Topics regarding layoffs at American Airlines Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at American Airlines Group Inc.

Bad Technology Group at AA

As a contractor at AA I can tell you their technology departments are the worst managed groups of all the airlines. There are no real architects or planners, and the IT managers I worked with are disorganized and abusive. They promote the worst... —  read more 

Where are these jobs?

No airlines are hiring right now that's for sure and yet I keep hearing of people who are walking away because they found new jobs. Where? Can you please tell the rest of us who is currently hiring people in our field? I really don't feel like... —  read more 

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Here we go...

American Air Warns of 13000 Layoffs as Summer Outlook Dims The warning came less than a week after United Airlines Holdings Inc. told 14,000 employees that their jobs may again be in... —  read more 

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Let's Rip the Band-Aid Off

Better to get it over with and move on. The truth hurts but it also frees, so here it is. YOU AREN'T GETTING RECALLED. Not soon, not late, not ever. The world has changed, and some industries(yours)especially will never be the same again... —  read more 


Its happening now, Congress and the Taxpayer have decided not to throw another $25,000,000,000.00 ( did I get enough zeros) to American Airlines to survive another 4-6 months. Mr. D. P. is going to have to live with the mess that he created after... —  read more 

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Why are people so scared?

Planes are essential to human existence. No matter how scared or how broke people are, they will find a way to fly when they have to - and that is often. Yes, right now the situation doesn't look that good, but anybody who has been through a... —  read more 

So tired of this place

When did American Airlines become a place where the only way to be promoted is to know somebody or be related to the right person? Oh, right, there is also the kiss-a– option. What happened to being promoted based on merit? On what you know and how... —  read more 


I didn't anticipate a 47% drop as posted in Bloomberg channel's report of the NYSE, and will not be indicative of quarterly earnings because AA just notified the press that their pilots age 62+ will be given 3 years Service credit to allow them to be... —  read more 

Next Steps

Cutting international capacity by 10% Cutting domestic @ 7.5% sometimes in April Cutting payroll, hopefully only temp My Take: They should go deeper on both dom and intl

Layoffs announced!

Everybody and their mother knows by now that we are looking at some layoffs at American Airlines, but the good news is that it will mostly if not completely affect management. For once, it looks like we'll be really getting rid of the real dead... —  read more 

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