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Next up: the UK

An internal message was sent to all UK staff this afternoon. newspapers had the news within the hour ... 6-8% of headcount is the... —  read more 

It made no sense...

Been with company about 9 months, got lay-off notice last Friday due to ‘low utilization’. However, was on large major client. Did not may sense. No recourse to dispute as I was told decision final. Had not been with company long enough to even... —  read more 

Layoffs confirmed

We have confirmed layoffs today. Cut would finish by the end of the day.

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1 week of severance for every full year of service for L8 and below.

3Q P&L Pumping

That's the goal (the only goal) of these layoffs. Numbers up, exec bonuses up. End of story. There had a several other approaches if they wanted not to do layoffs. OK, it's just business - but Julie & Co. please do not be so obviously deceiving and... —  read more 

Layoff Algorithm???

I was notified yesterday. I was suggested for promotion mid-year and expected it in August. 100% recoverable very busy. Was told the algorithm looked at role and impact for decision. Well, sh–. Would like to know all the aspects of “the algorithm” in... —  read more 

4 Things that should have been done better

I wish ACN’s senior leadership did a better job at communicating internally on such issues and not just externally on news channels etc. Here are things to consider going forward: Be honest and transparent to employees on which groups have... —  read more 

Another Large Reorg in Works

I am hearing that we are 100% done with layoffs and barring major problems with the economy bouncing back there should be no additional cuts this year. Also, I am hearing that there is a very large P&L shuffle in the works, they will be moving cheese... —  read more 

Layoffs 2020

Accenture started COVID-related layoffs today. Details are still unclear but ~10% of U.S workforce is the internal target being thrown around. Cyber practices heavily impacted.

It's True

You are just a number to Accenture, no matter how much support you have from projects as well as good reviews. Their agenda now is to promote minorities so others they need money.

Was there a worse time to be laid off?

Just think about it - where can we apply for a new job when everybody is laying off right now? Nobody is hiring and will not be for who knows how long. What does that leave us with? How long before the severance money runs out? I know people... —  read more 

My layoff experience

Typing this on phone, there will be typos. I was laid off in 2009, and being axed s—s. It s—s big time. I was a consultant in C&HT at the time, based out of the NYC office. It was difficult to find any projects, I ended up sitting on the bench... —  read more 

Vac move

I am bummed that I was forced to take a vacation, THEN they nerf me, effectively taking my money out of my pocket. No transparency there.

Upcoming Accenture Layoffs

Having seen layoffs during 2001 and 2008-2009, we may expect the following to hold true during the upcoming layoffs (I am 100% certain there will be cuts across the board): Non-essential administrative and support staff (e.g. marketing, IT... —  read more 

How much will new hires salary go down?

I’ve heard that many consluting companies are planning to adjust new-hires’ salary levels, any idea by how much? Do we have anyone on this board who was with the company back in 2001 or 2008 - what happened then?


I was a high performer in my first three years at ACN and built a great reputation. Early last year, an old SM I enjoyed working with begged me to come help him turn a failing project around. Silly me, I agreed. I get on the ground, and sh– is a... —  read more 

What groups will start to lay off first?

I think layoffs are inevitable given the sharp downturn globally. The demand for consulting evaporated over last 2 weeks. Services are working fine as they are long term things, so that's all good but consulting is about to get butchereed big time. I... —  read more 

Accenture Severance Payment

Do you know what would be severance payment for a: Consultant US West Resources I am sure cuts are coming. Please let me know.

Age Discrimination at Accenture

Age discrimination Lawsuits: Accenture, Facebook sued by sales boss for favoring 'new blood' Source: —  read more 

Acquisition related layoffs?

Any ideas on how will Accenture's acquisition of Context Information Security affect us? They are not too big, but I can still see some consolidation taking place. Not to mention, this company never misses an opportunity to cut some costs (meaning... —  read more 

Accenture to Acquire Sabre

There are rumors flying on our site (Sabre) and I wanted to see if someone here on Accenture's board had more info. Here it goes: or @12uKBds6

Accenture Restructure

What are your thoughts? I know we restructure every September but this one seems to be a big one - P&Ls are shifting, it's a tectonic shift indeed. Some things that we implement this year will have a long lasting impact on how Accenture operates for... —  read more 

Mike Salvino

What does anyone know of this guy? He is leaving to become CEO of DXC. Anyone know him or have anything to say about him?

Was laid off yesterday.

Think quite a few will be joining me. The bench is massive. I was only put on two projects the entire time I was there. Spent more time on bench then on projects. It's a shame.

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