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GF had the meeting today

My GF called this morning. They confirmed centralization. 19 jobs will be left over for people nationwide to fight over. Centralizing to Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. YAY FOR TAX CUTS! Amiright?


Was just told all processors had an 11am meeting and it’s supposed be a b confidential. Get the popcorn ready.

Stay tuned

Our leaders just informed us that all processors in our office must attend a meeting today at 1 pm (our local time here). What could it be? Start popping popcorn.

Second MCO in Arizona for CA claims

So with a second MCO opening in Arizona for CA claims and being told the office is big enough for over 1000 people, how long before enough people take the move package and go before they start closing offices in CA. I can only wonder.

Next round of layoffs

Next round of lay offs coming soon ! Allstate is centralizing and moving everything to “ Cal Desert “ aka Arizona. I give it another month or so, before our next phone call lay off. I know there has been a lot of speculation about this, but has there... read more

Incoming layoffs?

Been hearing rumors about an incoming layoff round at Allstate sometime this month, but there is very little detail involved. Frankly I'm not sure where the rumor originated, but too many people have been mentioning it to simply ignore it. Anybody... read more

MRR (market range relativity)

There is not much transparency lately. The MRR (market range relativity) was very untransparently rolled out just recently, very quickly, and with little information or explanation to management. It is still very unclear where the MRR results came... read more

What is Allstate’s strategic plan re offices

There is lot of nervousness and some posters here claim to be in management. Since no one seems to know at work is there a plan to close offices and move work to regional centers in NC IL and TX or not? Upper management has some plan because the NC... read more

We Win Together. We are a Team.

Been lurker here and my first and last post. I see many points and anger and defenders of company. I’m grateful to be employed and have worked hard many years but what is really evident, and I’ve seen decline weekly in workplace, the complete... read more

Recruiter Inteference

There seems to be a lot of interference in regards to IT recruiting at the home office. A lot of qualified developers are being rejected instantly. Someone should take a look at what the recruiters are doing especially Jillian.

QFC slow down

Maybe it's my imagination but it seems the QFC claims are slowing down and the number of Pune call outs are increasing. I have read a comment on this site Allstate has a plan to keep those working in the states as VA only and move all the initial QFC... read more

Hey Glenn where's our $1,000 employee checks?

So us employees withstood barrage of emails asking for us to support the Tax Reform bill in our work email, and I did. Comcast, AT&T, Sinclair : all giving their employees $1000 checks for their support our checks In the mail? We don't all own stock... read more

Shortsighted Staffing Model

Up here in the Washington claims office we have LDU adjusters taking 9-10 claims a day because of inadequate staffing. Its been than way for 4 or 5 months now since the mass auto layoffs. These employees are so overrun with calls that the rest of our... read more

Atlanta Adjusters Layoffs and Call-Backs

What a pathetic excuse for a company. They laid off a bunch of adjusters in Atlanta and now are calling them back because they realized VA and QFC are a joke. Then the ones they called back were informed they had pay their severance back. Allstate... read more

More layoffs at Allstate?

Do we know if we are done with layoffs for a while? I thought the last round was it at least for the foreseeable future, but then I saw a few people mention more incoming layoffs and I am no longer sure. Do we have any information on possible layoffs... read more

We don’t mind being busy and working hard!

Allstate already trimmed the fat with the layoffs. Now they are hiring field adjusters here and there in several large markets after realizing QFC is creating more work such as supplements and we are paying more rental. Millennials are shaping the... read more

Allstate will always need field adjusters

Allstate needs field adjusters, albeit not as many as there were before the layoffs. Shops are starting to push back in many markets with comments like,”we’re not going to do your job for you by taking photos or calling a virtual department.” There... read more

Allstate management

It's clear reading the posts that managers are viewing this site and responding. How come? Don't you feel comfortable to call a staff meeting and ask your subordinates what their concerns are? Ha. Just think if you actually shared the information you... read more

Withholding severance for months

I'm certain HR isn't answering questions due to liability concerns. I can tell you it's sad what an organization of this magnitude has done to the employees in regards to severance. In our state if you were provided severance (in this case not... read more

Next stop India

So just wait and see what is in the pipeline next it's not fake news . Don't believe that any jobs are safe at Allstate , as they ready their India call center it's up an running . Ask management and watch them deny any knowledge and tell you no it... read more

No, we can't all just leave Allstate

I'm curious about the people just saying "leave". Do you live in a wonderful world of no bills and money trees? Its not something you can just leave and hope it works out. You guys must be management hoping to save a severance payout. I was going... read more

Loss of field adjusters will hurt customers

Well I can speak for the jobs being sent to India. One of my coworkers ( I am an impacted employee no longer with the company ) that works in the DOC in Irving has been offered a TDY job as a trainer in India for 6mos.. The company plans on sending... read more

Too many things are wrong

I've been a field adjuster with Allstate for some time now. HR did their geographical mapping in all areas to determine who they will involuntary terminate their positions. It looked like Ray Charles picked these adjusters. I was one of them. Does... read more

Anyone know about unemployment??

Can a person draw unemployment after being laid off while waiting on a severance package? I have a feeling that Allstate will drag their feet getting the severance payment out. Just wondering if anyone knows... Thanks in advance.

This could have been handled much better

I can't speak for everyone, and I can't blame Allstate for wanting to stay up on technology even if that means letting some go. But this had to be in the making. Why hire someone, have them relocate knowing full well they are going to be laying them... read more
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Hiring among layoffs

It seems that there will be 2,250 new positions at Allstates Charlotte expansion. This would ordinarily be great news, if it was not happening while many other employees who have been with the company for years are getting laid off... read more

Work moving to India

An announcement will be sent out to Auto Claims on Friday about many of the jobs will start moving to India later this year or sooner. As a leader this makes me sick that knowing there is nothing to replace these positions. Allstate is lying to its... read more

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