Topics regarding layoffs at Advance Auto Parts Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Advance Auto Parts Inc.

I'm out of this toxic dump!

Friday was my last day. Now it's been two days and I still can't believe that I don't have to go back and deal with my incompetent manager and good-for-nothing coworkers who expect me to do their jobs while they find more excuses to just sit on their... —  read more 

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Was it just a rumor?

I read a reply that layoffs were supposed to happen the week of 4/12. I’ve been keeping my eye on the site but so far there has been nothing said. Did a layoff happen and people are just remaining quiet or was it all just BS to get people worried... —  read more 

GM hours?

Region 44/GA has had the GM's scheduled for 52 hours for about a year now; was this company wide? or just here? thought the extra 2 hours was strange, like they're going to work until 7 two nights instead of 6

Layoffs in smaller batches?

Four people have been laid off at my location today.All of them were solid performers, long time employees, guys that the company could rely on. Not that we haven't seen our share off layoffs in the past, and if we weren’t in these times I wouldn’t... —  read more 

Will this be our week?

I keep waiting for AAP to announce major furloughs - or in this case, most likely flat out layoffs - but so far all I've heard has been minor. Any ideas about what we can expect this week? I'm not under the illusion that we'll be spared. We all... —  read more 

Advance Auto Parts Layoff

Advance Auto parts once again chose profits over people by starting to lay-off a big portion of its IT department. The news is still under wraps as the first batch was announced on Friday 4/3/2020 for consultants and contractors working with the... —  read more 

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If you are on the fence

If you are considering leaving AAP - and let's be honest, who isn't - and can't make the final decision, then remove the possibility of layoffs from your consideration. Now, if you still think you would not be happy here, then you'll have your... —  read more 

Roanoke VA Corporate Changes

Corporate office in Roanoke appears to have a lot of changes coming soon. There's a brand new "team" being created that will be working email and chat support for Walmart customers, and they will be pulling employees from their current teams making... —  read more 

How long?

How long do you think AAP has before the inevitable bankruptcy/liquidation? Is there anybody who thinks that's not exactly where we are headed - and fast? I'm not a pessimist and I'm not an alarmist, but some things are really so obvious that there... —  read more 

DC30 needs to close

DC 30 In Kutztown Pa needs to close now. Nobody knows what they are doing. Team members doing d--gs in the parking lot and drinking beer. And no one does anything about it. Some one is going to get hurt really bad or k--led because no one knows how... —  read more 

Advance auto parts is a joke

I just love how corporate comes around and tries to push everybody around. Especially the security guards. They think they know everything but they don’t. They treat the guards like they are little kids. When the guards have something to say to get... —  read more 

What's this?

As a former GPI employee (I left when they sold out,too many backstabbers in the company) I keep my eyes open. Two of the former GPI Carquest stores that were changed into Advance stores are now Carquest again. Also they closed one of the original... —  read more 

Should I worry?

We just lost two managers - one quit and the other changed location. I'm wondering if this means that my store might be in danger (which, in all honesty, wouldn't surprise me one bit.) Has anybody had similar experiences? Is this an indication that... —  read more 

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