Topics regarding layoffs at Abbott Laboratories

Topics regarding layoffs at Abbott Laboratories

You are just a number to them

Abbott is nothing but a ruthless corporate machine who cast people to the wind without a thought. Just ask the people in Gurnee, Illinois and Scarborough, Maine if they think Abbott is one of the Top 100 places to work for along with Top 100 Most... —  read more 

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This is such a mess

According to a New York Times report, Abbott Laboratories — the manufacturer of rapid tests for COVID-19 — told its employees to take apart millions of tests and throw them into garbage bags that were to be thrown away. Shortly afterward, Abbott also... —  read more 

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Abbott Westbrook Maine Layoffs

Abbott laid off over 600 temp staff the week of June 7, 2021 and just started another round of 400+/- layoffs targeting full time permanent employees at both Westbrook ME and Scarborough ME (formerly Alere). They’ve been destroying unsold COVID... —  read more 

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More Layoffs

Heard and know for sure that Abbott just executed another round of layoffs - called restructuring - what? They are flipping printing $$ from that place - seriously? Smells like a way to rid order workers just before they are eligible for their... —  read more 

More layoffs at Abbott Labs?

More lay-off in the pipelines Found that in one of the older threads but it was posted earlier this week. Any chance we can get some more info on it? When are more layoffs coming and what will be hit? Any details would be great, so I know I'm not... —  read more 

Corporate IT Shakeup

From the CafePharma board, Nancy Berce (Queen of Outsourcing) will retire at the end of March. The damage she has done with the Wipro agreement is massive. Whether forced or consentual, there will be changed in information tech coming. Do not know... —  read more 

No time to breathe

In the beginning I enjoyed working for Abbott but after awhile i realized all this company cared about was the end results. It didn’t matter that you worked long hours day in and day out just to fulfill their expectations that most times were very... —  read more 

Greatest asset

To improve moral, honor & reward all employees regularly, bring back our beloved employee bonus program that SJM took away but kept it for the management only. Also, further invest in your employees which are your greatest asset. Or, so you say. And... —  read more 

Abbot Labs Layoffs 2017

I know that people are concerned - don’t be - but I heard from someone pretty high up in our corporate office that they planned layoffs but that plan was abandoned, so we are safe here in Abbott Park.

Outsourced Jobs

after the layoffs were announced, management here said practically nothing about them. IT is being outsourced to another company. Can elements of R&D and manufacturing be far behind?

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Still very silent here

I did not see much talk about Abbott layoffs on Cafe Pharma as well, for whatever reason there is not much folks discussing it - however, 2014 will turn out to be a huge layoff year for us.

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Abbott Vascular - Temecula, CA

Cuts are happening all the time, downsizing is here to stay. Moving jobs overseas and finding efficiency in the process (maybe). Vascular used to be great but now it's all going down hill. I think Abbott had around 5000 employees, now we have less... —  read more 

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