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CRS Gutted

They are cleaning house in Client Risk Solutions. The head of CRS included.


Town hall today for MMS, what’s this all about?

AIG Layoffs 2019

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about AIG Layoffs in 2019 -- Thoughts??


How many got laid off in Olathe last week? What departments? That place is going to be a ghost town! It’s already barely half full!

Unfair to Americans

The US taxpayers paid to bail out the company. While I realize the money has been paid back. I can't help but feel the taxpayers would rather have let it crumble than have all the jobs sent oversees to non Americans. We are the ones who stuck around... read more

Major layoffs at AIG in August

I have heard that there will be a major lay off in August. I can't confirm this but all the other talk I have heard regarding RIF's have come to fruition. There were lots of RIF's in 2018 and there have been a lot so far in 2019. Senior Management... read more

AIG Outsourcing to India 🇮🇳

Some positions have already been moved to India from the Finance area. The Timeline probably is now and until one year from now. Hopefully they give people an early heads up when there position is migrating to India. Best place to check is AIG career... read more

Olathe is done

They are not going to lay-off all these people on Olathe and then keep paying for that big building......

Stop the madness

"Laying off people is part of the company annual goals. As soon as the stock price is above $55-$58 range the CEO will bail out. About 6 months to a year more in his role" This comment from a previous post is spot on. BD's goal is to get he and his... read more

June 14

June 14th is the day for layoffs. Across the board cuts June 14 is Friday. When exactly did we have massive layoffs on a Friday? We might have had situations in which layoffs spilled over into it, but that's about it. I'm not saying there'll be no... read more

Even more exec's

Apparently we don't have enough board members, so let's just add a few more - Peter R. Porrino, Amy L. Schioldager, and Therese M. Vaughan. And did I mention we have a new executive? Chief information officer isn't enough, let's bring in Chief... read more

Aig Fort Worth Offices

The entire United States help desk in for Earth will end July 12, 2019 or sooner the new help desk is now in the Philippines there were 70 ish of us permanent and contract Hires in Fort Worth Texas we will always be just a number working for places... read more

AIG Layoffs

Massive layoffs have begun in the Risk Engineering department this week. Nearly half the department is being lay-off.

The Risk Engineering department rumors

The Risk Engineering department has too many staff and very little work. The rumor has it a major lay-off is planned mid summer. The current situation of no work and inefficiencies is not sustainable. If a layoff occurs this would be one of many... read more

Something brewing @ KC SS

Looks like something may be about to go down in KC Shared Services’s anyone out there with any interest in this location heads up

Time to get the media involved

Let BD explain himself and what direction he is taking AIG. Time for some "splainin" from the old geezer as to why the massive layoffs!

New Jersey

I've noticed way more security these past couple weeks. Usually our office building, comprising of a few companies, has security people floating around but lately there's religiously been 2 security personnel outside the entrance to our wing. Are... read more

175 Water St HQ Building - For Sale Insurance giant American International Group is looking to sell its Financial District headquarters ahead of a relocation to Midtown. AIG is shopping its 31-story office... read more

Greed - just plain ol' greed

No wonder raises have been non existent and they have cut back on all the employees benefits. Very greedy and over paid Management with underpaid non management workers. Their salaries along with the STI, Long Term Incentives and additional stock is... read more

Mid level management & secret closed door meetings

For several weeks now multiple managers have been meeting with AVP behind closed doors nothing is ever mentioned about these meetings and what’s being discussed seems to be very ‘out of the ordinary’ not common place at all many in KC SS believe... read more
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Anyone have any inside knowledge about future layoffs in claims?

Job Posting

New Job posting for a Global Head of Third Party Claims Administration. Sounds like we are moving a bunch of our claims to a TPA....That should result in multiple layoffs.

MAGA - Make AIG Great Again

Make AIG Great Again... Shareholders: $2B stock repurchase will ensure stockholders are happy. BD made a rookie mistake to cut the stock repurchase program the previous year. Now, he has corrected the mistaken course. Employees: Contrary to the... read more

There will be more RIFs

BD and Senior Management don't seem to care how hard employees work to make this company suceed. They have RIF'd a lot of good talent that worked towards that goal. It's my belief that there will be more RIF's because we are still not writing a lot... read more

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