Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Monish Introduction (June 2020)

3Mers, go to the 3M Stream internal website and search for "Nick Gangestad Retirement Announcement". Monish begins talking at around 8 minutes in, describing his philosophy. Roughly 12 minutes in, he starts talking about his GE "family", and his new... —  read more 

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Felt ashamed to introduce as 3Mer

Nowadays, whenever I meet new people outside work, I felt ashamed to introduce myself as working in 3M. I am worried what other people perceives 3M company to be - with the countless lawsuit in ear plug and PFAS. Hurting people and the... —  read more 

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No motivation

This whole situation has erased my motivation and halved my productivity. I used to care how well the company did, but now I realize that the only ones who'll profit from 3M doing well are the C-suite. Employees never see any of the gains but always... —  read more 

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