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Should I stay or should I go

If Occidental goes bankrupt is there any chance for CoC or should I bail now? It shocks me to say but I’d take RAW and MWI back in a heartbeat over this $h!*$&0w.

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COBRA coverage

Has anyone reached the 6 month timeframe yet and got paperwork with option to elect COBRA? I think it goes for 1.5 years after the 6 months. Is this process working?


Is Conoco ready for CVX? Final missing touches and ready to go.

Days are numbered for Denver Office

Oxy is actively trying to unload Rockies assets. Only thing that keeps us halfway safe is it’s doubtful anyone would be willing to take our Colorado acreage, but that’s under political fire. No matter how you look at it we don’t have much time here... —  read more 

Early release

What does “early release “ Option entitle in severance package?

What's the deal with COBRA?

I got a package regarding COBRA couple of weeks ago. It states something about expressing an interest to sign for it before March or you will lose the option? My understanding is that we have 6 months healthcare and then COBRA will kick in for 1.5... —  read more 

OXY staying in The Woodlands

Is the fact that OXY has a lease on ALR and the GRC for the next 13 years change anybody’s mind about their VSP choice? To be honest, it makes the decision to take it a lot harder if you’re living north... —  read more 


Does anyone know what's going on with contractors? Word on the street is that a big junk of them will be going out the door this week.


VH got her dream to come true VSP/COC'ers made a fortune and moving on to a new life Legacy-APC management with their fat retention bonuses waiting in the wings Legacy-Oxy employees got their promotions and raises Buffett laughing all the way to... —  read more 

CoC/VSP stock & cash

Has anyone received their converted cash portion of their stock since separation? If so does that timeframe align with our stock vesting? Also has anyone logged into Morgan Stanley and seen erroneous funds within their accounts, then have those... —  read more 

Africa Incentive

Former EVP MI will receive additional $1MM per each Africa transaction: Moz, Algeria, Ghana. One step further from G&A saving

Denver office is toast

Occidental offered about 200,000 acres in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Wyoming and Colorado that produce $66 million a year in cash flow, mostly in mineral royalties...... Reuters 11/11/2019

Triggering event

Has Anyone had a triggering event based on a move from the woodlands to greenway been told to stay after filing COC benefits. I don’t think that they can make you stay since you are effectively submitting your resignation. I would think you... —  read more 

Wes stand-alone or BU

Will Wes become a BU after the unsuccessful attempt to sell down? Does it still need a stand-alone type org?


Layoffs are coming. change my mind. Especially now that the AAET is gone, geologists are next.

WES? An opportunity?

One says it is a great opportunity and another says only the expendable employees would go over to there. Is it worth the risk? Will it be able to be viable and stand alone? Or just getting ready to sell so just gotta make it look good then here’s... —  read more 

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Which do you think Oxy will sell? Oxy said they were keeping GOM, but lately the workers there have had their doubts.

Employment offer without salary numbers

I was offered a “promotion” with OXY but they couldn’t tell me my package details or what the pay range for my position would be. I genuinely wanted to stay but given the certainty of a 24 months severance or a promise with no hard numbers, the... —  read more 

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VSP numbers?

Any idea how many have asked for VSP out of total eligible? What's your guess on employee target reduction number?

Emergency landing

For those of us not eligible for VSP, this whole experience is an exercise of absurd proportions. Just like when a flight attendant asks for your attention before take off in order to explain how a life preserver will save you from your impending... —  read more 

VSP - Round two?

Any indication that there will be another round with less service or less years of experience?

Anybody Get their VSP or CoC Yet??

If anybody has already received their VSP or CoC yet please let us know how that process went. I dont know of anyone who has actually received their package yet.


Why is our 401k with fidelity untouchable still? Anyone have a clue as to when we will be able to rollover/withdrawal money? No one can give me an answer when I call HR or fidelity.

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