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Future for APC midstream?

What is the prediction for midstream assets? Seems that the "stock market doesn't understand midstream and their associated debt situation resulting in APC stock penalty"? (something along these lines anyway) "We (new Oxy) will have superb midstream... read more
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Things are up in the air

From reading the Anadarko questions and answers section filed with the SEC it looks like things are up in the air about as much as they could be. Also, the letter in the same filings from the OXY CEO seem to be the same. Based on what the Oxy CEO is... read more

Solid question I’ve heard more than once

What if you’re offered a job elsewhere between now and the acquisition completion date? Do you walk away from the severance / possible retention (AIP prorated bonus, retention bonus, stock) or realize in the long run your career is a marathon not a... read more


Seems like Oxy will need to keep GOM to have the cash flow to service their debt and dividends. Seems like cutting the dividend will really anger their shareholders. Permian is a big money sink, so they need cash flow from somewhere. But prob won’t... read more

If you are a goner

Are office employees likely to know when their last day is or will it be a surprise like the layoffs of 2016?

How will the APC stock be handled in the future

Sorry to hear the resent news about APC - gave 25 years to buildup the Co.- laid off in 2016. Question: OXY agreed to a total price of $76. per share - As OXY stock pricing goes down, will they increase their %? If we don't sell shares now, will we... read more


Schools are closed for flooding and they usually send, at the very least, a be careful and do what you need to do email. Often they would close the office knowing the issues with childcare when schools close. No email yet. They have truly stopped... read more

Oxy Benefits

How will Oxy handle the differences in paid time off and pension? It looks like Oxy does not have a pension plan. Oxy only has a 401K match. Also, vacation time is very limited. Will Oxy reduce your compensation package by automatically reducing our... read more

Corp Jet Screwup

Tracking unusual corp jet itineraries has been a sport for more than 20 years. I can't believe VH was so stupid as to send the plane with the Oxy number on the tail to such obvious places - Omaha, Paris, Holland. What an amateur. It takes five... read more

Is anyone out there...

“continu[ing] to remain focused on your daily operations and operating safely”? In the midst of all this? Ha! What a joke!

Appologies to Hank Jr.

Chevron's up and the Oxy stock's down. And you only get mugged if you go downtown. But a country boy can survive.
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Chevron Gives Up

Oxy is now going to be your new boss. Get ready for some major 'synergies', aka layoffs. This board will get real busy in the near future.

K--ler B’s

K--ler B’s = Buffet, Buy and Break-apart. OXY will be burdened with a 8% high interest predatory loan, Total is going deeper in debt with stupid Africa purchase and Shell will get GOM/deep water. After OXY falters, Chevron will pounce again. You... read more

Uh oh!

I can’t say I’m excited OXY won. Has anyone ever been to OXY’s and Chevron’s offices in Houston? I have, and the difference is stark. Chevron has installed itself in a new gleaming tower downtown. Lots of windows and open spaces. Large offices. Fancy... read more

Total, est-ce vous?

Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The North Americans... read more

And You Thought The Worst Was Over

All of the oil industry professionals who made it through 2015-2016 believed that the storm had passed an they had survived to continue another 10+ years of steady employment. Wrong. APC is not the last to be acquired. Just about all of you will be... read more

Vendor Impressions of Anadarko Staff

I work for a vendor that provides G&G services to oil & gas companies of all sizes. This is not just one man's opinion, but that of most of my colleagues on the business development side of things... The Anadarko G&G folks (especially the... read more

Transition Bonus?

For those who have been through this, what’s the story with transition bonuses? My understanding is you get extra compensation for transitioning systems over to the new company before getting cut and given your severance. It’s a bit soul s---ing but... read more

Berkshire Hathaway, Is That You?

A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The North... read more

Rumblings at Oxy

Heard upper level managers at Oxy talk about APC employees. Seems like APC’s well performance is being tied to their employees which is not a good sign . Most APC employees gonna be axed. Oxy believes their engineers and geos are superior.

401k Anadarko shares

I need advice on what to do with my APC 401K shares. Should I dump them? I think they make up 10% of my 401K.

Now What?

Chevron come back and match the Oxy bid by Friday or walk away with $1 billion in hand laughing at the enormous debt Oxy just bit off? Realistically Chevron could just match the offer @ $76 a share but offer all cash...

APC chooses Oxy

From the Houston Chronicle:

The cash portion.

For the shareholders, how is the cash portion of the transaction taxed? Ordinary income, or as a capital gain?


I built a great team. I put in long hours. I contributed significantly to the bottom line. I networked within the company and outside the company to make a name for myself. My contributions were recognized and rewarded. I love what I do. It defines... read more

Warren Buffet just crashed this party!

Very interesting morning APC family. Potential game changing interjection by the Wizard of Omaha. Vicki phoned a friend people... Will Chevron finally transfer money from savings to checkings?

Anadarko Oil Revenue in Permian Basin

Anadarko ranked 48 out of the top 50 oil producers in revenue per well drilled in the Permian Basin. Anadarko averaged $1.5 million in revenue per well compared to $4.5 million for Oxy and $3.5 million for Chevron. Both Oxy and Chevron believe there... read more

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