Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Update on morning meeting.

I have been busy since our 11am meeting this morning that I referenced in the thread below. There were no layoffs to announce however 45 of us auto adjusters are being repurposed and moved to roles in the CCC and will report to the CCC as of Monday... —  read more 

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Returning laptop

Been gone for 5 months now, and still no word on returning my monitor and laptop. When do they usually reach out? Could they just be so unorganized that they don’t know what equipment I have??

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Not trying to repair the damage?

Does it seem to you that this company is not doing anything to repair the damage caused by poorly made moves? It's sometimes fascinating to me that Allstate isn't doing much about it. Even if they try sometimes, it obviously doesn't work out the... —  read more 

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Running on auto pilot

Anyone else on autopilot mode? I used to wake up dreading the workday and after a while I lost all motivation to work. Now I only work the bare minimum. There is no longer any hope that Allstate can motivate employees to be more engaged. As for me... —  read more 

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Nat Gen/ Encompass

If you were apart of the Nat Gen/ Encompass Town hall meeting last week- if you read between all of the vagueness that was given- you can tell there will be major changes coming that way. Even though we are very short handed- many will be let go... —  read more 

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Whose work should be a priority?

Whenever someone leaves, their job is transferred to the rest of us. That way I now do work for several people. It becomes unclear which job should be a priority, whether I should continue to be the most dedicated to my job or whether the priority... —  read more 

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This company is doing everything as sneaky as possible to make adjusters quit. Tremendous file load, processes, and short staffing. Obviously, they want all to leave so they can ramp up India adjusters. What a mess

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Food for thought

This is for those who have remained loyal to the company. I’m going to tell you what someone told me a long time ago before he was laid off. If the company doesn’t care then why should you? Let that sink in for a minute. Misplaced loyalty won’t... —  read more 

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State Farm is hiring 1,500

State Farm Insurance announced plans May 11 to hire more than 1,500 claims employees, with many of those positions to be based at the company's regional hub in the CityLine development in Richardson. Due to record growth for the company, State... —  read more 

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Saying prayers for everybody

This job is horrible and all of you deserve so much better. I pray that everybody is able to find a job somewhere else and leave this horrendous place behind. There are a lot of employers that treat their employees with dignity and respect. I found... —  read more 

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Nothing will change

For as long as there are suckers who are willing to join Allstate for miserable pay and no benefits, we will see no changes. No matter how many people quit, for as long as they can find replacements they're not going to attempt to improve working... —  read more 

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Dinner with Eric Brandt or Glenn

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have dinner with one of these guys as a front line employee and explain to them from a first hand prospective what changes need to be made!? The roadshows were one good thing Eric did at Esurance.

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Something to think about

I know so many of you have never been laid off before. I know you are worried about layoffs and what they might mean for you and your family. So take it from somebody who has been through not one, not two, but three layoffs in his nearly four-decades... —  read more 

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Don't wait!

I wasted nearly five years of my life at this company. Five years under a horrible manager with no management skills, five years of unrealistic goals, and five years of poisonous team dynamics. When it started affecting my health, I realized it was... —  read more 

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Silver linings

I was upset getting the VTO a few weeks back because I felt it was unwarranted as I do very good work. All it did was push me to immediately look for a new position and I have already gotten an offer with much better pay. I will gladly be accepting... —  read more 

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Layoffs in May?

Last year, about this time we had a few smaller waves of layoffs but when combined a lot of people lost their jobs. This year at the beginning of may a few people got laid off. Could we be looking at the same pattern of cutting employees without... —  read more 

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How are these people still here?

Do you know of any other company where people have been employed for more than five years (in some cases even double that) and they still don't know how to do their work? And not only that, they have survived every layoff in that period and they... —  read more 

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Allstate stock

Would be curious as to how many visit this site and gripe about horrible conditions….have Allstate stock in their 401k. Up over 30% in a year, you can’t have it both ways

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