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AIG starts $500M accelerated share repurchase

Dear Employees, You should be extremely proud of what your executives have accomplished over the last three years. We have led this company to very mediocre results despite Draconian style cuts across the company. Unfortunately, the analysts see... —  read more 

Warning for MMS

Layoffs coming for MMS. There is push to fire as many as possible to save money and people are being set up to be performanced out. Be warned and watch out

ALD (accelerated leadership development) program

Only this company would spend time and $$$ to put someone in a so called leadership development program and then Rif them, while in the midst of the program or shortly after. And you wonder why expenses are always high lol

If the board was smart

Break it up into 2 companies. One with General Insurance and Blackboard let PZ lead. The other with Investments and L & Rand let KH lead. You can have 2 boards....then see what happens.

Employee Survey?

What ever happened to the results of the employee survey last year?? My guess is it said poor leadership, so they threw it out

Global Travel Standard

this is how stupid this company has become: keep saying we want to be the global insurance leader and grow the business. then take away company cars so we can't market our products effectively, then implement a new GTS which will essentially shut... —  read more 

Next Round of RIF's

I hear there are more RIF's on the horizon. That's all my source would tell me. Has anyone else heard this? I am wondering if it will be this quarter. I did hear that the will continue throughout the year.

Waiting for RIF

HEY ALL Is it true majority of the employees here are waiting to be RIF to get the severance package? Especially those who have worked there more than 10 years?

Yahoo Finance on PZ (via Reuters) In the couple of Town Halls I attended - before my RIF-ing in 2019 - PZ instilled zero confidence with me.


They are looking to outsource everything. They do not want to pay for talent and experience. They have lost so much experience it will be hard or almost impossible for them to recover. How is the company suppose to grow when they are not... —  read more 

This is no way to run a company

The way management knows how to run this company is to keep on hiring consultants and more of their buddies for a senior management position. Their solution is to keep RIFing employees and pile the work up for other employees. Yes and hire more... —  read more 

AIG Earning report tomorrow:

Dow is up 230 points today and AIG is down 6 cent. What a sad statement for upper management and the managers that run the regional office. What a sad company. Not was in was.

Restructuring of dept layoffs

Our dept was recently restructured , merged with another small dept. Has anyone gone through this and know how long afterwards they did layoffs for the dept after restructuring

AIG Layoffs 2020

Post any information about potential or actual AIG Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Claims Performance Org Updatd

More appointments announced today. Wow I can't believe all the new positions and promotions for Senior Management. This means more RIF's. coming. With all the newly created positions and promotions of Senior Management, and hard to follow e-mails... —  read more 

RIF'S FOR 2020

I have heard that there are more RIF's scheduled to take place in 2020. My source didn't know what LOB are department but that more are planned.

Let's create another exec roll! Why not?

Head of Global Business Change Office, and we have to have a lead of Global Program Management to report to him to justify the position. WTF? More RIFs on the way to pay for these cronies.....

Any update on RIF's for Week of Feb. 3rd?

Next week is a pay week and I heard some employees saying in the Service Center that there are rumor of RIF's next week? Just wondering if anyone else is hearing this.

Claims Organizational Update Re TPA's

The plan is a Robust structure of TPA's. We write the business and have it on paper and it gets sent to a TPA. That equals less Adjusters, which translates to more RIF's. Yes we have Adjusters overlooking the TPA's but not actually handling the... —  read more 

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