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Get ready CSW

If you got below a 3 on your Success Factors, best be polishing up that resume!
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Good news for PID

There is good news for PID, got a $25 mil contract to perform depot maintenance on FA-18's. The bad news is that the work gets done in Canada, not Waco.

Life is good

I've got them all fooled. I do a little fake paperwork. Write down some contract numbers hey I'm good for all day long.

L-3 communications Layoff Folsom Narda-West

L-3 Folsom Narda-West is laying off 25-35 out of a total of about 150 at this location. The first group in this round of layoffs received notice the first week of Dec 2015. There could be more layoffs in the future.

Best Restroom at CSW

The 13 stall at building C south. Sit and enjoy. Bring earplugs and a face mask during peak periods. And don't get any on yourself.

Farewell NSS

Goodbye to the soon-to-be-sold National Security Systems (or is it Solutions? Everybody has a Solution of some kind), now that their sale to CACI has been made official. If you have any of those complete sets of Titan, Stratis and NSS coffee cups... read more

L-3 CSW to lay off Santa Claus

L-3 CSW has announced that it is laying off Santa Claus today. Citing the need for higher executive bonuses, flashier cars for Suzy and Evan, and better hairstyles for Dan (High) Wattage, CSW took advantage of a clause (no pun intended) in Santa... read more

Gift cards

I'll take a gift card over a frozen bird any day. Way to go l3. Thanks
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Executive Compensation

So far, Strianese has been paid over $122M for his efforts, it's public record. About 10% of that is salary and the rest is stock, stock options, and "other" compensation. He's made the list of top ten over paid executives in America. Curtis has... read more

Frozen Turkeys Aren't Enough...

For those of us who have toiled in the endless nepotism, cronyism, botulism? that is L-3 CS-West, a frozen turkey just isn't enough to show appreciation for us. While Evan drives around in his flashy sports cars (flirting with QA or Ops ladies)... read more


On this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace sobriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona. Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the... read more

Career Options needed for CSW Employees

A brief accounting of why CSW is so screwed up: Curtis Brunson’s management style was to encourage hatred, mistrust, backstabbing, twisting and misrepresentation of facts and bullying by his main boys, Larry and Royce. They in turn hired and promoted... read more

L3 Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of L3 layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Waco does the final lowering of the bar

New quality upper management position, seeks lowest standards in the company. No full degree, no commercial experience, nothing about FAA knowledge or VIP Mods. Looks like a set up for a ringer. That's all the commercial side needed another stooge.

CS-West on the rebound?

In the 3rd quarter conference call with wall street analyst, Chairman and CEO (but no longer President) Strianese said that CS-West has turned things around and is on track for solid growth. When he spoke of key wins in the third quarter, the first... read more

Running Whinos

Whatever happened to them? Were they stampeded out of the halls of CSE by the new tenants on 2?

Charge the customer

Hmmm. I've nothing to do. Can't charge overhead, and no contract. I'll ask quality what they do. They said first do an audit. Then take all the paperwork and stack it all over your desk in an unorganized manner. You can really screw the customer this... read more
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Hooray for the New President!

At long last we have a Chief Operating Officer! Just the other day, at the club, I said, "Mike, you've really got to unload some of the massive burden you shoulder." He took a sip from his vodka martini (Grey Goose, of course), and said, Shmidlap... read more


Cs west is showing the signs of a slow painful death.

Business is glooming at CS-West

CS-West needs to fire 200 IT people and close three new buildings, including Bldg F (which has come to represent some sick alternate universe where senior citizens work well past their useful lives). U of Phoenix to open up a L-3 only campus on the... read more

Business is booming at CS-East

CS-East needs to hire 200 engineers and open up three new buildings in four states. That averages to .75 buildings per state. Don't worry, Management is on top of it.

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