Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Dinner and Drinks with Wilson

If you could have dinner and drinks at a 5 star Chicago steakhouse, and then go to a scotch bar after to discuss your career, would anyone here really turn that opportunity down!? I think the answer is NO

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Nepotism at its finest

Learning from a colleague that someone who bragged on social media about storming the capital was just promoted to a manager position. WOW Good luck to that team.

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Who would have ever thought

That things were so much better with the diasater that was Glenn Shapiro. Mario Rizzo is actually many times worse as unbelievable as it is to fathom. We would have better leadership and vision from peat moss than we do right now.

$310 Million LOSS for Q4

Skip tomorrow’s meeting where Tommy and Mario spin the losses. Tommy’s script is already published with the filings. Allstate also LOST money for the entire year of 2022.

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Any new info...?

Does anyone know what areas are being eliminated, outsourced, or reduced? I've seen posts about RMBC, ASIC, claims, but haven't seen much about other areas.

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Claims posts on LinkedIn

I have noticed a recent upsurge in LinkedIn posts touting courses completed, continuing education. These are fluffy courses about planning your day or office conflicts. The Allstate posters are ECs or QA people. Are there rumblings about layoffs in... —  read more 

Stock buyout

Forbes online on Saturday had an entry saying AState will be announcing a stock buyout at approx 75/share which means they want to eliminate stockholders to allow the company to be more easily sold............DUMP YOUR STOCK QUICK!!

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Sale coming

News outlets in the Illinois area are stating Allstate is in "aggressive" talks with another insurer to sell their book of business by YE of 2023 if not sooner.......Geico, Progressive, any guesses which one is soon to own Allstate?

Next week will be 6 months since they made announcement in RMBC and ASIC we were having layoffs and still no update

I think it should be illegal what senior management is doing by lying and acting like they have no idea who or when layoffs will be. However, they sure have new training classes in the Philippines lined up. It's one thing for allstate to want to get... —  read more 

No positive changes

I haven't seen any positive changes here for a long time. Perhaps there were some that I am not aware of, and if so, someone please remind me what those positive things are. I'm getting sick of working in a company where I'm just waiting for... —  read more 

Layoffs announced on 1-20

.............we all knew what was coming, H/O advised employees based out of IL that layoffs will begin on 6-1-23, no confirmed # other than 1/3 will be "eliminated" and receive severance buy out offers in the next 90 days

Another loss for the snake

Allstate is on pace for another loss…. It is no joke that this is Sears 2.0. But the good news is that this deficient board will still give Tommy his bonuses… Ironically watching Allsnake is like watching a car crash in slow motion…

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