Topics regarding layoffs at Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

Denver Office Closing

Over the last few weeks, a landmark bill has been moving quickly through the Colorado House and Senate, which would vastly expand the authority that local communities have over drilling operations. They would have a larger say on permitting, zoning... —  read more 

As we approach 1 yr

Ok. As those of us left who are approaching 1 year at Oxy. I have a few questions for you. 1a. Were you forced to stay? (The Why or How) 1b. If not, what made you want to stay? Are you wanting to leave? What do you think will happen... —  read more 

VSPs Revoked!

Last week a group of LAPC with approved VSP exit dates of Aug had their VSP revoked. Honoring an agreement means nothing to Oxy and the upper management. They were forced to sign a new employment agreement for most with an exit of end of 2021 or... —  read more 

LAPC insurance

For LAPC who took the package last fall, how long was tour insurance paid? I’m trying to figure how many months to ask for and when to expect paying COBRA after accepting an offer. Thanks.

COBRA coverage

Has anyone reached the 6 month timeframe yet and got paperwork with option to elect COBRA? I think it goes for 1.5 years after the 6 months. Is this process working?

CoC/VSP stock & cash

Has anyone received their converted cash portion of their stock since separation? If so does that timeframe align with our stock vesting? Also has anyone logged into Morgan Stanley and seen erroneous funds within their accounts, then have those... —  read more 

What's the deal with COBRA?

I got a package regarding COBRA couple of weeks ago. It states something about expressing an interest to sign for it before March or you will lose the option? My understanding is that we have 6 months healthcare and then COBRA will kick in for 1.5... —  read more 


VH got her dream to come true VSP/COC'ers made a fortune and moving on to a new life Legacy-APC management with their fat retention bonuses waiting in the wings Legacy-Oxy employees got their promotions and raises Buffett laughing all the way to... —  read more 

Denver office is toast

Occidental offered about 200,000 acres in the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Wyoming and Colorado that produce $66 million a year in cash flow, mostly in mineral royalties...... Reuters 11/11/2019

Triggering event

Has Anyone had a triggering event based on a move from the woodlands to greenway been told to stay after filing COC benefits. I don’t think that they can make you stay since you are effectively submitting your resignation. I would think you... —  read more 

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