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New VP of "Business Transformation" hired ahead of FY 2016

NCR just hired David Feierstein from Kraft Heinz as VP of Business Transformation. His job will be cost reduction and "waste elimination". Kraft Heinz laid off thousands of workers last year after their merger.
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NCR Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of NCR layoffs in Duluth in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Digital Insight lay off

Bill Nuts, Andy Henchman, Jeff Hugh have laid off 70 people from Digital Insight(NCR) using Graham Dust as a strategist and loverboy of the mgmt.

Duluth / Atlanta Layoffs

I heard that we may have IT layoffs in Q4 2015 or 2016. Anyone has more details about this?
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NCR is a great place to work. Bill Nuti and team are doing a great job. Quit your personal agendas or go somewhere else to work. Fight On NCR!!!

Duluth And Radiant layoffs

Get ready, the word is that both Duluth and Radiant will get hit. Do not know much more but 2015 will be a tough year for us at NCR

NCR Layoffs

Any news about reorg and possible layoffs later in 2014 and in 2015?

NCR is irrelevant today

We are sinking deeper and deeper and 2014 is not different. We had some great years, I've been with the company for about 22 years now and I've seen much better days, we simply spin our wheels and focus on irrelevant things. We had many layoffs and... read more

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