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AAP Desperation

The continuous rollout of new programs is ridiculous. Most never gain any traction before a new "latest and greatest" program shows up. Implementation is horrible regarding communication, pricing detail, and consistency. The left hand seldom knows... read more

Las Vegas

More and more bs. They cut my hours then give me back hours to 38.5 but i have to work 6 days a week to get them. They fired my manager and havent replaced him in 2 months leaving me to run the store on a skeleton crew with no hours. Then instead of... read more

3rd Quarter Losses

I can here it now when they report 3rd quarter results which isn't going to be good because sales in our area are down. Every store our DM has in the red very deep. But rest assure Mr Potato Chip will use the weather again to explain losses.

Hiring from outside for management positions

Advance policy of bringing in a ton of partime 20-24 hrs instead of a few full time people is done because most gm want make sure they work no more then 40-45 hrs a week, it's all about coverage and them not having to cover shifts themselves when... read more

If things go like 2 year's ago..........

Our last quarter of 2017 is almost here. If things go like 2 year's ago, they will reposition the store templates by reducing the amount of parts pro's. Many are over paid as they stepped down, so above the price caps they changed. Full time... read more

Post disappeared

There was a thread here earlier about possible layoffs heading our way, I don't see it anymore. What happened to it?


New trademark for TRUCKQUEST and WORLDQUEST trademark

AAP needs to focus on new customers

Another note, AAP's fastest growing segment for the past few years have been Hispanic customers and female DIY types. Maybe AAP should cater to those more...and try to continue to grow their historic customer base, they can't because they don't... read more

TG Weather Report

Anybody read the minutes from the earnings conference call? TG actually cited weather as a reason for sales being off. I thought that excuse was reserved for CAM's, but apparently it works at the top as well. (I bet he heard it from a CAM! lol)... read more

Personal Integrity

Seems like a lot of complaints from existing employees (and some independent store owners) on here. If you don't like it leave. You lack integrity if you continue to pull a paycheck or your livelihood yet complain about how bad it is. Man up!

Store level layoffs

More than likely if field leadership is called into meetings, cuts will be at the store level with hours, expenses, extra payroll, stores to close, etc. I wouldn't think these meetings to include field people such as CAMS and other field people since... read more

CQ Independent Stores

Wait until the independent store owners find out what's coming... Stay close to your DC sales manager and AE.

Is Walmart buying Advance Auto Parts?

Is Walmart really buying Advance Auto as there is a ton of rumors about this? Not sure how things will pan out but it looks to me that the management is preparing for a sale - and, Walmart has been shopping quite a bit over last 24 months. I do not... read more

Panic in the trenches

Our genius management team is cutting on the wrong end. I came to work this morning and was told by my GM that the DM said to cut a certain number of hours off the payroll today and from now on. So I was sent home as soon as I got there. Hadn't had a... read more

You need knowledgeable salespeople

The Executives of this company fail to see the importance of having anyone employed that understands the automotive parts market. Only to find employees willing to take the meager amounts of low pay they have managed to offer, and using people... read more

Glad I sold my stock when I quit

I was in accounting at the store support center in Roanoke for 5 years. In those 5 years, despite excellent performance reviews and completing my bachelor's degree in accounting, I was offered zero chance for advancement and only received about a 1%... read more

The Bloodbath Continues

More layoffs are inevitable. Field management being called in for emergency meetings right now. Stock tanking after this mornings results announcement. This ship is now below the waterline!!!! Jump Forest jump!!!!

Moonlighting CAM!

Ran into one of my stores commercial customers out in Overland Pak tonite. He shared with me that his cam was complaining to him about losing his company car, and how he was going to make ends meet after having to buy another car. I defended the... read more

Big Bang

Get ready for the stock earnings report coming out next week. It should send a Big Bang throughout the company. With a 38 million dollar loss in operation capital the stores are being cut to skeleton crews which will do nothing but cause a loss of... read more

Welcome, new GMs!

Well, well, well. Take a look at starting line right now. Just look at the new gm's they are ushering in... In case you haven't noticed, they post this at least once a week..

RVP Terminations

Several former RVPs will be eliminated entirely. One is in the KC area. There are a few more experienced DMs that are being promoted. (at lower compensation)

August layoffs at AAP?

I've heard a few people mention August as a date for the next wave of layoffs, but it seems to all be in the realm of rumors... I've been looking around, and I can't find anything concrete on the issue... Anybody knows if this has any factual bases... read more

Sales Farce

My store has a CAM that is a joke. Never at work before 9am and off by 3pm. No accountability. Tells me all of her time is consumed ny conference calls and getting her calls entered in salesfarce which she says takes 1-2 hours every day. BULL!

AAP Layoffs/Terminations and Merger

As a Worker and as an Executor of 250k+ in Stocks of AAP , Here is the lo down . While D Jackson was the CEO , He was not that great , though he was affiliated with BestBuy he simply rode the wave of people who got on the computer bandwagon so to... read more

Here's the Funny Part....

There are a huge number of employees just milking this cow until it collapses. All the way from corporate to the stores. Some of the DMs and CAMs don't even show up 2-3 days every week! Several have other full time jobs! S---ers!!!!

Cut Hours, Cut Hours, Cut Hours

The management team ( if this is what you want to call them) is doing nothing now but cutting hours to the point customer service s---s in DIY and Commercial. Customers are tired of waiting in line and holding on the phone for long periods of time... read more

How many did AAP lay off in the last few months?

I have been trying to find a number, but I can't seem to come up with anything definitive. Somewhere it says under 500, since there was no WARN notice, but other places are listing 900 and above. Also, do we have any indications of when (we are way... read more

Completely wrong direction

Personally, I think its a damn shame CQ was bought by AAP. I was a service manager for a few shops and my 1st call was CQ. Then AutoZone, never AAP. Now I work for these butt heads and it is pathetic to see that they took a commercial goaled company... read more

The Root of the Problem...Hiring Practices

As a long time member of the auto parts community, the issue with AAP comes down to one common denominator...their hiring practices. Poor hires lead to poor decisions. This is evident from the top down at AAP. Most turnover could be eliminated by... read more

AAP Concept Store

Watch for the new concept store coming soon. No frills - just cheap. Worldpac is involved as well.

Store Hours 24/7

Looks like some of the high traffic locations will have new hours. Open 24/7 and all holidays.

Corporate Leaks

Trumps problem with WH leaks doesn't compare to what is leaking from AAP corporate and showing up on here!

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