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Payroll-hours or %, make up your mind

all we've heard for over a year has been payroll %, run to the %; meaning pay people as little as possible; now, it's cut, cut, cut to the hours; make up your mind!! I guess they don't care about having one person in the store half the day while... —  read more 

DieHard Purchase by AAP

When will our stress levels go back down?

Any ideas when/if there might come a time again when we are not constantly worrying about layoffs? I'm getting really tired of having to force myself into work because I'm dreading what might be waiting for me once I get there. Am I really stuck with... —  read more 

If you are on the fence

If you are considering leaving AAP - and let's be honest, who isn't - and can't make the final decision, then remove the possibility of layoffs from your consideration. Now, if you still think you would not be happy here, then you'll have your... —  read more 

Big egos = bad commute

Yes, let's move to an area with exploding traffic so we can all spend more time in our cars.

California Payroll Violations

Pending Class Action Law suit is just around the corner. Line up because it's only time before GMs and team members find out that the Violations for meal breaks in California should have been paid to you. Problem went on for years and now the old... —  read more 

Location move Raleigh

Does anyone know if we are moving our offices to a different campus? I was told we were moving to six forks possibly. Anyone know if it's true and timelines associated?

OKTA Advance Auto Parts

Why is OKTA down again? Anyone from IT here? Help tells me all is OK but it's not. Someone is lying but others can access OKTA... Hmmm —  read more 

Longview, WA Advance location has closed

The Advance store in Longview, WA has quietly closed without an explanation or even a local news article. I just drove by it one day and the signs were off the building and paper was covering the windows. They just were not very competitive, this is... —  read more 

Roanoke VA Corporate Changes

Corporate office in Roanoke appears to have a lot of changes coming soon. There's a brand new "team" being created that will be working email and chat support for Walmart customers, and they will be pulling employees from their current teams making... —  read more 

How long?

How long do you think AAP has before the inevitable bankruptcy/liquidation? Is there anybody who thinks that's not exactly where we are headed - and fast? I'm not a pessimist and I'm not an alarmist, but some things are really so obvious that there... —  read more 

DC30 needs to close

DC 30 In Kutztown Pa needs to close now. Nobody knows what they are doing. Team members doing d--gs in the parking lot and drinking beer. And no one does anything about it. Some one is going to get hurt really bad or k--led because no one knows how... —  read more 

Advance auto parts is a joke

I just love how corporate comes around and tries to push everybody around. Especially the security guards. They think they know everything but they don’t. They treat the guards like they are little kids. When the guards have something to say to get... —  read more 

closing stores

Company Sux. They are closing stores. A big lay off on the way. Let's here from you on the bad service? —  read more 

AAP Workday

Workday is running so slow, The old system for getting your pay slip was better and less complicated to log on to.

Time for Union?

After all the cost cutting ,expense controls and hours being cut is it time to ask for union help?

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What's this?

As a former GPI employee (I left when they sold out,too many backstabbers in the company) I keep my eyes open. Two of the former GPI Carquest stores that were changed into Advance stores are now Carquest again. Also they closed one of the original... —  read more 

Advance is literally the Walmart of auto parts

Advance is literally the Walmart of auto parts as they team up together to provide even less customer service selling cheap Chinese garbage parts to unsuspecting customers. The Walmart/Advance Alliance is coming soon so sit back and enjoy the show... —  read more 

Should I worry?

We just lost two managers - one quit and the other changed location. I'm wondering if this means that my store might be in danger (which, in all honesty, wouldn't surprise me one bit.) Has anybody had similar experiences? Is this an indication that... —  read more 

The wrong formulas

Advance upper management is to blame for being greedy. This company has no direction, and continues to apply the wrong formulas to instill loyalty in customers and employees. Parts availability is poor at best, pricing is typically higher then the... —  read more 

GMs now being blamed for the weather

Sales are down and the temp outside is hovering around 28 degrees but the regional office says the GM and their teams are to blame not the weather. Sounds like ## to me.

The worst company to work for. Hands down

This is the very worst company I have ever worked for. I was with this from a part time employee to a GM. I spent the last 10 of my years as a GM. Sent to run a bunch of broken stores. The higher ups are only in it for themselves. Care nothing about... —  read more 

CPP 2019 Bonus plan?

Can anyone elaborate on what the 2019 CPP bonus plan is? Obviously it’s not on starting line and my CPP made bonus last period solely on DIFM sales, SPH was taken out of the equation. Well this period he has received 0 bonus communication even though... —  read more 

Big Things Here In Dallas

Big things here in the Dallas meeting. How we're going to cut more help in the stores and MICRO MANAGE what employees we have left. YES SIR that is your big news! And WALMART is going to be the big savior!

What's up with Cardone

What's the story behind the Cardone issues? Who else can supply what they can? When does Walmart buy us out?

Workday another joke

Advance launches yet another program that doesn't work on their outdated computer system. Just another program to micro manage its employees.

GM bonuses slashed by more than 50%

Seems the changes for 2019 are im full swing, like slashing gm bonuses and agm by more than 50%. Good luck keeping ppl motivated or keeping them around.

WTF !!!!

The store I work at in Maine is advertising for delivery drivers. Why? We don't have enough business to keep our current full and part time drivers busy. Is it that we are about 1000 feet from a super Walmart,is it true we'll be delivering parts from... —  read more 

Advance Artificial Intelligence Team

Bahaha! People buy batteries when it's cold outside? Better yet, they buy wipers when it's pouring the rain? The public can't handle these radically new concepts.

How is AAP still in business?

How is this even possible? I thought for sure the ship was sunk and never imagined it would make it through 2018...

Almost time

The clock is ticking until we all become Walmart greeters. No one is telling us about what is going to happen. Today we had some Advance people and some suit wearing guys come to our store and look around. Nobody said who they were,they just kinda... —  read more 

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