Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

The beginning of the end

The announcement that signaled the beginning of the end for Allstate employees: NORTHBROOK, Ill., March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Allstate Insurance Company today announced that Glenn Shapiro is joining Allstate as executive vice president, Claims... —  read more 

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Communication breakdown

My boss was let go. I'm actually happy to see him held accountable for being terrible at his job. My complaint is that instead of a call or IM letting any of us know we would be reporting to someone else, leadership sends out an email to tell us... —  read more 

Mixed feelings

I feel anxious about the possibility that one day they might tell me I'm not needed here anymore because I'm no longer a young employee who can easily find a good, stable job elsewhere. On the other hand, getting cut might be a great relief for me... —  read more 

Tom does care

If you were his friend or family member in real life and your were struggling financially, he would be the first to help you out. Also, if your son or daughter was getting married, and you couldn’t afford it, he would probably volunteer to pickup... —  read more 

Don't quit!

Sometimes I wonder if management has found this page and is posting some of the stuff that's encouraging people to leave on their own. The only one who would benefit from that is the company. They save on severance if you walk away on your own. The... —  read more 

Disgusting and sick

Billions (yes that is billions) of dollars has been wasted in paper transactions to make the stock look better. Money that could have been used to benefit policyholders and employees being spent for NOTHING!!! As this recession hits, Allstate stock... —  read more 

The whip is coming out

You Allstate claims employees better be ready… After looking at the terrible numbers announced today, you gonna be huddling all day and your leader is typing your UN as I type this post… No severance coming….just a humiliating and disrespectful end... —  read more 


BI Adjuster here. I feel like Big Blue is sending a strong message with the new metrics they came out with, which are almost unobtainable. I'm talking about closure rates and the reduced amount of time you have to work a demand. These new... —  read more 

Don't wait for severance

I know many who hoped and still hope to be paid to leave. However, it seems to me that there will be no severance pay here for a long time? For now, Allstate has found a way to get rid of employees without giving them a package. No sense in wasting... —  read more 

What now?

Before I left in March 2022, my CSL hinted many more changes were coming. I already knew it was time to jump ship as the BI job I had barely resembled the job I was hired for. I know benefits were ransacked, processes were constantly changing, and... —  read more 

Do yourself a favor

If anybody who is considering joining (since I know we're hiring right now) is reading this, this is a warning aimed directly at you. If you care about having any dignity, walk away before it's too late. Allstate and its management will treat you... —  read more 

Sending jobs overseas

Allstate's drive to cut costs and maximize profits by outsourcing labor overseas is somehow understandable. It doesn't suit me, but it's clear to me why companies do it. Admittedly, to me all this looks like the leaders didn’t know what to do and in... —  read more 

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