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Retirement check up.

Did everyone get retirement “check-up” papers in the mail? I don’t ever remember getting these before. Is it something they do every year? Or is it a sign!? Lol!

Pat presidents

What would they think of the current state of affairs? Would they likely approve or disapprove of so many major companies such as Allstate turning their backs on American workers in favor of foreign slave labor in countries like India and China? Is... —  read more 

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Culture of snitches

Is your department actively encouraging employees to snitch on one another? A few friends from other departments have told me their bosses are telling them to throw other employees under the bus if they see them not following the very murky obscure... —  read more 

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New ads

Did anyone else watch the two new commercials and feel that they were absolutely awful? Is this the campaign that is supposed to compete with Geicos ads. I tried to watch them with an open mind but I thought it was the worst Allstate ads I have... —  read more 

Why should we care?

Why should we care about Allstate when all the company cares about are profits and executive bonuses instead of their employees? I remember a time when Allstate treated us with respect and encouraged us to strengthen co-worker relationships with... —  read more 

Director and above

Isn’t it amazing that everyone titled director or above In claims found a safe place to land?? Their jobs were all safe unless they chose to retire... I guess it pays to be someone who is not a “grunt.”

I have a solution...

In 2017, Tom Wilson’s salary alone was listed as 17.1 million dollars. So, give me his job and a salary of $500,000. Right there, I just saved Allstate 16.6 million dollars. I’ll use that money to retain as much staff as that allows. As a bonus, I’ll... —  read more 

Cuts in 2021

There are now already position cuts and layoffs planned for 2021 after this round. Broad numbers are being given to managers for next year as in cut 100 positions in your department in 2021 and it's up to them to determine out of that 100 who leaves... —  read more 

Health stress/FMLA

Is there a way to get stress leave through fmla. This whole situation has literally but me in a spot where I’m too overwhelmed to do the job, as I’m sure it has for many. Anyone know the ends and outs of that process?

Why is Allstate not #1

Few important reason why Allstate is not & will never be #1 First & for most, the CEO is highly over paid, more than 8 times any other CEO...... The rest of the top leaders are also highly overpaid... Allstate has so much dead weight EVPs!... —  read more 

Allstate dropped the ball

I have been with Allstate over 4 years and up until recently it has always been an excellent place to work. I understand that Allstate wants to be #1 in insurance but they have completely mishandled the layoffs. I respect they are being honest with... —  read more 

Bleak outlook

I’ve been with the company since January, completed training in Feb and went remote in March. I feel like I didn’t really get a chance to acclimate to the processes before we were required to WFH. Ever since layoffs were announced I’ve just felt so... —  read more 

Layoffs- LDU?

Anyone receive info on whether you’re staying or getting laid off in LDU? I took my assessment in the beginning of August and haven’t heard a word.

New timekeeping system.

A new babysitting service? Another way to micromanage? It will probably keep us chained to our desks. Have to account for every second now! Please just lay me off and be done with it! I do t want to work for a company like this!

Jut an FYI

I know a lot of people are worried about what's to come, but take it from somebody who has already been laid off - there are many companies out there doing much more interesting work that offer better pay, benefits, and most importantly work... —  read more 


According to a report by the American Association for Justice, Allstate is the worst insurance company in America. ... According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, complaints filed against Allstate are greater in number than... —  read more 

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