Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Things will never improve

And you know why? Because anybody who tries to change things for the better, proposes we do something differently, or offers an innovative suggestion gets ignored at best, laughed at, or penalized at worst. Thinking is not welcomed here. Allstate... —  read more 

Kronos is a nightmare

Kronos and timekeeping have shown their true Colors. As an hourly employee, I have to log in Kronos and since it’s rollout, I have SEVERAL email to casualty time keeping with regards to Kronos’s discrepancies. Well, for the second time, I received a... —  read more 

Losing policies

In 2020 both State Farm and Progressive set growth records. Allstate on the other hand is a sinking ship that can’t get its act together with the highest rates and poor service. Morale amongst agency force is at its lowest point.

Does anyone know

What happens if you don’t sign off on the performance review in talentconnection because you don’t agree? _ I inquired about this but no one knew how to give me a precise answer, and now I see that someone else inquired about this situation on... —  read more 

No severance

It is looking like the next rounds of layoffs will be without any severance as Covid is calming down. This has leaked out from leadership announcements.... Looking at the “Allstate India” video with employee trips, ping pong tables in the offices... —  read more 

I regret quitting

I see people often ask others if they regret quitting, and I can tell you I don't regret anything more than walking out on my job. But I'm not talking about Allstate, but my old company. I came here five years ago thinking I was making a good... —  read more 

Laptop return

Allstate still has not contacted me about laptop return, and the survey they sent me regarding what technology I have doesn’t work. How are we supposed to even handle this. ASKHR said they do not know.

Golden years

What a gloomy situation it is now and I don’t even remember the times anymore when I was happy to work here and felt that my job was stable, when I didn’t have to think every day about layoffs and the injustice that happens. A question for those who... —  read more 


I really pray I get let go I can’t go on with this I use to love Wolof king for this company now I just want to get ran over by a train to end it

Who’s next

Will those who were told they will be full time work from home be the next ones to be layed off ? It seems inevitable that departments such as express will be outsourced to India

AskHR hold time

I’ve been trying to get someone on the phone at AskHR and I’ve literally been on hold for 2 plus hours. What is the best way around this. How is TWO HOURS on hold even freaking possible. Even AT&T isn’t that bad.

Allstate Dividend

The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) board of directors has approved a quarterly dividend of $0.81 cents on each outstanding share of the corporation’s common stock, payable in cash on April 1, 2021, to stockholders of record at the close of business... —  read more 

Coming Back....for fun!

I'm baaaack! I got word today that I have been hired back to this cesspool. I have a good amount of money saved up and a recent decent inheritance I really don't have to go back to work for some time, a few years even. But decided after discussing it... —  read more 


I love that Allstate’s idea of a raise is 2.30%, that’s not even enough to keep up with cost of living. Especially if ‘expected’ level in all business goals.

Love it

I love how they shove all the claims down our throat we get a week or so behind what do they do .... keep piling it on how can a person have 30 pending inspections Im messages ever 30 seconds phone ringing every minute group huddles everyday to add... —  read more 


I wonder how All State and their systems affiliates and vendors is involved with the global China Digital Silk Road efforts and blockchain

Layoff in pandemic

How does Allstate reward it's loyal and hard working employees? By laying off thousands in a global pandemic and outsourcing jobs to India despite being very profitable and having excellent quarters

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