Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Norma Rae

How do we get labor organizers interested in Allstate? Carl Ichan and the Vanguard and institutional investors would be interested?Do I want a union I dunno but options are always good. The posts about media everyone needs to start posting and... —  read more 

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I just don't care...and it works.

I hate the company for what they have done to people and totally despise Shapiro and the other clueless goons at the top. However for me personally my job is easy and I am well paid. Fortunate I guess. But one thing about me is I have zero interest... —  read more 

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I hate hating my job

Some people act like it's fun for us to come here and trash the company. Like it gives us some sort of satisfaction, but in reality, it doesn't. Don't you think that every one of us would prefer to like our jobs and be satisfied with it instead of... —  read more 

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Good Hands?

Given all of the accurate information posted on this site, why hasn't the media picked up on what Allstate is doing companywide? Extremely poor working conditions, treating employees poorly? RIF that targeted older employees. Lose a class action... —  read more 

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Negative effects of outsourcing?

There are a lot of them, but those at the top are obviously not aware of it or perhaps they ignore them. I think Allstate will eventually realize that outsourcing has more of a negative effect on business and that it will have to change strategy.

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The art of "lift and shift"

While we all know the next 12 months will bring us massive movement of the whole of claims to India there must remain a sizeable footprint of US based employees in all departments. This is for home base continuity and corporate tax breaks. You know... —  read more 

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Customer service, appraisals, IT, now med summaries to make it easier to put in colossus. How long until they decide 1 person can handle 500 claims because someone else does half the job? Next round of layoffs after this rolls out.

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Collective Outsourcing?

To all the armchair experts/company shills/security id--ts/trolls that is everyone on here (including legitimate coworkers and ex coworkers exercising Protected Concerted Activity): Help explain this... —  read more 

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The truth about most companies

So the goal of most businesses (except some non profits) is to make money and as much a profit as possible. There are a few small businesses, but most large and mid size companies management at the top doesn't care about the workers. They see them as... —  read more 

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As a 32 year ex-employee I’m ashamed to admit I ever worked there. Running a body shop now I see the complete implosion of a once great company.

Nearly impossible to get anybody on VA and they rarely respond to call backs. I have 2 cars sitting for 2 days, numerous unsuccessful attempts at VA. Customers are leaving in droves due to the poor service. I encourage all Allstate customers to drop... —  read more 

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RIF read flags

Everyone at Allstate knows that no one is safe here, however, I wonder if there are any red flags that usually indicate that you will be cut? I was quite worried when the rumors of new cuts started circulating so now everything looks like a red flag... —  read more 

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Allstate Financial

How bad are the cuts actually going to be? I have heard that FSC's are going to have to go through some evaluation process and that EFS's might be at risk to, does anyone really know?

Sudden change

How is it that I’ve always been a great employee, the manager was always happy with my work, and now suddenly I get a lot of complaints? Suddenly they treat me like I have become someone else. I am very subtly informed that I should leave Allstate... —  read more 

A statement from Allstate HR

A reminder that use of this and other "shock forums" to defame, slander, falsify, and negatively impact the image of Allstate is a violation of the Allstate Code of Conduct. This extends to all exempt and non-exempt employees, agents and their staffs... —  read more 

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What are my chances?

I’ve been in claims for 2+ years and I want to move to another BU to be able to add more to my skill set. I’ve never contemplated it until now. How hard would that be? Will I need to apply internally for other positions or go to my supervisor and ask... —  read more 

Nothing but a balancing act

Those that are already in power simply want more. How do they go about it? They do it by increasing their earnings. They want to axe as many as possible without crippling the company too much. It doesn’t matter to them if we are overworked and... —  read more 

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I made the mistake

I should have searched for a job sooner instead of waiting for a package. I struggled wondering if the decision I made was in the best interest of my family or if I was being selfish. I believed I could find adequate employment after being RIF’d... —  read more 

Alicia Keys

I wonder if the insureds whose vehicles have been sitting in shops for two months or the thousands of high performing tenured Allstate employees who were thrown out on there as--s for no reason in 2020 during a global pandemic are excited about this... —  read more 

Tom Wilson

Look at all the good things Tom has done for Chicago. Lots of charity work, and even helps give money to underprivileged kids. Some of that $21 million a year is going to some great causes

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