Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.


I have an interview tomorrow for a new job. What’s the best answer to “why are you looking to leave your current job”. If they happen to ask? I don’t want to bash this place, but this sh&$t hole makes it so easy.

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Employee and no longer a customer

Hilarious that people give lipservice to customer retention. For more than 50 years, my folks have been Allstate customers. No claims and Allstate has decided it won't renew their home policy. Happiliy saving money taking my business elsewhere

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CEO message on Featured News

“CEO TW to employees: we ended the year profitably “thanks to your hard work and some help from Mother Nature”” I’m sorry what? You’re thanking Mother Nature for destroying peoples homes and making a profit from it?? Wow. Great customer service. —  read more 

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Went off on my PDS meeting

Got sc--wed by the "new system". After years of BTE got knocked down a level and told I was just outside the percentage limit for the new structure. I'm easily one of the top performers of all the teams in our department. That was it. That was the... —  read more 

Salary Band Question

It looks like I will get a candid response here. I have an offer on the table from Allstate but it doesn’t appear to take my location into account with the salary. Are their pay bands different for each city? I live in an expensive area of the... —  read more 

Eff payroll.

Yet again I am not getting a check because payroll royally effed me over for the second pay period in a row. Everyone check your stubs check your stubs!!! I’m literally not getting paid because they messed my check up and I can’t get ahold of anyone... —  read more 

Layoffs Incoming

Many have now received their performance reviews from 2023 and a great number will be unhappy. Forced low scores are a result of a new model intended to reduce raises, bonuses, and provide rationale for layoffs this year. Three rounds with the first... —  read more 

Outsourcing SIU

Its just a pilot study relax. Sure. Brush up on that resume- writing is on the wall. This company is really a class organization. Will I get a survey now asking how I FEEL? or a tetris test when downsized?

Strange things

I don’t know. I feel a little uneasy after huddle today. Lots of talk about transparency. And I feel like my leader was saying things without really saying anything at all. I am not at all surprised by any of it, but just tell us!!


Casualty Unrepresented recently got butchered into three segments. CRA1 does no Casualty at all and is basically a glorified LDU adjuster, CRA 2 can only make 1 attempt to settle BI and then claim gets reassigned to the 'Casualty' adjusters who will... —  read more 


How many in HR getting laid off/losing their jobs because of the corporate decision to farm out payroll to ADP, a private company now handling all company payroll? This benefits Allstate corp because they likely pay a flat fee to ADP to handle... —  read more 

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