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Stop telling everybody to leave

Telling people to stop complaining and leave is neither constructive nor fair. Some of us don't have the luxury of just packing up and saying bye-bye to AAP. I can't move due to family reasons, and to say my options are limited where I am would be an... read more

CARQUEST Credibility

It seems like the only people mentioned in these comments that have any auto parts credibility are the ones that came from CARQUEST. So why does Advance not make an effort to retain them? As a store GM, I've seen the CQ guys devastate my commercial... read more

CARQUEST Independent Store Spinoff

Confidential discussions regarding the spinoff of the CQ independent store group to another buying group began yesterday at a location outside of the Roanoke and Raleigh offices. A reliable source indicated a reputable Midwest based auto parts firm... read more

Let us know what's going on!

We need to know what's going on, we're out here trying our best with what we have left to work with, less labor hours and very low inventory in the stores. No one seems to care, we have families to support just like you Greco. I thought these new... read more

Customers are jumping ship

Customer service has gone way down to cutting hours in the stores. Not just commercial but DIY also. Forget commercial because Advance is going to lose most of that anyway due to service and lack of part availability. As a CARQUEST employee who now... read more

WalMart Buying AAP???

Round Two...

Next step is to cut all of the store field staff. Starting with CSM's and CAM's. Plan is to market to the commercial customer with a discount in lieu of representation. The END is near.


Starboard is looking to have the company purchased, end of story. My opinion only, no insider info available. Gut only. God bless us all along the way.

No product confidence

One of the biggest issues with the independents is product confidence. You used to be able to promote lines like WIX filters knowing that the manufacturer had the customers back in the event of suspected product failure. The field representation for... read more

Mass Exodus

I wonder how many employees have quit but have not left yet? It seems there is absolutely zero sense of loyalty to AAP. You have to believe people will exit in droves once they secure suitable new employment.

Another Radical Change?

It seems there is a lot of corporate activity revolving around the independent owners side of the CARQUEST store group. Many owners are unhappy with the perpetual product lineup changes and lack of DC inventory in many parts of the country. Most of... read more

AAP changed drastically

The Sloans ran a family oriented business that you as the employee could plan a career around. If you did well at your job you were looked at when promotions came about. It was nothing to see a GM at a store or DC with 20 plus years with the company... read more

Unattainable targets

I agree with the poster that talked about about store targets being unattainable. I worked in one of the DCs and every year it seemed the criteria by which we were judged would change. One year they had a piece conversion to compensate for items that... read more


Say what you want about the CQ acquisition taking AAP down...but here are some valid observations; Commercial customers respected them. *The vast majority of their team was knowledgeable and experienced. They had long term customer relationships both... read more

Here is why they are laying off.

Here is why they are laying off even if they don't recognize the threat yet.

Memorial Day closing

The company said that in order to honor those who have died and who are serving our country, lthey will close an hour early. How is this an honor? Even July 4th, they closed at 6:00. What a way to celebrate either of these holidays. I will bet that... read more

Management - Decision Making Skills

So many bad business decisions up top. Did any of them get cut? Exactly. This round of layoffs won't be the long term answer they're hoping for. If corporate is so smart how is it that the stock has fallen faster than an anvil being thrown off the... read more

Bogus terminations at Advance Auto Parts

I recently was let go from advance after 4 years, they say because my performance wasn't up to par, but out of 13 stores I was one of three making target. The layoffs were designed to remove the good or high paid. I think advance has made big... read more

AAP is falling behind the competition

Advance lags behind the competition. Here are a few things that I think will personally pave the way for it's downfall. 1) Hiring from the outside with hefty salaries to lure them in which limits opportunities from within. 2) Poor choices from the... read more

Carquest acquisition was a disaster

I left Advance recently, just ahead of these cuts apparently. Agree with other comments, the Carquest acquisition was a disaster - looking back AAP really got nothing from the integration: in my region, at least 75% of the knowledgeable Carquest... read more

Is 475 laid off the final tally?

Not sure if this is the final tally for this month's layoffs, or if we should be expecting more.

AAP Culture

I agree with a lot of these posters. The merger between CQ and AAP was a debacle to say the least. I am also no longer with Advance by my own choosing and to be honest, I haven't been this happy working someplace in a long time. Now that I'm out and... read more

Roanoke Reporter Needs Help -- WFXR Fox

Hello, I am a reporter with WFXR, Fox in Roanoke, and we are doing a story about the layoffs. Might you or anyone else in the Roanoke area be willing to speak with us for our story? We're willing to keep sources anonymous, if needed. If interested... read more

AAP Layoffs

This is not surprising. I am a former employee of Advance Auto Parts from the Roanoke corporate office and left right as everyone was relocating to Raleigh and thank goodness I did then. The decision to purchase CQ was a mistake. AAP had been the... read more

Everyone needs to understand...

I'm retired after 49 years in the wholesale auto parts business. I worked for CARQUEST 14 years. sales. Then came AAP. Retail. Wholesale and Retail can work together. "MindSet" there is a fine line between the two programs. Everyone needs to... read more

Advance Auto Parts Ruled By Wall Street

Advance Auto Parts' main downfall was when they went public and started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Since then the management has been a joke and the real decisions are made by Wall Street. Employees now are nothing more than a number and... read more

Profits from cuts will not last

Your right you can cut your way to profits. It will look good to the stock holders but it isnt something that will sustain itself. The problem is when you go that direction you have employees that wonder whos next. Moral is at a all time low... read more

Reasons ... Get rid of the GOOD

T.G. comes from a 30 year career at Pepsi, where his most recent position was CEO of Frito-Lay North America. Unless the company plans to start selling spark plugs in vending machines it is hard to see how clearly this experience translates. In any... read more

Commercial Parts Business????

Advance claims they are in the commercial business but no one in upper management understands the commercial business! Walk in to any Advance store and order 10 different Heavy Duty belts for a few different over the road trucks with say a Detroit... read more

IDK about the Carquest deal

I understand the whole Carquest / World-Pac purchase & they needed the Import Parts ....But in the Lexington Market the Former Carquest Mngmt ( turned AAP ) ran the WHOLE biz in the ground top to bottom ! PERIOD ! They Wanted to run it all their way... read more

Commercial Business?

Advance claims they are in the commercial business but no one in upper management understands the commercial business! Walk in to any Advance store and order 10 different Heavy Duty belts for a few different over the road trucks with say a Detroit... read more

work in the automotive

I heard about some job opportunities arising in the area of Raleigh in the automotive sector. It's pretty weird that other company in the same market and same state just started a round of layoffs.

All just a number

Everyone is just a #. Next week they will have a whole new set of GM coming out of VA. For 1\3 of the wage. The said thing is after you become GM. There is only 1place to go after that. OUT THE DOOR. Its no w worth the money. They put you on salary... read more

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