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Do you think urepped major would be affected the same as moderate or LDU? There usually much lower in head count than the other teams.

Horrendous leadership

If this senior leadership team is the “best of the best” that Allstate has to offer, Allstate is in serious trouble. This has been the perfect example of what NOT to do during a time of anxiety and stress to your customer facing employee base. Poorly... —  read more 

Any word on Auto technical?

There are thousands of abandoned calls in VA Each week and we’re still in COVID status. About 100 employees moved to from auto to property in the last 2 months. Unless the west coast is slower then we are in the east I don’t see how down sizing makes... —  read more 

60 Day Notice

What departments have received their day notice so far? Please confirm the region in which you are located.


If you had any faith in leadership before this played out, it should be gone now.. Scheduling meetings just to cancel them.. Can’t decide how they want this to play out... Now there is talk that the assessments may be on a legal hold. Who is... —  read more 

Allstate Employee Slow Death

Allstate employees started being affected negatively when Jerry Choate retired in the 90s. He was a homegrown product of the company and really valued its employees. He was replaced by Ed Liddy in 1999 and that’s when the suffering began as he was... —  read more 


I knew something was wrong when *Tom recently wore a pink sweater. He was hinting “pink slips” coming. He’s old fashioned like that. *He/Glenn also stopped letting us have cake on our office monthly birthday celebrations. *Last year when he... —  read more 

Allstate Management

It seems like the Cleveland Browns front office is running this company. It has been an ongoing debacle for a few years and the last month encapsulates it. Prove me wrong.

$4 billion National General acquisition

Today, Allstate acquired National General Holdings Co for the price of $4 billion in cash. This wasn't money borrowed against the stock holdings, but capital the company had in reserve. This is slightly less than the entire company net earnings last... —  read more 

Why are people quitting?

Two coworkers quit this week. Not laid off, walked out on their own. Why would anybody do that? If you want to leave, chances are you won't have to wait for too long before being laid off - and then you leave with at least some money in your pocket!... —  read more 

Help us out

Hey Allstaters please help us new esurance Allstaters with a your abbreviations so we know if we are part of these groups that may be affected

Cancel those policies

If you have not done it yet, cancel those Allstate policies today. I know that it will just be a drop in the bucket and will not make a big difference to the company.... but if feels so good....

What more do you want?

Come on now. Shapiro showed you pictures of his dogs. You were able to view Toms perfect hair for as long as you have been an employee. What more do you want??


Did any other offices get a notice that Allstate would be issuing webcams to their employees while working from home? Seems pointless if they're making cuts.


Please let me get a low grade on these assessments....


Do we really need these worthless managers? They gutted agents via ABO now it’s about time they clean house.

Layoff Decisions

Who do you thinks is making the call to cut certain employees? CSL's or RCL's?

Pipe dream?

What if we had a federal tax for large corporations equal to the percentage of workforce employed or contracted abroad? 10% staff located in India and Ireland? 10% tax.


I don’t know of any other companies who use Evaluation Consultants in claims. Everyone else delegates adjusters a blanket authority based on their level, and if more is needed they go to their managers who in turn have to seek additional authority... —  read more 

Slash and burn

By acquiring competitors Allstate is actually hurting more workers. They would love a monopoly and streamline all insurance into one massive company with Glen and Tom mindset. With encompass, Esurance, whatever is going on now many once... —  read more 

My breakup letter

Dear Allstate, When we first met I was excited to start our adventure together knowing we would make a great team. When we first got together I was young, wild and free. I was wide eyed, bushy tailed and ready for all the things you offered me. I... —  read more 

Allstate layoffs

Here is my thoughts, we have multiple company's merging into one, we have multiple "home offices" I definitely think alot of cuts will be coming from that area. Also they released the new claims tool all of the claims dept has been training on, I... —  read more 


Unrepped will be getting assessments and can expect huge cuts. I mean massive because ALL unrepped will be competing to stay. Take your assessments and if you stay be prepared for larger claim volume, broader role, permanent virtual work in a... —  read more 

Consumer reports expose on pricing model

Rather than apply the new rates all at once, Allstate asked the Maryland Insurance Administration for permission to run each policy through an advanced algorithm containing dozens of variables that would adjust it in the general direction of the... —  read more 

Allstate made us sign

I don’t know about you but Allstate made our office sign something early this year that says we will not sue Allstate. Anyone else?


It sure feels terrible knowing my job I have so proudly worked hard for all these years may possibly be considered “redundant”. Isn’t that a good way to say thank you? Thanks Allstate for kicking us while we are down.

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