Topics regarding layoffs at AECOM Technology Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at AECOM Technology Corp.


OK? It sucks big time! It's all about execs and big fat bonuses, if you work for AECOM you are just a number and you will be used as such. The whole game is rigged so the top executives extract as much money from the company. AECOM's workers... —  read more 


IBM's $2.3bn gloal outsourcing contract with engineering giant Aecom is "a mess", and CIO Tom Peck is "on his way out", according to a source close to the deal. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that they had seen a request to... —  read more 

Powering Down.

AECOM is now in the process of eliminating the Power end of the company (what use to be URS and Washington Group Int.). Three major offices were hit with Voluntary Retirement Package and the next step is lay-offs. We cannot win a contract due to... —  read more 

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former urs/aecom employee

URS/Aecom got rid of their good workers kept butt kissers. I would not recommend working for either company they are RUDE, KNOW-IT-ALL, don't care about employees hire people they like check all the law suites against both companies for hiring... —  read more 

Outsourcing marketing

Maybe they should include marketing in the mix. Should save a lot of money wasted by folks waiting around for a layoff package. Arriving late and leaving early to do personal life matters. They should be ordered back to work in the office like... —  read more 

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The bottom line

The bottom line is that AECOM management cares only about the bottom line, and they will wipe out everything and everyone just in order to make this firm look good on paper, so don't expect they would care about knowledge and experience, nor your... —  read more 

Consulting in general

I've been n the consulting industry for 10 years now and am currently Employed by AECOM. I have worked with several consulting firms over the years. The problem with AECOM is a problem shared by the entire consulting industry. Revenue is paramount... —  read more 

IBM in Renegotiations

So it seems IBM have bit more off than they could chew. Rumour has it they are in Renegotiation with Aecom and the work load. Maybe that means things aren't going to be so bad. but then why would you want to stay in a company that are getting rid of... —  read more 

No input from management

What else is new here? 80 work week in the field, 60 hours in house, no training, expectations to fix things immediately without the proper tools, very poorly managed network and deficient tools to accomplish the job. No input from management, never... —  read more 

More lies from AECOM...

In another twist, AECOM/IBM have now decided that no one from Infrastructure in EMIA are going to IBM, and instead are being made redundant as of 1st July. Yet more lies from the directors of AECOM. Everything they have said since the start of the... —  read more 

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