Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Allstate Corp.

July 9 Donlen car return??????

We were told on April 9 in a very informal email that we had 90 days to our return company car and to fill out a Word document checklist to complete the return. Since April 9 none of our Auto team has heard anything more regarding company car return... —  read more 

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Allstate board meeting

Wilson: Does anyone have any new ideas for company direction or improvement?? DEAD SILENCE IN ROOM Shapiro: Cut, CUT, CUT, CUT (manically laughing) CUT, CUT…CUT CUT CUT CUT Wilson: Ok, each of you have your list for department cuts on my... —  read more 

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I hope everyone in our Chicago offices are okay. We are still co-workers no matter how bad things are and need to look out for each other.

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Single point of contact to occur next month. Encompass/Nat Gen/AIA. Probably be the timing of more layoffs too???

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No worries. Get out

I could see the writing on the wall in 2020. I left after 22 years with my pension, 401(k). No worries. I had a job within two weeks. Right now is the best time to look for a new job. It is always easiest to look for a job while you have a job. I am... —  read more 

SCO Thursday email

Was anyone able to make sense out of that? They “will be launching a department wide skills and interests mapping exercise. Each employee will take a comprehensive survey of legal and broad-based skills and interests. They will capture your current... —  read more 

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This is how little they care

I don't know a single manager, not to mention anybody from the ELT, who has tried to boost morale in the past several years. I mean genuinely tried, not just spewing out the usual platitudes. No attempts were made to reduce the number of people... —  read more 

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The truth

Job requirements at Allstate: We're looking for someone with the wisdom of a 50-year old, the experience of a 40-year old, the drive of a 30-year old, and the pay scale of a 20-year old. Stolen from here:... —  read more 

Change what you can

People are quick to complain but slow when it comes to improving themselves and creating better opportunities for the future. Allstate is not a good place to work, we all already know that. There's not much we can do to change that. But what you can... —  read more 

Demotivated and Demoralized

Allstate did a great job 👏 ruining the morale and motivation of the associates left behind after their RIF tactics of 2020. Now with pandemic waning, people are leaving ASAP for other jobs, disability, or retirement. With a ton of customer service... —  read more 

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Verified layoffs coming at the SCO

There will be meetings starting in the next two weeks to address talent assessments and RIF to follow. I don’t care who is going to call BS. For the rest of us with a non delusional mind, do with this info what you like.

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Could it have been different?

Do you constantly feel like they are going to get rid of you? Most Allstate employees constantly feel like they are about to get axed. How healthy is that for employees? How much does it benefit Allstate itself? The situation here has never been... —  read more 

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Allstate app

Someone mentioned the app in one of the posts and I would love to know why that app is so bad? Is it possible they couldn’t have made it better? I don't get whether it is made to bring in customers or to drive away customers? /s.

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Better the devil you know

I've been here for 25 years. When I just started I was satisfied with most things regarding work and I enjoyed my job. Over the years that changed gradually, and now I'm at the point where I hate my job and everything about it. I have no intention of... —  read more 

CAT Pay Panic

Looks like things are blowing up. They are looking for all sorts of Reps( Auto,LDU, Casualty) to work nights and weekends for CAT Pay. Maybe Tom and Glenn can handle some claims this weekend. Nice mess they created.

Encompass bye bye?

Seems like as Encompass rolls into National General the Encompass employees will disappear with it. Anyone know more about that? Even though Allstate purchased National General, seems like they are running the show and to heck with Encompass... —  read more 


Tell know to stay away from Allstate, their products and those that support them. As a current employee I am insulted by the arrogant comments about this being basic Business or Economics. The truth is this company will do anything at... —  read more 

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