Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

Topics regarding layoffs at 3M

What should Spinco name be?

I was expecting them to announce 3M Healthcare as the new name. But now I’m not so sure. Perhaps the 3M brand is becoming toxic (excuse the pun) with the PFAS and Aereo lawsuits. Maybe they should have a whole new name? Or maybe they will be... —  read more 

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Can someone give a summary of the changes that were made with A3M, and what hasn't worked? I left right before it was announced and am very curious to hear people's thoughts.

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What is this about?

This site has turned into a nasty place for people who think they are smarter than Roman and others. Was useful when it was about layoffs and what people were experiencing. I find the nastiness on this site to be cruel and offensive. Between the... —  read more 

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Spinco CEO announcement delay

Originally was to be announced in January, now its been delayed. The lawsuit looking at preventing the Spin Off was unsuccessful, so why is there a delay? Has someone pulled out? I don't understand why they would have committed to a date, and gone... —  read more 

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It used to be nice here

Everyone here has been working under enormous pressure for a very long time. Constant layoffs have made this a very toxic workplace. When was the last time you felt like you actually enjoyed working here?

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A nightmare at 3M Center

I spent 22 years at 3M before being laid off a few months ago. The company is a mess and morale is in the gutter. 3M was a great place to work with innovative products, experienced workforce and opportunity to grow. There’s nothing new and exciting... —  read more 

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Worse than 2008?

I don't know if there are still many people here who survived layoffs in 2008. I came to this company a little later so I don't know what the layoffs looked like that year, but I see that there are those who say that these layoffs are even worse... —  read more 

Bankruptcy strategy failed

With the ruling against J&J, 3M will find itself in the same situation, and will be denied the ability to try to avoid paying the veterans. With weak profit outlook, bankruptcy failed, and healthcare spin in the ditch, who will be the fall guy?... —  read more 

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Any value brought to 3M

George Buckley once said no consultants, what am I paying 3M employees for if we need to use consultants. Tireman, what value do you bring if all you do is use consultants?

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Does 3M still have a presence in Austin? I know they sold the old campus and Austin plant and were moving to a new leased spot at the Domain before Covid. They also sold CMD and I know EEBG merged with another BG. Anybody left at the Austin center?

TTS needs to cut some SVPs!

3M IT ran for 100 years with only one SVP, now there are many. Given 3M needs to cut costs, why not eliminate the excessive SVPs? It’s actually crazy that Mark and Monish can justify this.

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Morale at rock bottom

The morale for the EO manufacturing team is at rock bottom now. Everyone is worried about whether they are part of the 2,500 to be laid off. How are the leaders going to motivate their employees to improve and contribute to growth?

I would be so embarrassed!

If I were in the leadership of a company, I would be embarrassed because I would consider it my personal failure that a large number of people here wants to be laid off despite the fact that landing a decent job now will not be easy.

3M corporate strategy

Are we keeping the corporate strategy group of MBAs? All the folks on the line, in the field, in the lab, etc, have to lose their job but all the coddled mba graduates that have accomplished nothing get to stay on qnd get their butts pampered so they... —  read more 

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