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How many people are looking for another job?

Curious to learn how many people are already looking for a new job outside of AAP? The situation has become so bad that I can't imagine there are many employees who are actually happy with their jobs right now. Actually, I'm thinking everybody is so... read more

Time to reINVEST, too.

"While the S&P 500 rose 19% for the year, O'Reilly Automotive (ORLY) ended 2017 almost 14% below where it started. AutoZone (AZO) fell 10%, and Advance Auto Parts (AAP) tanked 41%." "AutoZone is No. 1 in the number of stores with roughly 5,465... read more
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Time to reinvent !

Hello, I retired as the owner of a successful retail distribution company several years ago. We generated millions of dollars in sales and supplied the large box stores with top notch service . I decided to come out of retirement and seek part time... read more

Another Pepsi-FritoLay exec?

Just when you think Mr. Potato Head has finally gotten the idea that delivering auto parts in a highly competitive environment to demanding customers that all expect hot-shot deliveries is NOT the same as delivering cartons of Doritos to a... read more

CPP 2018 Bonus plan?

Can anyone elaborate on what the 2018 CPP bonus plan is? Obviously it’s not on starting line and my CPP made bonus last period solely on DIFM sales, SPH was taken out of the equation. Well this period he has received 0 bonus communication even though... read more

Advance Frauds

Advance Frauds

advance all about stock

Advance has forgotten about its people and customers. it is all about wall street. Closing stores to come to make more money. CEO a millionaire, making money off poor.

Workers have had enough

The way Advance treats it's employees is as bad as any other low end retailer, no loyalty given, no loyalty gained. This company is scrambling to keep it's head above water by stepping on the heads of the working stiffs, and the workers have had... read more

Subprime 60 Day Late Worse than 2008-09

If the economy is "Booming!" why are more people defaulting on their car loans than at the worst of the recession? Hint: Because the economy is not booming, despite what the talking head on TV says. A credit bubble is not an economy, and now it's... read more

Commercial Account Managers

What a joke! They won't even go out and write a stock order for customers that are stocking dealers. Advance's definition of commercial business is supplying the local Quik Lube with a filter every now and then for an odd ball car that they don't... read more

Buying competition vs being competitive

Advance does a great job "buying" the competition vs being competitive thinking this is how to make more sales and be #1, however their inability to understand commercial business has taken its toll. Paying Billions of dollars to buy CARQUEST as a... read more

Advance buys CARQUEST

4 1/2 years into the purchase of CARQUEST and these MORONS still don't have a clue about the commercial business. They have turn the CARQUEST name into crap. All you got from DM'S up is a bunch of yes men who probably sit down when they go to the... read more

Innovation garage

That horseshit provides an in-depth look at the employee mindset at AAP. Employees are submitting retarded ideas. Corporate suits are worried sick over the newest acronym on the spreadsheet. Keep it simple, stupid. It all boils down to part... read more

Mississippi distribution center is closing

Is anybody surprised by the news that Mississippi distribution center is closing? I feel sorry for the nearly 300 folks who'll lose their jobs, but as AAP goes, this is now business as usual. It's more than clear that it's only a matter of time... read more

Low end employees

When a company is only willing to offer minimum wage part time positions, they are going to attract low end employees. Advance not doing back ground checks or drug tests anymore was a clear sign the company was only looking to save payroll dollars... read more

What's Up With This?

When emailing earlier I noticed something weird. After the persons email address is has their title, well, I noticed that there are now GM, GM I, GM II, and GM III designations. What does that mean? I would assume it's tied to pay grade but why make... read more

Spreadsheet Auto Parts

The jokes on you, we really don't have any auto parts to sell, only snacks like Snickers and Reese Cups. We enjoy making up b---s--- spreadsheets because that's what we were hired to do!

Spread Sheet Gurus!

What AAP calls sales is actually spread sheet analytics. Everyone keeps posting about never seeing the cams well most of the cam’s time is spent on spreadsheets analytics and conference calls about spreadsheet analytics so it leaves very little time... read more


Advance is all about lie's. They do not care about their people or customers. Cuts being made to boost stock.

Does anyone really believe this BS any more?

"We have identified six Cultural Beliefs that will transform the way we interact with each other and with our Customers. Living these beliefs in our work each day will allow us to drive the results we need to achieve our Mission: Passion for... read more

Another great move for our commercial business

You would think AAP would direct UBER drivers to a commercial customer for service. Maybe even send them to a tech-net shop, but noooo.... Customers are the lifeblood of our business at Advance Auto Parts. As we evolve and grow, we continue to build... read more

AAPs days are numbered

It's impossible to order the correct parts through the home office "special order" team. One said team member has never heard of Raybestos. "How do you spell that?" Are you f---ing kidding me? Or how about Advance Salvage? They have clueless kids... read more

Its your life so live it!

Don't allow someone who has had their dreams killed, to kill yours. Don't allow someone who has accepted their limitations, to limit you.

Why it's quiet around here

It's gotten quiet around here lately because the stupid admins who run this page blocked everyone that was being critical of advance.

Pretty Quiet

Been pretty quiet around here lately.....Everyone must be excitingly waiting the merit

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