding normally. And that's the problem.


(Mon 08/24/15 16:45:15 UTC)

EEOC what's that in Texas

Federal contractor should adhere to federal policies someone needs to look at pay disparity in Trxas locations. Keep the those of a darker hue in the background. Good Ole Boy network is alive and well in Rockwall Texas.

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(Sat 08/22/15 03:22:04 UTC)


ALL HAIL KING LOUIE What a fortuitous occasion as the long awaited arrival of King Louie sounded in the Ops-building as royal trumpets summoned his court jesters. The only thing missing was his pumpkin carriage and chauffer who was probably attending some yard sale in search of items to sell on ... read more

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(Thu 08/20/15 22:28:42 UTC)

Leave your job alone and do your manager

Of course this is only a viable option for certain people.

Sergeant Oblivious
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(Thu 08/13/15 21:51:14 UTC)

Don't do your job and leave the managers (to fend for themselves)

Hey CSWers - here's a better suggestion: don't do your jobs and leave the managers (to fend for themselves). Sit back, grab a cold one, and watch the ravenous sharks chew each others' dorsal fins off. Sound like fun?

Big Guy Moving Down...

(Tue 08/11/15 01:23:48 UTC)

Leave managers alone and do your jobs

I've noticed there are alot of whiners and complainers here. All your gripes are way above your pay grades. Still alot of people here with good jobs. I've been here less than five years and have had a raise every year and two promotions. Lighten up and do your job.

Little gal moving up

(Thu 08/06/15 19:12:05 UTC)

Watch close

If you use your card in the vending machines at csw look at the outrageous sir charge you get hit with

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(Thu 08/06/15 11:48:04 UTC)

U of U EMBA not any better than U of Phoenix

While U of Phoenix is certainly an awful degree, it's worth pointing out that the U of U EMBAs are the most pathetic of all. Next time you're on LinkedIn, check out how many of our fearless leaders (Suzy Q, Dan Wattage, Steve Ate-ings, and many of their Director cronies) got a weekend MBA while ... read more

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(Sat 08/01/15 00:00:28 UTC)

CSW Cube Hygiene

The guy's cube next to mine smells terrible. I get ill every whiff. Suggestions? I'm in building C. Can anyone else smell it?

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(Fri 07/31/15 16:50:20 UTC)

National Security Solutions In The Hot Seat

Well its about time L-3 woke up and dumped National Security Solutions business unit. No profit there with such low margins in services. To much Reston overhead.

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(Fri 07/31/15 04:03:13 UTC)

Thank you, Waco

There are plenty of minor issues throughout L-3 that CS-W and CS-E seem to continuously complain the most about, but Waco-PID takes the cake. They are truly the "Biggest Losers". -$103M is really impressive Q2 performance. Way to go!! So much for our 401k's. Why does Corporate allow this stench to ... read more

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(Thu 07/30/15 11:09:54 UTC)

Walk the walk

Okay Chicken Littles of CSE, we hear you!! "The sky is falling", "the end of days is approaching" /again/!! It's so hard to keep it straight. I thought we were nose diving with the titanic a few years back, and just last year I heard a rumble about some rhinos running us over :-\. Every time I turn ... read more

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(Wed 07/29/15 17:09:24 UTC)

University of Phoenix (L-3 CSW's flagship university) is under investigation

The flagship university of the most bizarre organization in existence (L-3 CSW) is under investigation for its deceptive practices (according to CNN Money). How will the managers, directors, and VPs of L-3 CSW react when they find out their mail-in degrees are worth nothing? Or, are these poor ... read more

Phoenix Dying.

(Sat 07/25/15 02:28:05 UTC)

Crestview Nose Dive

Understand Crestview got hit this past Monday. Maybe 100, some of them the ones Waco finally got rid of from Kentucky .

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(Thu 07/23/15 21:06:16 UTC)

CSE Exodus Continues

How many people have left this year? My guess is almost a dozen. And we're not talking new grad, know-nothings, either. We're talking some of the best and brightest engineers in the company. Most are tired of being bullied, others realize it's a dead-end place to work. Management doesn't ... read more

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(Wed 07/22/15 23:38:04 UTC)

L3 Wescam layoff. 40 people let go today

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(Mon 07/20/15 23:12:05 UTC)

Heard it in Waco HR

Yet another layoff. About 200 more. From all parts of the company. Mid to late August.

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(Mon 07/20/15 20:29:01 UTC)

Who's Afraid of the Tin Man ?

John Tierney has a spy in the Ops Bldg. It's Mitch Hoagiefest Willie Shoemaker. Tierney is pissed that he didn't get the top job. that makes for a toxic situation. ps: don't worry about the OT, John…worry about the 103 contract. better play nice. besides, its not your ship. no golden parachute for ... read more

Louis Cypher
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(Sun 07/19/15 19:17:27 UTC)

Another layoff needed at CS-W

I'm a manager at CS-W. I have to admit, another layoff would come in handy right about now. I have an employee in my group that isn't working out. Layoffs have been an effective way to take care of problems. It's sad, but true.


(Thu 07/16/15 18:50:14 UTC)

L-3 East Camden, NJ questions.....

1. Notice that there are a lot of Linkedin profiles from the facility. 2. Why are there so many Manager titles given out to the Finance and Business Development organizations. Never knew a company that had Manager of one or none type titles. Is this to soften up the heard before the slaughter? 3. ... read more

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(Wed 07/15/15 23:52:13 UTC)

Greenville feeling the customers HEAT.

Waco went south when the Kentucky plant closed and they moved big wheels to Waco and Greenville. Nough said about Waco, now here in Grnvlle, customers want the RJ aircraft, E-6 and Army birds moved to Waco. You can NOT refuse the customer access to their property while here under mod. That is ... read more

35 year structure engineer
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(Tue 07/14/15 14:43:28 UTC)

CSW, to sum it up. Here is where things currently stand. Bravo!

Earl Retirement Package (experienced, knowledge) + Layoff (house cleaning) + Layoff (2nd house cleaning) + VRIF (top talent bailing) + Layoff (trouble makers) + VRIF (more talent leaving) + Layoff (incompetent) + Overwhelmed 2nd tier talented finding better jobs + layoffs (the lazy) + smaller ... read more

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(Tue 07/14/15 11:54:06 UTC)

Give it up for the CSW Operations Group!

Since we're giving a shout out to the Facilities flunkies, let's give a shout out to Ops management, too! Management in that group has come to resemble a group of washed-up, struggling clowns who retired long ago from Circus Circus.

Cristy More-More-More!-Ing
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(Tue 07/07/15 22:32:28 UTC)

Corpus Christi

Qute from lead "Supervisors said that we should tell our people to make sure and use all your PPT before July 28."

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(Sat 07/04/15 02:08:52 UTC)

Give it up for our CSW Facilities Group

Does anyone else find Craig Gibson slightly on the retarded side. It's like an almost unnoticable hint of retardation that builds the longer you look at him.


(Fri 07/03/15 00:03:26 UTC)

Second quarter 2015 on the books

We have made it to the third quarter of 2015 (some of us). Who knows what will happen in the coming three months? Booming Business... or Big Bust? Perhaps Guy Fawkes can offer some "guidance" to the staff as we head into the second half of 2015.

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(Sat 06/27/15 23:00:59 UTC)

Little Luigi Bambino

Luigi Lavazza, it is with great respect that I write this letter. Excuse please, but I must say what is on my heart. I remember when you were a little bambino growing up in a house full of girls playing spin the bottle. You were the pride of the household, ‘Little Bambino Luigi’ they would say. Yes ... read more

Jimmy Tartaglione
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(Thu 06/25/15 11:11:51 UTC)

Waco-Everyone is quitting!

Everyone is leaving, left and right! Not a good sign...

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(Thu 06/25/15 00:17:02 UTC)

How is it Hoskins still has a job here. Worthless

Laying low
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(Wed 06/24/15 14:49:23 UTC)

The witch hunt has started up again.

Better mind your P's and Q's.

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(Thu 06/18/15 23:57:49 UTC)

Madison - The President Speaks! He has a functioning larynx (voice box) Who knew? I didn't; as I rate too low on food chain!!! 2little;2late

Unable to get a word in edgewise or sideways during less than half hour meeting, I have this to say about that: Mr. Prez, You know we are working hard and you appreciate it, but YOU WANT US TO WORK A LITTLE HARDER? Really? We have diminished resources/funding/personnel? I am sorry that I have to ... read more

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(Thu 06/18/15 01:03:34 UTC)

Madison - Mr. Prez, I just want YOU to know, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Ain't No Valley Low Enough (say it again)...

Ain't No River Wild Enough to keep ME from YOU....and your All Hands Madison Meeting - 18 June 2015, because, No Wind (no wind), No rain (no rain-even those in Texas) Nor winter's cold can Stop ME, Babe (Oh, babe) baby (baby) If you're MY goal (and you are), No wind (no wind), No rain (no rain-even ... read more

BellaDonna with some help from Diana Ross
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(Sat 06/13/15 02:04:00 UTC)


Luigi Lavazza, my dear compadre listen to me. You’ve done very well for the family, but it’s time to step down. Don’t be like the other cavonnes hanging onto a dream. You’re not 25 anymore and have collected plenty of dues (excuse please). You’ve done very well for the family becoming the director ... read more

Don Corleone
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(Sat 06/13/15 01:08:53 UTC)

CSW Mechanical Engineering Pizza Party

Let's celebrate w/pizza. Sponsored by Mechanical Engineering. Big pizza party for all CSW friends and foes 06/25 14:00 outside in front of Bld C. BYOP 'Bring Your Own Pizza'

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