Topics regarding layoffs at

Topics regarding layoffs at


57 year old employee (and company founder) was walked out after 27 years of dedicated service. Thrown out like an old loaf of bread. Hopefully, he got an appropriate severance package and career coaching so he can get a fresh start.

Absolute sweatshop

I would love for this company to be completely left without employees, given how it treats its employees. I don’t feel like I’m working, I feel like I’m being mercilessly squeezed by a machine. I don't know what your situation is, but in my case... —  read more 

Amazon LP decoder ring

Customer Obsession: the default response when someone is debating you and wants you to shut up Ownership: something your manager says when they don’t want to do something Invent and Simplify: a way of telling someone to work hard on something... —  read more 

Snowflake as competitor?

I think Snowflake filing for IPO could be one of the 2020 best headlines but this headline is a bit exaggerated. We can only wonder what 2021 will bring to us but neither Snowflake nor Amazon controls the market, so competition between different... —  read more 

Tips intended for drivers

Driver here. What Amazon did between 2016 and 2019 was a really shady practice. The news now appearing in the media that the company took away 62 million dollars in tips from us is nothing new, but it still piss me off. Excerpt from the article -... —  read more 

Corporate culture

Interviewing for a corporate role but trying to get a handle on the culture. Would love to be in an upbeat growth company. Is that Amazon? My recent Tech experience is daily knife fights among team members when the company was making billions anyway... —  read more 

The worst place to work

The very worst place to work; under backstabbing, narcissistic, despotic managers who are supported wholeheartedly by craven HR Business Partners. I would not recommend this place to any but the most supplicant masochists who return home at night... —  read more 

Don't make me laugh

Workers at Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and other major retailers are calling on their employers to reinstate hazard pay and strengthen safety protocols ahead of the busy holiday shopping season as coronavirus infection rates... —  read more 

How is this possible?

Amazon is the second best employer in the world according to Forbes. Now, I understand that there are privileged employees at HQ who might call this a good place to work, but they are a minority! How can they call Amazon even a good employer, not to... —  read more 

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