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Posts regarding layoffs at Rotech Healthcare Inc.

(Sun 10/04/15 05:19:55 UTC)

This company has the worst Management I have ever seen.

This company has the worst Management I have ever seen. I quit and went to another company because of the consultants are running the company and the CEO doesn't have a clue. The current owners will be selling it once it is turning a good profit. They will most likely layoff more employees in the ... read more

Run away from this company!!!!

(Fri 08/14/15 17:38:11 UTC)

Rotech Healthcare here in Orlando is cutting over 90 people

It's very sad. This is what happens when leadership does not work as it should


(Sun 05/11/14 06:44:42 UTC)

Any updates on Rotech?

Wandering if the works started

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(Tue 03/04/14 14:39:28 UTC)

2014 Layoffs

Mass layoff initiated on 3/3/2014. Heard over 1000 people. I was one of them. Best of luck to any remaining employees. It's all downhill from here.

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(Thu 02/27/14 06:58:38 UTC)

Chapter 11 Information for Rotech

Anybody has good info on what happened with Chapter 11 and Rotech?

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(Tue 02/25/14 00:50:21 UTC)

How much do research assistants make



(Sun 02/02/14 10:27:53 UTC)

ROHI is bad

Rotech may be by far the worst durable medical equipment company I have ever worked for. Rotech exemplifies everything that's bad with DME, what should be a cool job that allowed you to help people is now nothing then a giant greed and compliance joke . I swear if medicare came up with a rule that ... read more

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(Sun 02/02/14 03:58:14 UTC)

Former LCM

The Company had idiot middle managers in 2006 and I made the comment that the left hand didn't know what the right was doing. Those so-called mid-managers were disposed of a short time after I was fired for, in effect, speaking out. The AVP in North Carolina was a total zero and his minions just ... read more

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(Mon 01/27/14 18:40:47 UTC)

CSR Lawton OK ( former CSR )

Let go without warning... the worst part is that upper management knew that it was coming but in true gutless fashion let us think that all was well. Heck, my LCM was even caught by surprise by it. Management by spread sheet WILL be the downfall of this crap company. They will be in bankruptcy ... read more

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(Thu 01/16/14 18:53:33 UTC)

who's buying rotech healthcare

a company, a private equity, someone?

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(Tue 01/14/14 17:54:45 UTC)

Rotech message board

I am really surprised that we do not have more messages and posters on this Rotech message board - There is so much happening at the company I'd assume we'd have thousands of posts here. I guess people are just not ready to post messages about their company.

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(Tue 05/21/13 15:02:10 UTC)

I worked 7 months trying to learn the "Rotech Way" and finally figured it out!! "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" This was truly the craziest job. They deserve to be in Chapter 11 - something was bound to give. Hopefully, the new CFO has figured that for the company to grow, things must ... read more

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(Thu 02/28/13 00:10:44 UTC)

In response to the "Butch" comment. This is an IMPOSTER. A bitter SR who was fired for their lack of doing their job. PRETENDING to be the LCM on Yahoo Finance & Cafepharma multiple times. Being childish as ever in their post here too. Get out of the sandbox for once in your life and GROW UP

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(Thu 01/31/13 21:34:17 UTC)

I am so sick of hearing these people whine. I am an LCM for a small town location and have enough crap in dealing with people around here who dislike lesbians. We Butch's know how to straighten shit out when it hits the fan.......and we DON'T take any shit from males. Just my 2 cents worth.


(Sat 10/27/12 08:33:53 UTC)

Still nothing?

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(Mon 08/06/12 22:51:19 UTC)

Over worked, understaffed, low pay, cutting all the senior staff. Stock falling again. Closing locations. Closed all DVP's offices. Middle management is usless . Looks like the end is near.


(Wed 07/18/12 08:15:58 UTC)

What is ROTECH WAY - work for 10+ years and we'll let you go. Thanks. Bye...

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(Wed 01/19/11 01:45:32 UTC)

After years of training, learning the "Rotech Way", they just cut us loose with no warning. I did all the ordering, paperwork, data input, and had to learn sales and RT techniques because we had to complete all the CPAP setups in our office with an RT 50 miles away. I even had to use my own vehicle ... read more

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(Fri 07/09/10 00:42:35 UTC)

another round of layoffs is in progress. nothing has been announced, but we all see folks go. shame.


(Tue 03/02/10 00:00:00 UTC)

Any news on possible downsizing in California?

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(Thu 02/11/10 00:00:00 UTC)

i was a per-diem respiratory technician at rotech and i enjoyed working there - work was flexible and pay was ok (i am not saying \'great\') - i\'d have hard time to believe these rumors that the company is in trouble. i left on my own as i decided to relocate to a region where rotech has no ... read more


(Wed 01/20/10 00:00:00 UTC)

Yep, here we go again - another round has started. It\'s sad that we claim that we are a group of \"compassionate hometown healthcare companies\" when we treat our employees in such a way.

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(Wed 11/11/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Hey, did you guys hire any \"Air Products\" folks as they dissolved in the US? I know that Walgreen took some folks and I am just courious to see if some went to Rotech as parts of Air Products\' US ops were goobled up by Rotech.


(Mon 07/27/09 00:00:00 UTC)

Rotech has a LOT of vent patients in some area's!!! They will take anything a Dr wants them to take in fear of loosing the referal.. Whatever the crazy sales rep whines for they will get regardless of the liability!!!!! Heck I saw them take a vent patient once without seeing the patient, without ... read more

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