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Mitsui breaks ranks

Is MozLNG finally ready for monetization? Mitsui thinks so. Who are likely buyers? A certain Gulf NOC? Will 10% satisfy? Or will they want more?
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Bubbling Crater in Colorado

Apparently APC is in the news again due to a bubbling crater that smells like sulfur. Does anyone have specifics they would like to share? Broken pipelines, bubbling gas, and explosions seem to par for the course with APC, especially in Colorado.

Safety Moment

Let's start this Friday off with a safety moment, shall we? Some may not know this, but today marks national Front to Back Day. On this day we should all stop and remember the importance of wiping from front to back. The life you save could be your... read more

APC Midland Geologists

Heard APC broke ground on their new office complex in Midland. Also, heard they’re short handed wrt geologists. Anyone here in the PB? Any idea on when APC is going to start approving geological positions for hire?

March 10, 2016 - Two Years Ago

To those of us who were laid off two years ago, where were you and what were you doing at the time you were let go and escorted out the door?

Working for APC

Besides the doom and gloom and the impending layoffs and general feeling of discontent (and malcontent!), how is working for APC these days? I suspect not much has changed except for the feel good, reach around Town hall speeches and the left over... read more

Town Hall

So, we have town hall here shortly. I wonder what they are going to tell us. This is the first time in the past 5 years at least that they don’t release AIP or merit raises guidance before town hall. Companies are hiring, people will jump ship if... read more

Someone please explain!!!!

I am over the top confused by APC leadership. Why are we still pursuing LNG? $20BN Project. The last I saw we just made a $900MM profit in 2 years. So in 20 quarters we can pay for this charade of a project. Very nice Walker.. Very nice. I have heard... read more

Rock Springs

It's quiet and stable. We can use that for a change. I wish you all the best...


Nope, AAET will not add value to APC’s bottom line. It’s just a smoke and mirrors setup designed to give the impression that the execs are breathing life into the carcass of a lifeless company. If you’re wondering whether you should invest, I’d... read more

A Winderful Analogy! My Gift 2 U

Anadarko, is that you? A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a... read more


Looks like there's fresh talk of a merger with Apache. If you put two losers together, does it make a winner?


Could someone please provide a discription of what 'AAET' is and how this service provides value? I've read (over the course of several months) on this particular forum that there are people who favor AAET positively and those that do not. Please... read more

Core Values Moment

Check the Insider. “Propane Recall Exemplifies Core Values”. When did they add “covering your a-- from lawsuits” to the core values?

Activist Investors Coming

Anadarko is trying to rapidly reform incentive structure because Activist investors are targeting APC. They have already gotten Chevron CEO fired (layoffs coming), GE (CEO fired, splitting up for parts, the crown jewel digital/ Predix platform is... read more

Charity in the 1st Degree

I heard a rumor that Al is selling one of his yachts and donating the proceeds to the employee bonus pool in order to make up for the shortfall this year. Should I buy that Camry my wife has had her eye on for the last 6 months, or do you guys think... read more
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone still stuck at APC. 2018 is going to be an even bigger comedy of errors than 2017, so break out the popcorn!

2018 is Going to be Huge

How about that chemical spill in Colorado? Great work Anadarko. I’d like to propose a new core value for 2018 in addition to the ones previously mentioned about sleeping with your subordinates...... “Safety third!”
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Stay away from Anadarko

APC has been on a hiring binge for about a year now. Would you really want to come back here? Think about it. The worst performers are running the show. The ppt Kings. The pr queens. The color coded meeting jesters. There are more layers now than... read more

Why the hate

Just wanting to know why the changes at the top in Denver? I guess the fat references got it canned last night great job APC!!!

Big Money Big Money

Anyone know what bonuses will look like come March? I want to know if I’ll be able to pay off the credit card debt I’ve amassed from buying useless $h1t people sell on the classifieds board.

APC Christmas Party - Denver

I'm going to check out the APC Christmas party this year and reconnect with old friends and co-workers. Could someone please post when and where the holiday party is in Denver? I thought I would stop by and say hi..maybe grab a few drinks and rub... read more

Apples Pears and Cherries

It sounds like a lot of people are unhappy in their jobs at Donnie Darko. I have a solution that’s worked wonders for me over the last few years, and it could work for you too. Just activate your imagination and pretend you’re doing something that’s... read more

Cray Guh

Anybody know if “cray-guh” is going to whiting too?

Denver Office

I heard a rumor that they’re going to close down a majority of the Denver office before year end, leaving only essential personnel like HR, mail room, and janitorial staff. Has anyone else heard the same?

Anadarko has one sole function

This corporation is structured to function solely to pay lavish compensation on insiders. Members of this fraternity are admitted only based on their ability to increase the size of the trough at which all of the hogs feed. Shareholders, customers... read more
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Worst Departments

Anybody have any insight on which departments have the most toxic environment? I hear rumblings daily.

EC Reviews Headcount?!?

I've been hearing from my manager that Walker and the crew now spend their weekly meetings reviewing all new hires. Is that possibly true? Seems such a waste of time (for those making millions a year, and losing APC billions a year). What leadership... read more

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