Topics regarding layoffs at Albany Molecular Research Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Albany Molecular Research Inc.

CURIA Eliminates 401k Match

No option to post about Curia who was formerly known as AMRI. CURIA has eliminated 401k match because they didn't meet their 2022 goal....with no mention of what those goals were. Word has it that there will be massive layoffs if operations don't... — read more 

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No Chemists Layoffs in 2016

No Layoffs for Chemists but... Our Chemists are judged too heavily on 'metrics' - for example, number of rxns run, rxn success %, and so on... Overall, that create some stress and I am not sure if this is the best way to evaluate Chemists. Also, btw... — read more 

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Albany Molecular Research layoffs

Albany Molecular Research provides drug discovery, development and contract research and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They are located in the United States, Europe and Asia. They plan to increase revenues... — read more 

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