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Holiday Layoffs

Nice...start layoffs to coincide with the holidays. Great news to have to tell your family during what should be a happy time of year. Burn in hell you low life’s.

More labor hours being cut....

CDL cut 20 more hours out of the schedule for the week beginning Nov 26th... Under 300 now....lowest in 10 years...Labeled on the schedule as 4th Qt adjustments

Lay off

How where layoffs decided? Do you think handled fairly? A lot people were effected.

Las Vegas stores closing

1 confirmed store closure out of 8 so far!!! But you guys steadily delete the post about the great DM WE HAVE OUT HERE!!! MAYBE THIS WILL REALLY OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
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High FIve Fever!

High fives abound at the corporate offices as people dump their stock as quick as possible. Hilarious to watch.

Advance Advertising Mistake

Over the weekend, I heard our radio ad for Advance promoting battery and wiper installs, code reading, and alternator and starter testing all for free. And a commercial account would want to support us why? No wonder we are heading back to 100%... read more

No more night deliveries to some advance stores

Raleigh dc is stopping night delivery to some Advance stores. Drivers only go when occasional needed item not avail from VA and now they r stopping that. Taking stores off routes but havent told drivers officially yet. Vollume on trucks from raleigh... read more

AAP Stock is starting to rebound!!!!,

Hey great news! AAP Stock is back and things are starting to look good again. We will be releasing our 3rd quarter results November 13th and this will push the stock even higher. Better buy all you can now before it’s to late. Don’t believe all the... read more

Delivery Fleet Elimination.

Delivery vehicles going away 100% at many locations. Contract carriers will be used if available locally. Otherwise reduced to a maximum of 2 vehicles. Coming soon.

The Little Rascals

The Little Rascal's with Alfalfa as CEO could do a better job running this company than our current Board of Directors
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CAM Layoffs Coming?

Overheard in Raleigh that there is discussion about totally eliminating the CAM position as the ROI is not adding up. Too many commercial customers have left to continue floating this position. I would assume this would include the CSM’s and field... read more

IT is the next thing to crash at AAP

So AAP fans did ya know your new interim CIO has no formal IT training - heck he doesn't even have an associates degree. He just gave the service desk manager the job of fixing APEX. If it didn't have such a possible impact to hurt the organization... read more

Board of Directors

Look at our board of directors, not one has any automotive background whatsoever. No wonder stock has lost 50% year to date. They have run off anybody that had any automotive parts background. This company is in trouble. And the board of dummies... read more

Two DCs overlapping same territory?

Why doesn't the Raleigh DC service & deliver nightly to the profitable Advance stores in the Raleigh area? I'm assuming the Roanoke DC (or elsewhere) delivers to those stores because the Raleigh DC serves mainly independents & lower revenue Advance... read more

WORLDPAC & Autoparts International

WorldPac & Autoparts International was left to operate separate from Advance so why did you screw up CARQUEST and consolidate them into Advance stores and lose half of the commercial business from these stores. What a bunch of smarties we have... read more

Running 2 industries from the same box

There seems to be a complete lack of understanding that they are in 2 industries simultaneously: omnichannel retail and commercial parts distribution. Trying to run them both out of the same box under the same brand creates constant tradeoffs that... read more

CQ DC Closing

Heard the Des Moines, IA CQ DC will be closed in 2018. Area will be serviced by Denver, Lakeville, and KC going forward.

Stock hit a new low today!

How low can it go? We will see. Continuing to lose the commercial CARQUEST business they bought. What a bunch of college educated genius we have running this company. The problem is we probably have too much Harvard, Princeton, Yale or even maybe... read more

Current and future layoff information

I am a long time employee in Roanoke I am also on various inter company committees. Surprise, there are no current layoffs and no future layoffs planned. Please rest your mind at ease you all have safe and secure positions with AAP. Now, let’s all... read more

Changes in IT

Looks like the paisley cio of AAP got his walking papers. Who could figure? The man who could not deliver APEX. The man who force the outsourcing of the CQ call center that independents demanded be brought back. The man who wasn't good enough for... read more

Advance continues to lose commercial customers

When a DIY can go online and sign up for speedperks and buy the part cheaper than we are selling it to the commercial customer something is wrong. I've had my commercial customers call me about this multiple times. Their customers are showing them on... read more


Looks like the CAM's will continue to get the shaft. First cars and phones, now a new pay program and mandatory Saturday schedule to work in stores. You guys need to wise up!

Field teammates great things in store q1

Keep your nose to the grind stone and look to work more hours to help with your end of the load. Re stock price. This is the best stock to buy in the market today. You should be buying as much stock as possible. If this means taking a 2nd mortage... read more

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