Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

National general

We were told in our town hall....raises to people to br equitable to Allstate. Sr claim adjusters.....anyone getting paid north of $60k a year? National general had 11 paid holidays. Now going to 9 paid vacation days. What are the 9 days? Thank... —  read more 

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Arity screwed up

Much like allstate, Arity laid a large swathe of it's staff off last year, and funny thing is, with how quickly people have been jumping ship the last 18 months, they are now severely understaffed and don't know the first thing about hiring tech/data... —  read more 

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Leaving for competitor

I’m curious of the protocol for leaving for a competitor. I have heard you’re “walked out” immediately but with the new remote work and Allstate’s deportation for employees I’m curious if you’d be allowed to work your last two weeks. Any insight? —  read more 

Return to office

Does anyone know if the call centers will open back up? I thought it was supposed to be July but I haven't heard any word. I work in the Hudson office but it still isn't open

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Layoffs shouldn't be necessary

I can't understand why layoffs keep happening when attrition is as high as it is. It would make some sense if people were only leaving certain departments and they needed to cull those that are having very few departures, but those don't exist! The... —  read more 

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$600 surcharge

While we are at it we also need to see about challenging in the courts the annual blackmail of do biometric screening and tell us your private medical information or else BS. There is a theft of employees that this company has been getting away with... —  read more 


If you have the sense to peruse through this site prior to applying at Allstate let this be your warning. Low pay, long hours, and ZERO work/life balance. I can't tell you how miserable our frontline claims folks are and rightly so. They have... —  read more 

Changing times

Non claim comment….some in departments are having to STEP UP for the first time in their long prosperous career. They were retained (HR) but no longer have the people to do their job. Oh well. I guess you’ll have to work.

Allstate Global

Allstate will likely be investing in Spanish speaking countries as it continues to look for ways to save a buck on the handling of claims. South America, Mexico, are hot spots for outsourcing. They will not stop in their quest to outsource as much... —  read more 

Research on a new company

Sometimes it may be more important to know what we don't want than what we want. After a few years here, it is now much clearer to me what where I do not want to work. However, how can I fully know that I will not be greeted by the same atmosphere in... —  read more 

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I just finished my first week at the same job but with a small insurance company and my god is it so much better. Yes, it's only been a week, but all the training and sit alongs I've been doing I know it will be a better life than the black ho-e that... —  read more 

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