Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

TTS Layoffs and re org

Looks like it is time for that annual lay off and re org. Heard of small pockets being laid off this week and then the announcement of TTS this morning. Good luck to those affected by these lay offs. Those who are laid off and those left to do the... —  read more 

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Motley Fool analyst What happened Shares of industrial giant 3M (NYSE:MMM) rose a paltry 1.6%... —  read more 

What are severance terms?

Hoping to be included in the next round of layoffs. Was there a common structure in prior rounds? How many months of salary did people usually get? I assume it was tied to years of service etc? Do people keep unvested stock?

3M salary over the years

Just calculated my 3M salary increase over last 10 years. Even with one promotion and twice getting a 4+% raise, the net increase in my yearly salary after adjusting inflation is only a little over 10K. Now after deducting the increased medical... —  read more 

Layoffs 2022

It's got too much, Christmas will come and go and then it will be 4500 layoffs from Jan to October 2022, the pressures have broken supply chains and raw material prices have made profits recede so much some business's are making losses, Q4 2021... —  read more 

How long left Roman?

Another member of the COC resigning was announced today. Multiple VPs and SVPs have resigned in December. From the trenches it looks like the rate of executives fleeing increases. Anyone taking bets on how long Mike lasts before he is forced out? —  read more 

blame game starts

Q3 results were mildly better than expected but books were cooked to keep shareholders happy and give new management a few more months to make changes to running the corporate advance model. The new signings from GE and other top brass who are well... —  read more 

What 3M Really Stands for?

I used to think 3M stood for “meetings, meetings, meetings” but now it’s “mo--ns, mo--ns, mo--ns”. This company has no direction, no leadership, no vision. Constant leadership shuffle. Truly definition of insanity— doing things the same way and... —  read more 

Impact of attrition

As for this company, it seems to me that the leadership does not think much about the business impact of people leaving in droves. I am interested in how it will affect my work while I am here. Is there anyone for whom attrition already affects their... —  read more 

New PFAS related news

3M under fire in Belgium over company's handling of PFAS pollution Please watch the video in the link...should go viral soon. 3M executives... —  read more 

work/life balance

there's none. since i joined this place my life has evaporated in favor of work. it's ridiculous. 3m should come with a warning - people with families need not apply. at least if they want to keep those families. why is nobody talking about this? is... —  read more 

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