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Topics regarding layoffs at Sysco Corp.

Sysco Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Sysco layoffs in Houston in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Fresh Point , RDC, Guest Supply...

Any updates on layoffs?

Mr. Delaney sold 25,001 shares of Sysco stock!!!!!

Sysco Foods September 2015 Layoffs

I am surprised that nobody is posting here - things are not good and are not getting better, you have a situation here where we'll have layoffs in 2016 as well. People are losing hope, and that's not fun for anyone. If you think that we may start... read more

Sysco Hiring?

It's a tough market, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants is not an easy business. I am not sure if you are going through layoffs but I wanted to see if you maybe hire people in Finance, I just graduated with BA in Finance and I am... read more

Sysco Accounts Receivable (AR) layoffs

I hear rumors that AR will be hit, anybody knows more?

Sysco and US Foods

The merger will result in many people losing jobs - you'll see some consolidations of operations, you'll also see finance, legal, HR and IT jobs vanish. I think that US Foods will be hit more, but you never know what will happen. Sysco is fairly well... read more

Nothing new - SYSCO is going thru a crisis right now but it's a well managed company (or so we like to claim) - the path is clear and...

Nothing new - SYSCO is going thru a crisis right now but it's a well managed company (or so we like to claim) - the path is clear and execution is disciplined. I used to work for Sysco in Sacramento (7062 Pacific Avenue, Pleasant Gr, CA 95668)

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