Topics regarding layoffs at Aaron Rents Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Aaron Rents Inc.

Aarrons struggling..

RI have seen companies struggle. There are complaints of cost if running three stores and overtime. I see lay offs in the near future. Stocks are down. As is growth. And I know certain promised bonuses are not being payed.

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About Aaron's

Aaron’s, Inc. (NYSE: AAN) is a retailer serving buyers through the sale and lease ownership of furniture, electronics, PCs, home appliances, and accessories in over 2000 Company-operated and franchised stores in North America. The Company was founded... —  read more 

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August 2014

I heard that some posters need news about layoffs in August 2014. I can tell you that we did not have layoffs this year 2014 and that in 2015 we will be doing even better than in 2014, so no issues for Aaron Rents. I also know that some of our... —  read more 

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