Topics regarding layoffs at Advance Auto Parts Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Advance Auto Parts Inc.

Needs More Adjustments

We encounter a limited overlapping time with our India team, primarily from 7 - 8 AM, a period often impacted by commuting or childcare responsibilities. Unfortunately, this timeframe is also late for the India team. Despite the primary business... — read more 

It's in the news

Advance Auto Parts announces layoffs at Raleigh headquarters Advance Auto Parts, Raleigh’s only Fortune 500 company, confirmed Wednesday it will eliminate around 400 positions, including roles at its local... — read more 

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Cutting CPP hours

How many CPPs will stay after losing their 5 hours of overtime? Are they expecting, maybe even, encouraging a mass exodus?...this of course won't affect the huge volume stores but it will crush the smaller stores.

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Upper Management Dance

Funny to see the upper management dancing this week since the new CEO started, all trying to look like they have been doing their jobs, which they obviously haven't... Especially the ones that came along from Pepsi with Tom and helped put the company... — read more 

Hard to work

Contractors come to know about higher management decisions before fulltime employees. Some contractors are allowed to be rude with employees and boss them around. I was let go in 2022 because of ir difficulties with a contracting company in Europe. ... — read more 

Cuts this week

I've been nervous about more cuts since the latest round ten days ago, and hearing rumors that there could be more coming this week is not helping. Is there anybody who can confirm or deny those rumors? I don't want to stress over something that... — read more 

Waiting for our turn

I don't know if many people pay attention to this, but I've noticed that there have been many major layoffs in the last month or two in our industry. It doesn't have to mean that we're next but I wouldn't be surprised if we were. Make sure you're... — read more 

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Things are looking up

Advance Auto Parts Inc. is expected* to report earnings on 02/14/2022 after market close. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Dec 2021. According to Zacks Investment Research, based on 9 analysts' forecasts, the consensus EPS forecast... — read more 

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I'm out of this toxic dump!

Friday was my last day. Now it's been two days and I still can't believe that I don't have to go back and deal with my incompetent manager and good-for-nothing coworkers who expect me to do their jobs while they find more excuses to just sit on their... — read more 

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Was it just a rumor?

I read a reply that layoffs were supposed to happen the week of 4/12. I’ve been keeping my eye on the site but so far there has been nothing said. Did a layoff happen and people are just remaining quiet or was it all just BS to get people worried... — read more 

GM hours?

Region 44/GA has had the GM's scheduled for 52 hours for about a year now; was this company wide? or just here? thought the extra 2 hours was strange, like they're going to work until 7 two nights instead of 6

Layoffs in smaller batches?

Four people have been laid off at my location today.All of them were solid performers, long time employees, guys that the company could rely on. Not that we haven't seen our share off layoffs in the past, and if we weren’t in these times I wouldn’t... — read more 

Will this be our week?

I keep waiting for AAP to announce major furloughs - or in this case, most likely flat out layoffs - but so far all I've heard has been minor. Any ideas about what we can expect this week? I'm not under the illusion that we'll be spared. We all... — read more 

Advance Auto Parts Layoff

Advance Auto parts once again chose profits over people by starting to lay-off a big portion of its IT department. The news is still under wraps as the first batch was announced on Friday 4/3/2020 for consultants and contractors working with the... — read more 

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