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Closing facility in Bay Area, moving to LA and Pennsylvania

According to news reports, L-3 will close the Electron Devices Division facility in San Carlos CA (not too far from San Francisco) and move the positions to Los Angeles and "North Central Pennsylvania." People from the Bay Area would rather join ISIS... read more
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A Blessed Event

Look to the third week in June for a small wedding of a manager and an engineer. Company is happy because they will save money on health insurance. Haven't heard of anyone else being invited.

More to come.

Look to the third week in June for another small weeding of managers and engineers haven't of anyone else.

my balls?

Has anyone seen my balls? I think they might be lost or something.

I am the walrus

Let's keep making crap. Store it, ship what we can and don't recall what's out in the field. We've got that BM in charge. She will just hide it and pretend it's not there. Just like in bldg w. Then watch her get promoted. What a company.

What a great week we all had.

What a great week we all had. Just amazing, tremendous innovation everywhere you look. And the latest class of Focus Selling thugees has graduated. Things are ready to take off like a North Korean missile. Get your resumes in!


Does anyone around here have a fawking clue. Qa came around and looked at my paperwork took it back to his desk. Then brought it back after 4 hours and said put back in for tomorrow. I will make sure he is busy before I call qa in again.


I got a 3 but also a warning. Look for something inside quickly. Or I'll have to find something outside.

Attractive young female person.

I am changing gender and becoming an attractive young girlee. Don't need any other ability's. At least in salt lake well maybe being dumber than a terd is also a Requirement.

Waco demise.

F18 contract sent to Canada. P3's last remaining sent to Florida. 145 on DOI. So glad I'm in my cubicle working on drawings on how to properly build cabinet latches.. ohh F---. I drew them backwards!!! And the mechanics are so stupid they installed... read more

Total BS

So i've been passed over on a "sure thing" promotion 3 times now, to be replaced by an attractive, incompetent young female (i can't figure out HOW she got my position) and now i'm being told i don't get a year end bonus (in march) like everyone else... read more

Solutions Architect

I asked my boss what is a Solutions Architect? He told me that a Solutions Architect engages in innovative and creative thinking about breakthrough technologies meant to leverage existing expertise while exploring new opportunities to develop... read more

Get ready CSW

If you got below a 3 on your Success Factors, best be polishing up that resume!

Good news for PID

There is good news for PID, got a $25 mil contract to perform depot maintenance on FA-18's. The bad news is that the work gets done in Canada, not Waco.

Life is good

I've got them all fooled. I do a little fake paperwork. Write down some contract numbers hey I'm good for all day long.

L-3 communications Layoff Folsom Narda-West

L-3 Folsom Narda-West is laying off 25-35 out of a total of about 150 at this location. The first group in this round of layoffs received notice the first week of Dec 2015. There could be more layoffs in the future.

Best Restroom at CSW

The 13 stall at building C south. Sit and enjoy. Bring earplugs and a face mask during peak periods. And don't get any on yourself.

Farewell NSS

Goodbye to the soon-to-be-sold National Security Systems (or is it Solutions? Everybody has a Solution of some kind), now that their sale to CACI has been made official. If you have any of those complete sets of Titan, Stratis and NSS coffee cups... read more

L-3 CSW to lay off Santa Claus

L-3 CSW has announced that it is laying off Santa Claus today. Citing the need for higher executive bonuses, flashier cars for Suzy and Evan, and better hairstyles for Dan (High) Wattage, CSW took advantage of a clause (no pun intended) in Santa... read more

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