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Ok has anyone from westerville really check out the Easton location and where youre moving to? I checked it out and other companies are in the building already occupying it There is even an articke in the paper about it So how can 600 be relocated... —  read more 

Brain Drain

Departure of ADS's best employees in IT is really picking up steam. Management really doesn't care. Apparently, they believe a developer from Bangelore can step right in and fill in for a developer who has been with the company for 10+ years. I can't... —  read more 

Layoffs this week

Do not be surprised if there is another round this week. 4th quarter earnings call is on Thursday, first round happened right before 3rd quarter call.

No clients

No clients noticed? After they fired over 300 in the fall of 2019 alone, would you want to do business with them? They pretty much sabatoged their ownselves ..for "peak"season no company would ever deal with them.. not new contracts And that means... —  read more 

M. Miller's Exit Pay

Insider Trading

I've heard rumors that certain leaders and employees that were friends with them, got inside knowledge about impending stock fallout and sold all of their shares right before the share price plummete. Anyone else hear of this?? I hope that's not the... —  read more 

SLT Meeting This Morning

I saw members of the SLT going into a conference room at around 10:20 this morning. In looking at the calendar the room was reserved by TM from 9-2. As of 11:44 they are still in the room. Wonder what they are discussing......

Interesting read Thoughts?

Us New Accounts next??

Anyone else feel new accounts is going to be the next department hit. With this email that came out today about the coming earnings report they mentioned many times that this coming year they are focusing on applications being more seamless and that... —  read more 


Theres no reason in 2020 or 2019 why this company cannot communicate with their employees..we have sooo many resources Fb twitter,linkedin,email, salesforce Skype, instant messenger; 100% NO REASON EMPLOYEES should have to come to the layoff... —  read more 

Next round

What date? What departments? How many people? I need answers, people.

It’s your career. Own it!

Title says it all. All this griping and finger pointing here is not helping anyone out. At the end of the day, you and only you are in control of your career. It’s easy to point fingers at others, I’ve done it. But that isn’t going to solve... —  read more 

i love Alliance

Please please do not talk bad about Alliance. They are my everything. I am confident they will rebound. They are just doing a little re-organizing, just please bear with them. they are trying their hardest. Best place to work for voted, 3 years in... —  read more 


Good job wayfair, great job Sallys.

elaborate heist

from reading the 'official' filings and reports they must file with the government and reports to shareholders, etc. This operation was nothing more than an elaborate HEIST. People need to have criminal charges against them for how they did this... —  read more 


The 2018 annual report basically layed out the blueprint for the future of ads. It also states 2018 was a pivotal yr it sure was Thats when ALLIANCE started moving property into other names. They knew about westerville in 2018 Now.. the first... —  read more 

Comenity/ads continously gets sued

FDIC Announces Settlement with Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank for Deceptive Practices Related to Credit Card Add-On Products now folks youve seen those fictious accxounts and transactions start reporting them Again to FDIC PLEASE!!!... —  read more 

Wake up

Ok.. many companies go through transition When they do they always have the new ceo send an email out introducing themselves and how they want to be apart of the new companies future, what their mission statement is etc. WARNING.. NOTICE YOU... —  read more 


Older posts here predicted that it would be Westerville and Westminster to close. This was voiced by a former employee who was laid off. They didn't pull this information out of thin air! There have been rumblings for months, maybe even years. I... —  read more 

Purpose 2

To the poster that makes numerous post about watching someone make numerous posts GET A LIFE !!!! the layoff board is not owned by Alliance. Im sorry you are scared because you feel you may have alot of answering to do for the money stolen and... —  read more 

Dont Ever Dress up for them again

Now 4 centers will see alot of traffic Notice when thse visitors come they wont send an email saying who they are other than sending you an email saying Make sure you dress up.OK.. NOW WHEN THIS HAPPENS BTW SOME ARE COMING WEDNESDAY TO... —  read more 

150 more layoffs before the end of March

150 more layoffs before the end of March in Ohio Q2-4, they will start working on Westminster After they transition the displaced ones from Westerville, they will be fired after they fulfill their obligation to the City for the tax rebate they... —  read more 

they need an internal audit

that entire place needs an internal audit to be performed it would make you sick the corporate waste but then they blame it on people that have been working with the company too long and call them bottom feeders. they need to do the following:... —  read more 

Like wtf??

Everyone laughed when i said 7.2020, the bathrooms, to refrigerators and look Westerville is shutting down. Wasnt i right many months ago? They thought of their employees as nothing more than DOGS not worthy enough of toilet paper to wipe... —  read more 

Do not dress up

From now on everytime they proclaim to have a "visitor" coming, DO NOT DRESS UP! Look sad just the way they treat you

Thieves in the temple

Didnt prince sing thieves in the temple? Notice other layoff boards No hostility on their boards This board you can tell alot to hide That company is rotten they still rob folks of their dignity They earn money dishonestly and violate many... —  read more 

Be careful what you say on here.

Nothing is truly anonymous, like their surveys. They can pay for anything they want.... so much I would love to say, but have been here too long and have seen too much.

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