Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

New PFAS issues in Europe

3M PFAS Pollution Scandal in Belgium From the article : 3M is in the middle of a PFAS scandal in Belgium. Belgian Ministers have ignored the problem for 20 years. —  read more 

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Six months later

It's been six months (more or less) since the last major culling and I'm wondering how people who were affected at the time are doing. Do you know anybody who was cut at that time? Do you know if they were able to find new jobs by now? Or are they... —  read more 

What gives?

I get laid off 2 years ago , after a 5 rating, and now they’re reaching out for me to come back as a contract worker. No effing way. Downward spiral, this company.....

Now Hiring External

Word around the street is that now all requisitions are external posted by default, and recruiters are being tasked to actively round up candidate slates with under-represented groups. If anyone is looking to move internally, I think it just got a... —  read more 

Left 3M for competitor

Best decision ever, joined a real growing company with good career potential. Get out while you can, 3M has not grown in 10 years. Sales have been $30B, and will remain at $30B or less in the next 10yrs. That means 3M is losing share every year. The... —  read more 

Is your schedule busy?

Some would say that's great and that's how it should be, but I'm worried because I have less and less work to do. I used to be busy, at times didn't even know if I was going to be able to finish all the work, and now I have almost nothing to do... —  read more 

Growth on the horizon

The fact is that employees are being cut to improve EPS because there is not enough top line growth to full earnings. Growth cures a lot of problems, and it’s tough to see growth on the horizon. Or maybe someone still sees some growth on the... —  read more 

Can’t say enough

I can’t tell you how much I hate it here. From my first business trip where my boss’s boss’s boss tried to make the moves on me in a hotel over 20 years ago, to it just happening again before Covid. This place crawls with creeps. When I reported the... —  read more 

Exit interview?

I can’t take it here anymore. The atmosphere here destroys me both physically and mentally. I was hoping to get laid off, I heard some rumors that they might do that soon but I realized I couldn’t wait any longer. I found a job in a company where the... —  read more 

CRL Layoff - Japan and China

3M just let go of their entire Corporate Research Lab staff in both China and Japan. 100+ researchers and technical managers let go. The staff that leaves will enable at least a dozen competitors just from inside knowledge alone.

3M is in a tailspin

3M took the opportunity to use the "muh Covid" Excuse to lay off high salaried, grandfathered pension recipients that were left in their employ. They sprinkled in an admin or 2 to make it look good, but we figured it out. This leaves a bunch of... —  read more 

Token under 40

Token under 40 in a group of 50s and 60 years old that were laid off for 3M to conceal their age discrimination. Work dumped on others who are looking for the door. Applied to dozens of internal reqs., not one interview because of my status. But... —  read more 

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