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Low end employees

When a company is only willing to offer minimum wage part time positions, they are going to attract low end employees. Advance not doing back ground checks or drug tests anymore was a clear sign the company was only looking to save payroll dollars... read more

What's Up With This?

When emailing earlier I noticed something weird. After the persons email address is has their title, well, I noticed that there are now GM, GM I, GM II, and GM III designations. What does that mean? I would assume it's tied to pay grade but why make... read more

Spreadsheet Auto Parts

The jokes on you, we really don't have any auto parts to sell, only snacks like Snickers and Reese Cups. We enjoy making up b---s--- spreadsheets because that's what we were hired to do!

Spread Sheet Gurus!

What AAP calls sales is actually spread sheet analytics. Everyone keeps posting about never seeing the cams well most of the cam’s time is spent on spreadsheets analytics and conference calls about spreadsheet analytics so it leaves very little time... read more


Advance is all about lie's. They do not care about their people or customers. Cuts being made to boost stock.

Does anyone really believe this BS any more?

"We have identified six Cultural Beliefs that will transform the way we interact with each other and with our Customers. Living these beliefs in our work each day will allow us to drive the results we need to achieve our Mission: Passion for... read more

Another great move for our commercial business

You would think AAP would direct UBER drivers to a commercial customer for service. Maybe even send them to a tech-net shop, but noooo.... Customers are the lifeblood of our business at Advance Auto Parts. As we evolve and grow, we continue to build... read more

AAPs days are numbered

It's impossible to order the correct parts through the home office "special order" team. One said team member has never heard of Raybestos. "How do you spell that?" Are you f---ing kidding me? Or how about Advance Salvage? They have clueless kids... read more

Its your life so live it!

Don't allow someone who has had their dreams killed, to kill yours. Don't allow someone who has accepted their limitations, to limit you.

Why it's quiet around here

It's gotten quiet around here lately because the stupid admins who run this page blocked everyone that was being critical of advance.

Pretty Quiet

Been pretty quiet around here lately.....Everyone must be excitingly waiting the merit

Too little, too late

The executive team at AAP spent half a day at the carquest training center to learn the difference between a commercial customer and a diy customer and the difference between a professional part and a diy part. AAP, a retail company, bought carquest... read more

Lies, Lies and more Lies

This company can't stand for you to tell the truth. Customers want to know why service is bad and you tell them the DM's cutting hours. DM's get upset and tell you don't tell the customer that. Tell them we are managing our payroll. If you look up... read more

Advance & Shrink

It never ceases to amaze me how this company accepts so much shrink with no questions asked. Coming from the CARQUEST side we took pride in our inventory being correct and having positive inventory results. Advance don't seem to even care, maybe its... read more

Things are....GRRRREAAT!!

Yes, because the company announced great earnings. So then, why all the stores closing and layoffs? Oh right, companies LIE! It never crosses anyone's mind that they fudge numbers and outright lie. Amazing, the gullibility and naivete of most people.

Kansas City Market Targeted

KC AAP and CQ stores have been targeted by FMP to finish them off. Weak leadership in KC has opened the door for easy pickings especially when it comes to taking people. Same MO will show up in other markets as well. Thanks McBobo.

We've survived (for now)

And things are looking rosy... We'll drink to that tonight. Do not forget to show up for work tomorrow. Advance Auto Parts Inc. (AAP $116) posted Q4 EPS of $2.49, which included a benefit related to the TCJA, or $0.77 ex-items, versus the expected... read more

High Five Wednesday

Well the high fives are running rampant in Roanoke and Raleigh after the Q4 results announcement. Legacy AAP rookie folks are giddy. CQ legacy professionals are not so optimistic. Recent bombardment of class action lawsuits over alleged false... read more

Here is another law suit

Another shareholder class action law suit

Hostile work environment

I was with AAP for 8 years. Was a store manager for 6 of those years. I was a higher paid GM. After the purge happened my DM was promoted and a new one took over. The new one made my life hell. Numbers we're good, team morale was good, but he didn't... read more

Security Frauds violation

SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Investigates Claims On Behalf of Investors of Advance Auto Parts, Inc. - AAP PR Newswire PR NewswireFebruary 9, 2018 NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pomerantz LLP is investigating claims on behalf of... read more

2 Billion dollars down the drain

Advance purchased CARQUEST for 2 Billion dollars and they might as well throwed the money in a fire pit. They continue to run off the commercial business with lack of service and pricing. We are the laughing stock of the aftermarket business. We must... read more

Why AAP will fail

This link is a long read but well worth the read.

Cutting Fulltime Employees Hours

Over the past 6 months I've had my hours cut every week. As a fulltime employee I've went from 45 hours on the average to 24 hours this week. I understand cutting out the overtime but working a fulltime employee less than 35 hours is insane. Last... read more

Post missing

There was a post here few days ago, and I don't see it anymore? What's up with that?


It’s crazy bonus from the top up nothing below a director in aap gets anything I been with this company 20 years in store set up instead of jobs being Committed it’s outsource taking over this company s---s completely mr wheeler in west va thinks he... read more


The people that came up with and approved this program should quietly resign to preserve some dignity. The entire company at all levels are laughing at this joke of an initiative. BOBO this you dummies! need to find another line of work.

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