Topics regarding layoffs at Alliance Data Systems Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Alliance Data Systems Corp.

Did you work out a notice?

I was offered an opportunity at another company. Not going to bore you with the details but I do have a question. Has anyone who gave noticed actually worked it? If so, were you given more work to do during those 2 weeks? Or were you told your notice... —  read more 

IC Payout/ Bonus

Salaried employees are supposed to hear what they’re getting for an IC payout today. My leader hasn’t heard anything or if we even hit our “goals” yet, anyone hear anything yet? Good news or bad compared to 2019 or earlier?

Severance package

Will there be any changes made to our severance package for the next year? I've noticed that many other companies have reduced severance (some have even just stopped offering it) and that got me worried that we might be looking at something similar... —  read more 

Adios Alliance

Looks like it’s curtains for the San Antonio CPC. Not sure what will become of us but the writing is definitely on the wall. Been saying this since Andretta took over and figured it was just a matter of time. Think Alliance cares about you? Think... —  read more 


Heard through some sources of an old project called ZeaMays Everta. Wondering is anyone else has heard this. I believe it was heavily tied to security and management. And was quite popping when it was active. Maybe to butter up potential clients... —  read more 

SLT communication gap

Talk about lack of communication. We have decided to move our processing to FIserv. We have no plan on what we will do after this transition. Does that make you want to stay. If you stay with us you can get layed off when we no longer need you... —  read more 

Does anybody know more?

Layoffs are coming - but that's sadly the only thing we know so far. I wish we had more transparent leadership that would let us know what's going on but since that's not happening any time soon, is there anybody here who knows more about coming... —  read more 

Why do you stay at ADS?

I know very few people who are actually happy here (me included) so I have to ask, what's the reason that's keeping you here? For me, it's that I waited for too long to start looking for a new job and now that I am, the pandemic has messed up the job... —  read more 

Next Stap

Alliance Data is planning on selling its computer system to a 3rd party and the I.T. and Reynoldsburg site is going to close. So expect another round of lay offs. The infrastructure is old, and out dated. So it's coming.

Dear coworkers

Please watch the movie “Sorry to Bother You”...and think about what all that is going on now with the pandemic, loss of healthcare coverage for those jobless, evictions coming, USPS, fight for racial justice, rise of authoritarianism, etc.

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Heard from a reliable source that the Broad Center location is being subleased by the State of Ohio and most of the associates at that location will be moving to Easton by October 1st. Don't know if this means layoffs or how this effects the Easton... —  read more 

L Brands-Scary

L Brands announced Tuesday it will lay off around 850 employees, 15% of its home office workforce. The layoffs are part of measures the company hopes will reduce costs by $400 million each year. Approximately $175 million of savings are... —  read more 


Today I am totally disgusted with ADS. It does not matter what happened but I am really sick of the disrespect that some of us receive from this place. This has nothing to do with Ralph who has proven to be a wonderful leader. It has to do with... —  read more 

M.ilford security let go.

The last of M.ilfords in office security team was let go today. Also informed there will be no new location. Doesn't sound good for the current work at home people from that site with no support center being in place.

ready to leave this dump

so for a few days now i goto work, auto in on my phone, and just start to hang up/release calls all day. or i just disconnect my headset but still be on available and see calls coming in lol best days of my life right now.. alliance data stock at... —  read more 

Coronavirus W@H

Lots of Ohio call centers sending their employees to W@H to ride this thing out. Meanwhile ADS is prepared to wait until the very last minute, probably too late once everyones been exposed to do anything. Protect your employees!

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Fellow Ohio Associates

I just heard on the news that all ohio schools will be closed for 3 weeks starting Monday. Your governor announced it. Hold on tight, looks like this will be a rough one. Good luck everyone!


One great thing about working at ads onshore is there is certainly not LARGE CROWDS to contend with. Our site is like walking into a morgue. Of course, all of the air is recirculated, but only a few people in the building.

Corona Virus Update

So Senators are pushing employers to pay for an employees sick leave if they become infected with the Corona Virus. Since ADS already stated you will have to take leave without pay if you don't have PTO, lets see if ADS steps up to the plate on this... —  read more 


Why Zack,s and all financial experts suggest to dump stock. They say not stable with all the upper management moves. Also says debt increased 43%. Not paying bills. Hope AD has to pay large late fees due to dodging their debt. Not from me. Go to... —  read more 

Stock going to peanuts

Wish I could see the investors, or what are left, look on their faces as the stock tumbles to peanuts. God will as is going to ruin the company. Not like AD isn't doing a good at it ruining it on their own. Maybe $50 stock this week !!!!!


Everyone. ..go into your SKYPE and type in Citigroup. You will see 134 Citigroup employees in our SKYPE. At the bottom of the Skype is say " too many Citigroup employees to list. Ask your supervisor to explain this. Dare ya !!! Listen to the... —  read more 

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