Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

LOL, just lol at Allstate

Laying off thousands of people from all departments and TW telling the news it’s due to low claim count. I giggle with glee every time so see the THOUSNADS of claims rolling in with no one to work them! There is nothing they can do, there is nowhere... —  read more 

Last Day for RIF Employees

Nov 28 is the last day for some of us, it has gotten here so fast. So with that being said, good luck in your future endeavors to everyone who was impacted. Keep going and don’t look back! Take the knowledge you have and let your talents shine. All... —  read more 

Severance retracted?

Heard some folks were told by HR last week that severance was retracted for some since their old roles were reposted and available and that they needed to re-apply for returning. This seems completely wrong and contrary to the information (although... —  read more 

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Truth must come out

As a front line employee I can assure you all that a reckoning is coming for this company. I have been accumulating data on hours worked (which is grossly abused by ALL) along with current practices that the company is using to intentionally lessen... —  read more 

Happy Thanksgiving !

Well this Thanksgiving Allstate is lining up its faithful employees and just like they had done for last 30 years .Not to hand you a turkey and wish you Happy Thanksgiving its to cut our heads off .

Severance is a Gift

First of all, it s—s that this is not the first time Allstate has laid off people during the holidays. My heart goes out to all of you experiencing it. I have been laid off before (not by Allstate) and if was a great experience even with the job... —  read more 

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Cobra and exit paperwork

Next week is my final week. When is HR providing exit paperwork? It’s hard to elect Cobra if they are not notifying employees of the costs etc. Has anyone getting laid off next week received any correspondence other than the info. emailed weeks ago? —  read more 

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All about the $$$$

We had an employee in our department with the last two years with inconsistent but they actually let the highest paid people who were top performers go. They kept the inconsistent employee because they were the least paid.

Life Goes on Post Allstate

After 25+ years I was let go by Allstate. This was a couple years back. I went through many of the same emotions as many of you and feel I have " earned " the right to make this comment. Its amazing how much of my self worth and pride was tied up in... —  read more 

Severance Issues

Last day was 9/25/20. Severance still not received so contacted HR for status since bills are behind and piling up. Should have by 11/25/20 per contract signed by myself AND Allstate. HR rep said I should have received. Explained my peers and I have... —  read more 

The real reason....

The real reason you were let go. You've been here 20-30+ years and are still doing the same job you were doing 5 years ago. If your still doing the same job you were doing 5 years ago, you are no longer relevant and competitive for the company. Oh... —  read more 

Human Resources

Does anyone else think that allstate Human Resources is just a I’ve seen some of the most unethical stuff happen in HR with punishment handed down. I’ve seen qualified people people get looked over for jobs that can do in their sleep because... —  read more 

Allstate Plugs

These pro-Allstate plugs have no business coming here trying to make excuses for these horrible layoffs that company itself said did not need to happen now. This was nothing but corporate greed to satisfy the fat cat executives and shareholders. They... —  read more 

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Rude Comments

Listen everyone is affected by the changes Allstate has made. There is no need for the rudeness when an employee has been selected for the RIF. To the people on this platform that replies on others frustration, have some empathy, because it could be... —  read more 

Sickened by job posting

I was part of the RIF. Is anyone else sickened and totally frustrated by the continued job postings put up everyday on the Allstate site for job positions that just let go. Of course at an extremely lower job category. Most are posted at A level... —  read more 

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