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Mms layoff

I don't work in mms but have worked with people in mms in past. I wanted to give heads up I heard from reliable source layoffs for part of mms coming likey time early summer. Just heads up.


Keep an eye on the Insured's, non renewing and new business, and what is being transferred to TPA's. A big way to cut costs is to also have new business handled by TPA's and have it just on paper as an AIG account. There will be a lot of little TPA's... —  read more 


do we get paid out of our unusues PTO if we get Riffed, laid off, etc? Is this why everyone is being told to take their PTO days every week?

Farmington CT office directDME Workman Comp

All employees were laid off yesterday without warning. All told they were terminated and done after the call. No Managers involved, it was cold hearted AIG at its best delivered news read from transcript!

Brentwood Office

The Nashville Business Journal advised on 6/24/20 that the Brentwood location would be laying off 79 starting Aug 21,20.

AIG Layoffs 2020

Post any information about potential or actual AIG Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

AIG to shrink Personal Lines

American International Group (AIG) announced it has entered into an agreement with Safeco Insurance, a Liberty Mutual subsidiary, and Heritage Insurance Holdings to offer AIG Private Client Group’s (PCG) agents the ability to transfer their upper... —  read more 

Brentwood no more?

Hearing from reliable sources that AIG will be leaving Brentwood over the next year. First wave coming this week.

Mr Zaffino

In today's day and age, who writes linkedin profiles as "Mr Zaffino" ? Classic old school insurance co - about to be disrupted by likes of new insurtech cos.

Petey Z article in Bloomberg

It begins: “I didn’t want any advice.” Then why all the consultants you insufferably smug shmuck? Then why all the new exec positions if you’ve got ideas? You’re a grifter Petey, just like Brian. Furthering the thought of Pete being a grifter... —  read more 

AIG pushing to take PTO time:

It’s June already and currently Covid 19. HR is not considering to allow more than 10 days to roll over into next year. It’s only considered to roll more over in certain situations like, “IT issues or upgrades”, o k a y .... yet not when Covid 19... —  read more 

The anatomy of a rif - why its so toxic

I have been here a long time so naturally been through many rif cycles. The rif starts when upper management wants to reduce costs to prop up quarterly earning reports and increase their bonus and their stock incentives. This has been occurring on a... —  read more 

Why is Morale Bad?

CIO actually asked this question during a meeting the other day. What planet does he live on? I guess it's easier when one pretends that lives aren't impacted by these decisions. Let's see if Accenture is as good as they think they are, because now... —  read more 

Thank you for sharing

Long time employee and I've been reading posts here for years. Sad to say this but it's the best resource for insight into what's going on in the organization.

Why RIF now instead of 3 months ago?

2-3 months ago, the pandemic unemployment benefit gives an extra $600/week... so for some employees, getting RIF'ed could result in a pay bump until end of July. So if AIG lays anyone off, it should've done it then. But now... the benefit is only... —  read more 

Deplorable approach

AIG is a worthless company for anyone other than an elite few. Who by the way are there simply to pilfer the coffers. The absolute waste of time consumed by employees contemplating their ultimate demise with this company is inhumane. Cruel. And... —  read more 


I'm hearing two different stories. I am hearing there will be more RIF's starting the week of June 22 and some into July and then I am hearing that there will only be very small RIF's the week of June 22 and start again with a big one on Sept. 14th... —  read more 

Rudolf vs. AIG

Very interesting...Former employee has filed a lawsuit claiming age discrimination among other things. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Well, Blackboard didn't last long

As per AIG's quarterly report Blackboard has been put into run-off. AIG paid $100 million for Hamilton USA, which got morphed into Blackboard - and who knows how much more AIG sunk into it afterwards... —  read more 


From another anonymous site... Next round of RIFS the week of June 8th, after that the week of September 14th. HR is starting the process.

IS layoffs

Info Sec got hit as well. Notable was Ken Lin, architect.

Other corporations

are the supervisors, mid level management and Leads especially terrible at AIG, or is it the same at any other large corporation (Pru, Chubb, etc.)? Should I even bother interviewing with these other companies, as an individual contributor. I'm... —  read more 

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