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Joining AMD

Hi I have left Intel and joining AMD. Would like to have some suggestions. I am going to stick to my decision n hoping AMD will be one of the best company I will work for.

Risks facing AMD's future

On Intel's "failure" to move to 10nm - Intel is shipping its 10nm chips in Lenovo and NUC computers right now. A patent firm tore one down and wrote a 20 page paper on it, and proclaimed it at least as good as competitors anticipated 7nm... read more

Why would anybody hire somebody from AMD?

I scan dozens of resumes for a well-known semiconductor company and always immediately discard resumes with AMD as their most recent employer. Working for AMD just tells me that person was desperate and working for AMD was their very last choice.

Advanced Micro Devices Layoffs 2018

Can someone share ANY info including rumors you may have, any bit of info, please, especially about layoffs in Sunnyvale.
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Join AMD

Is it a good idea to join amd
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Does anyone have the dimensions for the EPYC socket? Can't find dimensions online yet and working on a workstation design.
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Focus on long-term vision, not your pockets

I am sick and tired of seeing AMD's policies being tailored just to meet the next quarter's demands. There is no long-term vision, just a repeating focus of slashing operating costs (do we even have ANY benefits left?) which has proven completely... read more

Can AMD move into this century, please?

The unwillingness of people who have been with AMD for a while to change with the times is driving me nuts. We are using methodologies that have been outdated ten years ago! And if you dare and suggest we do something differently, you are either... read more

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