Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

policyholders labor organizers journalists

if you have a policy: drop it: claims service is terrible, overworkered stressed and some work is being done in India. journalists: wake up and do your job instead of parroting public relations statements. labor: we are ripe for organizing, maybe... —  read more 

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Allstate is done

Eric Brandt: 5,000 adjusters quit in 10 months time (since the farsical Reduction in Force that was based on salary and the company used a third party personality test to justify). Thats a class action lawsuit waiting for the right attorney. The TG... —  read more 

Transformative Growth

To this day I still think that was a sick term that Allstate used to justify massive layoffs last year to spin it like it benefited employees. Ever since they have executed that plan things have went downhill.

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Most are biding their time

Majority of my peers are all in the same boat. We’re patiently waiting to find that one job that will be the right fit. It’s such a shame because most of my coworkers are fantastic. But no one can deny the fact that we are all stressed the he-l out... —  read more 

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Do the bare minimum

The below is sound advice from a poster in another thread. This company deserves nothing more and much less stress on ourselves. I'd imagine many of us do this same thing: I am fortunate enough to be in a role that is actually well paid for what we... —  read more 

It was a good run

I have been at allstate a few years and pre pandemic I personally liked the job. Since the pandemic and full time work from home I just don't like it. The way layoffs were handled last year I didn't respect. Plus I see the direction Allstate is going... —  read more 

claims salaries

Eric Brandt really made of fool of himself with the explanation he gave on salaries. How sad to be an EVP and not have a better answer for paying below the market value. This guy is in way over his head. To make that statement to adjusters who are... —  read more 

How to fix this mess?

I don't believe I will work here long enough to see the new leadership, better leadership that may be able to fix this mess. Still, I wonder how the leadership that really cared about this company and its employees would do that? The question is... —  read more 

Nat Gen

As a current employee of Nat Gen- it is truly criminal the way they handle claims. They practice low balling on claims. Even after you write an estimate- they tell you to offer less then the actual cost. I wish we all knew what Allstate saw in... —  read more 

Has Glenn lost his energy?

Almost 4 years into his tenure as PPL President, growth has yet to materialize. Agent, employee, and customer satisfaction at all-time lows. Margins under pressure as driving returns to pre-pandemic levels and inflation drives claim costs higher. ... —  read more 

corporate feedback

I am no longer with your company after many years. I have no animosity but continue to watch what you wanted. (Analytical mind but then realized you needed consultants. It is so sad you let so many qualified people go) And people who could have... —  read more 

This Company

There are people who had incredible relationships, leadership and success for this company (region to be specific)! Those regions delivered for this corporation and paid for all the HO JOBS. They may not want to believe that but sales delivers the... —  read more 


So with the email everyone received today about home office being sold and knowing Tom Wilson and Glenn Shapiro are all about the bottom line it makes sense that they probably plan to move everything over to India. Sad day. Every other us fortune 500... —  read more 

Lesson learned

As far as upgrading my skillset is concerned, I’m not particularly pleased with how much I’ve learned here, but I’ve learned the most important lesson, and that is that you should never wait too long for things to change for the better. I finally got... —  read more 


They are going to outsource all of Claims and Service. It’s a race to the bottom with no end in sight except big paychecks for the execs. They hired pwc to be the hatchet men for the rank and file. The managers will get cut right afterwards. —  read more 

Days after you give notice

I thought the stress would subside when I gave notice, but Allstate's decided to squeeze me until the very end........ Has it ever happened to anyone that after giving notice you got even more work to do, that is, they bury you with more work than... —  read more 

Same cr-p different day

We have some great people here but unfortunately most that I know are in the midst of looking elsewhere or working out their notice. I’m not looking forward to the work that will be pawned off to those who remain. We can’t seem to retain any... —  read more 

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