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Capitol MCO in Roseville

Allstate will close the Capital MCO in Roseville, California and employees will be laid off, retirement or some transferred to Arizona. Office closes in March 2019

More layoffs soon?

I've heard more cuts might be coming to Allstate very soon. I have no idea what soon entails, though, and was hoping somebody here might know more?

Severance details

Hi, can anyone that has actually received severance give the details? I've heard you officially stay on the payroll for 60 days, and then receive 2 weeks for every year of employment. The 2 weeks are in the severance plan, but nowhere does it mention... read more

This will not work long term

Allstate has been making sure to lay off older employees who earn more and replace them with younger people with no experience and barely any knowledge - which is great for savings I guess, but it's not doing any favors for the company long term. You... read more

Fire - Claims Service Consultant is MIA

I am looking to get in contact with management for the Allstate Claims Service Consultants in California. I am at a dead end. Our family has lost their home in a fire and the consultant has been MIA for 3 weeks. Not returning calls to anybody. I came... read more

Employees are expendable for Allstate

I suppose Allstate is not the worst place to work, but it’s definitely the worst place to work from all the big companies in the business. I've worked for a couple of other insurance companies and I have never seen a place where people are more... read more

More layoffs?

ATSV definitely will have major cuts and jobs moving to Northern Ireland and India. They are looking at huge cuts in budget to fund some pet projects with little ROI. Has anyone done ROI on Compozed? Relocation strategy will also add to people losing... read more

Allstate - a company on decline

Don't drink koolaid, reason we dropped to 4th in market share and caused this panic (omg Flo from Progressive has surpassed us!) is because of poor leadership. Open enrollment benefits cut salaries frozen : hey! Could you focus on selling contracts... read more

2019 DPA trip

Once you relocate to Arizona you can win the 2019 DPA trip in.........ARIZONA (Scottsdale). That gave me a good laugh!

Unannounced RIF in ATSV last week

Typical of Allstate, a reduction in force within Technology Services, especially Northbrook, and cowards do not announce it - this is the state of Allstate today - a lack of transparency from the CEO, CIO, VPs and Directors. And they wonder why their... read more

Will we be the victims of new technologies?

An interesting interview with the CEO, no doubt, but at the same time it got me wondering how these new technologies are gonna affect the workers. I agree that the insurance business comes down to gathering data and assessing the risk, and it's... read more

As I am sure it’s no surprise

Roseville, CA got their notice today. 6 months to “ clean up “ what the newbies can’t manage to do. March 2019 Allstate in Roseville will be gone!

Lease up February 2019

Roseville office lease available online, states the office will be available February 01,2019 ...possible end of the year lay offs? Allstate is all about being “ transparent” but lack the communication.

Emails are flowing

Several emails from AVP level down are flowing - with some dates and confirmed locations(Irving, Charlotte & Phoenix "area". Nothing shocking or unexpected. Of the 3 I read, they all basically use the same language - in at least one paragraph, they... read more


Effective 8/20 claims and admin have divided US into three regions: SW ie Chandler or Dallas, E ie NC, and Midwest which seems based out FL? IL lumped in huge western division and as others pointed out Northbrook is done so start looking HO fellow... read more

Where to go?

I'd like to start looking for a new job, but I'm honestly not sure where to even start. It looks like most of the industry is in the same position as we are. It's so easy for people on this board to say "if you are not happy than leave," but where do... read more

State Farm and Allstate Merging?

Very strange when you look at the comments on the State Farm Layoff board. They are doing exactly the same thing we are with respect to huddle boards and restructuring. The layoffs are coming fast over there. I didn’t even realize we are mirroring... read more

Were there layoffs yesterday or not?

I haven't heard of any and I think over 160 people can't be covered up just like that. Did I miss something or was the post about layoffs from yesterday false?

Calling all the clean up crew

Does Allstate have a handle on things? Employees seem to be dropping like flies in CA, while others are here cleaning up the ABO’s awesome work. Let’s move past the “ you can leave “ comments while it’s not the cards for everyone. Long time employees... read more

Recipe for failure

Willow Plaza is scheduled to close end of this year or Q1 2019. Large groups moving out of Willow this month. Hiring is almost at a standstill in Northbrook. In this very tight job market, Allstate is losing highly skilled labor at a high rate... read more


Definitely something is percolating in Northbrook. Several management people have left and they aren’t being replaced. Sorry but good management esp in middle of filled with junk jobs that produce no premiums or control costs. HR diversity... read more

digital claim file

We were told in my office that digital claim file has been pushed out a year. Also, I still have tons of paper coming to my desk, along with an uptick of review image doc tasks. Wonder when we'll start getting gigged by the QA team on not marking... read more

Allstate technology

Allstate technology is notorious for moving slow on anything they do. In fact, one of Suren’s goals is to change this practice by instituting ways to expedite tasks. With this in mind, I don’t see any major relocations happening any time soon. Sure... read more

Incoming changes

Willow will be closed by 1st quarter 2019 - 800 people but only 500 moving to North or South No more downtown openings (or very limited) to kind of make people hopefully move out of state You will either move to Irving or Charlotte or will lose job... read more

No layoffs

"There are no layoffs in foreseeable future" bwahahahaha. Ok Tommy and Glen. Hope for best plan for worst and ignore mgt communications they are worthless for the strategic planning of a line employee. It's fact and not going to debate mgt troll... read more


Very sad. California commercial leases are so expensive. Additionally, auto claims in the state have been a losing proposition for years now. Many businesses are moving to other states which are business friendly, such as Arizona. If possible, get... read more


South Barrington office - demolished Household office complex - demolished Life building - empty for long time but allstate pays for heating, cooling and etc Willow - 80% empty Apcc - will be closed by 2019 Options A - move remaining force to life... read more

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