Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Feeling cheated

First the life savings go down with the stock, then the job security. Put two decades of work into this company and at the end of it I can say that it wasn’t worth it. Don’t know what comes next for some of us folks.

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The only card that corporate higher ups have is cost cutting and layoffs will inevitably happen at some point this year keeping alive the tradition of yearly layoffs for the past 3 or 4 years. Why wait for layoffs to happen to look for new jobs ?... —  read more 

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No hope for getting back on track

To bring down a company to such an extent that has "survived" 120 years could be made into a case study. I no longer believe that issues here can be fixed and that the company can get back on track. Any optimists out there?

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How likely is bankruptcy?

Based on the recent results of the bellwether trials and the sheer scale of the MDL, it seems the earplug lawsuit will take a major chunk of equity from 3m. Recession is creeping in as well, consumer spending is declining sharply, inflation is at an... —  read more 

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who cares??????????

3M really doesn't want to control attrition anymore. Senior leadership literally doesn't care. They are counting on the attrition to do a 'quiet' layoff. Of course this means the best of us will go off and do something else. Oh well...

Rotten corporate culture

Everything is aimed toward enriching a few and exploiting the rest. I used to enjoy working here but things have changed so much that this place is completely unrecognizable. Anybody who's even considering joining 3M should walk away before they get... —  read more 

2023 is going to be messy

rumours flying about, the cost of living is going to break up Mother Mining, people cannot afford the premium products and its looks like several areas of Mother Mining will be broke up and sold off,, going down the GE road as predicted by a lot of... —  read more 

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