Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Topics regarding layoffs at Accenture

Why drag this out for 18 months?

It's disheartening to think that for 18 months, we will all have to think about layoffs 24/7 and never be certain whether we're safe tomorrow or not. The company should have done this in a way that everything was wrapped up within a month. I'm sure... —  read more 

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5 reasons for layoffs

CRN breaks down five reasons why Accenture is likely terminating 19,000 of its global employees: Accenture’s Headcount Explosion In 2022 Accenture Acquires More Companies Than Anyone Accenture ‘Did Not Account For’ High Cloud Costs .. —  read more 

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Microsoft Accenture Campaigns

Should Accenture employees be concern and worry about their employment if they current work on Microsoft Azure campaigns? If by any chance they will close the campaign, will they put me on a bench or Accenture will automatically terminate my... —  read more 

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Re-hiring former employees

Is there any chance somebody here knows if Accenture ever hires former employees who were laid off a while ago? Not those laid off in the latest round, of course, long before that. I don't want to waste my time applying if there is a blacklist or... —  read more 

This must be a joke

How did Accenture end up in the top ten of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2022? One of the most toxic places I have ever worked for is the sixth best workplace in the country? I can't believe that this is a realistic reflection of... —  read more 

Accenture US Layoffs -

I am on the other side - at a competitor. I am getting a few resumes across my desk from Accenture US folks in the northeast and southeast region recently laid off. All in the cloud and consulting business. I am trying to help and push the resumes... —  read more 

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Accenture will layoff about 10%. Can this be confirmed or is this just somebody guessing and getting a kick out of making people worry and stress? I haven't heard or read anything that would support this so it would be really nice if somebody who... —  read more 


For context, this month, the people who have been tagged as IP and transitioned-out (final % number wasn't communicated) are being communicated with, to inform them of what's next. The priority is to talk to the transitioned-out first, and get to... —  read more 

Layoffs are coming

They will layoff en mass once the market turns downwards. I used to be on the calls in the Consulting practice (won't mention the specific group) in their largest revenue market, we would review each person, utilization and the clock. Unless the... —  read more 

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