Topics regarding layoffs at Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

As we approach 1 yr

Ok. As those of us left who are approaching 1 year at Oxy. I have a few questions for you. 1a. Were you forced to stay? (The Why or How) 1b. If not, what made you want to stay? Are you wanting to leave? What do you think will happen... —  read more 

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VSPs Revoked!

Last week a group of LAPC with approved VSP exit dates of Aug had their VSP revoked. Honoring an agreement means nothing to Oxy and the upper management. They were forced to sign a new employment agreement for most with an exit of end of 2021 or... —  read more 

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LAPC insurance

For LAPC who took the package last fall, how long was tour insurance paid? I’m trying to figure how many months to ask for and when to expect paying COBRA after accepting an offer. Thanks.

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Stolen Post (needs to be shared)

This is attempt for OXY to get rid of people who are desperate, already have a job lined up and were leaving post bonus, and ppl who are weak. LAPC and I submitted a few offers. First was a hail Mary and the offer 3 or 4 were reasonable offers. I... —  read more 

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COC is not automatic

You have to resign to get coc payments. You have to resign within 90 days of a significant event citing particulars of what material change prompted your resignation. Oxy will decide if event warrants coc payments. If no, you go to... —  read more 

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COC will likely be terminated.

Force Majeure is in play because of emergency laws shutting down businesses "If a force majeure clause does not list epidemic or pandemic as a triggering event, it is possible that the coronavirus could be covered as an act of governmental... —  read more 

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CoC in Bankruptcy for L-APC

Bankruptcy Court’s holding that severance claims are entitled to priority treatment up to the maximum amount provided by Bankruptcy Code 11 U.S.C. § 507(a)(4) Bankruptcy Code: an employee is entitled to priority treatment of “allowed unsecured... —  read more 

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Should I stay or should I go

If Occidental goes bankrupt is there any chance for CoC or should I bail now? It shocks me to say but I’d take RAW and MWI back in a heartbeat over this $h!*$&0w.

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COBRA coverage

Has anyone reached the 6 month timeframe yet and got paperwork with option to elect COBRA? I think it goes for 1.5 years after the 6 months. Is this process working?

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Is Conoco ready for CVX? Final missing touches and ready to go.

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Days are numbered for Denver Office

Oxy is actively trying to unload Rockies assets. Only thing that keeps us halfway safe is it’s doubtful anyone would be willing to take our Colorado acreage, but that’s under political fire. No matter how you look at it we don’t have much time here... —  read more 

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What's the deal with COBRA?

I got a package regarding COBRA couple of weeks ago. It states something about expressing an interest to sign for it before March or you will lose the option? My understanding is that we have 6 months healthcare and then COBRA will kick in for 1.5... —  read more 

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