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Major layoffs at Allstate yesterday?

Rumor going around today that 500 no -exempt people were let go without any package. This is across the company not in any one specific location Can anybody provide more info on these layoffs? Is this the start of something bigger or was... —  read more 

Future of Encompass

While Allstate and Encompass resources are being combined for the independent agent market, what does that mean and what will the business model look like?

Resume Advice

Every employee is encouraged to have an internal resume via TC. Take that same resume, tweak for external environment. It is a reality if you can’t relocate to where Allstate jobs are being offered, you must seek external opportunities.

I have a feeling...

I feel weird energy in this place today. Something is going on. And whenever they send out a CI survey, something happens. Anyone?

What motivated you to finally quit your job?

I've been considering it lately but I'm still scared. I can easily find a new job but there is never a guarantee that it'll be better than here. So I'm asking people who actually made that decision and quit, what motivated you to do it? What was... —  read more 

Who controls Allstate?

Seriously. who is it that could possibly be so cunning,deceitful, greedy, and selfish that they think it is a o.k. To screw over so many loyal employees AND Americans like they do? Wut they r doing may be legal I am not sure but what I do know is it... —  read more 

Prepare to be in the market for a new job

It’s inevitable that deep cuts and layoffs are going to occur in Northbrook and the regional offices. Allstate is plagued with a higher cost structure versus its formidable competitors. And being a publicly traded company versus a mutual means... —  read more 


There is a serious trend of treating employees like garbage and our so called HR dept is an adversarial tool of greedy execs. And it is greed come on wake up! Their are small firms that succeed that still provide health benefits to employees. The... —  read more 

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Because the internet...

Any other mco's/employees receive warnings regarding internet usage? Supposedly now any use of company internet and wifi is grounds for immediate termination. Curious to know if this warning went out countrywide. One person in my office was... —  read more 

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Rush notice today unilateral contract adhesion sign or forfeit your job! Guess what’s coming to dinner: thats right! Reduction in Force! Coming to an Allstate office near you soon. Seriously just come out and say it instead of these games... —  read more 

Resignation Expectations

Is it an Allstate practice to immediately relieve employees of their duties upon receiving 2-week notices?

Negotiating Severance Pay

Has anyone been offered severance pay as a form of a stay bonus in exchange for extending their retirement date? If so, please share your experience. Were you the one to initiate the offer or was it someone at the senior leadership level that... —  read more 

Regarding the "free work week" in 2020...

Regarding the "free work week" in 2020, this copied from another thread on the topic, but basically every exempt employee is working one week for free in 2020, with the understanding that the week will be repaid back to them someday in the future... —  read more 

Auto - Field adjuster changes

The new Rollout involves field adjusters nationwide keeping the total losses they can’t settle (non acv agreed), which entails lots of time dealing with customers and lienholders trying to settle and re-run ACV figures because of disputed... —  read more 

Good move

So announced today (although heard from another business unit) is Tom and Glen are laying off 60 some bloated middle managers. My question.... what took so long? I’m asked to complete feedback surveys I misrepresent because I like company and... —  read more 

Pension Liabilities

Is anyone aware of any strategic initiatives being considered to shore up pension liabilities? Considering that bond interest rates in several European countries have already dropped into negative territory, there is a significant probability... —  read more 

Union - the time has come

The free work week is newest attack on workers that started with demutualization many years ago— it’s been complete erosion since then. Glenn Shapiro is known for running companies into ground and parachuting out— believe he did all of what’s... —  read more 


I wonder why the media has not picked up on what's going on in Northbrook/Homeoffice. With so many jobs being transferred to other states and Ireland you would think this would be on someone's radar. And this year keeps getting better, first the BS... —  read more 

ERS strategy revving back up again

Employee Relocation Strategy seems to be gaining momentum, especially for Tech folks. If you are in Northbrook (hudson is next), start planning now. Plan to relocate to Irving/Charlotte or leave, as the company may be looking for a way around... —  read more 

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Allstate selling annuity block

News sites report Allstate wants to sell off its remaining annuity business, it has not sold new annuity policies since 2013, any impact on Allstate employees?

Irving Update

Everybody needs to leave

This industry has been really bad for employees for over a decade. It's not just Allstate - literally the entire industry. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to leave all of this behind, grab it. This is one of the few cases where the grass... —  read more 

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