Topics regarding layoffs at ABB

Topics regarding layoffs at ABB

ABB management style

Senior management manages by layoffs and restructuring to hide their mismanagement. But I did get a reasonable severance and found another job in 3 weeks so I can not complain in that area. They had a layoff the same year i was hired (which I was not... —  read more 

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Constant Pressure And Layoffs

Since Ventyx to ABB the constant pressure for meeting unrealistic goals with no direction from management and the constant layoffs every year makes this company a terrible place to work. Good people have already left. Stay away.

Bad leadership

A successful company requires excellent leadership. Bad leadership drives the best away and demoralises those that remain. Steer clear of ABB they are on a path of failure with leadership full of pension hungry dead wood and leftover trash from other... —  read more 


This is a very stressful company to work for. Do not jeopardize your health in order to work for them. They overload their employees because they fail to replace employees who have left. Their position/workload is then divided amongst those that... —  read more 

Get out while you can!

ABB is a company that will literally drive you into the ground. Teamwork is nonexistent and with little to no training you are left to fend on your own while management berates your every move. The long hours that are put in are not worth any... —  read more 

Tough times ahead

New CEO set ridiculous targets for 2014, only 5 of 24 business units made their budgets. Now hiring freeze and layoffs in many businesses, and continued 'footprint' shifts to emerging markets. Lowest scorecard bonus in 10 years and no pay raises at... —  read more 

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The Swiss guru\'s now have a novel play: guess what? We\'ll cut costs? And guess what after that? We\'ll acquire? And what\'s also the mantra...

The Swiss guru\'s now have a novel play: guess what? We\'ll cut costs? And guess what after that? We\'ll acquire? And what\'s also the mantra of the day? Renewable energy! OK, we\'ll do this as well. I mean come on, how likely is it for this plan to... —  read more 

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ABB CEO Laid Off.

ABB CEO steps down abruptly in middle of group's overhaul ZURICH (Reuters) - ABB Chief Executive Ulrich Spiesshofer has quit the Swiss industrial group as the board and major shareholders look for a speedier turnaround at the maker of industrial... —  read more 

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Memphis Office

I was laid off but it took me only 4 weeks to find a comparable job. There are some reports about that job cut in Memphis so you may want to check that out. Also, there are posts on Indeed and Glassdoor about Memphis office - see what people are... —  read more 

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