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Little Surprised No Activity

Maybe the election distracted everyone, and perhaps thats why the announcement came just hours before the craziness started. Without getting nasty (we all know how people can be on this site), would anyone care to discuss the recent news of PHH... read more

An Email From Meg

To: All Hewlett Packard Enterprise Employees You probably saw the news earlier today, Dell announced that they would acquire EMC for $67 billion. I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you why I (and you should too) believe this is a good thing for... read more

More Layoffs to come

I have heard that yet another layer of management will be cut at the end of March. has anyone else heard anything similar?

Here we go again!

We were told once again there will be layoffs in the first quarter of 2015. this time it will be leadership

Loss Mitigation Case Manager

I've heard that NJ Loss Mitigation is downsizing with possible layoffs coming our way. Anyone else heard this? It wouldn't surprise me with all the HELL our department is put through.


Heard phh is going to start selling vacation packages on top of mortgage products. And validity here?

7 sales consultants quit in Jax today

7 Jacksonville sales consultants voluntarily quit today, from both PLS and Merrill Lynch. Two weeks notice was given but they walked everyone out and won't be paying for those two weeks. This leaves Jax PLS at perhaps 7 consultants at most, and... read more


How does it feel having Doom hanging over your head while getting paid less than your peers?

More Layoffs

Mt. Laurel had more layoffs today. Does anyone know if more are expected?

So no popcorn on Friday?

What will I have to shrive for then? O, I know; maybe a khaki tote bag and a white folder with my name on it stating how much severance I might get? My fingers are crossed...
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To Popcorn Boy...

Enough is enough Salomon you need to sit down & just be quiet. You have ran your mouth way too much and so you know, you are NOT & I repeat NOT immune. So stop and take this as a warning just stop! There is enough stress to go around & I'm pretty... read more

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