Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

TW retinggton 9-1-23

Article on Forbes online from 10:30 states rumours are circulating that TW will be stepping down as Allstate CEO on 9-1-23 and a woman I’ve never heard of will be taking over. Smart move by TW getting out soon as stock is dropping fast and employees... —  read more 

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Remember the old ads

The old Sears ads said, “Kenmore..solid as Sears.” Remember??? The Allstate marketing team should make use of it now… “Allstate….solid as Sears.” If they did, Allstate ads would actually speak to the truth of the current situation… Tommy Wilson….a... —  read more 

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Allstates pricing scheme

Another state is standing up to Allstates pricing shell game to overcharge loyal customers in order to drive retention by charging lower prices to higher risk… “Michigan regulators are asking insurance giant Allstate pointed questions about its car... —  read more 

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Welcome Terrance

I would like to welcome the newest contributor to The Layoff Allstate Insurance, Mr. Terrance Williams. Mr. Williams was canned on 5/23. We are still waiting for Allstate to announce his retirement. But we know the truth, you were kicked off the... —  read more 

Current stock

This sh-t show of a company is only as good its it’s leader. It’s lead by a Chicago Sc-mbag CEO. What do you expect…. Stock prices taking a huge decline! Record loss last year & 1st quarter,,, soon to have record loss for 2nd quarter. I see... —  read more 

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Everyone has given up

I do not know one person including leadership that takes anything they do seriously and no one has any ambition to try and fix this company. Everyone I know and myself are just going through the motions to get that green every two weeks. We know we... —  read more 

Fox Business on Sunday

…….so the Fox Business show on Sunday listed the different vendors which Allstate is utilizing, there are 3 of them. All 3 are doing the same thing, offering to re-badge employees of Allstate with the “guarantee” of at least 6 months of full time... —  read more 

Transformative Growth

Let’s try to be real on this crybaby site for once. Transformative Growth was announced about 4 years ago. It was pitched to lower the expense ratio to make the auto product more competitive and make up market share differential with Geico and... —  read more 

Mario Meeting Highlights

Deflections. A big lack of seriousness all while almost mockingly teasing cost cutting and "transformation" which we all know what that eventually means. This guys is such a stooge so far out of his league. Pretty sad when this goober makes you kind... —  read more 

Letter arrived

So my Concentrix letter came in the mail yesterday……I am being offered a job at the same salary but with no job title? It states they are evaluating all roles and will place me where they feel I am needed. They also state since I am being offered a... —  read more 


Has anyone been given any official notice of this happening? Does anyone know what areas this be hitting? Other than here, I haven’t heard anyone talking about it.

Non Renewals

With June 1st just 3 weeks away, can anyone provide additional info on underwritings previous comments of 30-40%. Will agents be notified? Is this only certain states?

Depressing workplace

It's become really depressing to work here. I get the impression that none of my colleagues care anymore and everyone is doing the bare minimum while looking for other opportunities. At the same time, despite everything, I still love my job and... —  read more 

Blaming the inflation

The leadership here never takes responsibility for their stupid decisions and we are used to that. However, when they blame inflation for bad results, they should be aware that people will eventually start asking how come inflation affects... —  read more 

Allstate is in trouble

Progressive, Geico, State Farm, and Liberty Mutual were all profitable with their most recent earnings. Allstate leadership is running a once great company into the ground. Allstate is outsourcing many employees to vendors and still is bleeding... —  read more 

Allstate stock

Interested piece on Fox Business this morning where they listed Allstate stock as one of the 5 worst performers in 2023. The stock value has dropped 42% since last October and they predicted it will continue to decline throughout the rest of the... —  read more 

What are we doing here???

Can someone explain how vendors inspecting losses multiple times, higher supplement activity than ever, and still paying a licensed adjuster to settle claims saves money vs just sending an adjuster to get it right the first time??? Damn sure doesn’t... —  read more 

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