Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)


I’m not a financial person so can someone explain the results in common-folk speak and why does it seem all the number don’t include CAT? By including CAT, are all the numbers worse or look bad?

Return to office

Many of us have worked from home for 2 years with little issue. So why the push to rerun to office and not just keep it voluntary? Not jazzed to return given little salary increase to offset increased commute costs. Also the time to commute that... —  read more 

Vaccine mandate or no?

Does the company have a vaccine mandate or not? We have constantly been told that we were to decide what is best for our families with regards to returning to the office. We have also been told that we were to either upload proof of vaccination or... —  read more 

You are all for sale

The common denominator in most divisions is that there is a leader making huge sums of money that is surrounded by yes people who are scared to ask questions. The average employee is disgruntled, and the pending 2.2% raise will disgruntle them more... —  read more 

What a slap in the face

A 2% raise and get your bu-t back in the office in 15 days...Thanks for all the notice, by the way. With the prices of everything going up, this is effectively a pay decrease. Now I have to pay for fuel to the office, spend time in my car... Oh... —  read more 

We deserve raises

There are many more talented employees here and we deserve raises. Do we need to remind our leaders about high inflation? What is the problem with giving us a decent raise? The thing is that they only think about stockholders, right? If they gave... —  read more 

AIG will be dead in <7 years

Anyone wanna bet how many years would it take for AIG to completely shut down or divided into 200 parts( goal of AIG 200) and sold off. My bet is 5-7 yrs. Working at AIG is equivalent to working for textile companies in 1980s.

When is The True Last Day?

When Jack the Devil essentially fired a bunch of people. It was effective July 8th. The Gallagher letters however have a start date of July 1, So wen is the true last day for those being let go July 8th as devil indicated in his call(s)?

Does anyone see the trend..

Has everyone been seeing all these emails about leadership getting promotions and etc over the last few weeks? It seems as if we get one of there emails every couple days! and I’m over hear waiting to hear when raises are coming? Can anyone confirm... —  read more 

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Severance info

Severance is two weeks per year, unused PTO, prorated STI and you can choose to keep benefits through severance term, or get paid as a lump sum. Got "early notice" of layoff in July, so if you accept a new position before then, you lose out of... —  read more 

No need to feel helpless

I used to feel helpless here because there was absolutely nothing I could do about my manager’s favoritism. Many times I felt miserable just because I wasn’t one of the manager’s favorites. Guess what kind of employees were his favorites? Certainly... —  read more 


Managers got an email last evening that the year end compensation process is beginning! Our division received a whopping 2% across the board. Of course, you can always steal a percent or two to give to your favorites so if you get zero your manager... —  read more 

AIG Annual Report

This is now posted on contact. If you look at the 2022 proxy statement on page 84 it lists executive comp. PZ and crew are doing okay. It looks like their salaries are keeping up with inflation. Heck, even BD still managed to pull in $14,000,000 in... —  read more 

L&R was the rainmaker

L&R was the money maker.. GI is the loser. i know where this is going. AIG is becoming a pure P&C company that has terrible combined ratios = not profitable. I personally think AIG is going to get bought out but another P&C company real soon and... —  read more 

GB has horrible benefits

The one thing I can say about AIG there benefits are excellent- As to GB PTO max 20 days after 15 years, only 1 insurance company to pick from with high deductibles-1500, 2500 and the. 5500 a year!! Yikes- short term they only pay out 50%. I am sure... —  read more 

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