Topics regarding layoffs at AmTrust Financial Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at AmTrust Financial Services Inc.

Layoffs Coming Monday 8.29.22?

Global Specialty Town Hall scheduled with 1 business day notice. 30 minutes. Cryptic invite with no topic details. Employees told to make themselves available. When pressed for details, management and executive tight lipped. Something is coming.

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The package was weak

I was impacted by the lay off. Human Resources and Ariel the IT VP was cruel in the delivery of the layoff. On Wednesday those that were impact received an meeting invite without a name in the subject in the title (no agenda) and all those impacted... — read more 

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Amtrust Layoffs

Any news on more layoffs for Amtrust before the end of the year. I am hearing that everyone is safe through the end of the year, anyone have any insight?

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I’ve been hearing rumors from a few people that another lay off might be coming in September. Has anyone heard this or is this just possibly a game of telephone? I do know that most of the IT people who were required to stay to train will be leaving... — read more 

Manager/Supervisor wipeout

At least 20-40 people, mostly managers and supervisors, were laid off last week as part of what was called a restructuring and removing layers. Most were there at least 8 years if not more and told their position was being eliminated. Some of the... — read more 

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Pleading ignorance to the law is not a defense. They played dumb and profited from not reporting losses therefore skewing the profit numbers. Knowing as soon as reports were made public, top executives sold hefty portions of stock while it was still... — read more 

Former Employee

With 30+ years in the insurance industry, I can say with absolute conviction that AmFuck is by far the worst company I ever suited up for. Thank you very little for the layoff. Best thing that ever happened in my career.

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