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R&D Productivity is inexcusable

3M has not developed a meaningful new product platform in nearly 10 years. Most of the large wins they claim; optical film, cubitron abrasives and their HIS Encompass system were built out of existing components and assets. They company has proven... —  read more 

Q2 , 2020 results and layoffs:

So layoff announcements went out this week. Many people will be hitting the road pretty soon. Here is the message that technical folks got in summary : Thanks to your 20 + years of service and loyalty to 3M, now here is the  door out. Your... —  read more 

PFAS and Covid 19

PFAS and Covid 19 Just google * PFAS and Covid 19* Some new news just coming into light. What are the repercussions for 3M. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/environment-and-energy/insight-pfas-covid-19-and-immune-response-connecting-the-dots

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Investor sentiment after Q2, 2020 results

From yahoo finance message board : As a stockholder, tired of hearing this company not meeting expectations. I don’t own much stock but have to imagine if I am tired of it, large investment companies that have significant dollars invested in... —  read more 

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What's coming up next

1500 layoffs already announced in early 2020. Do you guys think the big honchos will stop there. What additional steps might be taken ??? 1) more layoffs in subsequent quarters 2) cut to benefits like stopping pension, no more 401 k... —  read more 


1500 layoffs were announced much before covid 19 hit. Now more cost cutting will happen since the company is already in deep trouble...no longer a reliable defensive stock like good ol times

Insider trade transactions

Interesting timing of executives selling their own shares of 3M stock. Touting 3M's commitment to providing exceptional value for their customers and premium returns for their shareholders, yet they seem to be putting their own interests first. ... —  read more 

Y'all are done!

Better get out while the gettins good. You s—!

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Contigency plans for US plants

Plant managers are being advised to prepare for 10-25% volume drops across all divisions and to have plans in place to trim production employees at the end of 1st quarter. Corona virus is the scapegoat but this was in play before the outbreak. SAP... —  read more 

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3M investor sentiment

A few choice comments from yahoo finance 3M board...when will the 3M BOD wake up and take some action?????? This company has been on a downward trend for sometime. The only news seems to be bad news. Constant job cuts, restructuring due to... —  read more 

3M = MMM = ?

So what does 3M mean. The common joke inside the company is it means MMM = meetings, meetings and more meetings. These days it might mean 3M = More money missing ( for shareholders and employees that is) Massively mismanaged by... —  read more 

Methuen Divestment

3M Methuen Divestment 2020 900 people will leave in 2020 as part of this divestment

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Selling assets

3M to Plan $1 Billion Sale of D–g Delivery Systems Unit https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-06/3m-is-said-to-plan-1-billion-sale-of-d–g-delivery-systems-unit?srnd=markets-vp

Messy organization announcements

So many changes to the company structures. They claim it will advance the company. You really think so? Look at the direction of share price it’s heading.

Current state of innovation in 3M

When was the last time 3M did worse than the macro economic environment? When was the last time this company made a significant game changing innovative product? More cost cutting, share buybacks, and expensive acquisitions will help only so... —  read more 

Acelity acquisition

Now that 3M has acquired Acelity will there be further layoffs and redundancies. After all standard corporate * strategies * call for layoffs after any merger or acquisition

Q3 2019

How is Q3 shaping up? The bar is already pretty low with dismal earnings reported in Q3, 2018 ( 3M paid a hefty 850 million settlement to the state of MN for PFAS related chemical contamination). Any insights

3M Alabama

3M halting some work in Alabama for environmental reasons....various news outlets

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From yahoo finance message board : What kind of mess is 3M in now with their legacy leadership? The last guy did nothing to grow the company and this guy doesn’t seem like he knows what to do either. They just keep managing it as they have which... —  read more 

3M is not that bad

People wanting to leave should really think twice about it. There aren't many companies out there that are much better than 3M. It might seem so from the outside, but check out other companies on this forum - on the inside everybody has the same... —  read more 

Hire to retire— lazy and arrogant culture

If you are a 3M employee, your payroll system actually has a title “Hire to Retire”. It says all about it’s culture. 3M hires smart people, then make them obsolete. It took them eight years to implement SAP, and it still is not done. Most 3M IT folks... —  read more 

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How much longer do we have to wait?

For how long does 3M plan to torture us before they finally decide to let us know which 2,000 people will be affected by the previously announced layoffs? It's really cruel to announce something like that, give the number of people being affected and... —  read more 

Q1 2019 disaster


Major layoffs about to hit 3M

Major Q1 miss equals major layoffs - 2,000 people to be precise. Of course it's always employees who pay for the mistakes of management. I really hope these layoffs happen sooner rather than later. The following weeks and months are going to be... —  read more 

Next move

Any people re orgs after the recent business group reorg from 5 to 4 groups. When will the company return to growth again....this company will be badly hit when next recession hits since there will be no more levers to turn. Cost cutting is already... —  read more 

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