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Who tested positive?

Re. Calvin's email yesterday. Anyone else concerned about who tested positive for the CoronaVirus and what location they worked at? We have the right to know if we were exposed!

ready to leave this dump

so for a few days now i goto work, auto in on my phone, and just start to hang up/release calls all day. or i just disconnect my headset but still be on available and see calls coming in lol best days of my life right now.. alliance data stock at... —  read more 

Coronavirus [email protected]

Lots of Ohio call centers sending their employees to [email protected] to ride this thing out. Meanwhile ADS is prepared to wait until the very last minute, probably too late once everyones been exposed to do anything. Protect your employees!

Fellow Ohio Associates

I just heard on the news that all ohio schools will be closed for 3 weeks starting Monday. Your governor announced it. Hold on tight, looks like this will be a rough one. Good luck everyone!


One great thing about working at ads onshore is there is certainly not LARGE CROWDS to contend with. Our site is like walking into a morgue. Of course, all of the air is recirculated, but only a few people in the building.

Corona Virus Update

So Senators are pushing employers to pay for an employees sick leave if they become infected with the Corona Virus. Since ADS already stated you will have to take leave without pay if you don't have PTO, lets see if ADS steps up to the plate on this... —  read more 

Outsourcing Ramping Up

Folks at Easton get ready to pack your bags again possibly by the next earnings call. They have ramped up the hiring for off shore India again, which is a sign for our job replacements.


Why Zack,s and all financial experts suggest to dump stock. They say not stable with all the upper management moves. Also says debt increased 43%. Not paying bills. Hope AD has to pay large late fees due to dodging their debt. Not from me. Go to... —  read more 

Stock going to peanuts

Wish I could see the investors, or what are left, look on their faces as the stock tumbles to peanuts. God will as is going to ruin the company. Not like AD isn't doing a good at it ruining it on their own. Maybe $50 stock this week !!!!!

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Everyone. ..go into your SKYPE and type in Citigroup. You will see 134 Citigroup employees in our SKYPE. At the bottom of the Skype is say " too many Citigroup employees to list. Ask your supervisor to explain this. Dare ya !!! Listen to the... —  read more 


Can you imagine if one of us became infected with the Corona Virus we would still have to come to work due to their sick leave policy.


That doesn't happen at this so called company. I treat people the way they treat me. My leader is, well, not a leader. And isn't very nice. Hopefully things change..

Wayfair leaving

With Wayfair not renewing their contract, how does that impact us going forward? I thought they were really good for us and supposed to be the kind of company we were signing moving forward. If we can’t keep a company we just said was the type of... —  read more 


Can anyone on this page be positive and optimistic or are all of bitter because you didn't make the cut in OCT and DEC?

Stock Decline Question

What does the decrease in stock mean for ADS? This is a serious question, because I really don’t know. I do know that, the lower the stock goes then the lower my 401k funds go. Informative answers only please.

Ads stock have you checked?

Wow its way under 100 now You know what that trandlate into Im sorry for the good folks this has impacted But i dont feel bad for the rotten racists folks at westerville Nasty rotten place. So glad they closed

VS Sale - What does that mean for ADS?

So how will the sale of VS affect ADS? VS is their biggest client and I remember them saying when I worked at ADS, if we loose VS, we are doomed. Will the new buyers keep the partnership?

Westminster closing

When is westminster going to close? People are dropping like flies, they are only offering "stretch" roles, the leadership is poor and not helpful, everyone seems stressed and over worked, it stinks like sh– (literally), the building next door is... —  read more 

They set you up for failure

You can't win either way. They set you up for failure. If an account is eligible for a late fee credit, they should get it. This "negotiation" thing is a bunch of malarky. The customer is not happy with the 15.00 credit so then you get the bad... —  read more 

Oh, folks it's all up to ralphie

It doesn't matter what any single one of us do. Ralphie is in charge. He doesn't give a f*** about us... he needs to make sure his kids stay in Ivy League schools and his pocket is lined. Start facing the real facts here. IT IS OVER. Those of... —  read more 

Stop Complaining

Stop complaining. If you hate your job and the company - LEAVE. If you hate your manager, find a new position. All the people on here b–ch and b–ch and b–ch about how bad the leadership and company is. Stop complaining and do something about it if... —  read more 

Fooling no one.

Real estate people will be visiting and looking at building all week. Some lame excuse I don't even remember. Must think we are dumb.,....but whose dumb management and forecasting got us where we are ..... don't forget greed.

No one really cares anymore.

We aren't a bunch of dogs who will jump up for a slice of of pizza. No one cares anymore. The circle of trust has been broken. Write ups right and left, who cares? And go ahead and tell me maybe this isn't the place for me... that's a blanket... —  read more 

This is the only thing ADS is good for these days

I am just here to build my resume and leave asap. Their loss. I am using them so I have a great resume then leave them hanging. Thanks for the incredible knowledge I take elsewhere. Remember the days when people actually came here to build their... —  read more 

Is this the last nail?

Just got an email today stating how great Bangalore, guadaljara and phillipines are doing and how they're expecting to expand. Nothing said about onshore. Perhaps they're trying to tell us something in code?

Layoffs over?

Well are they or aren’t they over? Are they taking volunteers?

House of Cards

It seems everything is down – income, revenue, head count, facilities, moral. Starting to wonder if I work for a house of cards that is slowly collapsing before my eyes. Thankful I have a job. Feel bad for those that were randomly let go. ... —  read more 


That place deserves a bigger dose of Karma. The people in charge deserve a big big dose of karma.


Alliance Data is a big offender of ageism. It is so hard to prove but they don’t value people anyway but If you are over 55 forget it. They treat you like you are stupid and useless. They need someone to sue them for discrimination.

Watch out for random meetings

Watch out for any random meetings put on your calendar today. This is what happened to over 300 people the day before the earnings call in October who was let go. If you're in a meeting with just a few people (and some from different departments), it... —  read more 

Severance Package

Does anyone know the severance package that was given to the impacted associates? I’ve heard two weeks per years of service... is this accurate? Also, on top of tenure, do they include and PTO for exempt employees? Thanks in advance!

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Les Wexner, the head of L Brands, Inc. is in talks to step down as CEO. This includes Victoria Secret.

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